pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
80,150 miles
Total Complaints:
15 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. engine replacement (10 reports)
  2. not sure (5 reports)
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport engine problems

engine problem

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2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owner Comments

problem #15

May 262020

Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,810 miles


So after getting the new engine replaced and returned to me from the dealership on 5/22/2020, I was happy to see that my SUV was running as smoothly as it did before I had the engine failure on 5/15/2020.

That was until the engine started rattling AGAIN after reversing out from a parking spot. I stopped and let it idle for about 2 minutes to see if maybe that would get rid of the problem but as I reversed, the rattling persisted. Very frustrating considering it was working perfectly fine over the weekend after I picked it up from the dealership where I was assured that I shouldn't have anymore problems.

The rattling eventually stopped as I kept driving it but then as I came to complete stops at red lights or at stop signs, it would lag about 7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 5 MPH. This happened at the peak of traffic here in the city around 6:30 PM and had to put my hazard lights on since the drivers behind me started beeping as it was lagging so much when accelerating.

Took it first thing this morning to the same dealership that replaced the engine last week and waiting to hear back on what 'code' this problem will prompt in the technician's software. I bet money this problem is happening again because they likely sped through installing the new engine and likely overlooked at other underlying problems that came along with the defective engine.

Hope they are prepared to get a new one torn if they say its due to my driving, Hyundai really needs to be held accountable to this recurring problem that they seem to be having with these GDI engines. Worst part is, I still have about 10 months left to pay on it and sure as hell not going to dish out anymore money because we already replaced the 2 radiator hoes and drive belt that they recommended replacing along with the new engine, they didn't report any other major parts that needed attention besides the air filter. Will have to update this as I hear back.

- Javier C., Chicago, US

problem #14

May 152020

Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,780 miles

So I was on driving on the highway here in Chicago on I-55 (Stevenson Highway) going west bound at about 75 MPH when my SUV started slowing down despite me holding the accelerator at the same speed. I lifted my foot off the gas and then attempted accelerating again however I noticed that it was not catching up to its original speed despite me pressing heavier on the gas and then that is when the truck started rattling - mind you it was a perfectly sunny & clear afternoon so weather was not a factor in its performance or rattling.

I pulled over at the nearest exit and as I started slowing down, the engine start rattling more as I would press on the accelerator and hesitate to move forward normally.

There was a nearby Ford dealer, however, due to the pandemic hours they had closed already since it was past 6:00 PM. Ended up pulling over to a plaza across from the dealership instead and called my mechanic to do some over the phone troubleshooting. I described what was going on and instantly recognized that it was likely that the engine failed as it was a common problem he's noticed in Kia's and Hyundai Santa Fe's. He recommended letting it cool off and checking coolant levels, engine temperature, and engine oil level - even though I had just gotten the oil changed the month before and have regularly kept up with its maintenance.

After waiting about 30 minutes I checked everything he recommended, everything seemed to be at normal levels minus the engine temp. Despite having my family with me and a niece, I decided to take the risk in taking the side streets back home in the city which was at least 20 miles away from where I was parked (think I was in Elmhurst or Darien).

After about an hour driving through side streets at no more than 25 MPH with screeching engine noises, we made it home safely.

The next morning I took it to my nearby Hyundai dealer and struggled to get it there. I had to start it on 3 times until it finally stayed on after 15 seconds, the worst part was getting there at 10 MPH in traffic and even shut off on me a couple of times as I stopped at red lights (risked being stuck in middle of intersections). As I got there, the technicians instantly recognized the noise and told me to shut it off immediately.

The technician who attended me couldn't guarantee Hyundai would cover it but little did he know that I submitted a case and got informed about the Campaign number for the extended warranty on the engine prior to arriving there, no way in hell was I going to accept paying $3,000 when I've driven it normally and know that I have maintained it properly.

