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Drivers worry that automakers are taking things too far.

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75 Percent of Drivers Fear In-Vehicle Technology Too Distracting
Drivers worry that automakers are taking things too far.

— Research from a Harris Poll of 2,634 people ages 18 and over shows that 75 percent of drivers fear that in-vehicle technology is too distracting and dangerous.

In-vehicle technology is growing at a rapid pace, all in the name of making the driving experience more enjoyable and allegedly safer.

Yet over half of Harris respondents believe that automakers have already taken technology too far for normal driving.

Beyond fearing how technology can hinder the focus that should be on the road, 62 percent of car owners worry about how technology may interfere with their privacy, including where and how they drive.

It’s a valid point because insurance companies or anyone else who can access the GPS system can track every movement your vehicle makes.

Forty-one percent of drivers already believe their insurance rates could increase because of what in-car technology reveals about their driving habits.

Those more accepting of technology are those who grew up holding a cell phone like an electronic pacifier. Only 39 percent of car owners 50 to 66 think in-car connectivity is important compared to 58 percent of those who are between 18 and 35.

When it comes to a new car purchase, 66 percent of car owners say that the vehicle's technology has some or a great deal of influence on the car they choose.

According to a recent study, it's safety technologies such as back-up cameras, blind spot warning systems and pedestrian sensors that have seen the most interest in the past year, all technologies that currently have limited or no evidence of increasing safety.

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