really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
134,203 miles
Total Complaints:
182 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (107 reports)
  2. new computer (16 reports)
  3. cool down engine (12 reports)
  4. no solution factory need to call back (11 reports)
  5. replaced pcm (9 reports)
  6. wiggle the wires to the pcm (5 reports)
1999 Dodge Durango engine problems

engine problem

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1999 Dodge Durango Owner Comments (Page 2 of 10)

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problem #162

Jul 252012

Durango LX 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 218,222 miles


I have taken this durango to 3 different auto shops and no one can figure out what is wrong with it. Now, if I let it sit for an hour or more it sometimes will restart. Anybody give me suggestions with what it could be, I'm getting mad. Can't figure out what is wrong.

- , Boswell, PA, USA

problem #161

Oct 012012

Durango SLT 3.9L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,000 miles

Just reviewed the website and am amazed how many Durangos have the PCM [computer] issue. Unbelievable! Same problem as described ..the engine shuts down unexpectedly. Have been to two shops who couldn't identify the issue. All ready out $360 for a crank shaft sensor that did not fix the problem. Dodge wants nearly $1400 to repair an issue that should be a recall. Are you reading this Dodge? Will never purchase a Chrysler product again. Also had front end problems requiring ball joints and control arm bushings. Another sweet $1600! Never needed this much maintenance on a vehicle with only 89,000 miles. What a piece of crap.

- , Avondale, AZ, USA

problem #160

Mar 072013

Durango ST

  • Automatic transmission
  • 220,000 miles

1999 Dodge Durango is a beautiful truck but the designer needs to be shot!!!! Shuts off on its own damn accord whenever it feels like it for no damn reason. I hope the bail out was worth it as they sure arent doing right by the people who buy their cars.

- , Ocean Springs, Missisippi, USA

problem #159

Feb 022009

Durango 5.2L Magnum V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles


99 Durango has been a great truck for a long while. Only in the last 4 or so years has it been a problem. Shuts off while driving all the time now. We have changed fuses, coils, and still nothing. Went out the other day and the truck wouldn't start at all. The computer under the glove box was just clicking. The battery was drained. Couldn't find a draw on the battery anywhere. Replaced the battery and it started. Ran fine up untill who knows? I have spent so much in tow trucks I bought a aaa membership. Seems to be the best thing to date. It must be something with the mileage that triggers this dangerous problem. I'm going to try the crank position sensor next. I also have a 98 dakota with the same motor, knock on wood never had a problem like this. This issue is specific with this year and model. It has to be a faulty part made in Mexico that dodge purchase for these trucks, or it's a bad program. I tend to lean towards the part only because others have had there CPU replaced or flashed.

- , Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

problem #158

Aug 012011

Durango 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,000 miles

The problem occurs after the engine warms. No warnings prior to the engine shutting off. Driver loses power stearing once the engine shuts off. In order to start the car again the driver must keep foot on gas to keep the car idoling. If you need to get your car home without towing, the only way to keep the engine on is to keep your foot on the gas lightly, even while stopping. This is a very dangerous way to drive for people who are not accustomed to dealing with a vehicle that shuts itself off. I've owned my Durango for 9 years and have replaced the PCM three times. Do not buy brand new PCM's. Many auto part stores specialize in rebuilding/reprogramming the PCM's for Durangos. They will ask you to send your PCM to them, they will reprogram and send back to you. If you buy PCM's brand new, you are looking at close to $1,000 for the part + labor. I only spend $250-300 with shipping. Dodge needs to change where the PCM sits in the engine!!

- , Santa Rosa, CA, US

problem #157

Apr 192013

Durango SLT 5.2L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 142,072 miles

The car will just shut down on me, with no warning. Power steering goes out, car stops running, the only thing I can do is pull hard on the steering wheel and try to get it as far out of traffic as possible. Check engine light comes on after sitting for a minute, but a "No Bus" message comes up on the odometer. Gas light comes on, even when the tank is not even near empty. This was the 5th day in a row. Usually, it will start back up after cooling down for about 20 minutes, then run fine the rest of the day. This time, it shut off on me 4 times in a one-mile radius.

