really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
47,500 miles
Total Complaints:
20 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (18 reports)
  2. loose bushings on track bar (1 reports)
  3. replace steering stabilizer, track bar (1 reports)
2013 Ram 3500 suspension problems

suspension problem

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2013 Ram 3500 Owner Comments

problem #20

Feb 202016

3500 Larmie 6.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,098 miles


Front of truck was shacking so bad could not steer

- vollick, Goderich, ON, Canada

problem #19

Apr 122016

3500 Laramee 6.7L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 126,449 miles


- rpm.poirier, Vars, ON, Canada

problem #18

Aug 092017

3500 Laramie Longhorn 6.7L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,295 miles

Driving down the road and hit a small bump. The front end started wobbling very bad. The only way I was able to stop it was to slow down below 30 mph (I was in a 55 mph zone). This is very dangerous. I pull a 12000 pound trailer. I can't afford to lose steering with a trailer that size.

- tmihalic, Taylors, US

problem #17

Dec 042013

3500 Laramie Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles


I told Chrysler about this issue when I drove the truck home from the dealership. we actually had to stop at another dealership to see if they could address the issue and they blamed it on bad tires. over the next 3 years I rook the truck back so many times and followed every suggestion they made and had all repairs they said would "fix the issue" and it is now 15,000 miles out of warranty and they dropped me like a hot potato.

I have since taken the truck to a diesel performance person who has done THOUSANDS in repairs trying to address the issue that they consider dangerous enough that I shouldn't be driving the truck.

The death wobble is so bad that when it happens, I actually sprained my wrist trying to keep the truck on the road and was so scared after, I took all slow back roads home because I feel I can't go at highway speed without endangering myself and others.

Dodge at one point offered to buy my truck back for ONLY what was owed on the loan leaving me with a truck I had paid 50,000 on and have sunk 10,000 in repairs ...and no tuck and no way to get a new one.

I am a single Mom and I haul horses to make extra money to support my three kids. without that truck...i have nothing else.

- Nicole I., Mcdonough, GA, US

problem #16

Jan 112017

3500 Laramie 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,000 miles

I am a long time faithful Dodge truck guy I have had all 4 generation of various Rams. When my 06 2500 Ram had the death wobble I gave up on Dodge. So when Dodge said they fixed the death wobble issues in 2013 I was excited and I finally gave in and in 2015 I bought another Ram 3500 Laramie $50k. Guess what my old friend the "Death Wobble" is back, felt it 5 times since the truck hit the 36k mark.

I called the dealer and they said that truck doesn't have that problem!! Oh really, I said. When it went in to the dealer they said I need alignment and new tires and that was the problem. Wow! Now I have to make a choice; dump $5k into the front end every 36k miles or get another ride. So with some research I found a solution to my "Death Wobble" problem. "I'M TRADING IT IN AND BUYING A GMC 2500HD" BOOM! Independent front suspension GYSOT!! Problem solved!! Sorry Dodge but I am DUNN!!

