Lawsuit says 2013 Ford Explorer sickens people because of carbon monoxide exhaust fumes.

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Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Lawsuit Filed
Lawsuit says 2013 Ford Explorer sickens people because of carbon monoxide exhaust fumes.

— A Florida woman has filed a Ford Explorer carbon monoxide lawsuit against Ford alleging her 2013 Ford Explorer is making her and her 5-year-old daughter sick.

Angela Sanchez-Knutson, 34, alleges she took her Ford Explorer to a dealer eight times because of smelling exhaust fumes inside the SUV, but the dealer had no answers. The lawsuit claims the Ford mechanics could smell the fumes but denied it would harm anyone, even though Sanchez-Knutson says her and her daughter suffered symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sanchez-Knutson claims carbon monoxide can build up when the auxiliary rear air conditioning is on and the engine is running at a high RPM.

The lawsuit claims independent testing of the Ford Explorer confirmed carbon monoxide was entering the cabin of the vehicle while it was being driven.

Sanchez-Knutson isn't the first person to claim exhaust fumes are a serious problem in the 2013 Ford Explorer. Owners have told of experiencing similar problems, especially during hard acceleration.

"When I accelerate fast, the exhaust enters the vehicle from the AC unit. It is only a matter of time before a child that is strapped into his seat dies of C.M. poisoning! The smell is extremely worse in the back seat, never mind sitting in the 3rd row! You would probably die a silent death rather quickly!" - Ford Explorer XLT V6

"The car cannot exceed 3000-3500 RPM. If you exceed it, a strong exhaust stinking smell comes through the A/C-ventilation system. It seems like the exhaust fumes go directly to the A/C system. Like it happens with cigarettes, they should put a warning label in these vehicles saying "exhaust fumes are hazardous to your health. Purchase this vehicle at your own responsibility!" - Ford Explorer LT 3.5L V6

"Rotten Egg Smell is exhaust that flows into the Air Conditioning ducts and poisons you inside the car. Ford Dealer Says they know about problem-My child was injured by fumes." - Ford Explorer Sport Ecoboost V6

"During a hard acceleration on my 2013 ford explorer, a bad odor that smells like "burned hair" can be smelled in the vehicle. The service adviser can smell it during the test ride that we went on, however the tech and the service manager went on a separate test drive and did not smell anything. The smell is getting worse as time and mileage goes by." - Ford Explorer 3.5L

"When I accelerate fast, I smell exhaust fumes coming from the A/C unit. It also happens when I open the fresh air and when I am stopped. Don't try and hookup a trailer with the engine on as it could be the last thing you ever do. Don't try and load groceries with the hatch back open and the engine on, the exhaust smell will kill you. Never do this with kids in the SUV as this situation will probably cost you your kids lives." - 2013 Ford Explorer LX 3.5L

The LX owner said they believe the fumes are created because the dual exhaust coming from the engine goes into one pipe and then splits into two pipes, leaving no more pressure for the exhaust gas to be pushed away from the SUV.

Although Ford has never issued a recall for exhaust fumes in the 2013 Ford Explorer, the automaker certainly knows of the problem. In December 2012, Ford issued a technical service bulletin to dealers that recommends how to handle customer complaints about the issue.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it's looking into the matter, but the agency hasn't announced a formal investigation.

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