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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
4,500 miles
Total Complaints:
10 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (7 reports)
  2. replace drive train (2 reports)
  3. replace pinion flange (1 reports)
2015 Ford Mustang drivetrain problems

drivetrain problem

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2015 Ford Mustang Owner Comments

problem #10

Nov 012016

Mustang GT 5.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 13,670 miles


Vibration at 100 - 120 kph. Ford have had it in twice and done what they thought was needed, but no change,

- graemesb, Auckland, New Zealand

problem #9

Oct 012016

Mustang Coupe V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

Purchased My dream car used (15,000 miles. When i test drove the car the front tires made a lot of noise. The dealer ship agree to replace the front tires. In fact they replace all four tires. Picked the car up two days later and once I drove it a couple hundred miles and got use to the car I noticed a vibration that is there all the time but gets worse the faster you go. I went back to the dealer ship and was told it takes about 1000 miles to break in the tires and It would go away. It's been about 1500 and it's still there. NOT at all happy about this. So today I decide to google this issue to find many others having the same issue, NOT please to learn this.

- Mark W., Beaver Dams, NY, US

problem #8

Nov 012015

Mustang EB Premium PP 2.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,971 miles

Bought car for wife's 50th bday. She always wanted a Mustang. Ordered to spec. I didn't drive often. I discovered the vibration. Also had a coolant leak. Took to dealer for service, advised that coolant leak was from an inexpensive part of the turbo, problem was no spare parts and could be 6 months!! Test drove car and confirmed vibration. Replaced driveshaft, still there. Replaced differential, still there. Contacted Ford of Canada, promised follow up within 5 business days. No response. Called again, promised one day follow up, no response. SM at Yonge Steeles Ford was very helpful. Advised Ford would be in touch to discuss compensation, no response. After 4 months of an extended warranty funded rental, got the car back. Test drive revealed problem solved, or so I thought. Vibration back. Googled the problem, and am now a forum member seeking redress. Don't have lemon laws in Canada, but do have CAMVAP arbitration process. Any suggestions? Other than a Camaro....


- craigy, Toronto, ON, Canada

problem #7

Apr 112016

Mustang GT 5.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,800 miles


Drive train issue at 45 MPH and up. Its so bad my right foot and hands go numb, The dealer has been trying to fix for 10 days, balanced wheels, swapped wheels from a similar vehicle, tried a drive shaft from another vehicle, changed differential which made it better but tech said its still not right. Calling Ford engineering and waiting. MSRP was almost 44k.

- David A., Menasha, WI, US

problem #6

May 232015

Mustang GT Premium 5.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125 miles

hum/whine between 62-67 mph

Purchased vehicle May 23, 2015. On the way home from the dealership, I noticed a hum/whine between 62-67 MPH. I thought it was just a 'new car' noise, but it didn't go away. Finally in December I took it to a local dealer to start diagnosing the problem (the tech heard the same noise). They rotated the tires; didn't solve the problem. Next they put it on a chasis ears machine, but nothing showed up. They swapped out driveshafts with another new GT, but that didn't cure the problem. Finally I took it to another Ford dealer and who told me they detected a vibration in the pinion flange and will be replacing it. Repair is scheduled for Monday, April 4th. Hopefully that will solve it. What's concerning me is the number of rear end problems I'm reading about on the 2015-2016 Mustang Facebook discussion site. We'll see.

- Steve B., King George, VA, US

problem #5

Jun 122015

Mustang V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 110 miles

Purchase new Mustang and on the test drive I mention vibration problem at 65 to 70 and dealership said car has sat awhile and I should drive and see if it goes away. If not then bring it in.

Brought car in on Oct 15, Mileage 2038, car road tested verified concern and tire vibration felt. replaced right rear tire. Car was return and the remaining three tires were replaced Mileage 2259

Car Return on Friday Oct 23rd, Car road tested again, passed Ford Specs, vibration still occurring at 65 to 70 MPH, dealership has no fix for the problem. Believes the cause is road conditions. From my research this seems to be problem with V6 Mustangs and I found several complaints and only found one that was resolved.

This Monday Oct 26th the Ford Service Center is suppose road test a similar vehicle to mine with the same option package to determine if this is common problem with new Mustangs. I will report the findings on Tuesday, Also I sent the information to Ford directly to see if they help the Ford Service Center in resolving the problem.

Update from Oct 28, 2015: Today we switch tries from the front to read and rear to front. Vibration seems to travel trough the car and is only slightly in the steering wheel. Problem did not change as predicted. I really at this point we have a bad set if Goodyear F1 Eagle Seasonal Tires. They were tested at Direct Car against 4 others and this tire came in last and had the most complaints.

Net step go to Ford Regional Manager and Ford Service Manage and claims their is nothing wrong with car. He claims its "Normal Operating Characteristics" for Mustangs. The CSM suggest I now go to a different Ford Garage in the area for second opinion.

