pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
33,100 miles
Total Complaints:
38 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (30 reports)
  2. complete engine replacement (4 reports)
  3. software update (2 reports)
  4. new engine (1 reports)
  5. replace battery, belt, oil change (1 reports)
2014 Dodge Dart engine problems

engine problem

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2014 Dodge Dart Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #38

Apr 132021

Dart Limited 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,656 miles


We just bought our Dodge Dart 2 and ever since, when you slow at a red light, it acts like it wants to die. Also I find oil on top of the motor we paid $13,000 for the f** thing.

- Raymond M., Puyallup, WA, US

problem #37

Jun 012017

Dart GT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

This is the letter sent to Chrysler Corporate leadership after my car was stalling and multiple tests and cases went unanswered. They accept the car burns oil, dies without warning under many different circumstances, has no oil level sensor, and does not take any initiative to correct the issue. Simply recalling them and adding an oil sensor and a firmware flash would AT THE VERY LEAST allow this issue to not occur, as well as making people aware that it is possible.

Chrysler: Patty 1-800-763-8422 Ext# 40655 Case# 32013826 Attention: Liza FAX: 801-736-3929, NIC: LB1347

You vehicles should NOT be allowed to burn 1 quart of oil per 750 miles (roughly per week). This was NEVER advertised, stated, or disclosed to me at any point in the purchasing process of buying my BRAND NEW car.

I would never have purchased a Dodge vehicle (I came from a Scion(Toyota)) if I had known, this vehicle was prone to burning up to 10 quarts of oil (twice the capacity of a full engine of oil) between oil changes.

This is 100% unacceptable, and hundreds if not thousands of people have this same issue. Not to mention, that if your vehicle is prone to burning these insane amounts of oil (for a brand new car in this day and age?), there IS NO LOW OIL SENSOR in the car. It simply dies in the middle of an intersection, the freeway, or when changing lanes. There are 15 year old cars with low oil sensors, simply out of convenience and not necessity as this car appears to need.

This is extremely dangerous, and potentially life threatening. If I had my kids in the car when this happened, you would be facing litigation and potentially a class-action lawsuit. For context purposes, Audi has had this problem in 2012 with (Asghari v. Volkswagen Group of America Inc.) which specifically handled Oil consumption issues. I do not wish to see Chrysler in more financial strife than it is, because I would not want people to lose their jobs, but this is unacceptable for a new vehicle purchase.

Thankfully I did not get in an accident, and was able to barely make it to the side of the road, and simply be late for work. If this oil consumption issue is explained by the thinner oil usage, that is a very THIN argument (pun intended). Adding barrels of oil per year that the car uses (burns?) is hardly economical for the consumer, nor is it environmentally friendly.

In any case, nobody was able to explain this to me, until I had to call Chrysler, schedule the diagnostic for potential engine damage with the low oil levels I experienced, demand the diagnostic be free (the car was from 20k-26k miles, but apparently 2 months past the 3 year full warranty). Nobody at any point was able to answer any questions or concerns about this issue, until at the end of everything, nothing happened, and it was simply stated to me that "It is within Chrysler Specs, that this car is absolutely allowed and expected to burn roughly 1 quart of oil every 500-750 miles driven". How ANYONE could say that with a straight face, about a new car, is INSANE.

I have been polite, and courteous to everyone that has provided me service regarding this issue, from the dealership, to the Chrysler hotlines. I have not been out of line, or overtly preposterous in my expectations of a new car.

Furthermore, the dealership service manual who spoke with Liza at Chrysler, said I would be getting some sort of free oil change vouchers from Chrysler for my troubles which never materialized. Pennies compared to the long-term oil cost this car is going to be for me.

I will never buy a Dodge in my life again after this shady experience, and lack of transparency in specs with a new vehicle purchase.

And to think, I was just about to trade in my car to buy a Charger, and potentially a RAM in the next year or two. I'm sorry to say but you lost a customer, and potentially a lot more with the horror stories I have to tell to friends/family/coworkers and on the MOPAR and Dart forums I frequent.

I am not threatening anything here, I am simply stating facts that are repercussions of the actions that have been bestowed upon me as a loyal customer, of a brand new "luxury" product that is a new car.

