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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
70,400 miles
Total Complaints:
69 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (46 reports)
  2. replace lifters (5 reports)
  3. replace piston and rings (4 reports)
  4. replace the engine (4 reports)
  5. install deflector in oil pan (3 reports)
  6. installed new valve cover with oil deflector (3 reports)
2007 Chevrolet Avalanche engine problems

engine problem

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2007 Chevrolet Avalanche Owner Comments (Page 4 of 4)

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problem #9

Nov 022009

Avalanche LS 5.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles


Just read the other posts about the Avalanche using too much oil and actually come to think of it my truck started using more oil than normal when i switched over to full synthetic....interesting? After just 2000 miles into an oil change the light came on then 1500 miles later it came on again. I will definitely go back to the other oil.

As for the guy that had smoke coming out of the back. My secretary had the same problem and got it fixed after nagging Midway Chevrolet in Pocomoke MD about it several times. They even tried tricking her into putting an extra half quart of oil in so that the low oil light wouldnt come on as soon, but they did end up fixing the problem. I hope this helps.

- nhsballplaya, Melfa, VA, US

problem #8

Apr 012009

Avalanche LTZ

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

dealership must think we are idiots. Didn't pay $40,000 for a vehicle that uses excessive oil and be told that it is normal. Are the nuts?

- kathyann19, Fair Play, SC, US

problem #7

Apr 102009

Avalanche LT1 5.3L Flex

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles

Need to find a solution to this oil consumption problem thatís really heating me up. Dealers say we will put it under observation and fix any problems we find. Thatís great but I want answers. This is the second problem since buying my Avalanche new in 07, at 30K had the transmission replaced and now this oil consumption problem. Currently I am using Mobile One synthetics as my preferred oil.

- damonf, Spanaway, WA, US

problem #6

Nov 102008


  • Automatic transmission
  • 28,000 miles


I received a message on the dashboard indicator to add oil, engine oil low? This has happened twice, once around 2500-3000 mi, and again at 59,482 mi. Oil was approx 1 quart low both times. The oil indicator light never came on, not once in either case. The first time this happened I just blew it off, thinking that it must have a computer chip problem. Everything now a day is blamed on something like that. SECOND TIME.. Watch out. I took it to Courtesy Chevrolet Salisbury, and same thing. Get an oil change and lets monitor it. We have been monitoring it ever since. I do a large amount of driving for a living and this is the first Chevy I have owned. Very disappointing. So Now it is using a little over 1/2 qt every 1000. Yes, I take it by the Courtesy Dealership, but nothing else except, lets keep monitoring it. I have found online a Document that states that THE CAUSE OF OIL LOSS IN 2007 CHEVROLET AVALANCHE, SILVERADO, SUBURBAN, TAHOE, SIERRA, YUKON IS NOT KNOWN. TILL UNDER INVESTIGATION

Also, at 56,355 a squeaking noise arose. My clients heard this as well. Took it by the Dealership, NOT ONCE, NOT Twice, But THREE TIMES. Do not hear it or do not know what it is. Finally, someone at the dealership heard the noise, OH, just rust on the brake pads. No problems. BUT YES, STILL PROBLEMS. Noise keeps getting louder and louder. Finally one of my clients that were riding with me said this is really bad noise, you should take it back to the dealership. Well this time it wasnt just the rust. IT was Emergency Brake had stuck. OH, I needed new Brakes too. Has anyone had problems with the Emergency Brake sticking???? Is this another problem?? This is very disappointing as we paid a good deal of money for our Chevy Avalanche and its not acceptable.

Update from Aug 14, 2009: Its August 2009 and its still using oil. We are monitoring it every 1,000 miles to make sure that there is still a oil problem. Not only is it using oil, BUT now BLUE SMOKE is coming out my exhaust. Very interesting. I told Courtesy Chevrolet in Salisbury, it doesn't seem to bother them. If my clients had not been following me, I guess I'd never know about the blue smoke. Everyone THAT is having a PROBLEM with oil consumption, PLEASE have someone follow you and see - when you accelerate on the gas, does blue smoke come out the exhaust. Good Luck everyone, I think we are gonna need it. Just hope they can fix the problem for the rest of the people out there.

- lynette c, Salisbury, MD, US

problem #5

May 222009

Avalanche LT2 Flexfuel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,000 miles

I am on the 4th Avalanche and have loved every one of them, and until now have never had a single problem. I bought the 2007 because I had to have the new body style, and have three complaints, two of them I can do nothing about.

1 - the nose sits too close to the ground

2 - I really miss the foot boosters in the rear bumper, they made it soooo easy to get up into the already really tall bed

3 - and this is the big one....

I was so happy that I could get the FlexFuel engine, and the dealer recommended that I change to synthetic oil at 10K miles, which I did. And this is when the fun really began. I paid the $75 for the synthetic oil change and then about 2 weeks later the light came on that indicated I was low on oil, and yup there was no oil on the stick, so in went 2 quarts of synthetic oil ($6 each) then 2 more weeks and yup 2 more quarts. This went on for two more weeks and I got down to my dealer (more than an hour from my house and the closest dealer to me) and they said there was no problem that is just the way that it is, but keep an eye on it, just get a fresh oil change so we can really monitor it, and yes $75 more. There is no leak. So then we start the process all over again and I am putting 2 quarts of synthetic oil in every two weeks or less. I go back to the dealer and ask, "Is it possible that synthetic oil is not compatible with the E85 fuel?", they say nope that is not a problem. Now I can tell you that I have put more than 100K miles on my other Avalanche's and they never burned a drop of oil! So after yet another oil change I start the process all over again. I am darn tired of putting $12 worth of synthetic oil into this thing every 10 days or so with no explanation of what the problem might be. So after I have had it to the point where I want to throttle the service guys at my regular dealership I was out of town and had my oil changed when it got to the low point back to regular oil, dumping the synthetic crap. Now I have gone 2 months and 6K miles and have yet to add another drop of oil to the engine. Maybe I am smarter than a certified chevy technician! Now I am back to just loving my truck!!!

