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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
44,550 miles
Total Complaints:
31 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (22 reports)
  2. replace clutch and seals (6 reports)
  3. new transmission (3 reports)
2012 Ford Fiesta transmission problems

transmission problem

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2012 Ford Fiesta Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #31

Aug 032019

Fiesta LE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles


This car has had problems since I bought it. I took it in for the recall and they've replaced the sensor and the module. I kept bringing it back telling them the trans still wasn't right. They said it's not that bad, it takes a couple days after replacement to drive right. After 123,000 miles they said the Trans is bad and needs to be replaced. I think Ford strung me along until the warranty expired so they wouldn't have to fix my car. They want 5400.00 to fix it. I called Ford corporate, they say sorry it's out of warranty we can't help you. I'm telling everyone DON'T buy a Ford. They knew the Trans was bad and sold them anyway this is BS.

- Terri H., Midlothian, IL, US

problem #30

Jul 132016

Fiesta S 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,525 miles

I never thought it would give me this many problems. The transmission is awful, always shuddering, hesitating. The sad part is that the dealer only is replacing this part, but is not fixing the problem.

Don't understand why FORD is not doing a damn thing about it.

I have had the transmission clutch replaced.

Practice your employees in Customer Relations.(Sta.Rosa).

- Michael M., Calamba, Philippines

problem #29

May 112016

Fiesta LX 4 Clc

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

ford trans in fiesta sucks. they fixed it, put a new modulator, reprogrammed, and still same sh*t - bucks, shifts like sh*t the hotter it is, the worse it gets. Auto trans, my wife could shift a 4 speed better and don't know how.

- Brad A., Wheeling, US

problem #28

Oct 142014

Fiesta LX 3

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,174 miles


When I have family and friends in my car, all of them noticed that I have a transmission issue. The car always wants to go backwards after I try to go when the light is green and after I try to go after stopping at a stop sign.

- Theresa C., Merrillville, US

problem #27

Apr 012017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,000 miles

We bought this car for our daughter (used) and all of a sudden, whenever she tries to accelerate the car shudders, like it's stalling. It doesn't feel safe for her drive.

- Stephen S., Nampa, US

problem #26

Aug 172015

Fiesta SE 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,000 miles

I purchased the car in February of 2015 and 2 months later the car is shuddering and stalling especially on inclines. I take it in and they change the an automatic transmission. Fast forward 3 months and the car starts shuddering and stalling again. I take it in again and they said it was within normal limits but just barely so nothing was done...shame on you

- Takisha T., Fallbrook, CA, US

problem #25

Feb 282017

Fiesta SE 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,486 miles


I bought a 2012 ford fiesta and there is a transmission manufacturer defect made by the ford company. The transmission shudders and hesitates all at the same time. It is definitely a safety issues due to when accelerating to move into traffic it shudders and hesitates and won't accelerate while doing this. I was almost hit several times due to this issue. I was told Ford refuses to recall the Fiestas and focuses for this issue but to extend a warranty until 100k to have the transmissions repaired /parts replaced. This does not work. First they reset the computer, not working, then they replace module and clutch, not working issue still there and ultimately transmission failure occurs.. These remedies do not work because the defect is in the overall design of the transmission as it was made for more fuel efficiency but the design is faulty, So, resetting computers, replacing parts, these remedies do not work . Ford will need to replace the transmission with a whole new designed transmission . Ford needs to recall and replace these faulty designed transmission before they have a rash of wrongful death lawsuits which would cost them more. They already have a class action law suit on them. I read that Ford is secretly replacing transmissions for customers who have submitted complaints but this is known only by Ford and the complainant.

- bgrogan, Fort Valley, US

problem #24

Feb 052017

Fiesta Titanium 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,000 miles

Had the shudder fixed for the 2nd time and the shudder has started again. the last time they said it was the computer module. It worked for a couple of months and now it's back to the same old sh*t. this is the third time I have had this happen

Update from Mar 25, 2017: Now they say it is the clutch has to be fixed

Update from Mar 31, 2017: I've had the car since 1/30/2014 here are the dates the transmission has been (FIXED?) 8/28/2015-- 6/17/2016---6 /12/2016--3/27/2017. All have been under warranty

