Notes: The third generation Durango is plagued by a defective TIPM, particularily in the 2011 and 2012 model years.

TIPM, which stands for Totally Integrated Power Modules, is responsible for controlling and distributing power to all the vehicle’s electrical functions. So when your TIPM goes haywire, bad things start happening. Things like your water pump can stop working, your engine can stall out and your airbags can randomly deploy.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
63,500 miles
Total Complaints:
19 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace alternator (15 reports)
  2. not sure (4 reports)
2011 Dodge Durango electrical problems

electrical problem

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2011 Dodge Durango Owner Comments

problem #19

Aug 122016

Durango Crew V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles


I was driving back from a concert at 75mph when the a/c suddenly stopped working. The windshield wipers started moving on their own, then the windows. All electrical on the dash and the radio started flashing and dinging. The vehicle then lost brakes and power about 60mph (I was slowing down when the brakes went out)!!! Thank GOD an officer noticed what was happening and was able to keep people from hitting us and us from hitting them, until we coasted to a stop safely. It was towed by Dodge who said it was just a bad alternator (before the recall) and we took it home to replace the alternator.

- chavemann10, Bellville, US

problem #18

Jan 252018

Durango Crew V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,880 miles

I was driving home from work, evening time, all of a sudden battery light comes on. I call Dodge Corp. because basically I'm fed up with this car, just had battery replaced 300.00 a few months ago when they had to replace the wiring harness, because headliner caught on fire while driving due to sun visor issue, recall. Then my car lost All power, no lights, nothing at all couldn't even lock doors with my key fob. A bunch of weird lights also flashed on dash before this happened. This all happened in a matter of minutes. Looked under hood smoke was coming from alternator. Dodge said there is a recall but NO Fix !!!! So, I have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed by Corporate. This also killed my battery. I also at my expense had to have t towed to the dealership where I always get it serviced. We purchased this car brand new, paid a lot of money for it, it only has 78000 miles on it and is now paid for. It has been the WORST purchase ever. I have had nothing but issues from this car, and they have all been Major issues that left me stranded. Good thing I was not on highway when this happened, as I am sure somebody would have hit me with No Lights and no power!!!! Going to get rid of this thing as soon as I can. It is supposed to be done getting fixed today, will update.

- Theresa B., Fairfield, CA, US

problem #17

Jan 312018

Durango Citadel 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 41,759 miles

Don't waste your money buying Dodge Durango, way too many recalls. Plus alternator is sure to give out on you. The suv sucks....

- Earl S., Bronx, US

problem #16

Jul 122017

Durango LX 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles


For the passed couple of months, I would go to start my car, and it would turn over and turn over and turn over, but it wouldn't start. Eventually it would. We thought maybe it was the battery since it was the original from year of the car. that was 200 bucks. Then last week when I was trying to get to a dr's appointment, I noticed my battery light on. I'd stop at a light and it would start sputtering...made it home to grab my paperwork for the appointment, go back out, and my car is dead. Alternator DEAD. Replaced the alternator last Wednesday, and my car ran great for about a week. Went to go out for lunch is doing the turn over and turn over and turn over thing again...ugh. I think it is the TIPM sensor now. MONEY PIT of a vehicle lately!!!!

- dmogden14, Indianapolis, US

problem #15

May 032017

Durango 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

May 2017 my daughter was driving her 2011 Dodge Durango (68K) with two kids in the vehicle when the battery light came on and then shortly after the car went dead. We towed it to an electrical shop to find the battery was dead and the 180 amp alternator stopped operating. After research I found a recall (P60) that only applied to the 160 amp alternator.

I called Chrysler (case#31556595) to see if they could help and all I got was "I'm sorry!" This is not right, same conditions, same vehicle and same chance of a crash. Yes, dad had to pay for this. I have had Chryslers since 1984 and my three Chryslers I have now, will be gone. Chrysler will lose me as a customer but what is worse is the ten people I talk out of purchasing a Chrysler product.

Please recall the 180 amp also, before a major accident occurs!

DuBois, PA

- Thomas P., Du Bois, US

problem #14

May 312016

Durango 6.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Recall on the 2011 160 amp alternator but not the 180 amp. Also damaged my battery and pcm 30 days after my warranty expired.

- gemini2008, Goose Creek, SC, US

problem #13

Jun 032016

Durango Crew 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,525 miles


Battery light came and and within 2km the vehicle became possessed and lights and electrical systems began to flash and then shutdown. Car came to a halt as all electronic functions stopped. Luckily I was not on a major highway. Theses vehicles have electronic shifting and steering pretty vital in order to stop and get vehicle off road- luckily I was able to pull over- so far not covered under warranty or recall. Not sure why as there have now been a large number of issues similar. As others have said- this could be a significant issue/accident waiting to happen!

- Dave H., Sarnia, ON, Canada

problem #12

May 222016

Durango Crew V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,160 miles

Worse car I ever bought. Since purchased new, has had catastrophic failures in every major component other than the transmission. Including a cracked head, full replacement of the TIPM and, most recently, a failure of the alternator that in turn fried the PCM.

