Making sharp turns may cause the electronic stability to apply torque to one front wheel.

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Mercedes Recalls GLE-Class and GLS-Class Vehicles
Making sharp turns may cause the electronic stability to apply torque to one front wheel.

— Mercedes-Benz is recalling 2020-2021 Mercedes GLE450, GLE350, and 2020 GLS450, GLE580 and GLS580 vehicles because certain evasive maneuvers can cause the vehicles to pull to one side.

The problem in nearly 42,000 vehicles is the electronic stability program software that may apply torque to one of the front wheels.

Mercedes says a driving maneuver that requires a very fast change of direction is what can apply torque to one front wheel and force the vehicle to pull to one side.

The automaker says the supplier made mistakes when developing the stability program software which doesn't meet specifications.

A driver won't receive advance notice of the problem.

Mercedes opened an investigation in February 2019 following internal testing of a vehicle that was pulling to one side.

"The maneuver involves the driver making a series of rapid and sharp S-turns of the steering wheel where the driver turns the steering wheel 258 degrees in 0.4 seconds and then back 516 degrees in 0.7 seconds without applying the brakes." - Mercedes-Benz

Updated software was created and used during production, although Mercedes believes the particular S-turn maneuver is unlikely to occur under real-world driving conditions.

However, the driver is likely to slam on the brakes if the vehicle suddenly pulls to one side, or the automatic emergency brake assist feature would activate to prevent the front wheel from pulling the vehicle to one side.

Mercedes-Benz dealers will update the electronic stability software once the recall begins April 13, 2021.

Affected owners may call 800-367-6372.


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