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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
65,100 miles
Total Complaints:
5 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (2 reports)
  2. rebuild transmission (2 reports)
  3. rebuilt transmission by myself (1 reports)
2007 Ford Mustang transmission problems

transmission problem

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2007 Ford Mustang Owner Comments

problem #5

Jan 152015

Mustang Convertible 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,500 miles


I am the original owner of this 2007 Mustang Convertible. Since I have had the car I have kept it serviced every 3000 miles. I had total transmission services two times costing quite a bit both times. The first time at Huntersville Ford, Huntersville, NC. This was at a cost of $600.00. Second time, about a year ago, at Hilbish Ford, Kannapolis, NC. The cost here was over $300.00 just to service.

I have always taken recommendation of service people and have always had my Ford serviced at a Ford Dealership. Although now I think that was a major mistake. I truly think both of these dealerships (I bought the car at Huntersville Ford, brand new) knew there was a problem with the transmission but did not tell me.

So the transmission has never had a smooth shifting, it is an automatic, but I, being a woman, thought that was normal for a Mustang. I have driven cars for over 45 years and never had a transmission problem, so I don't think I was usually hard on the car in anyway. I feel the Ford Motor Company knows about this problem and hopes no one will report. Well, now I am having to spend $3000.00 to get the transmission rebuilt. I am very upset about this, as I live on Social Security Disability. I am having to borrow the money for this repair and that is also distressing for a woman almost 66 years old. As soon as the car hit 100,000 miles the thermostat went out, costing me $500.00 for repairs. Now the transmission goes out.

I am very disgusted with this situation and I need help. Thank You!

- bconstantine, Charlotte, NC, US

problem #4

Jul 072009

Mustang Premium Sport 4.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 130,935 miles

From the day I purchased my Mustang it was difficult to shift and would often pop out of first gear when leaving a stop sign or traffic light (a stop). After five visits to the dealership where I purchased the vehicle (Cutter Ford Aiea) and being told 1. they could find nothing wrong, 2. Per the service manager "Mustangs shift hard. All my mustangs are like that.", 3. I was told I may need to "learn how to shift" better (I had 9 previous manual trans vehicles).

I brought the car to another Ford dealer and was apologized to by the service manager there. He informed me that the trans did not have any fluid in it and had likely shipped from the factory empty. Now the transmission although technically functioning...needed to be completely rebuilt. The dealership replaced every internal part in the transmission only reusing the case and FORD would not replace the trans with a new one (DUH!!!) I have continued to have annoying intermittent issues with the transmission but never substantial enough to be properly diagnosed thus un-fixable. Clunk rattle click...nice work FORD.

- Edward H., Kailua, HI, US

problem #3

Mar 172012

Mustang Shelby GT500 5.4L V8

  • Manual transmission
  • 19,000 miles

I'm having the problem in my 2007 Shelby GT500. I have extended warranty to the end of 2012. I paid $600 for the unwarranted clutch disk to have the TSB done. That helped the clutch but not the shifter. 1st to 2nd never shifted good. At the time of the TSB I was told it was normal or okay. But If you hold the clutch in a long time and shift very slowly it usually does okay. But if you shift it normal...not even hi performance...but just normal then it locks you our or grinds or you have to force it and its like..notch...notch. Then I spent another $350 for the Shelby shifter upgrade and $250 labor. Still didn't solve the shift problem. So I spent another $450 for an MGW shifter and $250 for labor. And as of the last two weeks this still hasn't solved the shift problem. I have thrown about $2000 of my own money at my Shelby transmission and clutch and it still isn't right. I don't even drive the car like it's supposed to be driven because I'm afraid of tearing the clutch or transmission up. I literally almost get ran over in traffic trying to take off because I have to shift so slowly.

As of right now I have no choice but to ask my dealer to tear the transmission apart. Something I didn't want but guess it has to happen to make it right. I don't want to keep throwing more money at the problem and "hope" it fixes it. The dealer told me to let them know if the problem persists. And as of the past two weeks the dealer have said there is no TSB for the transmission.

