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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
76,450 miles
Total Complaints:
40 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (26 reports)
  2. replace engine (5 reports)
  3. replaced pistons, valve cover, and timing chain (5 reports)
  4. replace piston rings (3 reports)
  5. get rid of it (1 reports)
2011 Chevrolet Equinox engine problems

engine problem

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2011 Chevrolet Equinox Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #40

Jun 142021


  • Automatic transmission
  • 134,350 miles


Since my husband bought this SUV 2 years ago, we have had to put extra oil in between oil changes because going the 3000 miles that was recommended meant that we were 2 to 3 quarts low on oil. My husband works 55 miles away from our house so we have to do oil changes a lot normally, but having to buy extra oil to put into the car every few weeks on top of doing a regular oil change is just ridiculous.

- Chelsea N., Croswell, MI, US

problem #39

Aug 272020

Equinox LTZ AWD 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,872 miles

Have to add oil every 350 miles. Change oil every 2000 miles. Engine light comes on every couple weeks for a code to check catalytic converter. Replaced converter sensor. Light continues to come on due to oil usage.

- John W., Ogema, WI, Pacific Islands (US)

problem #38

Apr 012020

Equinox LTZ 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles

GM wouldn't cover the repairs because of the mileage on the vehicle so I had a new long block installed, total cast was 5800 plus some change. I would like to somehow get some of that back. I feel they knew there was a problem and they did not let the owners know about it in time.

- Herbert D., Clyde, US

problem #37

Jul 242019

Equinox LT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles


Car used almost 5 quarts to Myrtle beach and back and been sucking it down for a year now averaging 1-1 1/2 quarts every 1000 miles took car to dealership for oil consumption test at 119,000 but we did not have the original owners maintenance records and i do all maintenance myself so they said it wouldn’t be covered. Since then timing chain tensioner broke and ruined engine

- Jeremy D., Elkton, US

problem #36

Mar 042019

Equinox LT/1LT 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

After hearing more knocking than usual I checked the oil & added 3 quarts. The oil light never came on. I'm guessing it is set at 4.5 quarts low to save GM warranty issues & deem engine failure on poor maintenance on the owner. Great job GM.

Update from Apr 1, 2019: Why are the recalls on all of gm's vehicles 10 years or 120000 miles EXCEPT the one for excessive oil consumption that one is 7.5 years or 120000 miles which ever comes first

- Bruno F., Crete, IL, US

problem #35

Mar 132019

Equinox LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

We bought my mother in-law a 2011 Equinox a few years ago used and had no issues. Last summer she was told about the oil consumption issue and followed the dealerships directions to a tee but they returned with nothing. On March 13, 2019 she called me to say the cars check engine light had come on and it started running rough at the same time. Thinking it had something to do with the prior oil issue she checked her level. Dip stick came out covered completely in thick nasty unusable oil. After repeated attempts to get a good check she called me and sent me pictures. The oil on the dipstick came out looking like it had been in a muddy swamp and resembled nothing that looked like oil. She was told to get it to the shop the next morning and do not drive it. Dealership is saying the timing chain had cracked something causing the oil to get fowled up. This is all just coming in to me so I'm still very unclear of all the details. Either way an engine should last much longer than 70k miles before any catastrophic failures occur!!!!!!!!! Chevy better make this right!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Bill R., Pedricktown, US

problem #34

Sep 012018

Equinox LT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,100 miles


My 2011 Equinox Started with BAD engine noise when I started it. Didn't make anything of it till it was happening more often. went to get a oil change the dealer told me i only had 1 qt of oil left in the crankcase. only had less than 2,500 miles on the last oil change.Now he said IWILL need new pistons and other things witch will cost about $3,200 to fix. I am so mad at Chevy that they know about this problem and are not doing nothing about the problem or at least helping out. Been a Chevy owner all my life now i am leaning to other cars

- William V., Oak Creek, US

problem #33

Nov 102017

Equinox LT W/1LT 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

When I took my car in to get the oil change, the proceeded to tell me car was burning too much oil. They suggested I come back in a few weeks so they can check the oil burn. Needless to say with prior experiences with this vehicle, I decided against it since I had issues with this dealership before.