Long story short, after about a week they replaced the engine under the warranty. The only thing they recommended that I replace was the drive belt, and radiator hose which cost about $500 which was a no brainer as I didn't want to risk those parts wearing out and causing more problems with new engine. While I wasn't a fan about how they didn't call or follow up about the status of the SUV (I had to call them after about 2 days after I left it at dealership), they did make sure to inform me that they were taking care of it throughout the remainder of the time it was there and gave me a multi-point inspection report which was helpful, so was satisfied in the end.

- Javier C., Chicago, US

problem #13

Aug 052020

Santa Fe Sport 2.0L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 180,686 miles

I have owned this car since new and have taken great care with it especially knowing that I would be driving it back and forth to work around 115 miles round trip on the interstate. I have maintained all all of the requested service per the handbook and the dealer recommendations. To be honest it has been virtually maintenance free outside of having it serviced. I had to have a repair on the right rear break system but after 180,000 miles I wasn't surprised. The dealer has been very accommodating for all of the service work.

That being said I was driving down the interstate and all of a sudden the car lost power and the engine light started to flash though I was able to drive the car back to the dealer which was about 20 miles at reduced power I thought maybe there was a clogged fuel filter or maybe a turbo issue. After not hearing from the dealer for two days I went to check on it. Though I have not received a written report yet after two days the service writer told me its probably the long block and the turbo and would cost about $7000 to repair. THAT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!

I was informed that Hyundai did extend the power train to 10 years or 120,000 miles which ever comes first, but I doubt that will help with anything. While waiting for the service person to return i noticed in the shop a trailer full of engines that had been removed from other vehicles. It looked like the idea there was just to pull and junk the engine and replace it. I'm no mechanic though I do understand quite a bit about cars and trucks, but to see that pile of discarded engines made me wonder.

My feeling is that if the dealer comes back with a $7000 price tag I will buy a new engine for around $3,400 and have my own mechanic install it. At least i will have a 50,000 mile - 3 year warranty and the solace that I can count on him to be fare and just in the repair.

- Joseph C., Baton Rouge, US

problem #12

Aug 112020

Santa Fe Sport 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,000 miles


Wow, my story if very similar to everyone else!

Driving down I-85 S in SC in a construction zone with concrete barriers on both sides and no shoulder to speak of. We sped up to pass a semi-truck who was riding the line and all of a sudden all the lights on the dash come on and the engine dies, no acceleration. Lucky enough we happen to be passing an on-ramp to we were able to just make it to the very end of that on-ramp with feet to spare before we were left sitting on a 2 lane highway where people were running 70-80 mph. It was a short ramp so we had to sit and watch as people barely made it off the ramp onto the highway before running into the back of us.

We cut the car on and off a couple of times, called for a trooper escort to try to get to the next exit safely. At this point my husband said there were no lights on the dash and when he pushed the gas, it seemed to react normally. We get onto the highway, make it to the next exit without issue. We continued our 1 hour trek to our weekend away. Our friend hooks up his fault sensor and no codes show up. We finished our weekend and drove 1.5 hours back to home. The next day we drove it around town again, no problem. The next day I am attempting to get onto a very busy belt-line around Charlotte center city and it seizes, loses power, starts knocking, check engine light blinking. I literally coast to the next exit and luckily onto a quiet side street. Here I wait 5.5 hours for a tow from Hyundai roadside assistance. This happened on my birthday too :/

Hyundai called the next day to say the engine would be replaced, covered without question. This was yesterday. I'm currently still waiting for a loaner and they said it could be several days. I find this completely ridiculous. Their engine blows up with a known problem and I can't get a loaner sooner rather than later?! I have to work! I'm a nurse at a hospital, there really is no other option.

I'll update this with time, aggrevations etc.

- Lindsey B., Charlotte, US

problem #11

Jun 092018

Santa Fe Sport V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,000 miles

I was on the NYS Thruway and my vehicle just stopped. I had a tractor trailer on the left of me and one behind me. I literally had to coast to the side of the road. It wouldn't start. I was stuck there for over 6 hours until a Registered NYS Tow truck could come and get me. It was hot, I cried, I was so sick from the heat and soaking wet. It took forever to get it fixed. I asked why I didn't receive a recall letter as it was a noted problem and the dealership said it wasn't their responsibility to send them out.