Update from Nov 1, 2015: Road tested two Mustangs a GT with 18" wheels with Pirelli tires and V6 with same option package as mine which is 18" wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. The Pirelli tires did not vibrate, but were noisy the Goodyear has a minor vibration and the noise is a droning sound low decibel. In my car when driven the vibration is felt and the droning sound is higher decibel. In conclusion its the tires and change of the tread pattern directional to asymmetric design is a potential cause. The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus did not vibrate on the Mustang GT, but they generate road noise in higher decibel sound. Ford has contacted Goodyear to help resolve It would appear we have tire issues with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires.

Update from Nov 25, 2015: Goodyear has isolated the problem, where the tires were road force balance to each wheel. The vibration is still present, but subdue in noise level. New problem in doing testing the car, while the car is stopped and in neutral you rev the engine at steady starting at 1500 RPM a vibration starts and continues on through to 1750 RPM, with the clutch in and out, Also if you rev the engine to 2500 RPM, drop the revs to 1750 RPM car starts to vibrate through to 1500 RPM. Guess what the RPMs are at 65 MPH, 6th gear on the highway are 1750 RPM. Also, took it to a 2nd Ford Dealership that confirmed the same problem and saw it on another Mustang and it could not be repaired. Ford Motor Company took the stance that this is normal operating characteristics for Mustangs. After doing further research this vibration problem could be as high as 40 PERCENT with Mustangs. If you should buy a 2015 or 2016 Mustang make you road test it thoroughly and if you have any vibrations DO NOT BUY IT, because Ford will not fix it.

Update from Apr 1, 2016: Just had my 5000 mile service and vibration still present. The vibration has created some wear tear between the rear trunk lid and bumper where paint is wearing off in a thin line, Ford is repairing it, but still no fix for the vibration.

Update from Apr 21, 2016: At the present time, Ford Motor Company, will no longer attempt to diagnose my vibration problem and fix it. Ford Motor Company reiterated and stated again that the car is operating as design and this is consider normal characteristic of the vehicle. What this means for all customers who get this statement from Ford Motor Company, it will not authorize any additional work in diagnosing and fixing the problem. If will be up to the Ford dealership where you take your car for service to take on the responsibilities and expenses in fixing your car. In my situation, both dealerships have declined to take on this responsibility. This leaves me no option, but the Lemon Law. Also, judging from what everyone else is experience in fixing similar vibration problems this could become very expensive.

Update from May 11, 2016: Good morning,

I spoke with CSM at Ford Dealership, he has advised me that they did utilize the vibration analyzer on your vehicle and the vibration has been determined to be within the normal specifications. I further understand that you have been working with Goodyear and they have agreed to replace your tires, although the dealership did not find any defect related to the tires. At this time I would need to ask that you continue working with Goodyear in regards to the tires.

Should you require assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards, Ford Motor Company ® |

Follow the bouncing ball...I removed all names involved except Ford. Ford has washed its hands again, saying everything is normal and its expected that if you own a performance car you should expect vibrations. I also, see where new complaints have been filed as well. The number continues to grow...Also, I filed another complaint with Ford on possibly poor quality paint work and driver seat showing wear...No Responses from Ford, I expected, but one of two dealerships I have been dealing with is going to fix the paint at no charge...Keep you all posted if the new tires work...This will be my 3rd set of tires.

Update from May 24, 2016: 5/17/2015 I had my original manufacturing tires changed to an equivalent tire and 90% of the vibrations has been eliminated. I have only faint vibration at 65 through to 70 now, and is felt in the steering wheel. If I lift off the gas it disappears. Both Ford Motor Company and Goodyear have declared victory and have quickly washed there hands of the problem. I also, believe this problem exists in 50% of Ford Mustangs built today. This problem exist due to profit and loss. Ford and Goodyear no longer do 100% inspection on tires. In its place of this inspection is a warranty for uniformity problems with tires. Its a very limited warranty and expires after a year or by tread depth. You as the consumer needs to complain and stay persistent in getting you vibration diagnose. Ford Motor Company and Goodyear will do everything to drag it out by declaring the car "Normal Characteristic", "Operating as Design", "Mustang is a performance vehicle and some vibration is to be expected" and the New Ford Vibration Analyzer tester also declared this vibration normal. If Goodyear did not step in and replace the tires with an equivalent tire, nothing would have been done again, at least Goodyear attempted to make right. Ford Motor Company will do nothing in resolving this vibration problem. This uniformity problem if not address does create wear and tear on your vehicle and in my case is the direct cause in paint damage on the rear of the car between trunk lid and bumper. Its been repaired and has reoccurred and will be repaired again, now that I have new tires that may have cure problem from reoccurring. My recommendation to everyone is do not ignore it, complain to Ford, file a complain here, and on the government website. Ford Motor Company is making every attempt to cover this up and hope it will go away. You will receive NO compensation and help from Ford Motor Company. Also, Just release is the 2016 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study and Ford sits next last at 204 problems per 100 vehicles. The industry average is 152. Once upon time Ford was above average. Ford is going in the wrong direction and has lost me as customer.