#RantOver, thanks for listening.

- Mike S., Newport, US

problem #36

Dec 292019

Dart SXT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,500 miles

I was driving to work and not even a mile from my house when I was coming to a stop at a stop sign - and my 2014 Dodge Dart SXT stalled. When it stalled, the battery light came on and I shut it off. I was able to get it to start the next try. Seven days later, I was driving no more than 30 seconds when I was coming to a stop at another stop sign and the car stalled again with the battery light coming on. I tried to start it again a few times but was not successful. I needed a jump.

I drove it straight to a mechanic who ran a few tests on the car including checking the battery and charging system. He said everything looked good, which I figured, since I just changed the battery a year ago. I drove it home. 2 days later I was two blocks from my house when it stalled for a third time (mind you, this has never happened before these occurrences). Again, I was coming to a stop and the car stalled, the battery light came on, and I needed to have a jump since I couldn’t get it to start. After researching a bit, this seems to be a VERY common issue. A few people said that changing the oil or adding more did the trick so I checked my oil and it was fine, plus I changed the oil 3 months ago so it isn’t that.

Most cases mentioned that this started to occur around the 50,000 mile mark, which is about where mine is. There really should be a recall on this car – it’s a death trap! When the car stalls the power steering goes out as well, so if this happened on the highway it would be very dangerous. This issue could really hurt someone and Dodge really needs to do something about it or find a solution. I took my car to the dealership in Jenkintown, Pa to get it looked at and was informed of a few recalls but none that had to do with my issues.

The fact that this is clearly a common issue is very concerning especially since there seems to be no clear solution. This is something Dodge should be taking care of for free, not an out of pocket expense for owners of the car. This looks bad on the company and I do not expect to buy a Dodge ever again if this issue cannot be resolved appropriately.

- Paige K., Jenkintown, PA, US

problem #35

Oct 102018

Dart SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles


The worse car I ever purchased. The dealership is not helping. Since day one when I bought it brand new I have had nothing but problems, the car just dies while driving it. Had to take it back 7 times to the dealership for them to find a crack in the engine. 2 years later started dying again when we drive it. Replaced battery, alternator , cables and it still dies.

- Lisa C., Kaneville, US

problem #34

Apr 012018

Dart GT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles


- jorge2669jg, Miami, US

problem #33

Jan 072018

Dart Limited 2.4L Tigershark

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

2014 Dodge Dart Limited, purchased used in 2015 at 25,000 miles. 1 new battery and regular oil changes, The vehicle began cutting off while driving at the same spot every day in January '18. After it getting it started again, and once the engine was warm it was fine. I started to let the car warm up for about six minutes and it wouldn't stall but the problem began happening more often - at stop signs, at traffic lights, and once when I was merging onto a highway. Fortunately I was able to coast to a shoulder in that case. To get it started again each time it cut off, I would shut everything off but the hazard lights off (including the engine), wait a minute then attempt to start it. Usually on the 2nd or 3rd try it would sound like the engine was trying to turn over and I would pump the gas pedal and get it started again. If I took off right away it would cut off again but it I let it idle for a few minutes sometimes it would not cut off again.

The problem seems to happen when the engine is cold, after it reaches its highest gear (automatic transmission), and then when slowing down (for a turn or a light). Engine just cuts out, warning beep and battery/check engine dash lights flash, power steering is lost. Took it to AAA Auto Repair and they could not duplicate the problem (even though I explained to them that they had to drive it). Technician said he looked up the problem on the computer and he found that this seems to be a regular problem with this car. That's how I found this website. I haven't started trying to get it fixed at the Dealer yet but it doesn't sound like I'm going to have luck just by reading these comments.

Can't there be some kind of class action lawsuit or does someone need to die in a crash before this becomes a serious issue?

- Sara L., Fairfax, VA, US

problem #32

Jan 012016

Dart GT 1.4L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles


Anyone else having these issues and have filed cases?

I bought my car in late 2014 brand new off the lot and has the same issues as you starting in late 2015/early 2016. I gathered all my dealership information and tow information for my car and have had multiple cases opened with Dodge.

