pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
82,709 miles
Total Complaints:
114 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replaced window regulator (33 reports)
  2. make a recall! (18 reports)
  3. not sure (18 reports)
  4. keep replacing them (17 reports)
  5. fixed window regulator (11 reports)
  6. bolt window in up position-better than tape (5 reports)
2004 Jeep Liberty windows / windshield problems

windows / windshield problem

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2004 Jeep Liberty Owner Comments (Page 4 of 6)

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problem #54

Jun 012011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,000 miles



- , Colorado Springs, CO, USA

problem #53

Feb 152010

Liberty V6 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,000 miles

Windows fails to stay up.I have replaced all the window regulators at least once and some twice.

- , Ridgecrest, CA, US

problem #52

Oct 012011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

I've got a quick permanent fix for those sick & tired of spending your days & $$ at the repair shop for a fix-only to have the regulator break again:

1.) Buy some heavy duty zip ties (.49 cents at home depot)

2.) Remove your door panel

3.) Push the glass into the up position

4.) Loop your ties through the 2 holes below the glass

That's it! This will fix it permanently, but you won't be able to roll your windows up & down. Not a great fix if it's your front window, but hey .49 cents (Thank you Porkchop who's original creator of this fix) I'd advise any Jeep owner to keep zip ties & s screw driver in your car for when you next window drops (because it will) I'm using the Zip tie method on both back windows now going on 1.5 years and works like a charm (can't use the darn windows but atleast they won't drop on me) Keep reporting your complaints, Jeep knows this is an issue & they need to provide us a permanent fix!

- , San Tan Valley, AZ, USA

problem #51

Aug 062011

Liberty Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,000 miles


Well, the driver side back window fell again for the 3rd time (the front window also fell 2 years ago). So far, it has cost me $1.000.00 Even though I had coverage, it was a $250.00 deductible and Geico chose to put the drivers side and back window on 2 claims, so I had to pay. Then $90.00 for a local gas station to put it up the second time with a wedge until the appointment with Gator Chrysler and Jeep, then $200.00 for them to put another new motor in it. So the last time was 8/16/10--not even a year! Now there's plastic over the window and I'll hope for the best. I pray that I don't have to pay for a 3rd motor to be installed tomorrow. Time will tell; wish me luck.

- , Melbourne Beach, FL, USA

problem #50

Jun 072011

Liberty Sport V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 81,187 miles

On June 7, 2011 my passenger back window just fell down inside the door. It isn't covered on our extended warranty, OF COURSE!! Which is a bunch of bullshit!! It cost $300 to replace the window regulator because of a little PLASTIC piece that broke. You can not just replace the part that broke, you have to buy the whole window regulator system. Then on June 27,2011 the passenger front window just fell down inside the door. It's in the shop right this minute being repaired. The driver side window is also going. When I put the window down the inside panel of the door expands, so it's just a matter of time before that window regulator will break. Chrysler is well aware of this problem, but the bastards won't pay to have it fixed. I am so pissed off. I already have about $600 into fixing 2 window regulators. This problem should be made public so a recall can be brought forward and all Jeep Liberty window problems should have a permanent fix and it shouldn't be at the customer's cost and those who have already had to pay for the replacement regulators should be reimbersed!!! I am NOT a happy customer!!!

- , Clinton Township, MI, USA

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problem #49

Feb 232011

Liberty Sport 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

this cars warranty expired in sept. and in 7 years the window was rarely used (maybe 10 times) and one day the window just went down on its own. this has happened to 1000's of libertys but chrysler refuses to extend the warranty. i had a vw jetta with a similar problem as did many others and vw repaired it with no questions asked. chrysler needs`to be more responsible to its customers.

- , Gilroy, CA, US

problem #48

Apr 042011

Liberty Limited 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135 miles


My window on my 2004 Jeep Limited keeps falling down. It is the rear window.

- , Vacherie, LA, USA

problem #47

Jan 082010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

I currently own a 2004 Jeep Liberty, in total I have 3 broken regulators, 1 of which I absolutely had to fix because it was the drivers window at the cost of $250.00 for a stupid little piece of plastic that had to be replaced. It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of complaints that I have seen while conducting my internet research about this problem, and even then Chrysler STILL hasn't issued a recall. Oh but wait, they did issue a recall for the 2006 Jeep Liberty's that have THE SAME problem!! After some research I found out that jeep wanted to save itself 0.27 cents and decided to install plastic parts in the regulators versus metal ones. SERIOUSLY?!?! TWENTY SEVEN CENTS?!? Along with that I recently found out that Jeep had issued a recall for my car a few years ago of which I barely found out yesterday since I of course received no type of notice in any way shape or form, for the ball-joints that come out of place WHILE DRIVING. This is exactly what happened to me on Dec 8, 2010, I foot the bill for that repair too since it left my stranded on the side of the highway. Im even tempted to send this story to the local news, something needs to be done cause this is absolutely ridiculous.