- Ronald L., Gouldsboro, PA, US

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problem #15

Apr 152015

3500 Tradesman 6.7L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

I bought this truck april 2015 used with 24k plus miles on it man did she look sweet from the highway. This was it my dream big truck white with painted white bumpers and mirrors. White rims 24" dually alcoas with black spikes fold down automatic step side rails. LED lights around the truck and custom leather seats inside a Tradesman with custom center console box for sub that was blown no biggie upgraded with a w-7 JL also had amps flush mounted under the backseat that lit up man i was so excited when i got this bad boy. 6"' pro comp lift crew cab 8' long bed 6.7l diesel 2013 ram 3500 i added some things to it train horn, new sub, and front and back cameras, had off road lights that were already installed but not hooked up and i was driving out of Houston like a boss! Well about a week and a half of guys freaking out with complements and women ready to ride, me and my girl at the time experienced something we have never heard of much less known was possible in a truck and didn't completely tear apart while happening called DEATH WOBBLE. This violent act of shaking and vibration and things flying out the cup holders while this god awful noise and feeling of no control had us in shell shock once i pulled off the side of the road from a over pass. I didn't know of this dw term or anything about it and we were dumfounded at first and i kept trucking hoping to never experience that again. The journey steal is ongoing…… Turns out overpass transitions from bridge to road and vise versa love to set off DW and it as getting a little more frequent but it never would do it when you wanted her to do it when you had someone who says they know what to do with it… There has been a lot of those people too. I thought with how much i have read and talked with others id be done with DW by now but I'm not. This truck has seen over 10 shops and over 3 grand in the front end and it still acts stupid. I can tell you what i have done to this truck so date i have balanced these tires that nobody wants to mess with more than a handful of times at 65 bucks for the front. Replaced upper ball joints and put dual bilstien 5100 steering stabilizer to start with. Nothing no better no worse then tried new super lift radius arms to get more camber into it each add on i do add a alignment on that also if your trying to figure out my price figure. Rotate and balance tires then ordered adjustable track bar and a steering gear box stabilizer from Dodge Off road they build me one and it took 29 days to get when i get it its for early 2013 so they send me the Carli adjustable track bar 3 days later. Takes me a few days to get it all on I'm novice on the wrench turning but determined and got some good help. Felt very positive this was it because there was almost a inch of play in the factory track bar. Oh and Dodge Ram of course won't do anything about any of this because the truck has been modified. Even on the recall with the welds breaking on the mounts for track bar this one girl i kept running into from different area ram service dealers said well i don't know if we can do it because its modified i just said make it happen. She would have let me drove away on broken welds but they weren't. The GMC store i bought it from gave me 3 different trucks while they had it at 3 different shops and only one could get it to DW on them nobody else believed it was happening. They tried at least dodge ram has been worthless to me. So get it all in got all kinds of camber squeezed out of it and front end is beefed up to adam but still shake in bake on key spots. I have key spots now that ill avoid or take it to test on certain highways with a guarantee full DW to show its dirty secret off and scare the crap out of someone who knows it all. Well now I'm to the point were I think as some others do also its these rims and adapters so i take the two outers on back put them on front and leave the two back on running 4 tires man did that look crazy and bam still DW. I get a pair of stock rims and put on there with the geometry all out of wack this thing drove like it should never felt it before like this i am amazed so i ride like this awhile while i do my research and find someone to make me some hub centric adapters for the front two. This has got to do it its finally gonna be right I'm thinking yes this misery will be over soon so 2.5 hours away i have them installed because the adapters i had i took off and checked just them on the balance machine and one was side to side bad. So we test drive it still getting some reaction on the left side guy is like we'll i don't know good luck! smdh So i head to Houston and she starts shacking while just driving straight no bumps nothing and when i pull over to get more fuel these guys didn't tighten it up worth a dang and 3 bolts are sheared off and rim is just about completely ready to fall off the adapter is wallerd out and no one wants to take honor in there work and help me out no replacement adapter or lug replacement they won't even call me back. Im so over this truck it has cost me jobs because i travel and work construction i don't trust it to make it some places and its like nobody wants anything to do with it i call it a unicorn because aprently the 13 is one of a kind when it comes to getting parts for the front end that work throw on 6' lift and forget about it. Thankfully i brought my stock with me or i still be stuck out of town because I'm out of money and out of work and out of ideas. Paint is flacking off the bumpers and key fob issues and other crap going on with it I'm sick to my stomach about it. What is sick is it happens all the time in non modified and modified trucks everybody says just sell it. i put to much down to recover to have my notes down like i want them and whoever had it before me had a good vision and good intent and i just don't want to give up. Seems it can be solved and functional but just aint made it to that outcome yet but that gmc place i bought it from might get it back. Ram should be on the firing line for this all to often event driving on a bizzy highway and DW goes into effect so many people safety is in jeopardy because you have to almost stop to gain control again and there is lots of drivers and passengers crusing along playing on the phone and half way paying attention there isn't a wonder why there hasn't to my knowledge been massive pile ups caused or played a role in by the DW. Never again will i get Ram truck and i meet a lot of people because they love to look at it and take pics of it and i tell everyone this story and I'm way better at it in person too. If you have DW and want some good reading and insight for it http://blog.carlisuspension.com/2016/03/the-death-of-death-wobble.html andhttps://www.thurenfabrication.com/tech/death-wobble-in-depth.htmland and https://kevinsoffroad.com/fix-your-own-death-wobble/ I'm open for solutions good luck y'all.