The last three Dodge case incidents have all been 3 months apart.

I will be trying to file for Lemon Law if they do not buy my car back plus all the money I have spent on it.

- Kimberly L., Greenfield, US

problem #31

Apr 212017

Dart SXT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,247 miles

I brought this car brand new in 2014 practically new with less than 50 (may have been even less than that) on 7/2014. I started noticing my vehicle was driving different the beginning of 2016, it was acting as if it barely want to drive when pressing the gas, in addition the brake pedal seemed to be malfunctioning (randomly slipping like having to sometimes double press for it to completely stop). Of course there were some recalls and the brakes and software updates was on the list, had recalls done each time one came out (not knowing anything about mechanics this seemed to help).

April 2017 it happened with me and my then 6 years old daughter in the car on a cold school morning I cranked the vehicle, buckle up, and headed up onto the highway...having my left signal on I pulled out onto the highway and without warning the car stalked out and completely shut down with the car still in drive....ON THE HIGHWAY WITH MY SIX YEARS OLD DAUGHTER. Again not knowing any better I assume it was my battery since it was cold and had not been changed since I brought the vehicle in 2014. I called my insurance roadside assistant to pick the vehicle up and had them tow it to Autozone. Of course when it got to AutoZone the car crank and when they tested the battery it PASSED and the ALTERNATOR passed as well. Again not knowing any better I brought the new replacement battery anyway because I could not bear the thought of that happening to me and my daughter again. I also took it to the dealership for them to check because it is still covered under warranty. They looked at the car (I THINK) and stated "they couldn't find anything because the car was now working it it's was hard to diagnose a problem that does not exists). I didn't argue accepted what they said and walked off BIG MISTAKE...ALWAYS LEAVE THE DEALERSHIP WITH YOUR WORK ORDER EVEN IF THEY SAID THEY DID NOT FIND ANYTHING, MAKE THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT GIVE YOU A PRINT OUT...YOU WILL NEED A RECORD OF AT LESS TWO INCIDENTS FOR YOUR RECORDS TO FILE A CASE WITH CHRYSLER CORPORATION).

Fastforward two days later 4/23/17 the vehicle stopped again this time ON THE FREAKING INTERSTATE THE FREAKING INTERSTATE....WITH MY DAUGHTER IN THE CAR AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I again called my insurance roadside assistance to tow me this time to the nearest dealership. The dealer looked at it on 4/27/17 (4 days later from the tow date) and made these exact comments on the work order "customer state that car stalls out at times while driving also when it is at a stop please ck n advise, wiring rubbing at brake pedal and shorting out trace, isolate, and repair wiring, relocate hardness and tape". None of this of course has anything to do with the engine (which I should've paid attention to then). But again still under warranty I accepted they looked at it and I was fine.

Now here we are Oct 2017 early Monday morning 6 am still dark as hell my car gets 5 blocks from my home before it cuts off on the highway (this time I get a jump from someone rushing to get my daughter to school and myself to work both late). That same week my car cuts off while driving on a Friday this time not even making it out of the neighborhood (on my way to Carmax for them to give me an appraisal for the piece of sh*t), again someone is nice enough to give me a jump (with my child in the car to make it to CarMax). Get to Carmax the car is only worth $7,500 and I still owe $14,000, so you can imagine how pissed I am at this point. Sunday I test the car in the neighborhood to see if I can make it to the grocery store, did not even make it out my neighborhood before it cut off on me again, this time I refused to get a jump, I waited about 10 minutes before the car would start, drive, and shut off in that order this happened a total of SIX TIMES BEFORE I WAS ABLE TO DRIVE IN A CIRCLE TO GET BACK HOME) the car completely die on me two houses down from mine before I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH walked home got my daughter in the house safe returned to the car got my sh*t and her child safety seat and got the Chrysler book out my glove department and called 800-423-6343 and this time had CHRYSLER ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PICK ME UP FOR DOCUMENTATION. The tow picked my vehicle up and towed to the nearest dealership all this happened on Sunday 10/29/17.