- Karen M., Indianapolis, IN, US

problem #32

Sep 282017

Equinox LT 2.4L Dohc

  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,089 miles

GM total ignorance that engine has a large issue with oil consumption. Started a case file with GM. They refer you to dealer. Dealer of course denies any problem. Got nowhere. They say it is normal. As a lifetime mechanic I know that is B.S. People are being lied to by GM . GM knows they have a problem. It all comes down to money instead of honesty with the customer. This is fraud and total misuse of power.

- Bob A., Boise, US

problem #31

Sep 082013

Equinox 4cy

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

This was the first issue in a line that ends with a seized engine. This was right after I purchased my car PAID in cash from Mike Savoie Chevy in Troy Michigan.

- Caryn N., Lewiston, MI, US

problem #30

Aug 022018

Equinox LTZ 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles


I am upset. I see lots of Equinox owners complaining and yet GMC is pretending this is not a problem. My car started making noise on a Thursday and then Saturday it would not start. Dealership came back and said car engine needed to be replaced at $7500. Finally they came down to $4000. Car is still at dealer’s shop. I need help to get this repaired.

- Audrey F., Atlanta, US

problem #29

Aug 092017

Equinox LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,926 miles

Back in August of 2017 my car started making a lot of noise and I was out of town. My brothers looked at it and determined there was no oil in the car. The owners manual says there is a warning light that goes off when the oil is low, however when I took it in I was told there is no warning light. Anyway we put in 3 quarts of oil.

When I took it in for the problem the work order says 1 quart low. So oil was changed and they had we do an oil consumption test. Bring it in every 1,000 miles. So when I would bring it in they didn't let me see the dip stick and would ay oh its good but we will add a little oil. So the service man would come over with this big oil can and dump oil in it. I was never sure how low it was and how much they put in. Anyway, at the end of the oil consumption test they said it was normal for this car to burn 1 quart of oil for every 2,000 miles.

So in Dec o 2017 car went back for service. Same thing oil did not register on the dip stick. I was then told there was a notice sent out regarding the excessive oil usage on this car I asked why that wasn't sent out to the consumer and was told we don't send out all notices. OH THAT MAKES SINCE, RIGHT!!! So now I'm at 96 plus thousand miles and due for service I have put in 4 quarts and not gone 6,000 miles. Why hasn't this issue been taken care. Obviously Chevy knows it's a problem and chooses to ignore it.

- Chris C., Roseville, US

problem #28

Apr 162018

Equinox LX 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 91,000 miles

Bought car 6 months ago at 84 thousand miles. I've only driven 7 thousand. Car ran out of oil. Tried doing an oil consumption test. Took car back dealer have oil checked. Mechanic drained oil and refilled. No oil test. Now dealer wants me to put more miles. More miles no lemon law. What's really bad is Chevy knows that this car is a lemon.

- Tori B., Postfalls, US

problem #27

Mar 122018

Equinox LTZ 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

There is an obvious issue with Chevy 4 cyl engines which Chevy is ignoring. Our 2011 Equinox just quit running and the dealer diagnosed that the engine was not getting lubrication due to low oil. Chevy says it is an 8 THOUSAND dollar fix to replace a 4cyl engine, even though there are hundreds of reported issues just like mine.

The really sad part is that there is no one at Chevrolet that will even return my calls even though a case number has been assigned and a service mgr "Brandon" has been issued the case with notes to "expedite". My wife, myself and the dealership has contacted "Brandon" via voicemail, every day for going on three weeks with not a single return call. To be honest I do not believe "Brandon" exists or at least should not exist as a customer service manager for anybody.