I still owe $9,000 and I won't drive it far or on trips. What a waste of money. I'm waiting for something else to go wrong. Hyundai should take this vehicle back and payoff the debt.

I seriously thought I was going to die. It just stopped, no warning nothing. I couldn't believe it. So scared and upsetting.

- Catherine M., Utica, US

problem #10

Mar 142019

Santa Fe Sport 2.0L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 114,000 miles

So the wife is driving me home after a dental appointment when the engine starts making a loud rattling noise. The engine light comes on and she starts freaking out because the car is not handling normal. We pull off the highway, I pop the hood and check the dip stick. It is bone dry. Now we were right at that point were we needed an oil change, but we were not over. There is no reason for it to be that low. In fact, smoke was coming out of the tube where the dip stick goes. We walked down the street to a gas station and bought some oil and put it in our car. Turned it on and slowly started back up. Vehicle began to shutter and rattle again. A trusted mechanic was just around the corner so we slowly drove to the shop. They checked the oil again and told us that there was metal in the oil and the engine was shot. Right now the vehicle is at the dealership and we are awaiting word on whether they are going to do the right thing and replace the engine.

We have been very good about keeping up with this vehicle. There is no reason this should just happen out of nowhere.

- Landon S., Norman, OK, US

problem #9

Jan 142016

Santa Fe Sport 2.0T 2.0L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles


We bought our Santa Fe on 12/26/15 and within 3 weeks I was driving home coming from a few hours up the road when I started hearing noises. I pulled over, turned the car off, and restarted it. Same noises. I let it sit for a few mins turned off. Same noises. I get a mile from my husband's work for him to check it out and it just dies on me out of no where. Luckily I could pull over and nobody was at any real risk (at that time) I had my two toddlers with me.

The vehicle was towed to a Hyundai dealership in Wichita, KS. They replaced the engine and it was covered by the warranty. Within another 3 weeks it started having smoke come in through the vents to the cab of the vehicle. Some times it was worse than others. I also noticed issues with acceleration. Took it back to the deal and they had to replace the gasket cover behind the engine from messing it up when they installed the new engine.

Now for going on probably 4 months the check engine light is on. I got it checked and it's the code for the fuel emissions? I haven't had the time or money to get that further looked into but I'm rather convinced it's directly linked to the fact that my engine had to be replaced at merely 30k miles AND the continuous issues with it and the recall out. This is something I intend on pursuing to find answers out as I have two young children involved. This is not okay! I'm just not sure of where to start and what my protections as a consumer are.

- Amanda J., Manchester, OK, US

problem #8

Dec 082018

Santa Fe Sport Limited 2.0t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 73,943 miles

Same story as other:

My Santa Fe was well maintained,

- Saturday 8 Dec2018 while driving in highway the check engine light turned on and little noise appeared from the engine.

- After 10 Km the engine started to shake and loud noise appeared.

-I didn't move my car anymore until Monday morning. Early morning in my way to Hyundai dealer I lost my power more than 4 times(in 5 Km)

The dealer inspected the car and told me that they need to change the whole engine. They asked me the proofs of oils changes which I provided them. They rented me a car and they are supposed to fix my car next week. In overall, it was disappointing to face engine failure at this Mileage.

- Vahid A., Montreal, QC, Canada

problem #7

Dec 222018

Santa Fe Sport Turbo 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,008 miles

This is our family car, my wife drive it to school and local shopping, daily 3-5 miles. We have this car from March 2013, we are the first owner. I have to take care of it like a baby. Regular oil change every 4000-5000 miles synthetic oil, I did everything at the same dealer, oil change, brake change, tires change, filters change etc., so they have this in records. It started to make knocking noise from the engine side while driving on Saturday 22. I drive it to the same dealer I have purchased, also they serviced all 5 years. The service department said we need a new engine, (the engine and transmission are under warranty 10 years or 100k/miles) but they have to contact Hyundai to send them a proof of problem then they may approve replacing, I don't know the solution yet. In the meantime, they do not offer a rental car. We are waiting for a solution. When I will have the problem solved I will certainly add what has happened in the meantime, and how it all worked out.

