Print this page Notes: The 2015 Ford Edge has a trend of the engine dying while driving, which is typically considered a safety issue.

Owners report the stalling while driving problem is caused by the throttle body needing replacement. The problem typically occurs at low mileage & so the issue has been covered under warranty -- although by now, the 2015 Edge is generally past the full warranty period.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
33,550 miles
Total Complaints:
15 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace glass (10 reports)
  2. not sure (5 reports)
2015 Ford Edge windows / windshield problems

windows / windshield problem

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2015 Ford Edge Owner Comments

problem #15

Sep 282020

Edge SEL 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,400 miles


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vista roof glass cracked

Hello again! Different roof panel this time, last was 2015 (see post). I was cleaning the windows and opened the vista roof to notice the cracked pane (Photo). This time it is the fixed panel. I now have 75k and vehicle is 5 yo, so no warranty huh? Well Ford covered the last one. I will contact them in AM tomorrow along with my insurance company.

The last time when I googled the issue Ford knew of the design flaw (yes it's a flaw) and does nothing to address it because it is cheaper to try to scam those who can be scammed into believing it was not a Ford problem but yours( and you pay them to fix it), and fix those that happen while under warranty. When I got on this site I was not surprised to see other Edge owners with the same issue. Yes, I would purchase another Edge, but never again get a vehicle with a sun-moon-star or vista roof. My Edge has been serviced regularly, and goes like a bat outta. This is the only major complaint I have, am sorry I got the roof in it, glad I have missed the electronic ignition issue so far and only just yesterday received the recall notice about the brakes they have to fix, when they get them in stock, when they call me...wait, what? Oh, FORD! Yeah.

P.S. the dealer I purchased from was running a scam. I had a free oil change (ford points) and went to get it. I also needed brake pads (a $129 charge, which I authorized) and a rear wiper blade replaced, asked them to please put one on. The counter guy comes to me and says "I don't know why the mechanic charged you for the wiper blade when we don't have one in stock? If you want to return tomorrow I can throw one on, It will be here tomorrow." I said, "no thank you can you take it off the bill please, I'll get one at the Walmart then." He said, "Ok give me a minute to change the bill and I'll check you out!"

When I went up to his counter I asked if he removed the labor charge for the wiper blade from the bill also. "Oh yeah, your all good to go!" I paid for the work done (brakes) and got the oil change free, as promised, and paid with visa. I left. When I got home I looked at the bill. The first line was a change for labor to install the rear wiper blade, which was not done, as it was not in stock. I was really p.o.ed. I went back the next day, got a refund from the service manager and I explained the scam to him. "the mechanic charges for labor, for parts not in stock. Both the dealer and Ford pay the mechanic the labor rate and even though you come back for the part the next day, it only takes a minute to replace. If the customer does not come back for the part, all three get the money.

I hope I explained the scam as this is the way I see it. Beware of all scams! Oh, I went to Advanced Auto and the counter guy at said I would have to go to a Ford dealer to get the rear wiper blade because Ford has not released it to secondary sales at the time. I had to go 50 miles to the next ford dealer who had the part in stock.

- thomas2of7, Mays Landing, NJ, US

problem #14

Oct 212019

Edge Titanium V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,000 miles

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vista roof glass cracked

The fixed Vista glass panel cracked the full width and length in wavy patterns emanating from rear right side. Didn’t notice it until we opened the sunshade the full length of the car. Appears to be the top panel of the two (?) glass panels Laminated together. Called dealer and they were not helpful, but would gladly charge me $80 diagnostic fee to quote a repair. Other dealers body shops says it will cost close to $2000 to replace. This is the fixed panel, NOT the movable sunroof panel over driver. I believe this is a design flaw as there is no evidence of impact.

Update from Nov 19, 2019: Took car in to dealer last week and they were kind enough to look at it without an appointment or charge. Advisor took pictures and submitted a request to Ford . Waiting to hear back. FYI, Ford customer service line simply told me no current recalls or safety bulletins on my vehicle, so contact dealer. Not much help, but, surely they are logging complaints.