- Patrick T., Estes Park, CO, US

problem #4

Jan 092009

Avalanche LS 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,000 miles

I just keep getting the run around. I keep Losing oil and keep getting told that this is normal. In all the Chevy trucks I have owned I have never had this problem before.

- Fred W., Plainville, CT, US

problem #3

May 022009


  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,972 miles


I received a message on the dashboard indicator to add oil, engine oil low ? this has happened twice once around 2500-3000mi, and again at 34,972 mi. Oil was barely touching dipstick. The oil indicator light never came on, not once in either case. The first time this happened I took it into the dealership, they basically blew me off, stating they can't validate if it was full etc. Needless to say I did argue with them in regards to that comment. The dealership ended up doing a check for leaks, and found nothing. In addition they did an oil change (my expense of course) and told me to keep monitoring it. A week later, I received another message stating to add oil etc., but when I checked there was oil. I called and complained to the dealership, they stated that that dashboard indicator probably wasn't reset; I said no that this is a different message but basically stating the same thing. When I dropped off my truck at the dealership they weren?t even going to look at and wanted to just reset the dashboard message indicator. I wasn?t until I made a fuss over it before they took it for the day to look at it. The dealership later called and stated they replaced a sensor.

Here I am again at 34,972 with the same issue this past weekend I received a message to add oil, and when I checked the oil was barely touching dipstick. I called the dealership to complain and make an appt. to take it in; the guy hasn?t even looked at and stated to me that this is normal. NO IT IS NOT NORMAL, I have never owned a truck/car, which used excessive oil, how is this normal to go through 5-6 quarts!?!? I purchased my truck brand new, but new or used this is an issue, as it shouldn?t be occurring.

I wanted to post my message since the last comment added 2007. Maybe someone else has had this problem and or currently experiencing this issue as well.

Update from Jun 15, 2009: Update 06/15/09 - At 35,758 my transmission just went out this morning while I was on my way to work, there was no warning signs what so ever that it was about to go out. At my request they put in a car a rental car but the catch is I have to pay the sales tax on it... what's up with that!?!?!? GM should have the eat the cost entire cost of the rental car, except the gas of course. Anyway this evening I started researching '2007 Avalaunche transmission failure' I couldn't believe how big of a problem this is. Trust me if you're reading this and thinking of buying this truck DON"T. It's a nice looking truck but built very poorly. I will never... never.. purchase a chevy car/truck again, not after the problems I've had with the dealership and the truck. Good luck to you all if you own this truck...

- debsky7799, Dallas, TX, US

problem #2

Oct 102007

(reported on)

Avalanche LT3 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 19,000 miles

I bought an '07 Avalanche with about 19k on it and have had to add about 1 quart of oil every 2k miles or so when the check engine oil level warning comes on. The 1st time the dealer said to just top it off and watch to see what happens. Sure enough, about 2k miles later the light came on again. Just got off the phone with the dealer about this problem and was told that they were aware of the excessive oil consumption problems and the faulty valve fix, but that if that was the problem I would be adding a quart every 300 miles or so. He tried to tell me that it isn't uncommon to add a quart every 2k miles. I have a '98 Nissan Pathfinder with 180k+ on the original engine and it uses maybe 1/2 quart every 6k. Anyone else ever heard of driving a car with 20k miles and having to periodically add 3 quarts between oil changes? I didn't think so.

- Andrew M., Lees Summit, MO, US

problem #1

Apr 302007

(reported on)

Avalanche LS 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,000 miles

Oil Light came on around 2500-3000mi. Oil was barely touching dipstick. I topped it off and took to dealership. I was told to monitor consumption because no problems like this have been reported. Called dealer the next week twice with no return call.

The next week returned to dealership turns out the serviceman quit the week before and thats why noone called me. They topped it off with oil again 1 1/2 quarts this time. I added 2 the last. The way I calculated, it was using a little over 1/2 qt every 1000 mi. They told me to keep monitoring it. A few days later I called back and they told me a bullitin came out 4/18/07 That said there was a rod in the motor that has a niche in it and was put in a certain number of Avalanches that were on the assembly line and this was causing this problem and further damage to the cylinders.

I told them I thought I should be able to just get another vehicle or Chevrolet should do a buy-back. They said all chevrolet is allowing them to do is repair the problem. I said well what about my O2 sensor and catalytic converter?could they also be damaged now? He said yes, but this is all they are letting us do. Its 5/1/07 now and I've had a loaner since 4/20/07. I just wish they would buy it back because I've lost my confidence in it now.

I would feel better if they also replaced the O2 sensor and converter but still not fully confident. The engine is not straight from the factory anymore, and how much experience does a dealership perform a job of this magnitude? Probably not as much as those on the 5.3L assembly line.

I wanted to post my problem in case someone else had the same problem with excessive oil consumption. I couldn't find any info about it on 2007 Avalanche on the web or on Chevrolet website.

- denniscarraway, Olla, LA, US

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