pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
35,950 miles
Total Complaints:
11 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (10 reports)
  2. replace transmission (1 reports)
2016 Ram 1500 transmission problems

transmission problem

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2016 Ram 1500 Owner Comments

problem #11

Apr 012019

1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,000 miles


Like many others have noted, the truck lurches when coming to a stop. I thought it was a transmission problem, and had it to the dealer twice. Computer was reprogrammed, but I still have the problem. I love this truck, but it's problems are really starting to piss me off.

- David B., Harrisburg, PA, US

problem #10

Feb 052020

1500 Laramie 5.7L V8 Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

Car bumps when coming to a stop. Dealer updated the TCM last week, the issue got worse. And now after two days of the car sitting at the dealer, they say I need a new transmission for a cost of $10,000.00.

Called Ram and awaiting on Ram Trucks Manager to call me back. We shall see...

- Ashot M., Germantown, MD, US

problem #9

Jan 242019

1500 Big Horn 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,500 miles

I purchased my used 2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn a couple of months ago in the end of January 2019. It had just over 18,000 miles, and was still under factory warranty. When I test-drove the vehicle, it ran smoothly. At least I didn't notice anything odd about the way it drove. The CarFax report said it had four recalls, one of which was a flash/reprogram of the computer module. I had the dealer take care of them before I picked it up.

It wasn't long before I noticed, like other Ram 1500 owners, that it seemed to lurch forward when coming to a stop. I also noticed that sometimes when I let off the brake, it will immediately lurch forward before my foot even gets to the accelerator. At one intersection where I was stopped at a red light, I believed that the car behind me had rear-ended me. When I stopped to look at the damage, there was none. I had not even been rear-ended.

Another problem I have, is that the engine sounds and feels like it is struggling when I am cruising at about 1,200-1,500 RPM's, as if it is in too high a gear. When I hit the accelerator to pass or speed up, it hesitates, downshifts and eventually roars to life.

I took my vehicle to the Dodge dealership on President's Day (February 18) and discussed the problem with the service associate. He told me that the engine constantly struggling is very normal due to emissions regulations. He said that it is designed to run in the highest possible gear to meet fuel efficiency standards. He said that the lurching was something his transmission guy would have to look at, but that they were too busy that day to look at it. So they scheduled me for March 4, 2019.

They kept the vehicle overnight. They drove it around. They told me to come and pick it up on the following day. When I got there, the service associate told me that they had "reset the adaptations and updated the transmission software." The 'adaptations' is apparently something that the computer does to adapt to the driver's driving habits. They said that the vehicle was 'used' to the driving habits of the previous owner, which is ridiculous. I spoke with the transmission technician, who also owns a Ram with the 5.7L Hemi. He told me that his does the same thing, and that "they all do it." He said to check back in a few months to see if Dodge has discovered a fix for it.

So basically, the dealer acknowledged that it has a problem, but has no idea how to fix it and refuses to even try. Now I am stuck with a $30,000 vehicle whose warranty will end soon, that has a problem that is putting all kinds of stress on critical parts and I have no recourse. My warranty will expire, my vehicle will continue to lurch forward when I am trying to stop. It will eventually get me into a collision or cause parts to wear out prematurely. I would like my money back so that I can go purchase a Ford.

Update from Apr 30, 2019: UPDATE: I contacted Ram Customer Care. They said that they couldn't do anything unless I took it back in to the dealer because it had been more than 14 days since it was at the dealership. So I scheduled another appointment and took it in again last Saturday.

They drove the vehicle and reportedly experienced the lurching while coming to a stop. They updated the computer software and called me Monday to say it was fixed. I picked it up and after a few minutes of driving, there it was again. The problem had not been fixed at all. It happened several more times on my way home.

So I texted the "service advisor" to ask if they had even test-driven the vehicle after the software update. He never responded. The Ram Customer Care representative contacted me to learn if the problem had been fixed. I responded that no, it had not been fixed. Ram Customer Care advised me to take it back to the dealership a third time for further inspection.

I just filed a complaint with the NHTSA for Ram's failure to honor their warranty. I will look into how to use the Lemon Law to get out of this vehicle so that I can buy a Ford.

- sean in florida, Boynton Beach, US

problem #8

Mar 012019

1500 Sport 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles


Recently, the truck started jumping or lurching when coming to a stop. I thought it might be the fuel, so I ran out the tank and put in some Mobile with Royale Purple fuel additive in case it was the fuel or even fuel injector system. The truck still lurches when slowing down.