I have also not been able to find any other way to contact anyone at Chevrolet other than the numbers I have been using, the generic number provided by Chevy customer service. The call center that receives the initial complaint is of no help as they are only allowed to follow a scripted process.

I have been a long time Chevy fan, but this "customer service" experience has been one of the most irresponsible displays of poor customer service that I have seen. The fact that they recognize an inherent problem and then leave their customer hanging with an exorbitant repair bill is deplorable, and then to ignore them all together is a whole other disgrace.

- tcowdin, Washougal, US

problem #26

Oct 012017

Equinox LT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

So, I'm assuming you're here as you're trying to find an answer to the oil consumption issue with your car. Let me tell you I will NEVER buy a Chevy (or an american car) again EVER!!! These issues started at 78,000 which was 3k past the extended warranty I purchased when i bought the car new in 2011. I change my own oil every 5,000 miles. It would use a quart every 2,000 and was told it was normal this was at the first few 1,000 miles I owned the car and let it go. Fast forward to February 2016. Backing out of my driveway my entire car stalled out and the check engine light came on. Restarted the car and had no problem. I took it to a shop and they said something about the oil flooding the engine and had to pay $800 to flush out the engine.

Exactly one week later the check engine light came on AGAIN! I took it back to the shop and wouldn't you know the catalytic converter went out as a result of the engine issue and that was covered under a special warranty. So tell me GM you cover the converter knowing about the engine issue but don't issue a warranty for the $800 repair that caused the issue.

So I thought fine I'll fix it as i just bought a new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe (which is fantastic) and like only having one car payment. Let's jump to March 2016. I was driving and my engine started sounding like a diesel truck. I checked the oil and had nothing on the dipstick. It was 2 quarts low on oil. I took it to a shop and they said it needed more oil. I asked how was it burning the oil to fix the issue and they couldn't find the issue.

Over the next year I was searching to find the issue and finally found out there was an extended warranty due to the oil consumption. (Oh, now you offer an extended warranty for the issue! close to when cars are at the 7 year purchase date. Very convenient if you ask me.) I took it straight to the GM dealer where I was told I needed to do an oil consumption test. I had to go back every 1,000 miles for 5,000 miles before they finally agreed to fix it. The first 1,000 it only burned .25 quarts which I knew was wrong. On the 3rd - 5th I was burning over 1 quart every 1,000 miles. I have a feeling they overfilled the oil on the first change which is why it threw the consumption off. In 6 months I would be over the 7 year purchase and my car had 99k miles at the time so I drove the sh*t out of it to get the warranty coverage before the miles or purchase date expired.

I feel bad for anyone who discovers this issue and had 4,000 miles or less having this issue and needing to take the car in as I know they would do the test and then right when you're over the miles say screw you. Anyway, they finally agreed to do the repair and it took 8 days to have them fix it. I just got it back a week and a half ago and I've put 600 miles on it. I'm going to check the oil this afternoon and see where it is. I also had a 2012 ford and had issues as well. I will NEVER buy an american car again. Sorry for the long rant and good luck in your quest to find a solution.

Update from Nov 3, 2017: I've been watching the oil consumption like a hawk and seems to now be within the GM guidelines of 1 quart every 2k miles (which I still don't agree with). I have noticed that now sometimes when I come to a stop the engine struggles to "breathe" causing it to leach forward. I'm willing to bet this is due to the fact they had to take the entire engine apart. I can't wait until until the car i want comes out so I can trade this P.O.S. in!!!

- curtvone, St. Louis, US

problem #25

Jul 142015

Equinox 2LT 2.4L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,350 miles

We bought the car used as a Certified Used car with 15,00 miles on it from Harper Chevrolet in Belle Vernon PA. Since I live within 1 mile of Rohrich Chevrolet in Pittsburgh I had them do any service needed while under warranty instead of driving 20 miles to Harper Chevrolet. We had trouble with the radio and the outside air temperature sensor and they were replaced under warranty without any problems.