- Patrick P., Nederland, TX, US

problem #14

May 142014

3500 Larmie Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,000 miles


hauling a load of cattle hit a bump in road, the truck acted like I had a blow out shook uncontrollably and I had to hold steering wheel with everything I had to keep control of vehicle, when I contacted dealership they said they would fix it I took truck in the said they found no issue , Yuba City California

- Michelle M., Yuba City, CA, US

problem #13

Jun 142015

3500 Larmie Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

so scary I was traveling down a two lane curvy road, the truck hit a very small bump in road at 45 miles an hour and I almost lost control, the violent shaking and wobbling of the front end shook so hard causing me to drift in to the on coming traffic as I was not able to stabilize the steering of the truck after coming to a complete stop the truck the drove like nothing had happen.

- Michelle M., Yuba City, CA, US

problem #12

Oct 242016

3500 Larmie Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

so after multiple times of reporting this to dodge it has yet to be fixed, I was traveling home from the bay area doing 70 miles an hour I was going onto an on ramp that had a slight lip in pavement the truck went sideways and shook and I lost control as I applied the brakes it shook more violently. the highway patrol that was behind me turned on his hazard light and when I got the truck to a stop he pulled up, we both thought I had a blow out but nothing. tires were fine, truck didn't show any signs of issue. I started it back up to let it roll to see if I could feel or hear anything at about 10 miles an hour the truck started to wobble again, I applied the brakes, came to a complete stop and the officer said that he had heard of the issue before & asked if I wanted a tow truck. I declined and waited a few minutes and tried to drive again, the truck drove off like nothing happen . this is a really scary issue.

- Michelle M., Yuba City, CA, US

problem #11

Jul 222015

3500 Laramie Cummings

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

The violent shaking first started in July of 2015 with approx. 60,000 miles on the vehicle. This occurred while driving on a gravel road which had minor wash board, the truck began to shake uncontrollably until I was able to slow down. This problem didn't happen again until recently while on a busy highway in the middle of a major city, again it began shaking violently only ceasing after getting the truck slowed down. I took my truck to our local dealer, fortunately they were able to recreate this scenario. After going through the truck they found that there was a front wheel hub that had some play in it. Due to the fact that there are not any OEM hubs available they proceeded by putting on an after market hub. Took the truck out for a test drive and can not go over 40 miles per hour or the shaking begins which makes this my truck totally out of service. I have contacted RAM Service and have a case number for this problem. RAM Service is telling me that there hasn't been any case history of this particular issue with RAM trucks.

Update from Apr 12, 2016: We found out that this is a known problem even though Ram Service will not acknowledge it. Other Ram owners that have had this problem have cured the "Death Wobble" by replacing the track bar. We asked the service manager at our local Ram dealer to replace the track bar which they did and since then have not had any problems even after driving on rough roads.

- smac782, Winnemucca, NV, US

problem #10

Nov 012013


  • Manual transmission
  • 85,000 miles


First time I drove this truck, which I ordered new, it had the death wobble on with the Firestone Tires. So I switched immediately to Goodyears. Still had Death Wobble. Tried Hancook tires next. Still had the Death Wobble. Took it to dealer and complained. Got NOWHERE! I was told everything was within specs. Finally a buddy of mine working for the local COOP started asking folks who came in with similar trucks if they had the same problem. Found out 5 of them did and was told to replace the Track Bar and Steering Stabilizer. Seems to have helped. (cost me $2000.00) Has only done it twice now since. Dodge Dealer is worthless and the warranty on this truck is a joke. I have had $3000.00 in repairs to the DEF system alone, new batteries at 39,000 miles, The A arm came loose on the drivers side at 11,000 miles and they charged me to tighten it back up, Plus multiple Malfunction Indicator Light repairs. This truck cost me $50,000.00 to purchase and is the most expensive truck I have ever owned to keep on the road. I have had thousands in repairs the warranty has not covered a single cent! Oh did I mention the U joints are going out and I'm at around 85,000 miles? I have been highly disappointed with the amount of time and money I have lost keeping this truck rolling and even more so with Ram's absolute lack of coverage in regards to their warranty. Going to look at the Fords next time.

- Paul M., Lincoln, NE, US

problem #9

Nov 282015

3500 Tradesman Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,956 miles

had the death wobble . had to slow down to get it to stop.any body know what the problem is

- Ron A., Grafton, WV, US

problem #8

May 182015

3500 LX 7.3L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 41,300 miles

This is a major problem with my truck. From several forums this is a common issue. Need help!