- Gordon C., Delphos, OH, US

problem #23

Oct 062016

Fiesta 1.6L

  • Manual transmission
  • 36,059 miles

I brought my car in for a recall. When I got my car back it started to shutter. It was in on recall for the transmission, due to my battery light being on they dealer sent me off to get a new altenator, I could of purchased theirs for $320. I done as suggested but my check engine light was on. When I returned with my car they called me and told me it was a clutch, it had to be replaced. I waited a few weeks, called and they said it was on back order and they would call me. The end of November I received my call to return. I was told it would be there for the day. I got my call at 3:55 pm to pick up my car. Milissa Kelland, customer service clerk, advised me of repairs and that if I noticed my car(transmission) was to make a funny noise to ignore. That the sound would go away after I drove my car 1200 kms. I am so pissed with my service at ford. My car is still not operating the way it should, whatever they done is not satisfactory. The car is making a noise. I feel it is not fixed and I now feel like car is not safe to drive. When I first brought car to Cabot Ford due to the recall I thought it was just an easy fix. I was charged a fee of 39.95 for them to hook car to computer system. The service manager, Randy, justified the charge aand advised me that if I come back with same issue he would refund me the charge (I received refund). I am not one bit pleased with the costumer service I am receiving at dealer. I feel that they at brushing me off until my warranty expires.

What can I do to have my car repaired?? Please someone assist me with my issues???

- Kim V., Conception Bay South, NL, Canada

problem #22

Aug 082016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

the maintenance light was on for about two weeks and nothing else was wrong with the car except the normal shuttering/hesitating that I came to expect. but just this Monday I got my oil changed and it was right next to a Ford dealer so I drove in and asked what the light was for and he told me it was just a reminder for a checkup and asked me if I wanted that light out. said yes. never had a maintenance checkup with my 2005 focus so I thought why bother. after that it started to make a grinding sound when I applied the brakes and also when I turn left. now two days later its still bad and also it sounds like metal on metal rubbing/grinding when I start accelerating from a stop. when I was looking on buying a fiesta mom said that with so many used cars in that year that there must be something wrong with them. I still wanted one. should have taken moms advice. now I'm stuck. wish I would have found this site 1 1/2 yrs ago. would have gone with a Focus again.

- Rebecca P., Montrose, MN, US

problem #21

May 172016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles


I have had the clutch replaced 4 times now. 4 total times the same issue has been fixed. And after a few months after being fixed it goes right back to shuddering, stalling and acting like it's going to stop right in the middle of the road. I am so sick of this and Ford is refusing to replace my car even though my state's lemon laws clearly says after 4 repairs for the same issue, the car is a lemon.

- Brittany J., Winchester, KY, US

problem #20

Oct 152015

Fiesta SE 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,000 miles

So I purchased my 2012 Ford Fiesta in September 2015. It was meant to be my commuter car for work. It ran fine until about 2 weeks later and it began to jerk when accelerating and it sounded like the transmission was going to fall out. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the clutch. This worked for a bit but in April of this year, it started to do the same things. I did some research and found that I wasn't the only person having these issues. Now, it's had other issues including electrical issues and oil leaks, which were about $1,000 to fix. Now the dealer is telling me that there are engine issues that cost $500 to fix and that's just step one. I've been told this is how the car is supposed to run, how things are supposed to go, which sounds to me like a manufacturer defect. I am now talking to managers to see what can be done. I refuse to put more money into this car after not even having it a full year.

- rhensonnm, Santa Fe, NM, US

problem #19

Jan 012015

Fiesta SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,000 miles

Started out with a real love affair with this car. Cute, spunky, fun to drive, inexpensive. Local travel so very low miles. After about a year I noticed the transmission seemed to skip. Got progressively more annoying. Took it to my dealer who very nicely said - "Live with it. That's the way it's supposed to be". Since that didn't sound right I took it to another dealer who said the same thing. It's now 3-yrs old, about 20,000 miles and still getting worse. It stalls, stutters, invokes honking from the cars behind me when I take off. Basically it's an embarrassment and the Ford dealers are telling me they can't do anything. Strongly considering joining a class-action lawsuit. The vehicle is supposed to be under warranty but nobody wants to fix it.

- lucyfitz, Brunswick, GA, US

problem #18

Mar 042014

Fiesta Titanium 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles

It's the same problem as every body else on this page. After I took it in to have the door locks fixed(under Warranty) I told the dealership about the problem and he said They were behind on getting parts but he would put my name down on a list. I had told him about the shuddering right after I had bought it and he said it was because it was learning my driving habits. BULL SH*T

Update from Mar 31, 2016: I went to the Ford Garage and was shown a paper that had their list and sure enough my name was on it about 10 people down but they still didn't know when they would get parts to fix the problem

Update from May 27, 2016: Went back to Ford Garage to check my standing on there list. Low and be hold I moved up to 3rd from 8th. I might it fixed in another 3 months!!!!!