- , St. Marys, GA, USA

problem #156

Mar 042013

Durango SLT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles


I have always wanted a dodge Durango with the third seat but I guess I should have looked the complaints of this vehicle up online before doing so. This vehicle is a piece of poo and I wish that I would have never bought it. I was driving 12 hours away to watch my son graduate from the army when I was traveling 75 mph on a major highway and it just stalls thank god no one was directly behind me or I would def would have been rear ended and I had 5 kids in the vehicle with me. This vehicle is so unsafe, and someone needs to do something about it I can't even drive 5 miles without it cutting off 3-5 times it's really not safe for children to be transported in this vehicle and I have cried with this vehicle more then a little. We have had it put on a machine and they said no codes were found so we started just replacing parts and it still isn't running right. It's a shame that Dodge won't recall these vehicles and do the right thing and fix them the right way.

- , Elkton, MD, USA

problem #155

Mar 062013

Durango ST

  • Automatic transmission
  • 200,000 miles

Love the Durango but it shuts down with no warning all the damn time and its dangerous.

I was in Afghanistan and my wife had it happen to her a bunch of times. I felt like crap hearing her cry on the phone because she was stuck in traffic broken down and being cussed at by other motorists. If it happens and it kills someone I will feel like crap and I hope Dodge gets sued after reading these complaints of the same problem with no recall fix. I am going to install a small electric fan to cool off ECM and see if that works.

- , Ocean Springs, Missisippi, USA

problem #154

Dec 062012

Durango SLT 5.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 154,000 miles

i have a 99 dodge durango 2wd. i was driving down the road and all of a sudden the steering locked up and ran me into a curb. i thought maybe it was my power steering pump or i needed power steering fluid. my boyfriend showed up and started the car and after a second of turning the wheel the steering loosened up and was fine. the whole ordeal freaked me out so bad that i had it towed to my house even tho it seemed drivable. since then it has just sat until today when i got the guts to go start it and try to drive it. it started fine but then sputtered out and died. i thought maybe the battery was dead because it has sat for about 2-3 weeks, but i tried it again and the same thing happened. then i thought maybe my power steering pump didn't stop working randomly,I 'm pretty sure my car had just died while driving and the steering locked but i didn't realize it because it is such a quiet car, so now im stuck with a car that dies as soon as i start it. i read on here that people have had this problem when the weather is extreme. we had just had a huge rain storm and it was very cold (mid 30s) right before the car started all this, so im not sure if that has anything to do with it, if anyone has had this problem and got it fixed it would be very appreciated if u would let me know what it is. im a mom of two and having no car is very difficult!!

- , Fortuna, CA, USA

problem #153

Jul 242012

Durango LX 5.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 215,255 miles

Giant issue, no one can fix, it stops running, it keeps dying while driving. No mechanic can figure it out.

- , Boswell, PA, USA

problem #152

Aug 092006

Durango 5.8L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,000 miles


Had the PCM replaced 6 years ago after replacing $1800.00 of sensors, and now 6 years later I need to replace the PCM again. If it is an obvious design flaw why isn't there a recall?

- , Chico, CA, USA

problem #151

Jun 142012

Durango SLT 5.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 166,456 miles

shouts down after it running about 5 minutes and wont start till it cools down.then starts and run good for another 5 min.when shut down. It reads no buss found.

- , Clarksburg, IN, USA

problem #150

Jun 022012

Durango 5.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

I have been plagued with this problem for months. I never knew when, where or why my Durango would simply quit on me. Sometimes driving down the highway at 65 mph, sometimes while sitting in the ATM drive thru causing other bank customers to resort to pushing my dead ass out of the way and sometimes while running idle in the garage. I began to notice this issue only occured when outdoor temperatures were extreme (breaking down in the middle of traffic, high noon and 105 degrees outside is pure hell) or when I had ran multiple errands in the truck back to back for a couple of hours when outdoor temperatures were cooler. After multiple mechanics, each with different ideas about my problem, multiple tows home, and many wasted dollars on a fuel pump, sensors and labor- one incredibly bright, hard working fellow finally figured out it was the ECM (Elecrical Computer Manager) which needed to be replaced. Now, you would think knowing what was causing this issue would bring happiness. Alas, the joy was short lived once the dealer told me, nay, heavily advised me this part could not be replaced with a used or rebuilt part. No, my friends, this part must be purchased new for $718. Further, this part would need to be programmed or flashed by the dealer at the tune of $195.