- Mark S., Stafford Springs, CT, US

problem #7

Feb 112015

3500 Laramie V6 Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,500 miles

Leesburg Sodge will not accept the fact that this truck had a problem. They keep telling us they cannot fix it because they cannot replicate what is going on. This truck is for my business. Not only do I have ladder racks, I have heavy tools and machinery in back. Sometimes I travel with my 14 month old child!!! The vehicle is not safe to be on the road but I have no choice. They also will not give me a loaner truck they give me an suv and had to beg for this. I have lost thousands of dollars over this already and not only has my business suffered my relationship with my partner has as well. My emotional state is out of control when I'm on the highway and cringe when I have to go over bumps. I don't know what to do no one will help me

- Christian W., Bethesda, MD, US

problem #6

Dec 222014

3500 Tradesman 6.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

Had a death wobble that occurred randomly and took it in for repair. Dealership did an alignment and tire balance. Left dealership and within 1/2 mile had death wobble. Took back and they replaced the steering damper, with no luck, then it took about a week for a trackbar to come in and that seemed to fix it.

After about 2 weeks it showed up randomly again. I ignored it since that truck is my source of income. Then it began to pick up frequency again so I took it back in. Now they say everything looks fine and when the mechanics drive it they can't get it to death wobble. I was on the phone (bluetooth) with a mechanic the day I took it in and he heard how loud it was and knew for a fact it happened. Since they can't replicate the problem they just say they will continue to test drive it once in a while so they can try to fix it????

Death wobble is a death wobble, can't believe they will let me drive around in a truck that could literally kill me if I'm not paying attention when it starts to happen.

- Justin D., Shawnee, KS, US

problem #5

Jan 252015

3500 ST 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,900 miles

There is Death Wobble in the 2013 Ram 3500.. It is a lie it is fixed and Chrysler is not stepping up to fix it.

They are trying to blame the customer for tires or wheel balance or some other Bull sh*t. It is a big deal.

I was almost killed, the truck lost control and went off the side of the highway. If it had gone the other way it would have crossed the lane to on coming cars.

- Gordon B., Canon City, CO, US

problem #4

Jan 162015

3500 SLT 6.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

Heading West on I 264 in Norfolk VA I hit a bump and the death wobble started. Had to slow to a stop to get it to stop. Pulled over to the shoulder to investigate. Saw no obvious signs of damage or something wrong. I then continued to the I 264 / I 64 interchange. While merging onto I 64 the Death Wobble Started again. This time I was in the middle of a turn lost control of the truck and shot across 2 lanes of merging traffic onto the shoulder. Fortunately I did not hit anyone or anything. There was a RAM dealer about 1 mile away. I slowly drove to the dealership and parked my truck in the middle of their service center. Currently being looked at.

- ttugboatgreg, Taneytown, MD, US

problem #3

Dec 212014

3500 Laramie 6.7L I6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,500 miles

I have experienced death wobble in my 2013 Ram 3500 with 26,000 miles on it about 6 times in the last 6 months. Supposedly in the 2013 Ram Chrysler fixed the death wobble, LOL!!!!!! In my opinion it's not fixed. It's not getting any better it's getting worse. I have an 18 month old daughter and a 3 year old son and the last time it happened a semi truck was right behind me. Thank God I know what to do and I can get it under control. What if my wife was driving??? This problem could have cost me my family!!!!!! Why in the world are they getting away with putting a $63,000.00 price tag on these trucks when this problem still exists???

- Matthew T., Martinsburg, WV, US

problem #2

Jul 182014

3500 Tradsman 6.7L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,268 miles

They created one work order for this.

The answer to this was a front end alignment. That was a waste of time and did not work.

I picked the truck up 3 times and took the tech with me and showed them it was still happening. Still not fixed.

- Dean D., Scotia, NY, US

problem #1

Jul 172014

3500 Tradsman 6.7L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 8,000 miles

This problem is still there and Ram stated if it doesn't happen for more than 10 seconds it's not a problem. The truck is constantly in the shop for this and other problems including yesterday where the radiator blew with 13,236 miles on the truck. Biggest piece of junk I have ever owned and my first new truck.

- Dean D., Scotia, NY, US

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