- , Pharr, TX, USA

problem #46

Oct 012010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,000 miles

The rear windows fell down inside of the door of my 2004 jeep liberty.( A local security company that uses the same type of vehicles, informed me that they have the same problem with almost all of their patrol cars.) Shortly after that my two front windows did the same. The jeep dealership said they are aware of the problem and they have over 900 regulators on back order to repair coustomers jeeps at a discounted rate of aprox. $240.oo. I was pissed!! So I took the door apart, and found that a large white plastic bracket that the window mounts to was broken. It breaks off of the end of the metal cable that moves the bracket up and down inside of a metal tract. Due to the fact that The tip of the metal cable is pushing this plastic bracket up and down inside of a metal tract everytime you operate the window, the plastic wears paper thin and eventually breakes off of the tip of the cable.

I went to Autozone and was quoted aprox. $198. for the new regulator (cheaper than the dealership that reprisents the defect!!), and then I found a company call "Rockauto" on line, that had the same part for aprox $140. with shipping and tax included. If you need a temporary fix to hold the window in place, I took a metal coat hanger and bent about a six inch hook on the end, then fished it down through the inside of the door/window gasket and hooked the bottom of the window, then I had someone else pull the window up into the shut position, then I bent the rest of the coat hanger over the top of the door and tucked the end down in the little compartment to secure it in place. Or if you wanted to take the door cover off you could cut a piece of PVC sprinkler pipe file a V in the end and wedge it under the glass inside of the door for a more secure and astethicly pleasing appearence.

I feel it is really bad on Chyrslers part to put out such a popular product with such a common defect, without offering a recall. As silly as it may sound windows on a car are important, they protect your personal belongings inside the car, they protect the interior from weather damage, they protect the passengers from weather damage also, And DAMN IT!! YOU PURCHACE A NEWER VEHICLE WITH WINDOWS, THEY ARE NOT EXCESSORIES, YOU SHOULD HAVE FULL USE OF THEM FOR THE LIFE OF THE VEHICLE.

- , Las Vegas, NV, USA

problem #45

Dec 242010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

So, it makes me feel a tad bit better that I do not suffer alone. this is clearly a problem that the manufacturer should have a little more interest in fixing. they recalled all the 2002 jeep liberty's (with the EXACT same problem) my roommate who has an older car than me got hers fixed for nothing with a newer "more industrial" window regulator and I am stuck with the piece of sh*t one that was clearly not improved upon for the 2004 jeep liberty's windows. its a grievance with the entire company, especially since my father has replaced her windows and mine, for the exact same thing and the device for the window regulator is quite frankly identical! my back windows have each fallen, and been subsequently replaced within the past two years; and now my back drivers side window has fallen yet again!! with no help or reassurance that they are going to "fix" the problem. My younger sister has had the same issue with her back windows, same car jeep liberty 2004(white) and my father has fixed those with a kit you can purchase online, without the manufacturers malfunctioning device of devastation and that has worked permanently on her car. only wish we would have known for my car, instead of continuing to shell out around 200 bucks for the manufacturer replacement part. i love my jeep, but seriously Jeep company try and get your sh*t together! for us 2004 liberty's...

- , Acworth, GA, USA

problem #44

Jan 022011

Liberty 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 109,000 miles


I have researched and there are many many others that have the same problem as I have. This is the 3rd window that the regulator had to be replaced.

- , Brazil, IN, US

problem #43

Aug 012010

Liberty 3.6 liters

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

We were driving and the window fell a couple of inches while driving. Didn't hit a bump or pothole. The motor still makes sound and we were told it was the regulator. Then another window fell down while we were stopped and not driving. We have to tape the windows up becuase we cannot afford the 300 plus dollar price. Then yesterday the window was down on the driver side. This has become more than a nuisance because now we cannot not use 3 out of the 4 windows. We were told that Jeep has this problem on the regulator so we went to www.nhtsa.gov/ and filed a complaint. Others with this problem should go to the website and file a complaint as well. Maybe if enough people complain then we will be able to have this part recalled.

- , Pueblo, CO, USA

problem #42

Oct 052010

Liberty Limited 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles

I had all four windows on my Jeep Liberty fail on the same day. Hard to believe, I know. The two front windows fell into the door and the back windows are wiggling like they are about to fall. It was so dangerous because they made a loud popping noise while I was driving. I am a girl, and I park in a parking garage near the interstate to go to school. I am scared someone will crawl into my car while I am in class. I guess the company is on notice if something really awful happens. I have filed a complaint. I will update if they help me at all.

- , Jacksonville, FL, US

problem #41

Oct 012010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

I have had both the front and back passenger side windows fail and fall into the door within a week of each other. Called the dealer and was told it would be $400 a window to fix. Started researching online and was really surprised to find pages and pages of complaints about the same problem. How can Chysler not do anything about this??? I would be fine with the power window function failing, but the fact that my window won't even stay up is very frustrating. Called the Chrysler 800# and was basically told "too bad". I am currently driving with duct tape holding up my windows. The next significant problem I have with this car I am trading it in and it won't be for another Chysler.

Does anyone have any advice for holding the windows up??? Duct tape does not work well...

