Notes: The second generation Durango was introduced in 2004 and instantly came under fire for, well, catching on fire.

From 2004-2006 electrical overloading in the driver's side instrument panel caused numerous reports of interior fires. The interior infernos became so commonplace that Chrysler eventually issued a recall.

The problems didn't stop there, however. Owners of the recalled vehicles complained about being treated unfairly and given take-it-or-leave-it low ball settlement offers. "They offered me $2000 under NADA retail as a settlement," said one owner, "and have been rude and hostile to deal with." Nothing says awesome service like treating your customers rudely after their cars have caught on fire.

Have we mentioned all the reports of complete engine failure due to oil sludge?


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
130,766 miles
Total Complaints:
9 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (8 reports)
  2. replace the a/c controller (w/ auto (1 reports)
2004 Dodge Durango electrical problems

electrical problem

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2004 Dodge Durango Owner Comments

problem #9

Mar 012014

Durango 4.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 243,000 miles


i will figure out the fix i promise soon electric draw

- , Glovervill, SC, USA

problem #8

Jan 252016

Durango SLT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles

I took my car to the dealer and had the air bag replaced as part of the recall. The car has not been the same and the dealer say that it is not because of the airbag. The car drain the battery when not running. The car only run at idle. I am certain that it is the new airbag.

- , Hartford, CT, USA

problem #7

Jan 182014

Durango Limited 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles

My Durango was fine, then one day the LED on the controller went dead. Everything still worked but I couldn't tell what was on or off, temp, ect. Got on eBay and bought a used one. It worked for a few weeks, then noticed the lights on the buttons on the right side didn't light up. No big deal...or so I thought. Id get ready for work and try to start the vehicle...DEAD. I got a jump, ran for awhile to charge the battery then go to work. 8 hours later I would leave and battery was dead again. Replaced battery and 2 weeks later same thing happening. Battery tested fine.

After awhile I had to start it every few hours to see if it would even start. It would start fine for 8 hours, then I go to bed for 5 or 6 hours, and it was suddenly dead.

One morning I noticed something peculiar, before I opened the door I looked in and saw the LED from the controls lit up like I forgot to turn it off. Opened the door, interior lights came on and that LED shut off. Pulled the fuses while testing the draw and saw a connections between the controls for the A/C and the dying battery. Still trying to figure out if it's an A/C issue that burned out the control, or just bad control causing the issue. But another replacement is on its way...

- , Des Moines, IA, USA

problem #6

Aug 152014

Durango SL 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 171,498 miles


I have noticed that many others are experiencing a similar problem that I am having with a dead battery every morning. I have been to 3 garages now, replaced the battery, replaced the alternator, R&R'd the stereo/CD system, checked the drop down DVD player and all to no avail. I am driving it right now by disconnecting the negative battery cable whenever the engine is off for more than 2 hours. I have had the battery drain completely in 4 hours. This is not just a pain in the ass but now has become my life long ambition to solve the problem then sell the solution to Chrysler for If you have been able to solve this please let us in on your solution. My next step is going to be to remove the fuses one at a time, let the vehicle sit overnite and see if it starts. I'll keep doing this until I have at least isolated the problem area, I hope. Let me know if anyone has tried this yet. I'll let everyone know how I am progressing and hopefully save you some time.

Update from Nov 10, 2014: After a lot of tracing and absolutely no help from Chrysler I finally have the problem narrowed down to one item. In the Power Distribution Module there is a fuse location numbered 27/28 respectively. There is no explanation on the fuse legend and any diagrams I have been able to find do not identify this twin 30A . However, after checking these 2 fuses which are joined in series by a twin fuse holder I found the parasitic draw. Upon removal of these fuses I am able to start the vehicle on a regular basis even with 3 days of rest. Further investigation showed that in fact this tandem fuse powers the IOD ( Ignition Off Device). This controls the timing for after shutdown power consumption for items containing either memory or timed shut down devices. i.e. radio, CD, overhead computer logistics centre keyless entry lighting power sentry and auto climate control. With the fuses pulled these items do not operate although the heater is locked on the high setting with non-adjustable high fan speed. Great for me since the Canadian winter is just starting but could be a pain for you southern states folks. I am now trying to find the fix so if anyone has any info to share it would be appreciated. The vehicle can be driven now by simply installing the fuses on start up. As long as the fuse is taken out on shutdown the battery will not drain. So for a temporary fix remember, fuses in while operating and on shut downs over say up to 2 hours, remove the fuses. This should keep you driving with everything operational until the permanent fix can be located and made. I will continue and advise.

