GM says it's ready to repair 2017-2019 Bolt EV cars to prevent battery fires.

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Chevy Bolt Recall Fix Announced
GM says it's ready to repair 2017-2019 Bolt EV cars to prevent battery fires.

— A Chevy Bolt recall fix has been announced for 2017-2019 electric vehicles (EVs) to prevent the batteries from catching fire, something that occurred to at least five Bolts.

Two people claim they suffered smoke inhalation and one home caught fire, causing the automaker to warn Bolt owners in 2020 to park outside and away from anything that could burn.

General Motors announced the Chevrolet Bolt recall in November 2020 which included nearly 51,000 Bolt EV cars in the U.S., about 8,000 in Canada and nearly 68,700 cars worldwide.

However, GM engineers were trying to figure out what was happening with the batteries, manufactured by LG Chem in South Korea, which seemed to be catching fire when the batteries were fully charged. As an interim fix, GM dealerships were told to update software to limit the battery charging capacity to 90%.

The November 2020 Chevy Bolt recall fix also included telling 2017-2018 Bolt owners to change the battery settings to the "Hill Top Reserve" option.

And 2019 Bolt owners were advised to change the battery charge setting to "Target Charge Level" at 90%.

Chevy Bolt Recall Fix For 2021

The Chevrolet Bolt recall repair for 2019 models is available now, then repairs for 2017-2018 Bolt cars will be performed by the end of May 2021.

"As part of the service procedure, dealers will utilize GM-developed diagnostic tools to identify potential battery anomalies and replace battery module assemblies as necessary.  The remedy will also include the installation of advanced onboard diagnostic software into these vehicles that, among other things, has the ability to detect potential issues related to changes in battery module performance before problems can develop." — Dan Flores, GM spokesman

General Motors says the inspection and service will likely take about an hour. However, your dealer will provide a loaner vehicle if the inspection shows the replacement of a battery module assembly is required. GM says that job could take a few days, based on parts availability.

According to GM, advanced diagnostic software will be available to all other Bolt EV owners in the coming months, and the software is standard in the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV. Additionally, the diagnostic software will be included in all future GM electric vehicles.

This final Chevrolet Bolt recall fix will remove the 90% state-of-charge limitation required by the interim repairs announced in 2020, returning to an owner the ability to fully charge the EV battery.

Owners of 2017-2019 Bolts will need to visit their GM dealers for repairs.

If you own a 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV and have questions about the fix, please call the automaker at 833-EVCHEVY (833-382-4389).

The GM Bolt EV recall number is N202311731.


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