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Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

N51, N52, N52K and N52T Engines: Various Eccentric Shaft Sensor Faults stored in the DME - Diagnostic Hints This Service Information bulletin and attachment supersedes SI B11 06 16 dated April 2016.. The customer may complain about one of the following: Rough engine running Engine cannot be started (crank no start) Check Engine Light illuminated One or more of the following faults may be stored in the DME: 2A37 - Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor plausibility 2A47 - Valvetronic, eccentric shaft, signal plausibility 134E08 - Eccentric shaft plausibility (on F10, F25 vehicles only) CAUSE The VVT eccentric shaft sensor connector, and/or DME connector may have oil contamination due to oil leakage at the VVT sensor gasket.

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Date Published
MAY 01, 2016
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