pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
74,250 miles
Total Complaints:
53 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (27 reports)
  2. replace gear shift assembly (16 reports)
  3. replace shift inter lock lever and spring (5 reports)
  4. replace the "small pink plastic" part (4 reports)
  5. press the 'override pink tag' (1 reports)
2007 Dodge Charger transmission problems

transmission problem

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2007 Dodge Charger Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #53

Jan 302018

Charger RT 5.7lV8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles


The gear shift stuck in park because of a cheap, poorly designed plastic piece from Dodge. The replacement was metal. Every few months something is wrong with this car.

- James S., Granite Falls, US

problem #52

Aug 282017

Charger LE 2.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

really a pain read about this problem and it finally happened in front of my garage and cant move it to get out other vehicle. stranded

- doug, P, US

problem #51

Aug 012016

Charger 4 DR 2.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles

it is very frustrating when customer brought dodge and part the cars ,come out to go somewhere and the shift gear stuck in gear and you cannot move to go anywhere ,dodge needs to take responsible for this problem it does matter how old the car is or miles on the car it is a know problem by manufacture .

- Roxanne E., Cape Coral, FL, US

problem #50

Jun 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles


I have call Chrysler ,local and main office Mich , I have called Safecar.gov. I was told by the main office ,I would get a call back ,which I never did I am unable to drive it ,I can't get it out of park

Update from Jul 13, 2016: is there any way around this ,can we undo something to make it work Dodge ,Chrysler sure wont help their Customer Satisfaction is a lie they don't care about us poor people I was told WE didn't buy a new car from them it wasn't made in the right place to be under the Recall K39 this is our 2nd Dodge Car that we have owned

- Carol L., Marble Hill, MO, US

problem #49

Apr 182016

Charger RT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,314 miles

I got off work at 730pm (pst) 4-18-16. I started my 07 Dodge Charger RT up, put it in Reverse, only to find that it would not move.. It was stuck in park. I turned the car off, and re-started it.. Then tried to put it in R again, with no success.. I repeated this action numerous times..I even got co-workers to try and get it out of P.. Finally I had given up after a couple of hours. I called a tow truck (that never came) I was so upset/angry. I decided to google my issue. Sure enough, there were other Dodge customers with the same complaint (not surprised) on YouTube there were many videos on how to get the car out of gear. Take the covering off, stick a pen or screw driver down in the hole to the left of the park gear, find the metal chord, move it over, and magic! The car is able to shift. So u can leave it in Neutral and apply the P break. Otherwise if you put the car in P, you will need to repeat the above mentioned process. I took my car to Dodge in Gresham, Oregon on Burnside street. Informed them of my issue and asked them to not put my car in P. Guess what.. They did exactly what I asked them not to do. They quoted me a high price initially, then a lower price 20 min later. Why? Because, they broke the chord used to move the gears, and tried to get me to pay for it. After the price quote, i told them to just give me an oil change. They did, and returned my car to me in N. When i get ready for work the next morning, I got through the process to get it into gear, and noticed the chord was broken. I called Dodge to inform them of this issue, they of course denied any responsibility. Im pissed. If there are multiple people with the very same complaint, thats a problem. So Im filing a report with BBB and I will speak to an attorney about Dodge in general. You would think they would own up to their mistake by breaking the chord, and fixing it, but no! So I will take this as far as I can and I hope other Dodge customers will follow.

- Anjaneik T., Gresham, OR, US

problem #48

Apr 052016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

My daughter's 2007 Charger got stuck in park. Towed it to the dealer where they fixed the problem. Repair wasn't covered under my Mopar Vehicle Protection plan even though my provisions stated that the shifter mechanism was covered. Dealer "removed and disassembled the shifter and replaced the interlock mechanism and spring, then reassembled the shifter and reinstalled".

I called Mopar Vehicle Protection first, they suggested I have the dealer call them to explain what the problem was. I called the dealer to ask for their help. THE DEALER WAS OF NO HELP WHATSOEVER AND TO BE HONEST, THE GUY WAS A DICK, LIKE I WAS TRYING TO SCREW HIM!

Needless to say, I am asking for my money back on the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan and will not be visiting my local dealer anytime soon. Unbelievable!!

- Jack R., Medina, OH, US

problem #47

Oct 022013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles


Got in the car to head to the airport, tried to put it into reverse... nothing.

- Joe C., Fort Worth, TX, US

problem #46

Apr 012014

Charger ES 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

I can't believe this isn't a recalled item. Many people I know have had the same problem.

