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Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 28 number 12-19 dated May 1, 2012. The master key with remote control does not engage or stay in the ignition lock. On vehicles without Advanced Key, the remote keys are inoperable. Keyless unlocking/locking using the door handle and keyless opening of the trunk lid using the trunk handle are inoperable. The vehicle cannot be started with the Start/Stop button. The remote keys are inoperable. The message "ignition lock faulty" may appear in the instrument cluster driver information display. DTC 00166 (Access/Start Authorization Switch -E415- Incorrect Signal) may be stored in Comfort System Central Control Module J393 (address word 46). It is possible that objects have been inserted into the ignition lock, which causes the slide of the ignition lock to become stuck in the rear part of the lock (S-contact position). The stuck slide is not allowed to return to the starting point (0-position).

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Date Published
APR 19, 2013
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