PRESENT DAY THURSDAY 11/2/17 I called Chrysler Corporation to check on the status of vehicle and I insisted they were to give me a loaner vehicle since I was without a car because of them and this would be the third time my car is being looked at for the exact same issue under warranty. I must say the Chrysler customer service rep was very helpful in tracking my vehicle, getting me a loaner car provided by the dealer at no cost, and advising I would need a case number and my case would have to be assigned to a case worker and to allow them 1-2 business days to reach out to me (this was the easy part). I was able to get my loaner vehicle provided by the dealership and without giving any credit card information to hold NEVER GIVE YOUR CARD INFO EVEN IF THEY STATE THEY WILL NOT CHARGE...IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT YOUR STILL UNDER WARRANTY VEHICLE IS FAILING ON YOU. I allowed the rep until Wed. to hear back (two days right)...I received no response. I received an email from the case worker and I gave her a call on Wed (two business days)... NOW HEAR COMES THE BULLSHIT AND CHALLENGING PART: The case worker stated the dealership has not contacted her yet and she left voicemail and continued to ask me did I have an appointment with the dealer for my car to be looked at? Really. I then proceed to tell her "No I don't have an appointment I didn't plan on my car failing me, is this somehow my fault now?'' I also advised to her they will need to extent my loaner car out because the dealer has made no contact with me, and I already know this matter is not going to be resolved in a timely manner because I have been though this twice already. She then states "well that will be up to you and the dealer to keep pass three days" I immediately stopped her and advised her the call was being record for my records and that "No it's not up to me and the dealer it's up to Chrysler and the dealer to take care of the customer, by law you have three times to service my car for the exact same issues under warranty this is a dangerous safety issue for me and my daughter and I had already determine the car is not safe enough to drive on the road or anyway off that dealership for that matter...ALSO I DID NOT LEAVE ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION so that will be up to you and the dealer to figure out because I will not be without a safe vehicle to get me and my daughter around. She then stated so will give the dealer until the end of the week before she gets it escalated to her area manager to take further action and to also add the dealer cannot hold my car for more than 30 days.

Sorry my post is so long but you have to understand what you are in for with this Dodge Dart BUYER BEWARE...I going to continue to follow my case closely and stay on their asses because it is not fair for me to still be making payments on something that is not even safe F*CK being worth anything I thought I was paying for a safe vehicle to get me and my child around (I thought it would last at less 5 years, not 3 years and only 48,000 miles WTF).

Also please keep the following when getting ready to file a case against Chrysler: - Towing history - Service work orders (even if they said nothing is wrong GET IT ON paper). - Receipts of parts (Such as battery replacement etc)

I know I am going to be in for a challenge, but it is one challenge I will gladly accept. I work too hard for my money and the SAFETY OF MY FAMILY IS NUMBER ONE. This will not turn into a wrongful death sue this is going to be corrected while I'm still living and breathing, I refuse to get back in the car putting anyone else's life in jeopardy because of that UNSAFE DODGE DART 2014 SXT...


- ladyj, Winder, US

problem #30

Oct 202017

Dart Limited 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,838 miles

click to see larger images

engine stalls/dies while driving engine stalls/dies while driving engine stalls/dies while driving engine stalls/dies while driving engine stalls/dies while driving engine stalls/dies while driving

3 years in and finally they have replaced my engine. Problem has been ongoing since about 6 months after purchase. I check my oil almost every time I fill my gas tank and get my regular oil changes (only synthetic as per dodge) every 5,000 km, however the problem is always the same. The car stalls while driving! Sometimes when turning, other times when braking, once merging onto a highway (that was a fun experience) The lights on my dashboard would flash, I would lose power steering, assist brakes and engine power. The battery light would flash a bit but the radio would stay on. I would pull over as safely as possible, put my hazards on and turn the vehicle off, wait a few minutes and try to turn it on again. The engine would turn over and turn over but eventually start. So I of course brought it to my dealership to find that my engine had no oil, the dealership took the vehicle, drove it for a few days and decided they could not duplicate the issue and sent me on my not so merry way. Three weeks later same thing, so the dealership decides to change a PCV valve on the engine, but that didn't fix the problem. I spent 6 months doing oil consumption reports (every 3,500 km to start them every 1,500 km) Keep in mind not once did my oil pressure sensor go off. After towing the car to the dealership they finally found that I was getting bad compression in my 4th cylinder causing the oil to literally dump out (their words not mine) so they opted to replace the head gasket. Now here we are 3 months after replacing the head gasket and they finally gave in and just replaced the entire engine. Fingers crossed that its actually fixed but to be completely honest I get uneasy every time I get into it. I do not consider it a safe vehicle and personally think there should be a full recall on anything with this 2.4 L "Tiger shark". From seeing the amount of people with the exact same issue (and I mean to the T, exact same issue) there is something fundamentally wrong with this engine design and they know it, because otherwise the Dart would have lasted longer than 3 years.