- Andrei C., Hallandale, FL, US

problem #6

Sep 022018

Santa Fe Sport Sport 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles


- Ce G., Winter Garden, FL, US

problem #5

Jun 182018

Santa Fe Sport Sport 2.0t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,700 miles


Just thought it would be helpful to post, as the posts above saved me from a complete loss on my vehicle. At about 99,700 miles, while driving my son to a ball game, a ticking in the engine developed. on the way home (about a 75 mile drive) the ticking got lounder. I pulled over and checked the oil and it was low - which it had never been and I was meticulous about the changes. abut 2/3 of the way home, at 10 pm, in a rain storm on a major highway, middle lane, the motor just shuts down. I hit the hazards and drifted over to the shoulder. The car re-started, I limped home. Next day I took to my local shop and they diagnosed a camshaft sensor.... Anyway, when i picked up the car, it was still making the noise that I described as a "Valve Tap" and they called "lifter noise".

I drove around the block to drop my son off at school and the noise degenerated into something that sounded like I was dragging tin cans behind the car and it was loud enough that everyone on the sidewalks turned and looked.

In any event the local shop advised me to dump the car as is, then offered to buy it from me. In researching the value of the car, and the cost to replace the motor, I stumbled on this site and found others had the same issue and it was a recall matter. I called my dealer, he gave me Hyundai roadside assistance number, they towed it in ($125 to me = reasonable). They pulled the motor apart (N/C) and applied to Hyundai for replacement. it was approved under the recall (not the 100K mileage warranty which may also have been applicable). Dealer gave me a free loaner car. It's a PITA but I'll have a new Sante Fe sport 2.0T in a week or so. Just wanted to say thanks to this community, and I hope this helps someone else.

- Ken N., Brooklyn, NY, US

problem #4

Jul 062018

Santa Fe Sport 2.0L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 67,500 miles

Hyundai should be ashamed of themselves....and they will pay dearly for terrible QC. Car died on the highway then shut off...no power steering or power brakes...could have caused a severe accident. Always changed the oil per the book and a car should go longer than this. Dealer is replacing the motor.

- Steve G., Frisco, US

problem #3

May 262018

Santa Fe Sport 2.0L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles

2013 Santa Fe Sport (51,000 miles) just suddenly stopped running in the middle lane of a Chicago area expressway on Memorial Day weekend. No warning lights or dash alerts until after the engine stopped running....and then all the lights on the dash were lit and flashing. Car would not restart. No shoulder due to construction. VERY DANGEROUS.

50 miles earlier I noticed a hesitation when merging into traffic...and then a slight ticking noise. Once merged though, no ticking. No dash warnings or lights. And then, after running fine again for 50 miles, it just stopped running suddenly. Car was towed to our mechanic. Diagnostics showed only a battery message, but the engine was seized. Our mechanic recommended towing to the Hyundai dealership in Schaumburg, where we purchased this car in 2012.

The dealership offered us a courtesy car and we are waiting to hear more about if a new engine will be covered under the 100,000 mi warranty. This is our third Santa Fe and the first time we have experienced a major problem. In the last year, there have been 3-4 recalls on this car. All recalls were handled (although we had to wait for parts). It is hard to understand that the engine will need to be replaced at 51,000 miles. We have maintained this car well including regular oil changes and other regular service issues when needed. Very surprised.


I hope Hyundai fixes this problem and makes sure other Santa Fe owners are aware of these engine issues.

- Archie L., Elk Grove Village, US

problem #2

Feb 102018

Santa Fe Sport AWD 2.0L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,699 miles

click to see larger images

engine failure engine failure engine failure

I have a 2013 Santa Fe 2.0 turbo AWD. My wife is the primary driver of this car. While she loved it at first, last weekend she was just about run over by traffic trying to get to the side of the freeway after the vehicle died while she was driving in the number lane at 70mph.

