Mercedes recalls numerous models for airbag, headlight and door problems.

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Mercedes-Benz Recalls 2,300 Vehicles in 4 Recalls
Mercedes recalls numerous models for airbag, headlight and door problems.

— Mercedes-Benz has ordered four recalls involving about 2,300 vehicles for four different safety defects.

The largest recall involves about 2,213 model year 2016 smart fortwo minicars to adjust the headlights. Mercedes says the horizontal headlight adjustment mechanism may not have been sealed to prevent consumers from adjusting the headlights.

Owners are not legally able to adjust the horizontal headlights because the lights could be adjusted in a way that blinds oncoming drivers.

The automaker doesn't know when the recall will begin, but dealers will install sealing caps so the headlights cannot be adjusted horizontally.

Another 65 vehicles are recalled, specifically 2017 E300 and E300 4Matic vehicles with front passenger airbags that may not deploy properly.

Mercedes-Benz says the airbag can fail if the front seat passenger is sitting on the edge of the seat or lying in the seat in the reclined position.

The airbag recall will begin in April 2017 when dealers will update the airbag control module software.

Separately, Mercedes says 51 vehicles are recalled for airbag problems caused by incorrect software. Recalled are the following:

  • 2016 AMG GT-S
  • 2016 GLC300
  • 2016 CLA250
  • 2016 GLE300d 4MATIC
  • 2013 C250
  • 2013 E350 BlueTec
  • 2013 G63 AMG
  • 2008-2014 C300
  • 2013-2014 C300 4MATIC and ML350 4MATIC
  • 2009 C350
  • 2014 CLS550
  • 2014 E350 4MATIC
  • 2014 E350 Coupe 4MATIC
  • 2014 E350 Wagon 4MATIC
  • 2014 GLK350
  • 2014 SL550
  • 2012 CLS550 4MATIC
  • 2012-2016 E350
  • 2016-2017 GL450 4MATIC
  • 2012-2014 ML350 4MATIC BlueTec
  • 2015 S550, S550 4MATIC
  • 2015 C300 4MATIC Sedan
  • 2015-2016 C300 Sedan
  • 2017 SL63 AMG

The automaker says various control units were updated with the wrong software that can keep the airbags from deploying correctly.

The recall should begin in April 2017. Mercedes dealers will update the control units with the correct software.

Finally, Mercedes is recalling 26 model year 2016 G550 4MATIC and G63 AMG vehicles because the cables that unlatch the doors when the inner door handle is pulled may break if the door is hard to release.

If the cable breaks and the door cannot be opened from inside the vehicle after a crash, the problem could cause a delay in reaching injured occupants.

The recall will begin in April 2017 when dealers will replace the cables that connect the inner door handles and the locks on all four doors.

For answers about any of the above Mercedes-Benz recalls, please call 800-367-6372.


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