Well since my post I received 2 lengthy phone messages from the manufacturer...not my dealer. They basically said the dealer transmission tech needed to diagnose the problem for it to be fixed or if I had it torn down if they did not find any defective parts I would have to pay for the transmission synchros to be replaced.

So I go back in on the 30th. This is about the 4th or 5th time the tech has had to work on my drivetrain. I'm trying not to make them mad but I do want my car fixed. Interesting enough you can sit still in the car and dry shift it idling or shut off and it still does not shift right. You don't even need to drive it to tell the transmission is not right. So we'll see.

I know for a fact when the fluid is colder on startup it grinds, locks you out or notches or catches badly in 2nd gear. All other gears do it but it's more intermittent.

If you go from 1st gear to 2nd gear you have problems going into 2nd. But if you go right back out of 2nd to neutral and then back into 2nd it's like butter. I'm thinking that's because all the synchros are lined up correctly the second time.

All I know is I've been dealing with drivetrain issues since I owned the car. And the only information Ford gives is that they supposedly upgraded transmission parts in the new 2013 Shelby GT500 that is supposed to prevent driver mis-shifts in previous model GT500's.

Okay mis-shifts in previous models. But every GT500 model made from 2007 to 2012? It sounds to me that it's less driver error and more Ford should just man up and TSB or recall all Tremec's for bad transmission synchros.

I know a guy who had the same shifting problems in his GT500 and finally got Ford to put updated tremec synchros in his transmission. He said 14,000 miles later and lots of trips to the track and dragstrip and it still shifts supurb. Imagine that.

Ford please fix the transmission synchronizers in 2007-2012 Shelby GT500's. Is this any way to leave Carroll Shelby's legacy?

Shame on you.

Okay, so I finally got into see the dealer to review 2nd gear crunch/grind issue. And I let the transmission tech drive the car with me in it. He said he felt the double crunch when shifting to 2nd but that it was normal in those transmissions. And if he put new parts in it that would not guarantee that it would fix it. And if he took the transmission apart and nothing was worn irregular that warranty probably wouldn't pay for it. So that's that with a month left on my extended warranty. He said it might even get better if I drive the car more. So I told him I would drive it and get back before my warranty ran out.

He did tell me he was working on a tremec 5 speed in a GT and that the whole first/second assembly appeared to be in backwards with the weld marks all facing the wrong direction. But when he re synchro'd that transmission he put it back in the same way he took it out even though he thought it was incorrect. His reason was the repair manual didn't specify the direction of assembly. Supposedly. We looked at the manual on my GT500 tremec 6 speed and it specifies the assembly direction. I told him I read where some Ford dealer somewhere had said that first/second assembly was in backwards in two GT500's they repaired. So I wonder if mine is. Or will they tell the truth when they take it apart even? Also he said after he repaired the GT's 5 speed that the guy came right back and complained of an increased crunchiness in second gear. And said that the grind in his was gone, from abuse, but the crunchiness was worse. That is the same transmission he said the direction of the synchro assembly appeared the wrong direction and he had put it back that way.

So I'm basically screwed, and that's all I really found out. Plus I shelled out the $180 for him to tell me this! Bullshit!

Oh, and they also said the corrosion I recently found all around the edge of my hood, you better check yours!!!, was not covered by warranty supposedly. So I also have a rotting aluminum hood thats never seen weather also not covered by warranty.

And lastly, I found out that another Ford dealer that mounted front tires on my Shelby a couple years ago, took a damn knife and cut the sidewall out of my tire to get it installed. I think he bent the rim on mounting as well. I didn't find this out until paying for alignments from a pull to the side of the bad front tire. Continually worse I thought it was from a bend I noticed in the same rim. So after buying a new rim and having them switch it, they called me back to show me the tire, about 2 inches by 8 inches trimmed out of it, and steel barbs and tiny rips showing up in places. Apparently, the guy at the other dealer was trying to get me killed and I just happen to catch it because the tire held before it deteriorated killing me in a fiery crash.