We called Hyundai roadside service and they would not tow thee car back to the dealer some 48 miles away. They would not tow the car at all. The car was not going anywhere due to the engine not starting. We did have the vehicle towed back to the dealer at my expense.

Bottom line was Hyundai will not do the right thing. With broken valves and broken spark plug they will not replace the engine! There is now debris inside the engine from the failed components and unknown where they are located inside the engine. Since the broken valve was on the #2 cylinder (FYI this seems to be a popular valve to break ) Hyundai claims it went thru the exhaust system. They will not certify this and will not replace the turbo charger. The turbo is connected to the exhaust system. Hyundai claims they do not have to honor their warranty, but they will replace only items that are broken. This does not solve the problem!

The engine most likely will fail again according to what I have read, and since they will not certify that there is no (FOD) foreign object damage on the internal side of the engine does not say much for Hyundai nor it's dealers. I asked for a loaner car, Hyundai said no!! This due to my wife being handicapped and needing a vehicle like the Santa Fe so she can drive to work and other places.

Hyundai's response was "IT'S NOT OUR FAULT YOUR WIFE IS HANDICAPPED AND CAN NOT DRIVE A SMALLER VEHICLE" WHAT!!!! Such compassion from a major car manufacturer. Hyundai is discriminating against people who have disabilities!! THIS IS A MAJOR VIOLATION OF ADA LAWS!!!

Beware of their warranty as well, car is only covered for 5yrs 60K miles. The 100K warranty is only for engine, not the electrical components, A/C, ECM, alternator, transmission nor cooling system. So they lie about having the best warranty in AMERICA. They do not. You are better off purchasing an extended warranty or better still buying another vehicle all together! I now have a $40K paperweight as my wife will not drive nor place our grand kids in this car again. She no longer trusts it. HYUNDAI PLACES PROFITS BEFORE CUSTOMERS OR CUSTOMER SAFETY. Over 8yrs of this problem no recalls and still selling the same engine in the same vehicles.

Also I will be taking a big monetary hit on this vehicle! CARFAX will have it on file (via VIN#) catastrophic engine failure. The 2013 Santa Fe is already taking a big hit due to the engine failures, can't give em away, now with this moniker on the vehicle it is for sure it is no longer worth anything. Another problem I can not legally sell this car knowing the possible engine failure due to possible contamination of the internal parts of this engine. This again is on the CARFAX, about the problems with the engine we currently have. Hyundai is not willing to handle business, they want me to just go away, well that is unlikely.

If you own one of these Santa Fe's especially the 2.0 turbo AWD, make sure it is serviced at the dealer and often as Hyundai will try to tell you that you failed to maintain the service requirements, and if you are thinking of buying one? RUN FAST AND FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!! If you have had similar problems or Hyundai not honoring the warranty, any engine failure please contact me at nohyundai@gmx.com. You should file a lawsuit against Hyundai for the cost of repairs or replacement of vehicle. Do not go for a class action lawsuit it’s nice but you will get more with filing on your own. PLEASE ALSO CONSIDER FILING WITH YOUR STATE ATTORNEYS OFFICE FOR THESE PROBLEMS!!!

- Bill G., Mission Viejo, US

problem #1

Jan 262018

Santa Fe Sport 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,522 miles

I drove from Atlanta to Cocoa Beach for a weekend wedding. After making the trip, I drove to the beach to grab lunch. While driving back, my car made a loud screeching noise and stopped. I was able to pull into the middle turn lane. I shut off my car and attempted to turn it back on. The battery came on but the engine would not start. I called a tow and had it towed to the local Hyundai dealership. Luckily I have an extended warranty. They are saying it is an "internal engine issue". I've kept up oil changes every three months and done all routine maintenance. I bought the car less than a year ago. I don't understand how the engine just dies and Hyundai feels they are at no fault. At this point I just want sell the car. I've had nothing buy problems since I bought it.

- Elizabeth L., Lawrenceville, GA, US

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