Update from Jun 23, 2016: Got my car fixed? last Friday 6,17,2016 . it runs like it's supposed to. How long it will last is unknown but there sure is difference in shifting. I asked the mechanic if this was the same fix that they been using and he said he thought it was about the 5th different fix

Update from Aug 9, 2016: After about 6 months They finally got the parts to fix it and so far( 1) month it is ok, no problems ,but it's still to early to say if it is fixed

Update from Dec 22, 2016: Transmission Malfunction -- Fix now. That's what it said on the warning lights PLUS the wrench , Plus the motor light. I don't remember when I had it FIX ? before , not over 6 months ago but were back to square one

Update from Mar 28, 2017: Got my car back yersterday Transmission was shuddering again, they said it was a clutch so they replaced it in one day. This was the 3rd time they fixed this problem. I averag about 4 momths between Fixes. I only waited one week to get it fixed this time. The first time it was about 3 months

- Gordon C., Delphos, OH, US

problem #17

Jan 072016

Fiesta SES 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,800 miles

FORD SAYS PART ON NATIONAL BACK ORDER. I was at the dealer in October 2015 and called again todat and yesterday Jan 7 2016. how long can they not fix a problem? The shudder has been there since 2012. Its getting worse and more frequent sometimes seems like it wont engage into reverse. Mostly happens at low speeds but also seems like slow acceleration.

- Mike H., brooklyn, US

problem #16

Apr 162014

Fiesta SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,768 miles

We've had the clutch replaced which temporarily fixed the problem. It is now back to square one. All they will do now is reset the modules and not look at it again until we've driven it 1600km (1000 miles) to let the computer "relearn how we drive" - most BS thing ever.

We are told the vehicle has nothing wrong with it and is operating within normal parameters. I've driven enough vehicles to know that this isn't normal. Your automatic vehicle should not feel like someone learning to drive stick; the gears should not grind on acceleration; the car should not shake when moving a slow speeds. This is awful.

- Thomas B., London, ON, Canada

problem #15

Oct 242014

Fiesta SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 28,142 miles

This issue started over a year ago and the dealer kept telling me a permanent fix was in the works. Little did I know that they were just buying themselves time so I couldn't use the lemon law to my benefit. Several! Visits later, at least 3 new clutches, several seals, reprogramming every time and it will only last a max of 500 miles each time before it starts again. Sometimes it comes out of the garage with the same issue. Funny thing is that

I have tried to be nice to mechanics because it is not their fault that Ford not permanently fix this and buy back these junks. Every time I bring it in, at least monthly, they tell me don't worry it is not just mine. Everyone's cars are having the same issue. Nice of them to try but it kinda makes it worse that it is so many vehicles and Ford won't do anything about it. I finally gave up when I got my car back two weeks ago and within 5 days the shutter was back, have now filed reports with attorney general to hopefully get some help. My car dealership, Quirk Ford in Augusta Maine, has been horrible at taking accountability for talking me into buying this automatic when I went in to buy a standard. Later to find out ford knew about the issues when this car was sold to me. Now Quirk Ford won't even take the junk in trade that they talked me in to buying!! Buyer beware there IS NO permanent fix, just bandaids to get you buy so buy one at your own risk of lifetime frustration and headaches!!!

- Rose D., Livermore, ME, US

problem #14

May 022014

Fiesta LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles


- Millie P., Canon City, CO, US

problem #13

Sep 132015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles

I bought my 2012 Ford Fiesta in 2011. I had noticed the shuddering before that but didn't know what it was, kind of though it was just how the car worked... until it got really bad. I had already received the paper about the extended warranty. When I went to Ford the first time after making an appointment, the guy was rude and told me that the extended warranty didn't mean I had a problem. It pissed me off because he treated me like I was stupid. He said I would have to wait a month to get even it looked at. I ended up going to another for and got an appointment a few days later. Sure enough, my car has the shuttering transmission problem. I had to wait a month for the part to come in to get it fixed. Once it was fixed it ran perfectly... it was like driving a new car. That was in December of 2014. In September 2015 the shutter started again. I took it for repairs before it got really bad and they told me it's a low shutter, so it doesn't need to be fixed right now. Right now? So later I will have to fix it. No can do.. When I turn corners or change lanes I have problems. Trying to accelerate from a red light or a stop sign is just ridiculous. I feel like this car is dangerous. How many times does it need to be fixed?

- Megan P., Park Ridge, IL, US

problem #12

Oct 172015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

This car has horrible transmission issues. It's been replaced twice and recalled a third time. Ford tried to charge me 600 dollars for a throttle body. I didn't come I'm for that but they put it on before telling me about it. Then swore the car was dangerous to drive if I didn't take it. When I screamed about cost they suddenly gave me a 50 percent discount!! It should have been FREE!! That lemon is shuttering and sputtering more then ever. It sounds like it is 80 years old with smokers lungs !! I'm done !!! Lemon Law Lawyers call me !! No more American cars for me!

- Michelle C., Los Angeles, CA, US

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