Hyundai recalls more than 26,000 cars over the reverse park aid sensors.

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Hyundai Recalls 2012-2013 Velosters After 5 Fires
Hyundai recalls more than 26,000 cars over the reverse park aid sensors.

— Hyundai is recalling more than 26,000 older Velosters due to a risk of fires from short circuits.

The 2012-2013 Veloster cars are equipped with reverse park aid sensors that can short-circuit when "high conductive liquid" leaks into the sensors.

Hyundai says faulty sealing of the printed circuit board within the sensor assembly allows the liquid intrusion and resulting short-circuit.

Hyundai Canada opened an investigation in July 2022 after reports of fires in 2012 and 2013 Velosters. The fires were caused by the reverse park aid sensors.

Hyundai worked with Transport Canada because Hyundai had issued service campaign C0288, "a Canadian-market campaign issued to address issues with poor RPAS sensor detection operation."

The investigation was expanded in February 2023 to include 2012-2017 Velosters cars. Hyundai engineers determined the potting compound in the sensors was changed from a silicon primer mix to butadiene to improve the seal against water intrusion into the body of the sensor.

That change occurred in October 2013.

Hyundai is aware of at least five fires in 2012-2013 Velosters in the U.S., but no crash or injury reports.

A Hyundai Veloster driver may notice failure of the rear park assist feature or the gear shifter may get stuck in PARK.

Hyundai Veloster recall letters are expected to be mailed April 29, 2023, and dealers will replace the reverse park aid sensors and fuses.

Hyundai Veloster owners may contact Hyundai at 855-371-9460 and refer to recall number 242.


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