- Nancy M., Downey, CA, US

problem #45

May 252015

Charger RT 5.7L Hemi Mds

  • Automatic transmission
  • 47,798 miles

This car is my summer ride, only comes out when the sun is out. I'm the original owner was a Demo with 6400 miles when my husband surprised me with it. I have never taken it through a car wash, hand wash only. Needless to say......I baby my car, it now has 47,798 miles. I just finished drying it and tried to move it out of the garage to go to the store and could not get it out of park :((( WTF. Fortunately, I was at home when it happened. My husband tried to get it out of park and when he pressed on the brake the solenoid to release it out of park was not engaging. He took apart the console to see if it was the little pink plastic thing that didn't seem to be the issue. It was pretty clear that when he pulled on the spring that attached to a white plastic piece he could get it out of park.

- Tracey K., Ortonville, MI, US

problem #44

Jul 262014

Charger V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles

So theres a freaking recall on the very part that's broken and left me in park!! But recall says my vin isn't included, it was made 15 days after, yet the piece is broken. I'm stuck in park and obviously the morons continued to use the failing part in vehicles past the date they knew of the problem. i want their as for lunch lawsuit!! Where do i signup?? And chrysler expects me to pay and i just got piece of crap 5 months ago!!!

- Sherry L., Tabor City, NC, US

problem #43

Apr 202014

Charger SE 2.7L,V.6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,924 miles


2007 Dodge Charger shift inter lock lever and spring are defective..... Chrysler did a recall for this problem but my car was made 15 DAYS before the recall would take effect. Called the customer care line and was told "While the Charger may very well have a defective part, your car was made 15 days before the defective parts were used, so keep your receipt and maybe there will be another recall but the work needs to be done by a Dodge Tech." Unfortunately, my car was in a public parking lot when the car would suddenly NOT MOVE OUT OF PARK. The garage I took it to informed me of the recall. I called the dodge dealership and was told to bring it in but at my own cost as the recall was not on my car. (15 days too early) I decided not to pay to have my car towed yet again to Dodge and told my garage to fix the problem. So today I spent 90 minutes on the phone asking why if Dodge knows there is a defective part do they not cover it. I was informed by multiple customer service and dodge Techs that my car was made 15 days TOO EARLY. So I'm frustrated and to hell with it. I wonder how many other 2007 Chargers were built 15 days before the recall went into effect. I was also told by customer care that the recall only effected 24,000 cars and that is not very many... The car is a really good car. I keep up with the basic maintenance and the car runs well. Just pissed off that Dodge will not accept responsibility for their defective parts.

- krmoore60, Denver, CO, US

problem #42

Jul 022010

Charger V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

I purchased the extended warranty on my Charger. One day I could not get the car out of Park. I called the tow truck and had the car taken to the Dealer. The Dealer said it would cost me approximately $400. The tow truck driver showed me how to manually shift the gears by press a button down in the gear shaft. I did not pay the dealer to fix the part that I thought should have been covered under the warranty. I purchashed the part from the dealer for approximately $75. I installed the part myself. saved myself a bundle.

- trip2eveland, Moreno Valley, CA, US

problem #41

Sep 032013

Charger RT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,650 miles

I have had this car since it was new and really love driving it. I get the lane I want because I can beat most cars in acceleration. I am disappointed with the quality of the automobile however. I just had another let down the other day when I got off work, got in my car and could not get my car out of park. I just could not believe it. I called my mechanic and he told me about the shift override button. I found it and tried it, but that didn't work either. I called AAA and requested a tow truck. Luckily the tow truck driver knew how to take it halfway apart, stick a screwdriver in the side and get it out of park so I could drive it to my mechanic. I had to cancel a golf game and carpool with my wife for two days. I just got my car back with and new shifter assembly. I am out $312 and had my life screwed up for two days. As you can see on this site, this is a recurring problem that is Dodge's fault and they won't own up and at least pay for the repair. Heck, they should also have paid for a rental car and apologized for the inconvenience they have caused by not making the damn thing right in the fist place. I am not going to be buying anymore Chrysler products because this is not the first unnecessary problem that I have had with this car, or the most expensive.

I understand that things wear out on cars and some repairs are to be expected, but when there is a problem that is common like this one, the company should back up their product. There are plenty of other auto companies that make more reliable products.

- jshort, Irvine, CA, US

problem #40

Jul 032012

Charger LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

I have several friends with Chargers and they all have had the same problem. Car starts up fine and then won't shift into reverse, neutral, or anything...wtf?? Never had this problem before, is Charger becoming the new lemon of the millennium?? uh oh

- Billy T., Mayfield, KY, US

problem #39

Apr 292012

Charger XLT 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 126,000 miles

Parked my car in the parking lot at the baseball field and when I go to leave my car will not shift into drive. Called my brother in law who is a mechanic at a dealership and he told me how to push the pink thing so it would go into drive. He replaced the shifter for $330.00!