- , Eureka, MO, USA

problem #40

Feb 122009

Liberty V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,453 miles

I bought this car in 2008 it only had 32000 miles on it and had been stored for 3 yrs. 1 month after the extended warrenty went out both regulators went out, I had them replaced it cost 430.00 but my awesome mechanic gave me a AAA discount and it came to 400.06. THEN in oct. 2009 the left one went out. My mechanic replaced it and said maybe it was a bad part. It was covered under warrenty, free of charge. NOW its Sept. 2010 and the right one has gone out. Warrenty = unlimited miles. one year. That means for me to fix it again it will cost 143.00 in parts and 115.00 in labor. (im looking at my old invoices) are you kidding me? So im going to have him clip it up somehow. im pissed. I want a window that goes up and down not stuck up, I live in sunny Arizona where i drive with all my windows down for 7 months out of the year. so what to do now?

Update from Nov 4, 2014: I just got an email about this problem being solved through a lawsuit...it's now November 2014. It's been a few years since the last time I've had to get this fixed. My mechanic didn't use the plastic regulators and chose to use metal ones from a different vendor...haven't had a problem since.

- , Maricopa, AZ, USA

problem #39

Oct 202010

Liberty Limited 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Well it's actually my sister's Jeep Liberty that I fix because she has no idea what she's doing. It's a 2004 Jeep Liberty. I guess she was at school and she was coming out to her car to find the window down in her door?...So I took the inside door panel off and saw that what seems to be the line enclosed in a cheap plastic piece, had come out of place. Never having done this before, I looked on the internet to try and find some information on how to fix it and it looks to me like I'm not the only one having this problem. So yeah...I assure you that if Chrysler doesn't recall this broken/cheap ass part, my sister, not my mother who also has the same Liberty, will not be purchasing from Chrysler again.

- , Scranton, PA, USA

problem #38

Sep 122007

Liberty 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,300 miles

It's disappointing to know that when you buy American, you get the inferior parts in them. It's shameful to promote supporting our own brands when they can't manufacture with quality parts (plastic parts...really?). And when a part breaks, they won't stand behind their word. After reading the complaints and having one of my own, I hate to promote Jeep to anyone I know. They are not built as well as before. Chrysler/Jeep has not issued a recall for these window problems. And I doubt they will. But know that I will no longer buy a Chrysler, Jeep, or any of their other name brands if they keep treating their consumers the way they do now.

- , Elizabethtown, KY, USA

problem #37

Jan 012009

Liberty Sport 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

This is posted separately since our two vehicles are involved:

We have two Jeep Libertys in the family - ours is a 2005, our daughter's is a 2004. Both have had the back driver's side rear window regulators break. This means that not only will the window not function for up and down (which we could live with) but that the windows fall down and won't stay up. We had ours fixed in June '09 - Chrysler (obviously knowing there is a problem) covered the part even though the vechicle was out of warranty. That still left us with $220 in labor to replace what Chrysler knows is a junk part, but for which they will not do a recall.

The same window in the same Liberty broke again less than one year later. Chrysler will help to fix again, but subject to a $75 deductible this time. They basically put it to me that they are under no obligation to do anything and subtly implied that we should therefore be grateful for any assistance at all. To my way of thinking, this back-seat window in a childless vechicle gets no use at all and therefore would not be breaking but for a defective part. Talking to others and researching sites like this confirm that others are having problems, supporting the defect theory.

My daughter has hers held up with tape and has opted not to fix it if a deductible is required. She feels that based on our experience, it will just break again so why put out the money. She'll just live with a taped window and a little Chrysler story to tell whenever anyone asks. (By the way, it's not convenient to take a car to the dealership and wait 2 hours for the diagnosis Chrysler requires, then back again for the needed repair - times 2 cars in our case.)

Chrysler, if you're listening, when you know you've got a defective part, a recall is the right thing to do. Too expensive? At least fix the ones that are broken so the customer is not out-of-pocket for anything. Don't want to do that either? We understand - that's what it's come to in Corporate America. That Town and Country looked pretty good as our next vehicle, but knowing how you operate, I won't ever buy another Chrysler.

- , Eldersburg, MD, USA

problem #36

Mar 012010

Liberty Sport 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,300 miles

Like everyone else with a Liberty I have a broken regulator clip. I have seen a repair kit on the WEB Has anyone used it with success. If so it's only $90. I also saw where a person said they contacted Chysler and got it fixed. If they have the number and person they spoke to LEt me know

- , Charlotte, NC, USA

problem #35

Jul 212010

Liberty SP V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

11 months ago my driver side rear window regulator broke and I had to have it fixed. They said it happens because of the heat. Fine, I forked out a few hundred dollars and a few hours of my time. Then Yesterday I got into my car and sure enough the window was down, when I tried to roll it up and nothing happened I immediately called the dealership. They set me up with an appointment for this morning. When I got there they told me that the warranty on the part was for 12 months or 12,000 miles. I was then told that since I had put 16,000 mils on my Jeep they were not responsible to cover it. Somehow it was my problem. When I complained the service manager told me that they reward loyalty, so if I had been a loyal customer they could have helped me, but since I don’t get my oil changed there and other maintenance, there is nothing she could do. Are you kidding me?

- , Phoenix, AZ, USA

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