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Vehicle Speed Control
Vehicle Speed Control:Accelerator Pedal

On April 3, 2006, Ford Motor Company submitted a defect information report to NHTSA concerning a defect condition that could result in interference between the accelerator pedal and floor carpeting in approximately 19,140 model year 2003 and 2004 Mustang cobra vehicles (Ford recall no. 06S43/NHTSA recall 06V-108, copy attached).Ford will recall the vehicles to install a shield beneath the accelerator pedal to prevent the pivot pin on the rear surface of the pedal from coming into contact with the floor carpeting during heavy throttle those vehicles where the floor carpeting does not fit flush with the sheet metal, the unique rear surface profile of the Mustang cobra pedal may allow the pivot pin of the pedal to catch in the cutout on the floor carpeting behind the pedal, interfering with the pedal's ability to return; the result of which could be unexpected, continued throttle application.during the engineering analysis stage of the investigation, ODI also examined the possiblity of the same phenomena occuring in non-cobra Mustangs.however, the different design of the accelerator pedals on the non-cobra Mustangs results in significant differences in the potential contact between the accelerator pedal and the carpeting, with the base of the pedal pad acting to force the carpet away from the pivot pin.this engineering analysis has been closed.
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Date Opened
SEP 13, 2005
Date Closed
APR 10, 2006
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