2015 GMC Sierra 1500 drivetrain problems: vibration


2015 GMC Sierra 1500

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your GMC dealer.


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2015 GMC Sierra 1500 drivetrain problems

drivetrain problem

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2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Owner Comments

problem #10

Jan 012015

Sierra 1500 SLT 5.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,000 miles


Has a vibration in the driveline when in towing mode in 5th gear. Also really annoying having the down grade automatically downshifting.. this feature should be off unless turned on, not automatically on unless turned off. I live in mountainous country and it is just annoying. IMO the transmission shifting should be like out 2014 Camry SLE V-6.. Console shift and fully controllable by the shifting lever. I would expect a lot better from GM especially on a vehicle this expensive.

- Robert F., Stoneville, NC, US

problem #9

Jan 022017

Sierra 1500 ZR1 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,000 miles

I have called and taken this vehicle in three times - new tires is what they keep saying. On-line search shows the GMC KNOWS this is a problem but cannot fix it. SO I am left with a truck that vibrates so bad it keeps losing other things like my side steps. I am contacting local dealer again today as I am tired of accepting this and then my next step is to go see a lawyer. I was talked into buying their ridiculous extended warranty and yet they do nothing to fix the problem. This truck is a lemon and this will probably result in a very loyal GMC buyer going elsewhere. Do NOT but a 2014-2015 GMC or Chevy 1500.

- David T., Burkburnett, US

problem #8

Jul 012016

Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,240 miles

I get this harmonic vibration in the steering wheel at around 40-50 mph. It comes and goes. I replaced the tires and had a Hunter road force balance done. The problem still exists. It occurs mostly at partial throttle, which leads me to believe it is a bearing or busihng in the driverline somewhere. It actually shakes the sterring wheel sometimes. I have read blogs about this occuring with a lot of other owners, so this isn't the first time. They have had the trucks to the garage many times and no fix. Just the normal chatter from the dealership. Thats why I haven't taken mine in.

- cp1, Grand Island, US

problem #7

Nov 302015

Sierra 1500 SLE 4.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,500 miles


I've been dealing with the same vibration issue since November 2015, it is now March 2017. It has been in the shop 10 times without any results. I have had several service guys ride with me and they agreed there is an issue. But they have been able to find it. They have balanced the wheels and tires, they have put new tires on it, they have put 2 new sets of wheels on it and lastly they put a picoscope on it. Nothing has been fixed. They can't find what's causing the issue. So now they have decided that there is nothing wrong with it. The GMC Sierra is supposed to vibrate. At 75 mph to 85 mph the middle console dances all over the place. My recommendation is for NO ONE to purchase a GM vehicle. I should have bought a Ford.

- abrad1981ab, Grapevine, US

problem #6

Aug 052016

Sierra 1500 SLT 6.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,000 miles

I purchased a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT last October. Everything was fine until I took it in for the first service ( local dealer not where I bought the truck ) and had the tires rotated. I left and the vibration was so bad that I was really afraid to drive the vehicle. I took it back and the service manager told me that they were seeing problems with bad tires. They didn't replace the tires but put huge amounts of weights on to get them to balance. The problem got better but did not go away. I work for an automotive equipment manufacturer and had our engineers check the vehicle and told me 3 of the 4 tires were bad. I recently had a recall on the airbags / seatbelts and scheduled service where I purchased the vehicle and told them about the issue. They have assured me they will take care of it. It's now been 11 days and I still do not have my truck back.

I have seen numerous complaints posted on various message boards about this issue. GMC has a problem!

- Bruce B., Conway, AR, US

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problem #5

Nov 192015

Sierra 1500 LX 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77 miles

Exhibited the problem on the way home the day of delivery 10-26 -2015 Took the vehicle in on 10-29-2015 at 77 miles.Driveline vibration starting about 38 mph and remained thru 55 mph and then again at 65 mph and up. Was told GM engineer would come in and drive the truck.Was never driven by GM engineer. Truck has been in on 11-25-2015 at 355 miles,truck was sublet for roadforce balance, Did not help at all.Noticed next day that the truck had a dent in the drivers side fron door,not noticed at pickup time as it was pouring down rain,Told advisor,nothing ever done.Took truck back in on 3-21-2016 at 1941 miles as vibration is bad,told GM technical was looking at PICO tests and now they saw driveshaft vibrations after I was told by dealer that did not exhibit and abnormal vibrations ,just road noise.GM advisor called back and said there was a driveshaft vibration I returned truck 2 days later and drive shaft was balanced. Did not fix vehicle,still vibrating. Was told tech was" feeling road noise" also TOLD GM told the tech to remove shocks and compress down and check them for play. truck tied up for a week again and no fix. Had truck back in on 4-21-16 at 2294 miles for routine oil change and vibration.Road tested for 10 mile and told vehicle operating as designed. Truck back in on 9-20-16 at 6850 miles after returning on a vacation trip.Vehicle still vibrating at 40mph and at turnpike speed.One miserable trip with the vibrations.Again,no problem found. Have talked to 3 other same model vehicle owners from the dealership and they are all experiencing the same thing with the same results. Vehicles operating as designed.I have had many issues which I will document. Am considering Lemom Law as to the amount of repair attempts and days down.

