Mazda TSB #08-001-20-3696a

2017 Mazda CX-3

TSB Document:

Affected Component: AIR BAGS

Some customers may experience the airbag warning light ON with DTC B00A0:09 stored in the SAS control module memory when the battery voltage is low. � DTC B00A0:09 (Occupant classification sensor internal signal output unstable). This concern is caused by the low voltage detection time of the occupant classification sensor (OCS) being too short during cranking, which causes detection of the DTC unnecessarily. The concern occurs more often in colder weather when greater electric current is consumed to start the vehicle. To eliminate this concern, the OCS has been modified to avoid unnecessary DTC detection. NOTE: � Even if the voltage is recovered after the engine is started, the airbag warning light stays ON during the drive cycle. � When the battery voltage becomes stable after the engine is started, the airbag system will operate normally.

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Date Published
JUN 10, 2020
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