- , Bayfield, Ontario, canada

problem #5

Mar 032014

Durango 4.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

Purchased the 2004

Purchased the 2004 Durango used w/100,000 plus miles to pull our travel trailer to be.. In every other way this vehicle has exceeded expectations. Having been born in Detroit, I have to believe that old Walt P. Chrysler, Horace Dodge and his brother would have been proud of this vehicle in their fleet. I also have to believe that had their company not been sold by the government to foreign investors an answer to this problem would have been long since found and presented online on this site. For the record, my Durango has the 4.7 L engine. I have already replaced what was probably a perfectly acceptable battery at the cost of over $130.00 only to discover the problem was of some other source. Additionally, since so many others have related the very same complaint -- I have to believe many more very probably have also been so plagued that have been less willing to mention or share in a public forum.

Okay, randomly, voltage drains the battery overnight. What circuit fails to be disconnected when the vehicle is set to rest for the evening and why? Someone out there must have discovered the solution. Share it.

- , Pensacola, FL, USA

problem #4

Sep 112012

Durango SLT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 133,000 miles

Mileage light and transmission gear indicator light stay on all the time draining the battery.

- , Collierville, TN, USA

problem #3

Aug 132012

Durango SLT Hemi 5.7

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles


Durango is killing battery every few days. Now it will only run for about 15 minutes and then dies with the battery light coming on. Electrical check of system is showing no problems and battery is showing good. Switched out battery but problem is still the same. Also have six cd player that stopped working but still tries to change Cd's while key is out of the ignition. Stays on 24 hours a day trying to change. This truck sucks. My radio and other problems started when the "supposedly" fixed a wiring harness recall. Now I have major problems and the shop has not found the cause yet. They thought it was a visor light staying on and drawing power but that is not the problem. Maybe it is a water leak issue I am going to check with the shop to see what they think.

Update from Sep 13, 2012: Took my car back to the shop. After a lot of testing they said my alternator was bad. They replaced that and the battery. It has ran good since the replacement but now is draining the battery again. That means that something is still slowly draining the power. It is not draining the battery like before but the battery was drained the other day enough that it would not start and had to be charged. I am sure that the wiring harness recall and modification has something to do with this. If the car is run everyday it seems to be okay. However the battery drain problem still persist.

Update from Oct 9, 2012: Had new battery and alternator installed. I see others are having problems with cd player staying on and malfunctioning when key is removed from the ignition. I have installed after market now into the car it has the infinity system with amp and it is killing the batter on the car in 24 hours or less. Techs can't find the cause. It all started after a recall for the wiring harness was modifiied that was suppose to cause a fire.

Update from Oct 15, 2012: Vehicle is now at chrysler in Kissimmee, they think it is now the forward control module but now have changed their minds because they are not getting any errors. They are going to keep the vehicle now to see if they can duplicate the battery drain. I believe it the the amp turning on at night in the infinity stereo system that is causing the battery drain. I will continue to follow-up if they ever find the problem.

- , Kissimmee, FL, USA

problem #2

Apr 012011

Durango LX 4.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles

I have a 2004 Durango that I have had close to 6 months. My wife loves the thing but the discharging is driving me up the wall. It all started with the horn blowing and had to pull plug out of it to shut it up. After that is started to kill battery overnight. I have since found that driver’s side door lock doesn’t work. And ABS sincere wire was broken and someone had just wired it together. After that it stayed charged for 3 days. When out one morning and dead again. Was told some silver box under dash was bad so they replaced it and still the same. What I have read sounds like 04 Durango’s are a piece of crap.

- , Zanesville, OH, US

problem #1

Aug 312008

Durango SLT 5.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 66,400 miles

I have had to replace my Durango battery twice, making this the 3rd battery (including the original one) now in 4 years. My truck went dead on me in a very small town in Idaho 25 miles from the nearest town. The battery would not start with a jump, nor with a 50 amp charger, but with the keys OUT of the ignition lights were coming on in the dashboard and there were other sounds. We put in a smaller temporary battery to get me home. This morning my 6 cd changer was making shuffling noises by itself without the key in the ignition. The car dealer had the truck all day only to tell me nothing is wrong with it and they have no idea why I've had to put 3 batteries in it in 4 years. BTW, the cd changer still isn't working.

- , Cheney, WA, USA

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