Like many other individuals that have added to this thread, I am pessimistic that the issue can be adequately diagnosed. This is a pretty big truck with a pretty big engine to be jumping like this. I imagine Dodge will do a recall once a few of these launch on a pedestrian while stopped at a red light.

- Mark S., Daytona Beach, FL, US

problem #7

Nov 012018

1500 SXT Big Horn 5.7L Hemi V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

The issue started right after the last TCM recall and I had the TCM reprogrammed. I took it in a month or so later to have the look into it as it was nearly causing whiplash every time we came to a stop. The tech at the dealership had me test drive it with him to get the specifics is the complaint and we discovered that unless you come to a abrupt stop it wold lurch at 2-3 mph when slowing down.

They replaced the valvue body on the tranny and wiped the TCM memory and reprogrammed the ECU and this seemed to remedy the issue for about a month, but it slowly started doing it again. At first it was every few stops but now it’s every single time you stop unless as I mentioned you slam on the brakes which isn’t exactly conducive to hauling a load the truck lurches forward when coming to a stop, did notice that when the transmission is cool the issue isn’t as significant.

My wife and I are really at a loss because we love the truck but it’s really starting to wear on our nerves. I am going to have to take it back into the dealership to have them try to find another solution but I’m worried that may not be possible as I’ve seen just about every solution tried in this site but the problem persists. The last time we took it in it took a week to get it back and we had to drive a behemoth 2500 crew cab long-bed which doesn’t exactly fit in either of our employee parking areas.

- honeyman91, Farmington, US

problem #6

Sep 012018

1500 Laramie 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles

I’ve had the jumping coming to a stop for awhile. So I took it into the dealer and they looked at it and didn’t notice it, but the service writer did hook me up with a new transmission by convincing cFCA to replace it. However this did not fix the problem. I actually think it’s not the transmission but something else. Will be bringing it back in shortly and will update accordingly. I have a neighbor with a 2015 and he doesn’t have this problem. I also do not haul heavy loads, that would be much scarier.

- David L., Vienna, US

problem #5

Dec 072018

1500 Outdoorsman 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,000 miles


I took my 2016 Ram in for regular maintenance and completion of 4 recalls, one of which included transmission shift knob and PCM updates. Ever since these updates were made, the vehicle bumps forward while coming to a stop. It feels like it is shifting down into 1st gear too soon and really vibrates the rear end. I am afraid to tow with the vehicle like this. If you have ever towed a heavy trailer with a surge brake, that is what it feels like when coming to a stop. Only under heavy braking does it feel normal. I have an appointment to take it back into the shop and hopefully they can adjust the detent or reload the old software.

- Mark F., Milwaukee, WI, US

problem #4

Feb 162017

1500 Big Horn 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,935 miles

The driveshaft change had solved at first, but as more miles and time goes on it increasingly is "jumping at stop"

If you have to brake quickly to a stop and let your foot off brake, it jumps and thumps in rear end.

- Philip P., Fruitland Park, US

problem #3

Jan 172018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

When it comes to a stop it feels like its been rammed from behind. Yea! funny Ram. Like a failing transmission, so annoying. Went to the dealer, this is what they said: Ma'am can't duplicated, drove it for 10 miles didn't notice anything. If you notice a jerk when it stops it is normal. It sucks, I'm going back and insist they drive it for a longer period of time and I want to go for the ride.

- Ernestine M., Jacksonvile, US

problem #2

Sep 152017

1500 Crew V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,500 miles

This has been happening for me for the last 6000 miles. First i thought maybe i just need to break in the Engine and transmission so i ignored it but once it start to happen 90 % of time i had enough. When slowing down right at the 2mph mark it will jerk. And every time i am in Tow mode it happen right about 16-17 MPH. Drives me crazy. I have had it in the shop 4 time in the last 3 month with no resolution. Today they decided to try to replace the valve body. I will give an update if this resolve this issue.

- jesperch, Suwanee, Georgia

problem #1

Oct 172016

1500 5.7

  • Automatic transmission
  • 200 miles

I've had a problem with my 1500 pretty much ever since day one. When I come to a stop it feels like the truck jumps. It does not happen when the truck is cold but only when I drive it till its really warmed up. Its been brought back to the dealer twice and when they drive it they say they don't feel anything ( How Surprising ! ) . They try to tell me its normal for that truck. How could it be normal and then say they don't feel anything. Is anybody out there experiencing anything like this.

- pcnj, Jackson, NJ, US

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