Kia recalls 94,000 minivans because the turn signals may blink the wrong direction.

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Kia Sedonas Recalled For Misdirected Turn Signals
Kia recalls 94,000 minivans because the turn signals may blink the wrong direction.

— A 2015-2017 Kia Sedona recall has been issued because the turn signals may activate in the opposite direction of what drivers intended.

More than 94,000 Sedona minivans are recalled because the smart junction box software logic may not properly interpret signals received from the multifunction switches.

The purpose of the smart junction box is to interpret the signal from the switch to determine which way a driver moves the turn signal lever. But in the case of the Sedona, the junction box may not be so smart.

Kia was contacted by federal regulators in May about the turn signal problem occurring in a Sedona minivan. Kia opened an investigation and found seven warranty claims related to misdirections of the turn signals in 2015-2016 Sedonas.

In June, Kia told the government a warranty extension was planned to extend the warranty to 15 years/unlimited miles for the multifunction switch assembly to collect parts for testing.

But in July Kia engineers were still unable to duplicate the turn signal malfunction, and even an independent engineering company couldn't find any problems.

Kia expanded the investigation to other models and components and found the 2017 Kia Sportage uses the same switches as the Sedonas. But the Sportage vehicles had no warranty claims concerning misdirected turn signals.

Kia finally determined the smart junction box software logic was likely the problem following further testing.

As confusing as the problem may be, Kia says a Sedona driver will see the wrong turn signal indicator is activated on the instrument panel.

There have been 369 warranty claims, 44 customer complaints and 24 techline reports regarding misdirected turn signals, but no crashes or injuries have been reported.

About 5,800 of the vehicles are recalled in Canada.

Kia dealers will update the software once Sedona recall notices are mailed November 12, 2021.

Kia Sedona owners may contact Kia at 800-333-4542 and use recall number SC217.


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