- , Owensboro, KY, USA

problem #149

Apr 212012

Durango V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 138,000 miles

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has had this problem. Mine started 2 weeks ago. It wouldn’t start and then my dad would go up to it and after a few min it would start. My dad, who is a mechanic, has spent the last 2 weeks trying to fix it and has replaced certain parts to it all with the same result...it still shuts off or wont start every time. The first time it did it I was stopped so I thought that when I was stopped if I had one foot on the break and one on the gas I would be fine. But as I was turning into my neighborhood last Friday it just stopped working. Luckily I was able to drift off the road enough that cars could get around me but it was pretty scary. I am a single mom of two small kids and was very thankful they weren’t in the car at the time. Today after thinking it was fixed again I drove it to work. I got about 8 or 9 miles from my house and it was acting really funny like it wanted to just stall out. So I pulled into a gas station where, as I was waiting for my dad to get there, it just shut off while sitting idle. It did that twice. Then when my dad got there he was going to follow me to work except that when I put it in reverse I didn’t go 5 ft before it stalled again. Now that we know what the problem is what is the best recommendation to fix this so that it doesn’t continue to do this to me?

- , Inwood, WV, USA

problem #148

Apr 212012

Durango SLT 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 201,665 miles

THIS CAR IS A DEATH TRAP! I bought this car off my boss who had no problems at all with it. She let it sit for about 7 months before deciding it was just taking up space. I asked her if I could buy it, she agreed. That was the worst mistake of my life!!!! within 3 days it started shutting off with no warning..... and then not turning on at all. We thought the a battery was to blame because as soon as we would attach the jumper cables, it would start right up. I had the battery and cables replaced... BLAH... didn't change a damn thing. Next thing I noticed was if the car sat idle to long (um, 3minutes) it would either shut off as soon as you"d push on the gas or it would be generous and let you drive for a about a minute then shut of in the middle of an intersection. Some times throwing into neutral will get it to start faster than in park. This has gone on for over a year now. I had all the connectors cleaned and had the crankshaft sensor replaced... it was fine for about 3 weeks. This car almost got several people injured, possibly killed yesterday. There is no warning when it will shut off, but if the weather is warm, I can't even bother driving it. Yesterday it was about 86 degrees. It takes me 15 minutes to drive home from work, but yesterday it took over 2 hours! It shut off 4 times, once on a freeway off ramp with a blind curve. Cars had to swerve or slam on their brakes. If anyone of them wasn't paying attention, we could've been killed. And Semi truck are always on that road.... they wouldn't have been able to stop in time. Finally, after getting the started again (and it having to be in putting it neutral) I got on a regular street, went about 1 mile and it shut off again while I was at a light. I sat there for 20 minutes or so. I finally got it started then pulled into a parking lot, lifted the hood so it could cool of faster. Once I felt it was cool enough to get me home.... which was less than 2 miles away, I jumped back in. about 5 blocks later, I'm in the turning lane and it dies again!!!!! I jump out and lift the hood again.... while listening to everyone honk! When the light is green, apparently you are to GO regardless if your hood is up and your hazard lights are flashing! Had to make a note of that! .... cause yeah, I'm doing this just to piss you off!!! I sat there the longest.... I was too damn hot for this. OHHH! and the temp. display, the one that tells you how hot it is outside, will jump to 125 or higher when all of this is happening. and in the miles window area it reads "no bus".... I see other people mentioned the no bus part no one has said anything about the temp. reading. I usually watch that to gauge when the car will turn back on.... its not always right though. But it has to drop at least 20 degrees or more before it will start again. so anyway, finally got it started then turned the corner to hit another red light, got through it but after about 30seconds the damn thing shut off again, but this time i was able to coast to the side of the road. popped the hood again.... got it started...... home it just ahead..... I can see the light in front of my house.... I get about 20feet from my driveway and it shuts off AGAIN!!! I'm now ass out on a major, busy street! Finally got in the driveway and haven't looked at it since. But this was all just yesterday! Friday, It died on the freeway while going about 70mph, had to coast to a safe place, but not being able to steer is terrifying.

