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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Some customers may experience a notification in the FordPass and/or LincolnWay apps that indicates their vehicle has entered "deep sleep mode". This mode is enabled due to the vehicle not being started for 14 consecutive days or battery voltage is at/or below 9.5 volts. Some 2020 models will also set a warning if the telematic control unit (TCU) has received an automatic over the air update. The purpose of deep sleep mode is to conserve battery voltage. When deep sleep mode is enabled, the TCU is powered down and all communication with the FordPass and/or LincolnWay apps are disabled. To wake the vehicle from deep sleep mode, manually start the vehicle. More deep sleep mode information can be found in the FordPass or LincolnWay apps under: More > Guides > click in search entry box > type "deep sleep" and click on "Ask".

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Date Published
APR 22, 2020
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