Cooper Tire recall affects about 460,000 tires to prevent sidewall bulges and separations.

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Cooper Tire Recall Issued Over Sidewall Separations
Cooper Tire recall affects about 460,000 tires to prevent sidewall bulges and separations.

— A Cooper Tire recall for about 460,000 tires is necessary because the sidewalls may develop bulges and separate, quickly deflating the tires.

The Cooper Tire recall includes these Discoverer, Evolution, Courser, Deegan, Adventurer, Hercules, Back Country, Multi-Mile Wild Country and Big O brand tires.

  • Discoverer AT3 4S WL1-46G-FY84 COOPER 275/65R18
  • Discoverer A/T3 WL1-32Y-FY84 COOPER 275/65R18
  • Evolution H/T WL1-37M-FY84 COOPER 275/65R18
  • Courser HSX Tour WL1-41X-FY84 MASTERCRAFT 275/65R18
  • Courser AXT WL1-42X-FY84 MASTERCRAFT 275/65R18
  • Courser AXT2 WL1-48A-FY84 MASTERCRAFT 275/65R18
  • Deegan 38 All-Terrain W31-37P-FY84 MICKEY THOMPSON 275/65R18
  • Discoverer AT3 4S WL1-46G-GY06 COOPER 275/55R20
  • Courser AXT WL1-42X-GY06 MASTERCRAFT 275/55R20
  • Courser AXT2 WL1-48A-GY06 MASTERCRAFT 275/55R20
  • Deegan 38 All-Terrain W31-37P-GY06 MICKEY THOMPSON 275/55R20
  • Cooper Discoverer ATP WL1-42M-FY84 DISCOUNT TIRE 275/65R18
  • Cooper Adventurer H/T WL1-20J-FY84 PEP BOYS 275/65R18
  • Cooper Adventurer A/T WL1-26M-FY84 PEP BOYS 275/65R18
  • Hercules Terra Trac A/T II WL1-34C-FY84 HERCULES 275/65R18
  • Back Country QS3 Touring HT WL1-2W2-FY84 LES SCHWAB 275/65R18
  • Back Country SQ4 All Terrain WL1-43T-FY84 LES SCHWAB 275/65R18
  • Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport 4S WL1-44H-FY84 TBC 275/65R18
  • Cooper Discoverer RTX WL1-43X-FY84 TBC/TIRE KINGDOM 275/65R18
  • Big O AT/T Bigfoot WL1-44R-FY84 TBC/Big O 275/65R18
  • Big O Bigfoot A/S WL1-45P-FY84 TBC/Big O 275/65R18
  • Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport 4S WL1-44H-GY06 TBC 275/55R20

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. first learned about a customer complaint regarding a sidewall bulge and from tests that were being conducted to cut the tires as part of quality inspections. The return rate was monitored and the company noticed a trend that was above normal for the condition.

The company says the sidewall bulges could be caused by a few issues. Cooper says variations during production could cause the bead filler to be too thick. And it's also possible the problems are caused by the width of the tire ply.

However, both conditions can result in trapped air voids in the sidewall during manufacturing, something that was fixed in production by December 1, 2019.

According to documents filed with the government regarding the Cooper Tire recall, it may be possible on some of the tires to see something that doesn't look normal on the white sidewall.

Cooper says there haven't been any reports about injuries, deaths or property damage associated with any of the tires which were manufactured between February 1, 2018, and December 1, 2019.

In addition, a Cooper Tire recall has been issued in Canada for nearly 30,000 tires.

The Cooper Tire recall is expected to begin March 25, 2021. Registered owners who purchased the tires will be contacted by mail with instructions about the problem and details about getting the tires replaced.

Cooper Tire customers who had their tires replaced before this recall may be eligible to receive reimbursement for the cost.

Owners affected by the Cooper Tire recall may call 800-854-6288 and ask about recall reference number 178.


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