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Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

PATHFINDER, ALTIMA, MAXIMA, MURANO AND QUEST; CVT JUDDER AND DTC P17F0 OR P17F1 STORED IF YOU CONFIRM The customer reports a transmission judder (shake, shudder, single or multiple bumps or vibration), AND One of these DTCs is stored: ï?· P17F0 (CVT_JUDDER (T/M INSPECTION)) ï?· P17F1 (CVT_JUDDER (C/U INSPECTION)) NOTE: ï?? If a transmission judder (as described above) is not reported, this bulletin does not apply. ï?? If either P17F0 or P17F1 are not stored, this bulletin does not apply. ï?? If any DTCs are stored other than P17F0 or P17F1, this bulletin does not apply. ï?? NTB15-014, Enhanced Diagnostic Logic For CVT Judder, has reprogramming instructions that may apply. ACTION ï?· Refer to the Repair Flow Chart on page 2 for CVT repair. CAUTION: Always handle the CVT and component assemblies carefully and with the appropriate lifting tools.

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Date Published
SEP 30, 2020
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