I drove the car to Corvettes at Carlisle in July of 2015 after changing the oil and checking everything for the trip. I noticed a strange noise in the engine after returning from the trip and it sounded like valve clatter. I checked the oil level and found it to be low. I added a quart of oil and started to keep a close watch of the oil level. I am retired and we have four cars that we use so none get a lot of mileage put on them.

I received a notice from Chevrolet that they were having problems with the 2.4L engines using oil so I made an appointment with Rohrich Chevrolet to have our car checked for oil consumption. They told me that the car was leaking oil and that was where the oil was going. I explained that the car was parked in the same place for3 years and there was no oil stain on my garage floor. They gave me a bill for an oil change and said that they would be happy to find the leak at my expense. I told them they would not be servicing my car again and that I had brought the car in for an oil consumption verification and not for an oil change and that if they were not checking the oil consumption they should not have changed the oil! I insisted that I should not have to pay for the oil change and after some persistence, they agreed to cover the oil change.

I drove the car home and put it up on my lift and there was not an oil leak to be found. There was a stain back below the converter but it was not wet or excessive and probably from the seal of the converter.I have added oil three times since that oil change and get aggravated each time. I have decided that I will simply keep adding oil until I get rid of the car. This is a shame because we really like the Equinox and we were going to buy another one when we were ready for a new car, but after thinking about it, I decided that we will never buy another Chevrolet. We probably will look at the Honda CR-V or a Hyundai Santa Fe.

I happen to be a retired mechanic that worked in the Conrail Truck shop where I maintained the fleet of vehicles owned by the railroad. I went to Harrisburg Area Community College for various GM Certification classes taught by GM Technicians for three years. This training was paid for by GM since Conrail bought their vehicles from GM and we were certified to do warranty repairs by GM. If this is how Chevrolet weasels out of their responsibilities I do not want to have anything to do with them. Conrad

- Conrad E., Pittsburgh, PA, US

problem #24

May 052016

Equinox 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

Ok, so I bought my 2011 Chevy Equinox with 68,000 miles on it in November 2015. Great SUV. I got the regular oil changes, everything was great.... until it wasn't.

April 2016 I notice my engine sounds loud/rough. Almost like a chain clanking around or something loose under the hood. I took it to a mechanic (NOT a GM certified) and he listened to the sound, albeit at the time of him listening it was a softer sound. He said the sound was normal, it was the regular piston noise. Nothing to be concerned about. I've driven plenty of vehicles and none sounded the way that did. Whatever. I went on my way, irritated. May 2016, the sound came back again, way more consistent. I took it back to the same mechanic (again, not GM certified, I learn my lesson just hang in there). This time, I'm furious, I KNOW that sound is not normal and nobody is convincing me it is. They hear it and agree, it's not normal. They check the oil level (I just had my oil changed recently, it wasn't to the date or the miles for a new change yet) 2 1/2 QUARTS LOW!!!!

They put oil in it, charge me for every drop. Tell me to keep an eye on it, come back and have it checked every 1,000 miles. Ok. So I do that. From May-September 2016, I go in every thousand miles. It's always 1-2 quarts low. No lights EVER came on the dash warning me of the low oil or anything. Then I discover, GM has issued a bulletin for my exact SUV, with my exact problem. BUT since the mechanic is not GM certified, I then had to start the oil consumption test process ALL OVER AGAIN at Chevy. Irritating to say the least.

September 2016 They (Chevy dealership service dept) reset the ECM (which the old mechanic didn't do). And started the oil consumption test. So every one thousand miles, I was gracing their service department with my presence, but at least they had free cookies in the waiting area. It was low, every time. 1/2 a quart. 3 quarters of a quart. A quart. I think after they reset the ECM, it consumed a tad bit less, but still consumed excessively. Every time they topped off here though, the oil was of no charge. Oil changes, I still had to pay for though.

