pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
2,600 miles
Total Complaints:
24 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (13 reports)
  2. change headrests. change seats (5 reports)
  3. added seat cushion to bottom of driver's seat (2 reports)
  4. auto upholsterer (1 reports)
  5. lumbar cushion (1 reports)
  6. reversed driver's side head rest (1 reports)
2015 Honda Fit accessories - interior problems

accessories - interior problem

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2015 Honda Fit Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #24

Apr 052016

Fit LX 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,700 miles


I had the car a few months and noticed my neck and back I had severe pain was out of work for 3 weeks under a doctors care had to have an MRI and then had to go to physical therapy for four months to correct the pain that the seats in this car cause. I can only drive the car very short distances before I feel the pain start in my neck. I cannot sit back all the way in the seat it causes my neck and back to curl forward. It is not comfortable at all!

- Tina B., East Taunton, US

problem #23

Nov 102015

Fit EX 1.5L

  • Manual transmission
  • 150 miles

My back and neck ache driving this car due to the seats. I'm 6'3" 170lbs. The head restraints tipped forward at such a steep angle tilts my head in a very unnatural way. The only solution I've found is to flip the head restraint backwards which could be very dangerous in an accident.

I figured Honda would have addressed this by now. My only solution at this point would be to get it reupholstered or install replacement seats. C'mon Honda please we need a solution!

- Karl T., Edmonds, US

problem #22

Jan 022017

Fit LX

  • CVT transmission
  • 29,000 miles

Purchased the Fit in December 2016, and love everything about the car...minus one big problem. The front design is massively flawed, resulting in miserable back pain. It is such a problem that I am considering getting rid of the car, I planned on driving this for many, many years...but like other folks have described here, the pain sneaks up on you, and becomes so debilitating, all you can think of is reaching your necessary destination and getting out!! I drove a Pontiac Vibe (aka Toyota Matrix) for many years, and the seats were wonderful...so I'm no stranger to the compact segment. It is ridiculous that so much thought went into an otherwise well-designed car...and then they dropped the ball on the seats. Honda must do something to fix this--innocent victims are suffering!!!!

- carcully, Vacaville, CA, US

problem #21

Mar 272015

Fit EX V4

  • CVT transmission
  • 500 miles


It was very uncomfortable at first. It now became easier to use after adding on small pillow at end of seat with seat cover holding it hanging. The problem is significant in long drive.

- Deep M., Fa, MI, US

problem #20

Jul 312014

Fit EX

  • CVT transmission
  • 76 miles

This seems like a safety issue. I cannot drive comfortably with my head tilted down, so I must reverse the headrest, thereby going without neck protection. Can't something be done?

- jazzberry, Rochester, NY, US

problem #19

Jul 312014

Fit EX

  • CVT transmission
  • 76 miles

Driver's seat feels flat and unsupportive. Used to drive a 2003 Toyota Echo that had the BEST seats: firm, supportive, and contoured for an actual human being. Driving the Fit for very long leads to sore tailbone and tight back muscles. I use a seat cushion to sit on -- makes it better, but not great.

- jazzberry, Rochester, NY, US

problem #18

Oct 012015

Fit LX 4ce

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,205 miles


I love my FIT but the seats are AWFUL!! Long drives have always been bad but lately every time I get in the car my neck and back start screaming!! The other driver of the car can't even fit in the FIT as he is 6'1 and is cramped and sore when getting out of the car. Honda dealer says there is no way they can adjust the seats. I am not sure what to do fix it or wait another year and trade it in.

- ssuenami, Eugene, OR, US

problem #17

Jul 302015

Fit EX

  • CVT transmission
  • 50 miles

The front seats are extremely uncomfortable and cause pain after a relatively short drive. It doesn't matter how much I adjust the seat. The fact that they are so firm and oddly shaped means my upper and lower back especially ache, and my butt is sore after even a 20 minute drive. If I have to drive an hour or more I'll be sore for much of the day thereafter. I'm actually a pretty skinny guy, but I don't have much surface area to sit on so all my weight tends to be concentrated in one place.

