Nearly 559,000 Ford SUVs recalled for front brake jounce hoses that may leak fluid.

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Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX Recalled For Brake Hoses
Nearly 559,000 Ford SUVs recalled for front brake jounce hoses that may leak fluid.

— A Ford front brake jounce hose recall has been ordered for nearly 559,000 model year 2015-2018 Ford Edge and 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX SUVs.

The front brake jounce hoses could rupture and leak brake fluid, causing drivers problems with stopping the vehicles.

Once the brake fluid reservoirs drop below certain levels, brake warning lights will illuminate, the brake pedals will travel too far and increased stopping distances will occur.

In January 2018, Ford approved service actions for Edge vehicles in China and South America because of what Ford calls "unique road/parking conditions and driving habits contributing to elevated rates of front brake jounce hose ruptures at a lower time in service."

However, 2015-2018 Edge vehicles in the rest of the world allegedly had low rates of brake hose ruptures.

Ford's engineering department conducted extensive testing to identify potential causes for the front brake hose ruptures.

"This testing found that vehicles subjected to frequent full suspension and steering articulations (jounce and rebound), could potentially experience a front brake jounce hose failure. Analysis based on field data indicates that these vehicles operated in the U.S. may have a low but increasing rate of front brake jounce hose ruptures during their anticipated useful life." - Ford

The finding was enough to convince the automaker to order the recall.

Ford says nearly 489,000 Edge and MKX vehicles are recalled in the U.S., 62,876 are recalled in Canada and 7,140 SUVs are recalled in Mexico.

Ford is not aware of any crashes or injuries, but dealerships will need to replace the front brake jounce hoses with new hoses made with revised materials.

The 2015-2018 Ford Edge SUVs were built from June 25, 2014, to December 21, 2017, and the 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX vehicles were built from November 11, 2014, to December 21, 2017.

Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX owners with questions should call 866-436-7332 and refer to recall number 20S42.


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