Notes: The second generation Durango was introduced in 2004 and instantly came under fire for, well, catching on fire.

From 2004-2006 electrical overloading in the driver's side instrument panel caused numerous reports of interior fires. The interior infernos became so commonplace that Chrysler eventually issued a recall.

The problems didn't stop there, however. Owners of the recalled vehicles complained about being treated unfairly and given take-it-or-leave-it low ball settlement offers. "They offered me $2000 under NADA retail as a settlement," said one owner, "and have been rude and hostile to deal with." Nothing says awesome service like treating your customers rudely after their cars have caught on fire.

Have we mentioned all the reports of complete engine failure due to oil sludge?


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
70,939 miles
Total Complaints:
26 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (23 reports)
  2. replace engine (1 reports)
  3. replace springs (1 reports)
  4. replaced the egr valve (1 reports)
2004 Dodge Durango engine problems

engine problem

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2004 Dodge Durango Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #26

Jun 052014

Durango SLT V8 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,206 miles


I have a 2004 Dodge Durango 5.7l hemi, I'm not sure if I should be on this site, cause I have had only 1 problem with this vehicle, last year, every time that I slowed down the vehicle would stall for no apparent reason,it had 150,000 km at the time, brought it to the dealership 3 times, at a cost of $250.each time, but could not find the problem, a buddy of mine who is a good mechanic said it sounds like the EGR valve, priced one for $85 Canadian and replaced it myself(and my son),haven't had any problems since,I now have 193,000 kms and still is a good vehicle, I really enjoy driving this vehicle.

- , Paradise, NL, Canada

problem #25

Dec 092014

Durango Hemi 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 109,000 miles

I need to know why my truck is constantly cutting off on me, no one seems to know

- , Detroit, MI, US

problem #24

Oct 152012

Durango SLT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

When driving through heavy rain or a car wash, the engine line will flash and then the engine will stall. The first time it happened was in a car wash. I happened to be next to a Jiffy Lube station and one of the guys there said it is common when a lot of water gets underneath the undercarriage. I had to wait about 15 minutes and then the car started up again. Now, when this starts to happen I quickly put the engine in neutral and keep my foot on the gas to keep the engine going. Very frustrating when you are sitting in traffic on the highway and you have to keep switching an automatic transmission from neutral to drive.

- , Aloha, OR, USA

problem #23

Jun 022014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 172,000 miles


We purchased our Dodge Durango Hemi in May 17, 2012. We noticed every time it was raining that the truck will lose power and cut off. We took it to the car wash and it did the same thing. We love our truck. We just had a big rain back in April from the tornado and now we need a new engine. We have called Dodge and written them to share our problem that came from the rain. They should investigate this problem because everyone is having the same f*k issues. WE took good care of the truck and provided all the maintenance to the truck to keep it running good. But couldn't stop the rain from stalling out our truck. On the mobile app there are 85 complaints. This really should be a fK recall on the Dodge Durango....................................................... Nowhere is our fk owner manual to it said anything about the stall out from the rain, there is nothing wrong with our truck but the FK ENGINE. We have six kids so it was our family truck. DODGE SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MAINTENANCE TO THERE S*T……


P.O. BOX 21-8004

AUBURN HILLS, MI 48321-8004

- , Greenville, NC, US

problem #22

Feb 202013

Durango 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles

The car stalled - cut out at 70 mph on the expressway with semi's blasting past me. hazards would not work, car lost total power, but I was able to coast to disabled lane. after about 10 minutes was able to start the care again and safely exit the highway. The dealer said no codes are showing - nothing is wrong. I just but the car (used) from the dealer 13 days ago.

Update from Feb 21, 2013: the car also has a terrible knocking sould like the exhaust is loose. The dealer said the spare was loose and they tightened it. not 20 minutes later the knocking started again and the car stalled and left me stranded at the gas station.

- , Wauwatosa, WI, USA

problem #21

Jan 012009

Durango 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,124 miles

My Durango also stalls and sometimes cut off while turning a corner, if it rains I'm vibrating and when I drive it I can sing a song to the tick tac sound as if no one can tell me why the engine lights still on after changing the converters and oxygen sensors.