- Alana B., Edmonton, AB, Canada

problem #29

May 172017

Dart Rallye V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,000 miles

Bought this car with 14 miles on it in March of 2014. Before we could even take it off the lot, it had to be painted twice because it was all scratched up. Within the first year they had to replace something in the steering well, replace a strut, the rear camera also had to be replaced( I mean really? ), and the touch screen goes off for no reason at all, and the buttons for the radio stop working sometimes, there should not be this many problems with a NEW CAR!

March of last year(2016) while driving the car died on me and would not start, I had to have it jumped. Went and had the battery tested at three different places and it tested fine. Last week (5/18) while driving it stopped on me in the middle of and intersection by a gas station, wouldn't start. Had to have it jumped, while doing that I had to try and start it 3 times, and on the third time I had to pump the gas pedal really fast and hard and it finally barely turned over. The same thing happened just this morning, died while driving, had to have a jump( dies while driving again) and had to keeping pumping the gas pedal until the fourth try it finally started.

This is the worst car I've ever owned, and the warranty for a brand new car sucks, and its not safe at all. Paid over 30,000 for this piece of sh*t, should get my money back or a different car , NOT A DODGE that's for sure, with the same payments. People are angry that a huge name brand like this sells sh*tty cars.

- April J., Meridian, ID, US

problem #28

Dec 222016

Dart SXT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,000 miles


OK so I have a 14 dodge dart sxt the point of me getting this car was so I didn't have to put much money into and I only had this thing for a few monthes my car stalled out twice in the middle of intersections very dangerous. I took it into ganley of auroa they said it was my battery and belt so replaced that broke down next day said I had no oil wasn't due for oil change and checked it so where did it go that fast ? They changed my oil a few days ago and already half way gone no something is wrong I shouldn't have to be worrying my car is going to break down due to loss of oil trying to tell me I need to come back every 500 miles is a waste of my time and gas and live 33 mins away this is insane they cost me time tons of money over if that was even the issue and had to call off a new job this problem put me and other people at risk

- Brittney L., Ravenna, OH, US

problem #27

Jun 022016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles


My car began stalling and dying while driving this summer (2016). The dash would often flash. It would start back after a while. Until finally the car would not restart. The car had to be towed to the dealership. They replaced the battery. After the battery was replaced the a/c and heater would only operate on high. It finally stopped working. The car is now stalling/dying on the road. I have 2 small children. This seems to be very dangerous!!!! I called the dealership to ask if they can look at it since it is doing the same as it did before (now out of warranty!) They directed me to call the main Dodge and discuss the issue with them regarding warranty. I expressed I wanted to take the car at least somewhere to get heat fixed since it is winter. Another auto repair said it was the PCM and it would have to go back to the dealer. The main Dodge established a case # and I was told I would get a call back in 1-2 business days. After a week, I called them back. They admitted "they dropped the ball"!! My appointment at the local dealer had been established almost a month but they said they called and there was no appointment, They put me on hold when I insisted I DID have an appointment and it was verified while I was on hold. I am so frustrated with this car! I fear my safety every time I go somewhere. I have no other means of transportation and I feel stuck. My car went in for it's diagnostic appointment on December 6th. (We will see where we get) I was told they didn't know when I would get my car back. So guess what???? I have to rent a car so I can work! I was not offered a car to drive while mine was in the shop. I still do not know if they will fix this under warranty. I AM TELLING YOU DODGE THAT THIS CAR IS UNSAFE!!!! WHEN WILL YOU TAKE CARE OF THIS ISSUE OF DODGE DARTS STALLING?DYING ON THE ROAD??? SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT OR KILLED IF YOU DO NOT FIX THIS ISSUE WITH YOUR PRODUCT!! Read all similar complaints regarding this issue. This is a manufacturer issue plain and simple. I have no problem contacting a lawyer and proceeding.