- bobbila, Vacherie, LA, US

problem #38

May 112012

Charger RT Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles


- Ray W., Soddy-Daisy, TN, US

problem #37

Jul 122012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 73,000 miles

I got off work and started the car and to my surprise it was stuck on park. I had to leave it at work and my husband came back the next day and was able to get it out of park. The mechanic said we would have to replace that whole part. I have never had this happen to me and it's very frustrating and annoying that we should have to pay for something that commonly happens to these cars. I have a 2001 Mitsubishi and that car has never given me any problems like this. won't ever buy a dodge again :(

- Ivonne H., Las Vegas, NV, US

problem #36

Jan 232013

Charger LX 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,676 miles

'07 Dodge Charger - I'm going to start this story off with me telling you that I just picked up my car from the dealership on 12/17/12, paid around $700 for 5 different "labor" services done, which of course are NOT covered by my warranty. Nonetheless, I paid the fee and left the dealership feeling like I was legally robbed with the small hint of relief that I wouldn't be back any time soon. Fast-forward to now, a little over a month later and I'm driving around SoCal up and down PCH (cause the weather forces me to do so) and then park the beast for the night with no problems. I wake up the next morning and get ready for an appointment, about an hour or so before the appointment I head down to the beast, plug my key in, turn the key, engine starts as normal- then my whole day takes a turn down rape alley.. I go through the normal motions of start-up, but then as I attempt to move the shifter down to drive, it's stuck! I frantically attempt to make it work, turn the car off, look under the car, walk around the car, turn the car back on attempt to shift down to park, still stuck! My appointment is now in 45 minutes, I'm tripping balls that I'm going to have to reschedule (which will cost me more money/time) so I summon up the strength of my forefathers and pull on the shifter like its a winning slot machine and SNAP! The shifter makes a snapping noise and it budges, but not in a good way. It now moves down to reverse! Which does me exactly no good, since I'm backed into a parking spot. Now, I've already rescheduled the appointment since it doesn't feel/look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon. So after a simple google search while sitting in the driver seat, I'm relieved and then angered when I see that I'm not the only one who encountered this curse. I called the dealership, explained the issue and he told me that I would need a tow-truck to being me into the dealership, he was happy to schedule the appointment (for the following morning) but didn't provide me any other assistance than that, although, he did mention that the tow truck driver might know how to get it going (which didn't make me feel any better about the situation). After scheduling the appointment and registering for AAA overnight, I then went to my rescheduled appointment using my girlfriends car, wishing that was the end of my troubles. I wake up the next morning (its now raining of course) and call AAA for a tow truck, the process to get the tow truck to my house was quick and painless, they had a flat-bed there within an hour. The driver was all-around awesome, he explained to me the whole problem with the "pink lever" and that actually isn't the thing that fixes it, "that's what messes it up" he explained. That said, the memory of me going all "sword in the stone" on my shifter and "snapping" it, was replaying in my mind. After about 15 minutes or so, we both came to the conclusion that I broke the shifter, since it wasn't even going into reverse anymore; it was literally stuck in park while the shifter could move freely from "P" to "D". Which brought on the next hurdle... He explained that we would need to put it into Neutral, which obviously wasn't going to happen. So he suggested a couple options, call-in a "tire lift" (which was out on a call already) or hook it up and drag it up the flat bed. He left it up to me to decide. I chose the option that would get the process going, drag the car up, since the beast is RWD, there shouldn't be any issues, so he did. He hooked it up and I watched as the best slowly crept up the bed, with no issues, the tires occasionally dragged but for a majority of the time the tires were moving. Once into the truck we were on our way to the dealership. Once there he "shimmied" the beast down the bed onto the garage lot and then was on his way. The dealership then quoted me at "$405+tax" (FYI, I'm still under warranty. They offer a 3-tiered warranty, I'm the 2nd tier which covers everything except "miscellaneous parts"). The shifter unit is considered a "miscellaneous part" so of course that had to be paid in-full, out-of-pocket. Thank god AAA was a small shining light, being able to both provide me the tow AND a %5 parts/labor discount at the dealership since it was an "approved dealership" and a 2-year warranty on all parts. Two hours later, while waiting in the lobby, the beast was fixed and ready for me. The total invoice cost was $422.25 (including AAA discount).

- kidculprit, Irvine, CA, US

problem #35

Jul 012012

Charger Hemi Rt

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

I have the RT Hemi only owner. Car would not come out of park. In cup holder there is a release button(BS!) They had to replace cabling system. Why make a release button? Car has been garage kept no accidents...this should not happen.

- ginvu2, Bolingbrook, IL, US

problem #34

Jan 122013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 113,000 miles

Travel across state lines, stop at a rest stop for break and the car will not go in to reversed (leave the park position). I had to have complete strangers that just so happen to see me struggle try and help until we got a hold to a "local" mechanic and was instructed to use a screwdriver! A SCREWDRIVER!! I pay too much for a car note to have to use a screwdriver each time I need to use the car.. Where is the safety in this?

Why has this not been a recall issue YET? And we're suppose to buy American? hmmm not any more!

- tgeorgia, Atlanta, GA, US

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