- vibratruck, Mars, PA, US

problem #4

Nov 072015

Sierra 1500 5,3 V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10 miles


Since the day one my GMC Sierra 2015 has very strange vibration at 65-73 MPH. It feels like it is coming from the rear of the vehicle and it is a constant vibration that goes away as soon as you slow to 63-64 MPH. I felt that vibration at the test drive before I've purchased the truck. The dealer has assured me that they will rotate/balance the tires and I will pick up the truck next day with no vibration. Since the day one it was 7-8 (?) different attempts to resolve that issue with no luck. The dealer has replaced 4 tires, 2 wheel rims, balanced/rotated tires several times... Right now my truck is back to the dealer (over a week already) for additional repairs or I would say for additional investigations.

If I load the truck with 200-300 lb of payload driving on highway over 60 MPH is very tricky and I would say possibly dangerous. On a highway loaded truck makes wide left-to-right shaking-like movements at the speed over 60MPH and it is very difficult to stay within one line. I drove the truck loaded on a highway twice and both times I had to slow down to 50-55 MPH. No highway driving with a payload since then.

From what I was able to find browsing the internet there is no solution for this issue known and this issue has started on 2014 Silverado/Sierra and continue on 2015 models. I am not sure what should I do in this situation. My truck is the work vehicle and I do need it for work (I am a contractor). So, the time my truck is at the dealer repair shop I cannot work productive and it is definitely affecting my income. The dealer is letting me to drive their truck and I greatly appreciate it. However, the dealer truck is a brand new nice and shiny and I simply cannot load it with my construction materials or derbies because if I scratch it or damage I will have to pay for that damage..... Well, I will await for the 30-days out of service period during the first year. Accordingly to the Federal Warranty Law (Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act) if the vehicle is out of service for 30 or more days during the first year and the manufacturer is unable to fix the issue the consumer has the right to seek for a remedy such as return, reimbursement, replacement. Will keep you, guys, updated. P.S. I am very happy with the comfortable ride and a great gas mileage of my Sierra. If there would be no need for me to go on highway and to drive over 60MPH I would never bring this issue to the dealer.

Update from Aug 5, 2016: August 5, 2016. The repair attempt #9 Well, my truck is at the GMC dealer again. There were at least 8 other attempts to resolve the vibration issue. However, the vibration is still there. This time two (2) engineers from GM came to the dealer with a hope to resolve the problem. They've recommended to replace all tires one more time and after that they've recommended to install new fancy aluminum rims with fancy tires from another truck. ....... No luck :( Replaced shock absorbers and the dealer did "some other repairs recommended by GM ingeneers". Two weeks ago the dealer informed me that they will try to replace the differential. So, for the last four (4) weeks I am driving dealer's 2016 Sierra....... While repairs are going on. I spoke to GM customer service several times. They have opened a case (!) and have elevated that case to the special customer service person.... So, I've contacted that special person over a phone 3-4 times. She just advises me to wait until the repair is complete.... Conclusion: during the first year of service my 2015 Sierra had at least two (2) months in the dealer garage and I guess it was at least nine (9) attempts to repair it. By the today's day there is no known cure for that vibration issue and I am going to set an arbitration and use the Magnusson-Moss Act (US Code) to return this truck to GM and probably to get something else.

Update from Aug 12, 2016: August 11, 2016. Repair attempt #11 Just got my truck from the dealer. They had it for a month! Accordingly to the service advisor a lot of parts were replaced this time. Basically, it is almost entire rear end. I did the highway test drive and I should say that the vibration was reduced, but it is still there! The good thing that if I have no payload at the truck bed the vibration is very slight and doesn't irritate me if I am not paying attention to it. However, if I have 300-400 lb loaded the truck shakes and vibrates way more and it is necessary to slow down to 55-60 MPH. I spoke to the GM customer service again. There is a special person that supposed to handle my case. She advised me 3 days ago that she is going to contact the district manager and that manager should be in contact with me within 24 hours.... No one contacted me so far. Will call GM customer service again. I guess, I have to set the arbitration with GM myself. Looks like GM has no interest in it. The mid-south BBB used to offer arbitration services. Will call them today. Damn, I do like my truck and I am very happy with a comfortable ride but.... When I get on highway everything changes!