- jb12, Mayslick, KY, US

problem #26

Dec 112016

Dart GT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 31,800 miles

So about three months ago in August, I was driving my car out of my development. As soon as I slowed down to take a right hand turn, it died! Battery light came on, music continued, but enginge just died. The steering wheel froze (no more power steering), and I couldn't press my brake down, it just sat there in the road while people were honking at me. I of course started freaking out not knowing what the hell to do about this issue.

Thankfully, my dad is very good with cars and he talked me through how to get it to start again over the phone. I had to put the car in park, let it rest for a minute or two, and then try to start it again. The engine rolled over a few times but it never started, you could tell it was trying. Finally, after a longer rest, it did start back up again. The oil light NEVER went on, no warnings, dinging, NOTHING! It just died. I was freaked out, took it to the dealer and they reported that the oil was low. My last oil change was about 2 mos prior, so there should've been no reason for the oil to be as low as it was.

After the dealership looked at it, and it was covered under my warranty (thank god), they advised me to continue to keep an eye on the oil. Fast forward to YESTERDAY, and the same thing happens, except it was on a busy road and I was sitting at a red light when it happening. Of course cars are honking and wondering why my 4-ways are on, but I couldn't move! My car just stalled out. My next oil change is due at 32,600 miles and I am currently at 31,800; I should have atleast another 800 miles left! I checked the level of my oil and it doesn't even cover the curved part of the dipstick, that's how low it is.

With a car that's only 2 years old, and brand new when I bought it, I should NOT be having this issue of low oil. It's ridiculos! I love my car, but when I don't even feel safe driving it, that's a problem. I'm taking it to the dealership again tomorrow, but this is absurd. No one should be having issues like this only 2 years into buying it. I'm tired of being afraid to drive me car!!!

- Kristen P., Collegeville, PA, US

problem #25

Mar 012015

Dart LS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

Commuting in CA puts a great deal of miles on a vehicle. For the first year, I didn't run in to any problems, and had my oil changes completed accordingly. Then around March of 2015, the car stalled and would not start up. Luckily I was at my parent's house so my dad checked a couple things, and determined that there was no oil in it. He jokingly gave me a hard time for not noticing the "dummy lights" for low oil. At which point, I told him that none was ever indicated. He filled the car up with oil and sent me on my way. The next day I took car to the dealership, and they did nothing but an oil change. I spoke of my concerns, but nothing was done or reviewed. The car stalled out again, a few months after the oil change. Luckily, I had just dropped my 3 year old off at school, so there was no danger for her. I called my dad and let him know the exact thing happened, and he headed over to check on the car. After sitting for 10 minutes the car started, and I nursed it to work, and waited for my dad to come and check it. He determined that again, the car was out of oil. This time, we decided to not put any oil in, and he followed me to the dealership for them to review. When there, they agreed that there was no oil, but was concerned that It was that low well before the mileage schedule. They changed the oil, and decided to complete an oil consumption test, which required me to bring the vehicle in every 1000 miles to check the oil levels. This was very frustrating, because I have been profusely communicating that there is something wrong with the engine. As a woman, it is difficult to be taken seriously when dealing with vehicle maintenance and repairs. I completed the test as directed, on the third visit, the GM for the dealership was let go, and there was no record of the test being completed on my vehicle. So I was back at square 1, and feeling very defeated. I have just been dealing with the oil issue and coming in for oil changes well before the indicated mileage. Currently, I am smelling burning oil. This really concerned me, because I commute very far from home and have my very young daughter with me. Knowing that the car does not sustain the oil, and now it burns it, I worry that the damn thing will blow up while she and I are in it. I am currently at the dealership, and they are indicting that the engine has a known issue of burning oil and that I should bring a case against the manufacturer, because the engine is not holding the oil as long as they are indicating it should. I am very concerned with this issue. I have a very young child, and the car is not indicating when it needs oil and stalling. I have been very fortunate that it has stalled while I she was not with me, however, this can happen at any time and puts us in a great deal of danger. The car is not indicating when it needs oil, and is shutting itself off so it doesn't over heat. what if this happens while I'm on the freeway driving 70-75 miles an hour? Myself and my child should not be placed in this danger. I have been screaming to the dealerships of this issue almost since I have had it.