Update from Oct 16, 2016: This is my last report on this car. This mustang is 90% fixed on vibration problems which has been present since the first test drive. In my brief time of ownership of this car it was in the shop for total of 25 days, it’s had three repairs, of which two were related to vibration issues and it’s on its 3rd sets of tires from Goodyear. Throughout this ordeal Ford Customer Service was adamant that nothing is wrong with this car. The two Ford dealerships that were involved did confirmed the vibration issues existed, but were not allowed to fix it, because more than just a few Mustangs are affected and Ford is covering it up. With this latest recall on door latches and the vibrations issues I been having, I expect a failure soon. I contacted Ford and they refuse to fix it now, they would rather gamble with lives. I’m not taking that chance so I sold it. Ford will not change its methods or practices on how they deal with customers and the best advice I can give to everyone is not to buy a Ford. Ford has way too many problems with its cars and trucks and now its bestselling truck has brake issues. They just can’t produce a reliable and quality product anymore. Say La Vee or in French C’est la vie.

- John M., Portsmouth, NH, US

problem #4

Jun 122015

Mustang Convertible 2.3L Litre Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1 miles


Aug 11th, service adviser called and advised no ETA on parts and that held up in customs should have update on Friday August 14th. They advised that they could not replace the car since it had too many kms on it. At this time it had 1400 kms and they advised for me to KEEP DRIVING IT since original issues reported on June 29th 2015. As of August 17th no word from dealership and I contacted Ford Customer Service and lodged a formal complaint.

Update from Oct 9, 2015: On Oct 5th, 2015 FORD replaced my vehicle with a new vehicle problem solved.

- Lorrene M., Pickering, Canada

problem #3

Jul 222015

Mustang Convertible V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 270 miles

2015 Mustang Convertible - Traded in my 2015 coupe convertible (had no issue with that one)

Now, a pulsating vibration occurs on speeds between 60 and 75. Feels unsafe to drive. Dealer replaced driveshaft and rear differential but it did not resolve the vibration. They're going to take it into the shop to continue troubleshooting.

I don't need to reiterate what everyone else has to go through, but I'll do it anyways:

1 - Time off from work to take car to shop 2- Feeling unsafe while driving (a BRAND NEW CAR with only (now) 1100 miles on it) 3 - Feeling embarrassed that people can see your car shaking all over when you're driving it, thus confirming in their minds that Ford makes bad cars 4 - Having your first payment due on a car that is defective 5 - Having Ford add to your life's stress because their quality assurance is poor and essentially ruining what should have been a really happy experience. The car is beautiful but if I feel like I'm going to die while driving it, kind of kills the joy.

Thanks Ford for nothing. Why can't you make this easier and just replace the damn car? You know what's coming if you don't.

- Josh G., Lima, OH, US

problem #2

May 132015

Mustang GT V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 497 miles

Purchased after a 50 year wait a 2015 50th Anniversary model Ford Mustang GT Convertible in Race Red. I am 34 for the second time but when driving this vehicle I am 17 for the 4th time!! Hence I was so frustrated after such a short period of time inside a month of purchase and only just over 500 KMS I had a definite Drive Shaft rumble

FORD Dealer when I addressed the issue said flat spot on the tires they rotated and re-balanced to no avail. The tremor still there so the next diagnostic is that the Drive Train needs replacing. I am now told by the FORD Dealer that the wait list for that component will be for delivery until July which if it comes will be two months!!

Frustrated to say the spend over $50 G's and you become the Quality Control department!!

Update from Jun 29, 2015: FORD shop has replaced the drive shaft and it has NOT resolved the issue!

Shop Manager is now speaking directly with FORD!

- Guy C., Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #1

Dec 312014

Mustang 3.7L

  • Manual transmission
  • 400 miles

New car and have a vibration/rumble type noise, 55+, very annoying.

Update from Jul 13, 2015: Update,1st let me tell you I am a auto tech with 30 years experience.Took my car to the dealer explained the problem

and told them I was pretty sure it was the drive shaft.They replaced the drive shaft while I waited ,we went for a ride and it felt the same so they kept the car and road force balanced the tires. They said I had a bad tire and rim and they replaced them. I picked up the car and there was no difference. I put the car up on the lift at my shop and noticed the yellow paint match marks on the drive shaft and pinion flange were not lined up. I unbolted and lined them up,took it for a ride and all is well!!

Update from Mar 31, 2017: ANYONE WITH THE VIBRATION PROBLEM PLEASE GO TO MUSTANG6G.COM.Thousands of commentgs on this issue.

- bmac, Niskayuna, NY, US

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