- Randy W., Creve Coeur, MO, US

problem #13

Sep 142018

Edge Titanium

  • Automatic transmission
  • 92,000 miles

Discovered that Vista Roof is cracked near the front. Yes, it has high mileage, but I drive and treat car very carefully. And I bought the extended warranty. I immediately took it to Walnut Creek Ford, and was told it was denied under my Extended Warranty. And now I'll need to leave car for 3 hours for them to determine cost to repair. There is no indication of a rock strike. What's the purpose of an extended warranty if it doesn't cover anything? I see others are having the same problem. This will be my first and LAST Ford.

- Duncan M., Walnut Creek, CA, US

problem #12

Jul 302018

Edge Titanium

  • Automatic transmission
  • 91,000 miles


On Friday 7/30/2018 I noticed the crack, I quickly checked the web and found other owners have this issue. It's booked into Ford today and they said not covered under warranty as it is over 12K. Nothing damaged the roof, there are no impact spots and the crack seems to be in one area towards back of glass roof. Ford dealer states $1200+ to repair :( I have called Ford Customer Care 800-392-3673. Ford DOES NOT stand behind this defect. I have extended warranty and still not covered! :( so disappointing.

- mperry0415, Windham, US

problem #11

Mar 012018

Edge 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,344 miles

The first part of the Moon Roof shows many cracks. Both the dealer and the Ford Motor Company

are denying any warranty repair because the car is 100 KM over the 60,000 Kilometers.

I have contacted Transport Canada because I consider this a safety issue. I would recommend

for anyone buying a 2015 Edge with a moon roof to make sure that no cracks are showing.

You have to do this from the "top" because of the darkening of the glass you cannot see it

from inside the car.

- ninaber, Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #10

Jul 022017

Edge Titaniaum 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,000 miles

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vista roof glass cracked vista roof glass cracked

I opened my vista moon roof this weekend to discover that the glass was cracked the entire way front to back. There is no reason this should have happened. Vehicle is garage kept and I park in an open parking lot at work. I called the dealership since I only have 33K miles and it is just under 2 yrs old. I have an appointment next week for them to take pictures and submit to Ford to see if they will cover it under warranty.

- Tracy N., Aliquippa, US

problem #9

Jan 042017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,000 miles


Still no official recall on sunroofs! I am hopefully lucky since at 26K still under warranty heading to dealership today for them to take pics and submit to Ford.

- smltxag, Houston, TX, US

problem #8

Nov 252016

Edge Titanium 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,500 miles

Going to Ford dealer 11/28/16 to get an opinion. Will ask for warranty repair.


Update from Oct 2, 2017: Warranty was denied by 2 Ford dealers. I had to pay over $1,000.00 to fix the car.

- Leo S., El Granada, CA, US

problem #7

Oct 122016

Edge SE V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,000 miles

I opened my sun shade panel and discovered a jagged crack extending from the front to back of the moon roof glass that opens. There is no sign of impact or anything nearby that could have fallen on it. I went into a Ford dealer in Lakewood and was told that he has seen a few of these over the past few months, and Ford knows they have a problem. Because I have over 36,000 miles on my car, he said it would not be covered by warranty. Really? The car is only 16 months old, and Ford is aware there is a problem but, because of my millage I'm on my own with this. Ridiculous!

- Gordon W., Lakewood, CO, US

problem #6

Sep 162016

Edge Titanium 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 6,086 miles

Yesterday I opened the cover of my panoramic sunroof to find the back section of glass with cracks going multiple directions. There was no point of impact on the glass and I park in an open parking lot. The car has 6k miles on it... I can't feel the cracks from the inside of the glass, but I'm worried about the structural integrity of the glass. I'm a die hard Ford guy, but I wasn't expecting issues with the car within 1 year of purchase. The glass for the panoramic roof is $1,057 and includes both sections... I only need to replace the back section that doesn't open. It needs to be replaced, looking into my options

- Patrick P., Oxford, OH, US

problem #5

Jul 072016

Edge Sport 2.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,299 miles


On Friday 7/8 I noticed the crack, I quickly checked the web and found other owners have this issue. It's booked into Ford to check this week. Nothing damaged the roof Parked outside work) , there are no impact spots and the crack seems to have started in two separate area.