- leahh, Highland, CA, US

problem #24

Sep 032016

Dart Rally

  • CVT transmission
  • 21,748 miles

Our dart is stalling out while in drive, has happened 6 times now. only seems to be first time we star it up in morning. Now engine light is on. We are unsure what is happening.

- Angie And Mike D., Brantford, ON, Canada

problem #23

Feb 012015

Dart SXT 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 13,000 miles

It has been almost 2 years now. The car still suffers from the same problem. I take any sort of sharp turn, and well it dies, or even if I've been driving for any long period of time it dies, or if I start it up and go down the road...well you guessed it dies...it has been in the shop 5 times now. I bought the car new with 0.2 miles on it. I made it to about 13000 miles and it started stalling out.

I was told that it was due to low oil pressure, bad computer sensors, grounded out wires, bad wires, open circuitry, you name it they've told me it. I'm tired of it I will never own another Dodge again after this, especially a Dart. It is absolute junk. It makes a better paper weight than a vehicle. In total it has probably spent 5 months in the shop compared to the 2 years I have owned it. In all honesty it needs to be set on fire, rolled down a hill, and left to rot. If you want a good car I would suggest a Nissan, Toyota, hell even a ford. Dodge f*cked up with the dart BIG TIME!!!

Nobody knows how to fix the damn thing, and even Chrysler has no idea what to do about this piece of crap...id say just get a damn bike at least you know it would be reliable...the 3rd time it died on me I was going down the highway in the center lane when it died. I had to run with the car to avoid getting hit by other drivers going nearly 70 mph. I seriously thought I was going to end up getting killed on the highway. Not to mention all I received in return for this wonderful mishap was a "were sorry, we'll try to fix it".. which was BS because all they did was reset the main computer. buy something that is not going to get you killed.....

- Robert C., Bossier City, LA, US

problem #22

Oct 212016

Dart GT 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,717 miles

About a month ago, I took my car into the dealership because whenever I would stop to get gas, my engine would start locking up and my car would drive horribly rough for 20 or so miles after filling up. The dealership told me they couldn't replicate the error and thus couldn't look into the issue and told me to come back if it continued to happen. It continued to happen so I thought it was maybe just a quirk of the car or maybe I was noticing something else and thinking the problem was worse than it actually was. That brings us to this most recent Friday, October 21st. I was trying to drive from job one to job two when my Dart died after being driven for about a mile. I was in neutral so I knew I hadn't stalked the car. I got it out of the road and checked my battery cables because the battery light had come on. Nothing was amiss, so I figured maybe I actually had stalled it and was giving my driving too much credit. At the next intersection, as I was about to get on the freeway, it did the same thing. The driver behind me nearly slammed into the back of my non-functional car. I was too scared to get on the freeway, so I got it to start back up and moved it into a parking lot close by to be towed to the dealership.

The dealership remembered the last time I had been in, so they had a rental car ready for me. I came back to return the rental and they let me know that my car was low on oil which was causing the problems. They'd added and said t should be fine now. I was a little taken off guard by that- I'd been in exactly 3 weeks before for an oil change. I was told that the car consuming that much oil was normal and to just keep an eye on it. I didn't buy a brand new car to have these problems, but ok, fine I'll be sure to check my oil weekly and hope that my car doesn't decide to stall on the freeway. As I was leaving the driveway of the dealership, it died again! That rule out the oil suggestion.

I'm currently waiti for a Chrysler case manager to return my call about this. Not only does this car have less than 40,000 miles on it, it's my second Dart! My first Dart was a 2013 Aero trim that spent over two straight months parked at the dealership waiting for a part to fix its atrocity of a transmission. On the verge of losing my job, and wanting to retain brand loyalty, I traded that in for this 2014 GT which is proving to be a loser also.