Update from Sep 26, 2016: Sept. 26, 2016. About a month ago I was contacted by GM service rep. The rep told me that District Manager was reviewing the case and had approved either trade-in/buy another or return this and get a brand new truck options. So, I've set the appointment with the dealer for today. The long story short, dealer sales manager told me that he has no information from GM about this decision and he will gladly help me to trade in my truck and sell me another.... I've informed the dealer that I am not interested in trade-in/buy another resolution. I want the dealer/GM to take the defective truck back and to provide me a new and non-defective similar truck. The response was:" Sorry, we cannot do it." I've called GM customer service and they told me that......"Your case was closed, because we've reached the resolution for your case......." What???!!!!!! Did you reach what?!!!! When did you reach that??!!! Why I am (the customer) is not aware about it???!!!!!!!

Well, the "good thing about GM customer service" is that the service rep has called the dealer to make sure that everything is correct. So, the rep called me after she had spoken to the dealer and has advised me that everything is correct and I am not qualified for the vehicle replacement because everything is within the GM specifications..:) Would you believe it? If everything is great why did you do over a dozen of repairs??!! Why did you have the truck at your garage for over 2 months within first 7 months of my ownership then??!!! If everything is great... Why I cannot drive it on a highway if I have 300-400 lb load and it shakes crazy left-to-right??!! Oh! It should be within GM specifications that driver's side of the truck is 1 inch lower compare to passenger side after these repair attempts??!!! (Yes, after last repair attempt the truck is leaning to the driver's side). Well, I do find this truck very helpful for my contractor's needs. However, the GM/dealer relations are not very supportive. They just force you to get the lawyer and to settle it in court. Why would they want it?

Update from Oct 19, 2016: October 19, 2016. I had a lot of telephone conversations with GM customer service and the only conclusion about those conversations is that I just wasted my time talking to GM customer service. It is clear as a glass! If you have an issue that your dealer cannot resolve don't waste you time talking to GM. Do go ahead and contact BBB Auto Line program. The sale agreement requires a buyer to arbitrate first before you will be able to bring this matter to the court. So, here is my story of talking with GM. I believe it started in August 2016 and I had several phone conversations with GM customer service. They've opened a case and contacted the District Manager to reach the resolution. So, after almost two (2) months I was told that District Manager had reviewed the case and it was agreed that GM cannot repair the vehicle and that the customer should go to the dealer and ask for a replacement...... So, I came to the dealer Sales Department and spoke to the Sales manager. The Sales Manager had told me that he has never received any information about District Manager decision. However, the Sales Department manager told me that he will gladly help me to trade-in my truck and to sell me another truck!... Could you believe it? So, I called GM back and they told me that the case # 8-2168719418 was closed since both sides had reached the resolution.....!!!!! Honestly, I was speechless for few seconds. So, the case is closed by GM, I still drive defective truck and nobody cares! So, I've asked to open a new case# 8-2401680932 because the previous case was resolved (!). Guess, what has happened after the new case was open...? You are right! Nothing changed! Again we had useless telephone conversations and advises to bring the truck to the dealer for additional repairs. During first 9 months this truck has had 72 days in the shop.... How many days/weeks do they need? Ok, I've asked the BBB Auto Line Program to set up the arbitration and now the GM started calling me... I was informed that now on the case will be handled by different department and form now on everything will be different. Long story short, after several telephone conversations I've finally received a call from GM four (4) days ago. The GM representative told me that everything is OK with my truck and would I be interested in withdrawing the case from BBB arbitration. Pretty cleaver, heh?! What is the explanation for this technique used by GM? So much time and effort for just nothing? I don't get it. Well, from what I've read about BBB Auto Line there is a chance that I still will go the court and sue the GM/dealer under Magnusson-Moss Act and the State of TN Lemon Law (UCC). Will keep you updated. On the other hand I am planning to spread the word about this story on Facebook and Twitter.

Update from May 20, 2017: May 20, 2017. Well, I did the arbitration that was handled by BBB Auto Line Program. In short, it was a waste of time. At that arbitration two GMC representatives have told me that there is no vibration issues with my truck and it is normal if driver's side of the truck is 1-1.25 inch lower than passenger side. I am not sure if it was a joke by GMC representative or he was serious... In short, he told me that if I would feel at least 50% of the gas tank of my Sierra suspension would notice that and it will result in 1.25 inc difference between passenger and driver side...!!!

Update from Jun 20, 2017: June 19, 2017. So, as I told you earlier, I did set the arbitration using BBB Auto Line Program that is supposed to help consumers and manufacturers to keep them from burning time and money at court. Pretty much that arbitration went as I was expected. They were unable to hear any vibration, it was a day time and therefore there was no way to check the head lights and on the top the fact that rear driver's side is 1.25 inch lower than passenger is normal and caused by gasoline weight at the gas tank.... Yes! It what I was told! The long story short I am bringing this case to the Chancery Court as a State of TN Lemon Law case, a breach of express warranties under Magnusson-Moss Act and a breach of Implied Warranties under the State of TN Code (formally know as Uniform Commercial Code). Will keep you updated.

