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Affected Component: BRAKES (PWS)

This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician on the steps to help diagnose and repair vehicles with a Antilock Braking System Malfunction Indicator Lamp on. Technician will find the scan tool will not communicate with the Electronic Brake Control Module. Technician will check the Yaw and Lateral Accelerometer Sensor and the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor supply voltage circuit 2087 Dark Green shorted and pulling down the internal circuitry of the Electronic Brake Control Module. Not all vehicles use circuit 2087 to supply voltage to the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor, so be sure to check Service Information for the specific vehicle that is being serviced. If circuit 2087 is backed out of the EBCM connector and communication returns, inspect for either this circuit being shorted to ground or for a sensor concern. Technician will repair the circuit as necessary and reroute to prevent the concern from reoccurring. If the technician is working on a full-size or utilities that have aftermarket lift kits the wheel speed sensor may be broken or shorted. Technician will repair the circuit as necessary.

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Date Published
SEP 28, 2015
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