The Big Ass piece of SH*T of a truck Unbelievable. Don't buy one would be the smartest

way to go. And now they come up with a new model that isn't fuel efficient what a bunch

of A Hole engineers.

- , Milwaukee, WI, USA

problem #20

Jan 272012

Durango 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,000 miles


After the Durango has been idling for a while then its driven into a heavy down-pour or thru an automatic car wash it will starting idling really rough, so I will lightly rev engine to keep it running, but it will usually quit anyway and then the engine light comes on. If I let the engine cool off awhile, everything seems to be okay again. The engine light goes out before I can make it to a mechanic and without the light being on, the mechanic can't help me. This problems only happens a few times a year, but it's scarry when it does happen. I always check the oil levels with this happens, but the levels are always good. The oil and filter get changed every 3000 miles like clock work. Does anyone have any advise, please email Jim at

- , Saint Joseph, MI, USA

problem #19

Nov 082011

Durango SLT 4.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 119,000 miles

Would like a solution! Love the truck, just want to get it fixed!

- , P, A, USA

problem #18

Oct 082011

Durango SLT 4.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

We purchased our Dodge Durango brand new back in 2004, recently in the past year the truck has stalled like 3 times without warning, Once when pulling up to a stop sign and the other day as I was slowly pulling away after stopping at a stop sign. If anyone could please give me some advice on what to check for or what part maybe going bad I would appreciate, the other day when this happened I have my family in the car, 2 month old, 2 year and a 4 year.. We were luck it happened at while pulling away slow..

The truck did start right back up.

Please email me at

Thank you,


- , Philadelphia, PA, USA

problem #17

Jan 102006

Durango Limited 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,000 miles

Not sure what the problem is but whenever it rains, the engines shudders and stalls. All plugs and coils replaced and didn't help.

- , Jensen Beach, FL, USA

problem #16

Oct 042010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles


Engine stalled at 35 mph, while decelerating around a corner. Lost control of steering!!! No engine light or warning at all. Very dangerous. Luckily I was not in heaving traffic, although the cars behind me could have easily run into me if they weren't paying attention. Got lucky this time

- , Huntersville, NC, US

problem #15

May 032010

Durango 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles

Engine stalled without warning at about 40 MPH when I took my foot off the gas. This has happened 4 times in the past year. It always starts right back up and runs for several months before happening again. Have the EGR valve looked at it. Not the problem. last time the mechanic worked on the throttle control or some such thing. Can't identify the problem.

Other than this the car runs like a champ, but its very dangerous and I will not let anyone else drive it.

- , Carmel, IN, USA

problem #14

May 272010

Durango 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

my 2004 dodge durango 5.7 hemi limited sucks. It has been stalling for no reason ever since i bought. I take it to the dealer sevral times and they say nothing is wrong with it. I was driving with this problem for years. Its left me in the middle of intersections and near accidents or stuck for a while. This time it stalled and didnt turn on so I had it towed to the same dealer (cerritos dodge CA) Ive been taking it to. I told them that i keep bringing this truck for the same reason and I want it fixed. They told me that this is the first time I reported this problem to them. they are full of sh*t and are trying to hide something.

Im kicking myself in the ass for not saving the previous invoices. its in the shop and i dont know what there going to tell me tommorow or if i will keep having the same problem in the future. Its dangerous driving this car around. Is there anything i can do or am i ASSED OUT! If you have a solution can you please contact

- , Downey, CA, US

problem #13

Jul 012009

Durango SRS V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

Instrument panel problems, something with the transmission/engine when it rains it stalls out. All recalled problems fixed that were a hassle to get the dealer to pay for since it was an '04 and due to the highway miles on the car. Not only should people never purchase a DODGE do not go to Carmax either. They will give you the run around and require you to go back at least 2 times get a problem fixed.

- , Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

problem #12

Apr 022010

Durango Limited 5,7 Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles

Stalls at low speed with not warning. Will EGR replacement help?

- , Albemarle, NC, USA

problem #11

Jan 112010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I have a 2004 dodge Durango that stalls, and does not start quite often. The Durango spent a week at the dealership and was not fixed. The mechanics could not find anything wrong with the vehicle and acted as though it were the first time they had even heard of this issue. Why is it when I drive the vehicle for 20 or so minutes it stalls, but when the dealership drives it, nothing happens? I am extremely frustrated and want my vehicle fixed. How many of you would like to file a lawsuit against Chrysler, in hopes of having your vehicles repaired? If you will please email me at, with the year, model of your Durango, mileage, engine size, and the last 8 vin numbers, of your vehicles, maybe we will end up with enough signatures and complaints, that Chrysler will fix our vehicles. If not, I will be more than happy to take the information collected from all of you, and begin a lawsuit against Chrysler.

Thank you very much,

A very upset dodge durango, driver.

- , Whitehoues, TX, USA

problem #10

Jul 082009

Durango Limited 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

04 Durango Limited 5.7l Hemi. Stalls without warning. I'm military so driving on base at lower speeds makes it very apparent. Has a hesitation like the tranny is slamming but it checked out fine. Garage updated tranny and states it's fine. Next thought is electrical as it seems to cruise around 1200 or so RPMs at lower speeds and drops to about 500 and power flickers before it catches slams and "restarts". Either way, I put my kids in this car and it's stalling while cruising anywhere from 10 MPH to 70! Not a fun feeling when the steering wheel gets heavy and the lights go out on the highway! Not safe. Dealerships say all is fine. Just needs tune up and throttle body cleaning. Tuned it up and cleaned entire intake system by hand...still having problems. Garage "relearned" the butterfly to close and it seemed to fix problem for a couple weeks and'ssssss baaaaack! Dammit...can anyone help?

- , Moore, OK, USA

problem #9

Oct 062008

Durango Limited 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I would never buy another Dodge in this lifetime. I have had my truck towed on an average of twice a month for the last year. The service from the dealer is even worse. My truck stalls with out warning if I am lucky. When I am not lucky it just does not start. My dealer told me "This is a Dodge issue and my truck and that they are stuck in the middle". Can you believe this!! I am afraid to drive around the corner for the fear that I will have to push it home. Recently my elderly father was forced to borrow my truck. He stopped for lunch and had to take the bus home. The dealer had the nerve to ask me to split the cost of the rental. Can anyone help???

- , Philadelphia, PA, USA

problem #8

May 252005

Durango 5.7L

  • Manual transmission
  • 3 miles

I spoke with senior att at NHTSA Mr. Otto M III I have a telephone number for all of us!!!!!! Call or email (763) 486 6163 They will not open an investigation unless we all have request a petition for investigation. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME OUR STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS WILL EXPIRE .... COME TO THE TELEPHONE NUMBER QUICKLY. CHRYSLER WILL CONTINUE TO MANIPULATE AS LONG AS THEY THINK THAT WE ARE AFRAID TO TALK REVEAL OURSELVES TO ONE ANOTHER.


Update from Jul 29, 2009: Dear customers,

Yesterday A service writer astounded me by blurting out that the control module is defective, this is why the engine stalls.

I went to ask why it was, that my Passenger Seat Airbag is not working, some of the icons on the air/defrost/heat panel on dash are never illuminated.


- , Osseo, MN, US

problem #7

Jul 232008

Durango SLT V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 73,600 miles

I have a 2004 Dodge Durango with 73,600 miles. For the last couple of months it's been acting up. The second I slow to a stop or put it in park, the RPMs start jumping around. It has stalled on me several times. When I accelerate, it doesn't seem to want to go, but jerks like it is going to stall and then takes off. It's kind of scary. I took it to auto zone today and had it hooked up to their diagnostic machine. They said that it isn't coding anything to be wrong. If any of y'all have figured out what the problem is, please email me. Thanks.

- , Baytown, TX, USA

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