Fast forward to March 2017, FINALLY AFTER ALMOST A YEAR, my SUV is in the shop getting new piston rings. COST IS COVERED BY GM. It's a lengthy job (12 hours in labor alone) so patience is required.


The Chevy dealership service department has been fantastic, by the way.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If you think it's happening to your 2011 Equinox: TAKE IT TO A GM CERTIFIED MECHANIC, there is a bulletin issued by GM. This will save you time and money in the long run, I promise.

- mamaneedsanewchevy, Bend, US

problem #23

Oct 162016

Equinox LS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 41,302 miles

While waiting at a red light, my engine turned off. I was able to start it again easily and it drove fine. My check engine light did go on, but then turned off the following morning. Took it to the mechanic that morning anyway, and they said I had no oil. My mileage was at 41,000 and I wasn't due for another change until 44,000. My mechanic said there is a known issue with some GM vehicles burning through oil very quickly, however there is not an official recall. I called the dealership, they said if it burns through a quart of oil in less than 2000 miles, then they will replace some parts including the piston rings, I believe. It will be covered under warranty.

- Nydia M., Wauwatosa, WI, US

problem #22

Feb 042017

Equinox 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,000 miles

Back in August of 2015 I received a notice from the dealer regarding my 2011 Equinox and issues with excessive oil consumption. The next month I went in for my routine oil change (every 5,000 miles) and mentioned the notice to the service person and asked what the oil level was. My car was completely out of oil! This was really strange b/c my engine never made that tell-tale "ticking" noise nor did any dashboard lights ever come on to alert me to a problem.

In December (2015) I took it to my dealer to get this problem checked out. They told me that oil consumption tests would have to be run on my car and I would have to bring it back every thousand miles. So I drove it for a 1000 miles (it took a while as I drive less than 500 miles a month) when I took it back it I was told the level was fine. I brought up the visit to Jiffy Lube and their discovery of my car not having any oil in it and was told that I could keep bringing it back every 1000 miles to be checked for peace of mind. Being a very busy person-especially on Saturdays and not having my dealer conveniently located, I just thought I would monitor it by checking in with Jiffy Lube and continue being vigilant with the oil changes. No further problems until this past December (2016) and my car started stalling randomly while I was driving it. I had this issue before back when I bought it new from the dealer and it was under recall to have the camshaft solenoid valves replaced-which they did and stalling ceased. Thinking this was possibly the problem again I took it to the dealer (Feb 4) and guess what-they discovered my car was completely out of oil! (with 2,000 miles to go till the next oil change) Additionally the engine had incurred some damage as a result -$500- and they want me to bring it back in 1000 miles for another oil consumption test!! It seems pretty obvious to me that my car consuming oil to the point of it running out TWICE in a little over a one year period would be proof enough but no there's more hoops to jump through! Why can't they just make the repairs? I am very suspicious of these test results. Oh, and they did have to replace the camshaft valves once again - no more stalling! Now if I could just get this oil consumption issue resolved....

- lily5, Hollywood, FL, US

problem #21

Jul 212016

Equinox LT AWD 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

I have had more problems with my 2011 Chevy Equinox, uses about a Qt of oil every 500-800 miles, went through the Chevy dealer oil consumption test which took months, and they told me it was within normal limits? REALLY are you kidding me? I have never had a car use as much oil as this one does, and its under a 100,000 miles with regular services etc. They are crazy, and just do not want to fix a known problem. I have always been a chevy guy, but not any more! I did some research and the Equinox has to be one of the worst vehicles ever, and has to be close to the Vega. I also see the throttle body issue is not just with the equinox, it appears that 100,000's of vehicles from the Chevy line up are having the same issue but no recalls! Wow, all we want as consumers is a good running vehicle that does not need major repairs, and most manufacture provide just that for at least a 100,000 miles, but when you start having major issues early on, most just after the warranty runs out. Not Happy at all!

- jammz, Spanaway, WA, US

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