I work with people with disabilities, my job is to drive them to wherever they need to go. The car has shut down at least 7 times while I had a client with me. Several other times with my son in the car and dozens of times while I'm alone. This car was supposed to go to my son next month when he turns 16, I can't afford a new one, we just got back on our feet from being homeless for 2 years, I barely make enough to pay rent and if I lose my job we will be homeless again. Not to mention what will happen if I get killed driving this thing..... My son wanted a car or at least something to drive, even if it wasn't his own for his birthday. But there is NO WAY IN HELL I will let him near this car! What has to happen before DODGE fixes this?????? Do I have to die? Does one of my disabled clients have to die???? Yesterday everything could have come to an end! Just one Semi exiting the freeway while I was stuck there would've killed me. But I'm in no situation to buy another car. I can barely afford rent and groceries..... I have to drive this death trap

- , Los Gatos, Ca, USA

problem #147

Apr 142012

Durango 5.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 151,000 miles

This is unacceptable. Everybody I talk to has the same problem with there Durango. When the vehicle heats up it just shuts down. This is extremely dangerous and I have my 2 year old son in the car. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.

- , Clinton Township, MI, US

problem #146

Sep 152011

Durango SLT 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

Dodge Durango is just a f*kin piece of crap!!! Start dying without warning in the middle of heavy traffic!!! And nothing in the hell starts the stupid thing again.... Be careful, DON'T BUY A DODGE, they're just a scrap metal.... Most problematic car ever have. Change brakes many times, countless main belts, about 4 pcm's and the stupid garbage keeps doing the same... Best Solution? When this sht was bought, we have a 1985 honda accord, and we toght that car's final destination will be the recycler,... FORTUNATELY we did not, and now, after 200+ kmiles still running like a champ, including a/c and everything, not spent any penny on repairs, just oil & spark plug/wires change.... And you know what? DODGE DURANGO IS THE ONE THAT WILL BE TOWED AWAY TO THE JUNK! Besides, dodge guys know nothing about the problem.... And obviously do less about it.... DODGE SUCKS, this is a real life or death situation, specially during summer days or any temperature over 90F... NEVER BUY A DODGE IN MY LIFE, NEVER...

- , El Centro, CA, US

problem #145

Jan 012009

Durango SLT 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles

Well some days it happens more than others. Some days it won't happen at all. I have taken it to three different mechanics, none can say what the problem is unless they drive it and it stops for them. Really need to fix this bad, ruining my life at this point. Please any help I would really appreciate it.

The only things that works for me to fix it is wiggle the wires around, and wait about five minutes. And then it usually starts back up.


Thanks a lot to anyone that can help.

- , Mesa, AZ, USA

problem #144

Mar 012011

Durango V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 209,000 miles

This truck was MY DREAM vehicle!!! Until i actually got one!!! Dont get me wrong its soooo BEAUTIFUL but the month after i got it it started to shut randomly off!!! SCARED THE HELL out of me the first time!!! ive had several things done to it so far (sensor replaced, other junk...) but IT STILL does this!!!! the steering will just lock completely up and become so stiff that 2 VERY strong people cannot turn it! As well as it will My next step is to do a tune up and replace more coolant if that dosent work i do not know what to do!!!! Oh and i CANNOT drive it in temperatures over 95 degrees or im SCREWED!

I will def keep everyone informed!!! And PLEASE if ANYONE know what causes this PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I have two small children and i get stuck in temperatures that kids do not need to be in! I personally think that a class action lawsuit needs to be against dodge for these vehicles and them REFUSING to ANYTHING!!!! (ASSHOLES!) Yes DODGE im talking to you BASTARDS!!!!!

- , Blue Island, IL, USA

problem #143

Jun 152011

Durango 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 151,025 miles

1999 Dodge Durango--- Same Story ---@nd breakdown in less than a week. While out driving during the hotter months, the truck would just shut down while I was driving. The brakes stopped working, the steering wheel stopped working and the odemeter read "no bus". When I finally stopped the car by running into a curb, it would not start for another 30 minutes. Finally got it started and two miles down the road, it happened again. It was explained to me that the pcm box over heats because of where it is placed under the hood. That section where the pcm box is is not receving any air flow to keep it cool. The cooling fins are nested too close to the body of the truck. This is a manufacturing problem and should be RECALLED . This is a safety issue, because you cannot control the car when it shuts down. You also have no warning that the car is getting ready to shut down. The first time it shut down my kids where in the car with me and we were on a very busy expressway. We were almost rear-ended. And we almost rear ended the car in front of us.

Please, please I beg Dodge to check into this. I know that there have been several complaints on this truck because of this issue. I hope it does not take someone's death before the company steps up and takes reponsibility for the manufacturing of this vehicle.

- , Stockbridge, GA, USA

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