Update from Jul 22, 2017: July 22, 2017. As I was telling you before, I had to bring the case to local court. Two weeks later GM responded. They've asked me about my car loan bank account information. According to the letter from GM the case is under fast resolution team review that supposed to give a final response within 45 days. I am driving the truck every day, but I am still afraid about this vibration issue. It comes and goes with no good way to know when to expect it to happen. It is pretty scary to me because it is unpredictable and it is unknown why does it happen and no one knows if it is safe to drive the vehicle on highway. I am trying to stay away from highways as much as possible, but I cannot do city street driving 100%.

- Eduard L., Cordova, TN, US

problem #3

Jul 152015

Sierra 1500 SLT 6.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5 miles

This truck has vibrated since day 1. It has been at the dealer for over 17 days. The tires were balanced and the dealer informs me at this point that the truck falls into what GM finds acceptable. The truck was also damaged by the dealer (Thompson GMC Raleigh,NC) on 3 separate occasions while trying to fix the vibration issues

- Harvey C., Danville, VA, US

problem #2

Aug 292015

Sierra 1500 SLT 5/3

  • Automatic transmission
  • 45 miles

Have vibration problem most noticed from 40 to 50mph. Very noticeable at 47, 48 mph vibration mostly in steering wheel . At 47 to 50 mph you start to hear a harmonic sort or drone sound and can make it stay if you hold your speed steady. Also you can really notice this on a smooth road for roads that are rough or bouncy will mask this but you can still feel the vibration if you know what you are looking for. After 50 to 52 the vibration lessons but is still there.

Had dealer look at it twice. first time put some listening device to sense the amount of vibration, said was in specs. Second time we switched drive shafts and the vibration was still there only it moved up a couple of miles per hour to 52 for the worst vibration. Like other people I have been a GM owner for almost every vehicle I have owned .The last two being GMC trucks and no problems except on the 2009 the wind noise coming from the rear of the cab which sucked. Now 50,000 for a new vehicle and no solution.

I understand you have issues now and then and trying to be patient, will give the dealership another chance but not going to pay that much and have to deal with problems they can't fix , lemon law will be next stop if no reasonable solution can be found. Note The people at the dealership are trying to help and is appreciated, they did not build the vehicle they sell and service, GM engineers need to step up, would like to see a solution, enjoy the vehicle but not the vibration. They also need to find a way to quiet that ticking fuel pump, can be very noisy.

Update from May 7, 2016: well it has been a long ride over the last 8 months . two set of rear end gears and three sets of rear end bearings and the last thing a whole new rear end . Have come full circle all the parts put into the rear end have left noises in the rear end which i didn't have before with the vibration. Now I have a new rear end most noise is gone but now all still hear a slight whine when decelerating . but the great news the vibration which all this was supposed to cure is back where it was before. Basically the person i have been in touch with has told me to trade it in or live with it .GMC should be trading my truck in at no expense , this problem has been with me since day one!. Only now i have a noise to go with the vibration! You know if you buy a refrigerator and it stops working they send someone out to try to fix it, had this problem once , so the man took a good look and found the box was not right and would not let the gasket seat properly and seal the fridge . Hey guess what happened , they gave me a new one! GM knows the longer they try to fix your problem the more your vehicle depreciates so the more it cost you to trade in. This should not be the case, i am alway willing to give someone a chance to fix or have a solution for a problem but when it can't be fixed they should give me a new truck. Only have 6300 miles in 8 1/2 months and some of that is dealer driving. think i have been without my truck for about two months total. The thing i have learned from this is buy a 2 year old vehicle avoid a 10,000 depreciation in 8 months and let someone else have all the headaches and test drive the crap out of a vehicle before you buy it! Saw on another site someone had the rear end changed and it fixed his problem, wish i was that lucky sob! This whole thing sucks you buy a new vehicle to avoid problems and you purchase one with them. ps the loaner they gave me for two weeks didn't make any noise and was a base model chevy and was a little quieter than mine go figure.

- tech1955, Baker, LA, US

problem #1

Jan 012015

Sierra 1500 SL Z71 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,500 miles

This vehicle had a vibration from the day I test drove it. The dealer convinced me it was "flat spots" in tires from sitting on the lot. I believed him and bought the vehicle. and drove to TX for my relocation. It has continued to vibrated, especially noticeable at 30-40mph at low RPMs (1200rpm) driving moderately in 5th and 6th gear.

The A/C is off and it is not related to V4 mode or V8 mode. The dealer has balance & rotated the tires on first complaint. Then indexed the prop-shaft and reset the body to the frame on second visit. NONE of which has worked. There is no vibration in park from increased engine RPM, so it is definitely drive train related.

- dcon, Mansfield, TX, US

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