Defect petition says Kia Sorento oil pressure switches cause V6 3.3L Lambda engines to fail.

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Kia Sorento Oil Pressure Switch Recall May Be Necessary
Defect petition says Kia Sorento oil pressure switches cause V6 3.3L Lambda engines to fail.

— A Kia Sorento oil pressure switch recall is allegedly necessary based on a petition sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The agency says the petition seeks a Kia Sorento oil pressure switch recall because 2015-2017 Sorentos are at risk of complete engine failures.

About 160,000 model year 2015-2017 Kia Sorentos are equipped with 3.3L V6 "Lambda" engines that allegedly burn up from oil starvation from the defective oil pressure switches.

The petitioner owns a 2016 Kia Sorento that leaked an excessive amount of oil. According to the owner, the dip-stick was completely dry and it was determined the oil pressure sensor was the problem. A mechanic confirmed it and replacement parts were about $14.

The petition alleges numerous complaints show a Sorento engine will fail from the oil loss and the warning light will not illuminate to alert the driver to low oil levels.

According to the petition:

"It should not cost you $400 in repair cost to replace a part that cost $14.00. If you don’t catch this issue in time and the engine fails that same $14.00 part will cost you $6100 for an engine replacement. This is an issue that KIA has been aware of for over 7 years that has not been addressed. This should be #1 on the NHTSA RECALL list."

The Kia Sorento petitioner says the oil pressure switch monitors engine oil pressure and is supposed to activate a warning light when low oil pressure is detected.

NHTSA hasn't opened a formal Kia Sorento oil pressure switch investigation, but the agency will evaluate the allegations in the petition to determine whether a defect investigation or recall is warranted. will update our website with NHTSA's decision.

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