Additionally, the head restraint has 0 padding and forces my head so far forward that my neck is in pain. I "solved" this problem by flipping the headrest, which obviously is a safety hazard and something you're not supposed to do. I'm 20 years old and suffering horrific back and neck pain from a seat in a car. It's such a shame because there's so much I love about the Honda Fit, but unless I can find a solution to this problem I'll be trading it in and eating the loss.

I did take it to an upholsterer who added more foam and tinkered with the shape of the seat, but it honestly didn't help. I don't think he had any experience shaping foam for good back/bum support and comfort.

Worst auto seats I've ever sat in.

- Kallan W., Harpers Ferry, WV, US

problem #16

Apr 012015

Fit EX 1.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 200 miles

After driving the Fit in town we took it on a trip about 2 months after we got it. The seats were awful. It didn't matter if I was the driver or the passenger I was flat out uncomfortable after an hour and in pain at 3 hrs.

To cramped on the passenger side and banging my left knee on the driver door so much I glued on padding. Had to remove it when I sold the car to a smaller guy.

I'm 6'0 250lbs and look like linebacker. Go ahead and make a fat comment if you want a quick trip to the hospital.

- cbxman, Wyoming, PA, US

problem #15

Nov 112015

Fit L?X

  • Manual transmission
  • 1,000 miles

My back hurts all the time from this horrible seat. I love the car but the seat is awful. I bought a lumbar cushion and it helps a lot; also planning on placing washers under the front part of the seat so it gets raised.

- ocalinkin, Bothell, US

problem #14

May 102015

Fit LX

  • CVT transmission
  • 20 miles


I bought a brand new 2015 Honda Fit and was so excited to use it for driving around all day long (since that is what I do for work) and saving lots of money on gas. My back issues started the very next day. I absolutely could not believe how uncomfortable the driver's seat was. I reclined the seat way back, much more than I would have normally. I felt very unsafe, but it helped a little. I also used a huge pillow on the seat, which didn't really help, and it made the seat really high. I cried every single night because I was in such pain.

I got quotes from several car upholstery places, but just could not see spending any more money on a car that was too small and had horrible wind noise, without any guarantee the seat would be any more bearable. So I did what I never wanted to do and traded it in. Unfortunately I lost money. But I am so much happier with my new purchase. And my back misery went away the day I traded it in! Amazing.

My advice- don't waste your money. Really. There are so many nice cars out there. Don't settle for something that will cause you to be crippled and miserable for years.

- 258cinnamongirl, Lake Wales, FL, US

problem #13

Apr 162015

Fit EX 4 cyl

  • Manual transmission
  • 123 miles

driver's seat extremely uncomfortable

Have a 2015 Honda Fit EX and the seats are extremely uncomfortable. Trying to drive the car is excruciating. The combination of extreme firmness and the shape of the seat back causes back and neck pain. I have seen other complaints of the same thing and they are not exaggerated. Don't know what Honda can do about it, but they need to do something. Dealer I bought it from must know about it because they had already turned the front headrests around when I picked it up new.

I have a lady making a custom seat cushion (bottom and back) to hopefully alleviate the problem.

- Bill S., Fernandina Beach, FL, US

problem #12

Oct 012014

Fit LX

  • CVT transmission
  • 2,000 miles

I just completed 2 months of physical therapy due significantly to the uncomfortable seats in the FIT as the driver seat forces my shoulders forward, doesn't provide support by an armrest, and forces horrible posture. I've been driving with an airline pillow in between my shoulder blades to give myself the ability to put my shoulders down and keep my back straighter. I also quickly reversed the headrest to make it possible to drive.

The pain increases dramatically within 20 minutes of driving and I haven't been able to drive more than 40 minutes in months, which limits my ability to go on business trips. I feel like every minute counts, even just sitting in my car and the pain has been constant for the last seven months, despite constant PT, massages, and chiropractor visits.

I'm going to buy a lumbar support pillow, an armrest, and if those don't work, I'll try to get a new seat. I've looked heavily into getting a new car as well, steering clear of Honda as soon as I can afford it.

The limited shocks add insult to injury as I feel every shock throughout my body. My passengers have commented on the limited shocks and the uncomfortable driver seat.