- Marissa O., Tempe, AZ, US

problem #21

Sep 252016

Dart Limited 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 17,600 miles

Ok so on Friday 9/23/16 I'm driving to work which is only 2 miles away & about a half mile from my house, I turn the corner & my car just dies! Luckily I had just turned off the busy road. Nothing dinged that I recall. Definitely no idiot lights or anything like that. That radio is still going, the lights are on. I'm calling my husband to come get me so I'm not late while trying to restart the car. after about 4 attempts & the car just making a feeble engine turnover sound each time I press the start button, it starts right up like nothing happened & I'm off. No big deal I thought. It was fine coming home from work & going to the store Friday night. I didn't go anywhere Saturday. Yesterday morning I take it out & I'm in the turning lane from the busy road onto another busy road just a block past where it died Friday. I hear a ding. I look at my dashboard. Nothing. It dies! Still lights & radio. No indication why it died. Again the same starting process. Loss of steering both times it died, which scares the hell outta me! What if i'd turned onto the busy road with cars whizzing by at 55 mph!! Now I'm afraid to drive my own car! WTH!!! I took it today for an oil change after reading all your posts even though my indicator said 100% & good. The guy there said it had 4 qts in it. I have an appt at the dealer tomorrow. it's about 17 miles away but i'm going to take a roundabout back way to get there so I don't have to get on a highway. A city like this you have to be able to get on highways! I saw a post from Chicago on here. How are all of you getting around when your car can just conk at any minute? I'll post after the dealer tomorrow...

- Kat B., Minneapolis, MN, US

problem #20

Sep 112016

Dart SXT 2.4L Tigershark

  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,800 miles

Like many, I had my vehicle stall out on me out of the blue. I was making a right hand turn, felt the car attempt to shift down from 2nd into first and all of the sudden the motor shut off. All other systems were working so I had power steering and electric systems but no engine power. I pulled over and attempted to restart the car. The engine responded pretty as shown in this video and eventually started.

Drove the vehicle on mostly highway afterwards without incident. A few hours later I begin my drive back home and the same issue occurs.

Had it towed to the Dodge Dealership thanks to AAA. The dealership (Bay Ridge CDJR) looked at the car and gave it back to me today. Of course i'm out of the basic warranty period now and the repairs totaled up to 296 dollars. They diagnosed the problem as an issue with the computers. They did a PCM Flash and reprogrammed the ESP and had the mechanic drive it home and said the issue was resolved. I was able to take the vehicle home today and all seems well, drives almost like a different car. Prior to all this I noticed my car tended to hesitate when shifting around 2nd and 3rd gear. The car also didn't do much downshifting when slowing down, it would stay in gear 3 or 4 until I hit 6mph where it would shift abruptly into first especially in stop and go traffic. On the drive home I noticed that the shift points made much more sense and the car smoothly downshifted when coming to a stop, even when going back into first gear. I'm hoping the re-programming of the PCM will fix it. Seeing how this problem played out for others i'm half expecting for this to not be the end of my story, but I hope it is. I'll go test drive it more tomorrow and then i'll be driving back to work in this car next week. I'll update this if anything else happens.

Update from Oct 9, 2016: Hey Everyone. So i've driven with the software fix for over two weeks and about 400 miles, and all is well. The car shifts much more smoothly now, not nearly as jerky as before. It's still not perfect but I think that's just due to the Transmission being awful by design. I'm just happy it's working.

- Matthew K., Brooklyn, NY, US

problem #19

Jul 312016

Dart SXT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles

I have a 2014 Dodge Dart SXT 2.4 I had the car only 3 months and the other day I left where I live and turned the corner and all of a sudden it died. a man and his wife came and pushed me and after about 23 min it started while he was pushing me weird but was fine 5 days later turned the corner to get on freeway and she died again. I said wtf I just a new card beause my 1997 truck needed a rest and now this I dont have the money to fix it this is crazy and from what I see no issues to fix it

- donnabolton, Davie, FL, US

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