So I guess if Ford doesn't kill you in traffic with their clutch/trans needing upgraded, they will get you with ill mounted tires because you trusted them to mount your tires correctly and didn't babysit stand over top of them while they did it.

This whole thing is just sickening and sad. And I'm getting angrier the more I think about all the crookedness of Ford.

I believe I had made an earlier post about this. I've spent $2000 of my own money on Ford/Shelby's Clutch/Transmission issue and it still isn't resolved.

$600 plus tax for the disk, for the 07 GT500 Clutch TSB defect repair (Some people had to pay for the whole thing, others nothing at all, I guess it depending on which dealer you got).

About $600 for a Shelby Shifter upgrade parts and labor.

About $650 for an MGW Shifter Upgrade parts and labor.

Also per an email I received back from Tremec, (who said nothing about synchro's upgrade or update which I did ask them, while other car owners told me solved their problem, I paid about $100 for the Transmission fluid change to Mobil One Full Synthetic ATF parts and labor.

So you see I've spent about $2000 of my own money on things that did not solve the shifting problems in the GT500 drivetrain setup. And I've basically been told the crunchiness or grind in second gear is "normal" for these transmissions and new synchro parts "might" not fix the problem either. And that I might have to pay for that repair not to resolve the problem and not my warranty.

Make no mistake. I love my car. I Do NOT love Ford/Shelby at the moment.

And I suppose something I heard about the NTB National Traffic Safety Board investigating the Tremec 5 speed for traffic collisions and not the Tremec 6 speed might be due to way more GT's on the road than GT500's or GT owner's drive their cars more year round.

In any event the problem in the Tremec 6 speed exists. I am not griping any longer about the clutch shudder. The clutch seems okay since the TSB, at about 8000 miles on it. However, I have heard other GT500 owner's who had the Clutch Shudder TSB performed say the 2010 GT500 clutch starts to slip right about 13,000 miles. Probably well after their 12/month parts and labor warranty on the TSB work performed by a Ford dealer.

I will be checking this thread for periodic updates in regards to a clutch recall and a Tremec 6 speed transmission recall.

I guess that's about it.

- ds1516pb, Charleston, WV, US

problem #2

Jun 152010

Mustang GT 4.6L

  • Manual transmission
  • 18,000 miles

i was told i did not have any warranty ...i found out that the drive train is covered 5 years 60000 mile...i will never buy another ford if this concern is not adressed

- jcalderon, Del Rio, TX, US

problem #1

Jul 222009

Mustang GT 4.6L V8

  • Manual transmission
  • 57,000 miles

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shifting problems shifting problems shifting problems shifting problems

Really not happy with Ford at all. I will NEVER buy from ford again. The first time the transmission messed up, it took Aero Ford (Cobleskill, NY) over 2 weeks to fix the car. So for those 2 weeks I was left with nothing to drive, as they say they dont have to give a loaner car at all. After I got the car back, I noticed that shifting thru the gears was a lot harder than it should have been. I brought the car back several times and Ford blew me off saying that it was just me. 1 year and 23k later, 2nd gear messed up yet again. Brought the car back to Aero Ford, and they told me that I have to sign that I would be responsible for tear down costs if the repair wasnt warranty. That is unreal. Why even have a warranty? I called Fords customer service just to run around in circles and get nowhere. So I decided that I would take the transmission apart myself. What I found was that the technician at Aero Ford misplaced a bearing for the 2nd gear syncho, and jammed an extra pin into the 1/2 shift rod. The extra pin made it so that 2nd gear wasnt fully engaging. It was just a matter of time before it broke again. Went to Ford to price all the parts that I would need, and it was unbelievable. $1800. Kiss my ass is all I have to say to that. I put the transmission back together the way its supposed to be, and even with chewed up gears, it shifts great! WAY TO GO AERO FORD.

- Anthony C., Schenectady, NY, US

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