- missp, Dunkirk, NY, US

problem #11

Feb 032015

Fit EX 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150 miles

I bought a 2015 Fit. I love that the seats fold down for cargo, but I am in horrible, horrible pain from driving. I can't get comfortable. I cannot drive it for more than 15-20 minutes without being in pain from my neck to my legs. I drive for a living. There appears to be no answers. The dealer has told me they're crappy seats and that's what you get with this type of a car. I would appreciate anybody getting in touch with me to please help me figure out what to do. I already bought lots cushions pads, nothing helps. I'm in agony in horrible pain. I've gone to the chiropractor for 5-6 times in a month this is ridiculous...


problem #10

Mar 192015

Fit LX

  • CVT transmission
  • 40 miles

I too was so impressed with the Honda Fix for 2015 after reading all the glowing ratings. Took two 20 min test drives... seemed comfortable enough. I realize being a small car, it would be a rougher ride than my Pontiac Vibe...still I liked it. Day 2,after a whole afternoon of riding around, my back was hurting. Ok... I was tired I told myself. Nope, every time I drive this car my lower back hurts.

I took some others advice and reversed the head rest. That was a bit better but did nothing for my lower back. Once or twice a year I do a 500 mile trip. I could drive 6-7 hours in the Vibe without issue. That trip is coming up again, and I am truly worried about doing it in the Fit. I am retired, and on a fixed income.... I don't know how I can do it, but if something doesn't solve the problem I will need to look to trading it in with only a couple thousand miles on it, and figure out how to cover the cost.

These old bones can't live in misery. Of course I contacted the dealer about suggestions, and have not heard back from them. I will keep checking this forum in the hopes someone can solve the problem

- P. W., Hamburg, NY, US

problem #9

Mar 012015

Fit EX

  • CVT transmission
  • 500 miles

The only thing I don't like about the car is the SEATS!! They are terrible, absolutely terrible. I am looking into getting recaro seats if available.

- William A., Union City, CA, US

problem #8

Feb 052015

Fit LX 130hp 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150 miles

I've only owned my Honda Fit LX for 150 miles and my neck is KILLING me. The seat and especially the headrest are very poorly designed. What on earth are they thinking coming up with this type of headrest??? The Fit has a bumpy ride -- so my spine and head are absorbing the shock with every rough patch in the road, and the headrest design is magnifies the pain. Very disappointed in this car ... I thought the 2015 had been redesigned to be more comfortable. Big thumbs down, folks. I am going to try turning the headrest backward and see if that helps.

- Judy H., Anacortes, WA, US

problem #7

Jan 102015

Fit LX

  • Manual transmission
  • 70 miles

Today, January 10, 2015, is the day after I bought my new 2015 Honda Fit. I really like the car, but today when I was seating on the driver's seat for about 1 hour, I felt very uncomfortable. My neck and back seemed to be in discomfort, and even my legs. I'm a small, slim guy, so it's not like the seats have to support a lot of weight. It's a new car, so maybe I just need to readjust the seats, but I do see that there are others who have this complaint. I'll continue testing it out to see if the problem persists.

- Jose J., Houston, TX - Texas, US

problem #6

Oct 012014


  • CVT transmission
  • 4,000 miles

The headrest doesn't allow a person to sit in a natural healthy posture with the back and spine straight. It makes you tilt your head down. One thing is it's really uncomfortable and hurts my neck to have it tilt down like that for more than 2 mins.

The bigger thing is the impact created by the bumps on the road and the resultant vibrations on the neck and spine. Because the head is tilted forward, the spine and back are not fully able to support the head. The neck muscles get strained trying to give extra support to the head.The very rigid, brick like behavior of the seats only add to the problem. Very poor design which can CAUSE SERIOUS NERVOUS DAMAGE AND DAMAGE TO THE NECK AND BACK. This problem is taken to a whole new dimension on lovely long road trips!!

- Ajiz K., Roseville, State, US

problem #5

Sep 132014

Fit EX 1.5L

  • Manual transmission
  • 986 miles

This is my first Honda and oh boy! do I regret buying it.

Took a forty five minute drive and my back was killing me.

Got this car to commute a six hour drive, fml.

- Nando L., Bakersfield, CA, US

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