Update from Jul 15, 2016: July 15th, Good news, Ford have agreed to replace the glass roof panel under warranty.

- corcodav1516, San Jose, CA, US

problem #4

Jun 252016

Edge Titanium 2.6L Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 16,500 miles

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vista roof glass cracked

Not sure when the large front panel of the Vista roof glass fractured but we were shocked to find it on Saturday June 25, 2016 when we opened the shade. Fracture has multiple starting points with no point of impact leading everyone to believe it is either a glass defect or a temperature expansion/contraction problem. Ford so far has stated they will replace under standard warranty, but glass is not stocked and will take about 1 week to receive in house and then will need to take in for repair. We stuck carpet mastic on the bottom of the glass to prevent shattering until repairs could be made.

- morganco, Loveland, CO, US

problem #3

May 242016

Edge Titanium V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 13,000 miles

Noticed an odd crack in the rear panel of the panoramic sunroof. It needs to be fully replaced, but I have yet to contact the dealership to see what they will do.

Update from Jun 20, 2016: Called dealership and was advised to bring the vehicle in.The service member took several pictures and told me they would have to wait to hear back from Ford as to whether it would be covered under warranty or not. As I arrived back home, the dealership called and said that Ford would, indeed,cover the repair under warranty. Waiting on the parts now.

- Barbara C., Honolulu, HI, United States

problem #2

Aug 212015

Edge SEL 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,990 miles

3 weeks off the lot to the day a new 2015 Ford Edge, after parking vehicle and as it was going to be a hot day, I open panorama roof and see the front glass of roof is cracked. Called dealer and was told to bring it in to service. They took pics and service guy said he's seen a couple of these and would contact Ford. Next day was informed it will be covered under warranty but will take several days to ship replacement glass. Thank you Ford for covering it. But...when I googled the issue, it appears to be an ongoing problem with this roof/window. Seems around 2000 mi. the thing just cracks for no reason, and some are not being covered by the company. My questions, will it happen again, be covered and be an ongoing issue? Only time will tell.

- thomas2of7, Mays Landing, NJ, US

problem #1

Jun 302015

Edge Titanium 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,027 miles

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vista roof glass cracked vista roof glass cracked vista roof glass cracked vista roof glass cracked vista roof glass cracked

On 30 Jun 15‚ my wife departed for work and the car was in perfect condition. She drove to work‚ picked up our child enroute home and did not drive to lunch that day. Upon arrival at home‚ she pointed out that the rear vista glass roof panel had cracked for no apparent reason.

We dropped it off at Cowles Ford with the expectation the factory warranty or the additionally purchased extended bumper to bumper warranty would cover the issue. Cowles Ford informed us that Ford Corporate told them over the phone how to "test" for an impact area and based on their newly learned "test"‚ they determined it was a rock and an insurance claim instead. I disagreed because there are cracks throughout the entire glass and they do not intersect with the alleged point of impact.

I asked my insurer (USAA) to have a claims specialist look in depth as well and she pointed out to the dealer that there are other areas that look the same as their alleged point of impact. They have not been able to answer my questions regarding how can a point of impact on one side of the glass have impacted the numerous other areas cracked as well. Yet despite having no answers‚ Ford Corporate trusts their newly found expertise to deny the claim at the dealership level. This is disingenous and I won’t stand for it. The dealer needs to back the claim or get Ford to provide a qualified expert that can support why the claim is denied other than a hunch and on-the-job training by phone.

- brownc72, Woodbridge, VA, US

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