In the latest alternator event, first the power breaks failed, then the power steering failed, and finally the engine completely shut down over the course of about 400 yards and traveling at 50mph. Luckily, the event was on Mother's Day morning with little traffic and my wife, the driver, was able to safely navigate to the shoulder or there easily could have been a serious crash.

Other 2011 Dodge Durangos were recalled with IDENTICAL issues associated with a similar alternator. Although mine was not covered even though it experienced the IDENTICAL failure. And if the alternator had been appropriately recalled along with the other failed 2011 alternators, then the PCM would not have been damaged and the latest catastrophe from an entire series of events could have been avoided.

The dealership who sold me the car and has fixed all of these problems recommended that I speak with Chrysler directly about this and the other issues. Chrysler offered little help, did not return phone calls, and refused to do anything until after any part was recalled. I guess I'll have to wait until someone dies in a car crash because of this problem before it gets anyone's attention. Luckily, that person wasn't my wife.

To Chrysler, this was a $45,000 vehicle, and comes on the heals of an equally poor experience with a 2008 Dodge Journey. While I don't expect perfection, I also don't expect this level of severe problems every 6 - 12 months. Chrysler has lost a customer not just because of its poor quality but, more so, its lack of response to even consider addressing these obvious failures.

- Mick K., Oxford, MI, US

problem #11

Mar 072016

Durango Crew 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,800 miles

Wife called while getting groceries to notify me of the battery light. She was 1.5 miles from home so I told her to bring it home so I could check it out. She got home and I could smell burning with smoke coming from the engine. Opened the hood to see smoke coming out of the alternator! I had it towed to my indie repair shop because it wasn't under the warranty and when I called dodge my 2011 Durango wasn't included in the P60 alternator recall. So now I have to shell out $850+ to have a new alternator installed.

Most importantly this could have created serious problems if it had happened while my wife and kids were in it. Lucky for us the car didn't go crazy like some of the other posts.

I can't believe Dodge won't do anything with an alternator failing with only 48,800 miles on the odometer! I tried but I got the "it's not under warranty and you took it to an indie to be repaired" line. I told them I'd be happy to mail the bad alternator to them or drop it off and the local CJDR dealer!

- Jerry R., Mayfield Heights, OH, US

problem #10

Dec 282015

Durango Crew 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,500 miles

We were visiting family in New Jersey for the Holidays and drove 2000 miles from Colorado. I had my 2011 Durango serviced at Go Chrysler in Littleton prior to our trip to insure all was well. While in NJ and driving on an 8 lane highway, the wipers went off randomly, seat belt light started flashing and other lights started going on and off. The car then suddenly died in the middle of this major highway and we had to glide to the shoulder with no power steering. Needless to say this was a horrible experience.

We paid to have the car towed to Rt 18 Chrysler in East Brunswick NJ. The informed us that the Alternator shorted out, causing the battery to short, the ground wire to short and after the repair the Win Module that controls the Key shorted. We were stuck in NJ the repairs took over a week and the original bill was $2000, but ultimately the dealer worked to get it to $1000. The alternator that shorted out appears to be the same issues as everyone I have read that Chrysler issued recalls for, however, this one they said was not covered by the recall. My car died in the middle of a highway with 3 kids.

Is Chrysler going to wait until people die to issue a recall for the 180 AMP alternators? I have had this Durango in for 3 recalls and have had several other non recall electrical issues. How do we force Chrysler to acknowledge there is a problem and recall this alternator? Very upsetting

- MIchael R., Littleton, CO, US

problem #9

Dec 042015

Durango Crew 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,426 miles


My 2011 Dodge Durangos battery light came on within a few minutes my dash lights started flashing on and off, my windshield wipers came on very slowly and than I lost all power steering,brakes etc. Car died in the middle of the road. When towed to mechanic the next day, he checked out my vehicle and discovered that when the alternator went out it melted my fuse box as well. Now 2 weeks later I am without my vehicle and am looking at $360 and the Dodge dealership told him a new fuse box is $1,000. When we called and gave dealership my vin# they told my husband it wasn't one of the recalled models....I am beside myself, this couldn't have come at a worse time. I am very disappointed and wouldn't purchase another Dodge product. My vehicle has 65,000 miles wasn't expecting this to happen.

- Launa S., GRESHAM, US

problem #8

Jun 042015

Durango SXT 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles

There was a recall for the alternator which caused the battery to become damaged. Battery is NOT covered under Warranty / extended warrant either. I had to fork over money to get new one installed.

- John V., Midwest City, OK, US

problem #7

Jun 072015

Durango Crew 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,001 miles

We were coming home from my girls softball game, when we starting smelling burning wires. Then gauges starting acting funny, and it died on the interstate (very quickly). I was able to get it almost off the road with about 3 ft still in road of the interstate. We pulled the girls out and put them at the top of a 20ft bank, where a guardrail was so they where safer, while I looked for the problem.

When I felt of the alternator it was as hot as the exhaust. I'm a shade tree mechanic, so I know at 64001 miles an alternator should not be going out. We had it towed and the next day I pulled it off and tested it. The rectifier was burned up. I have found they have recalls for this, same year make model but just for the 160 amp. Mine is 180 amp alternator.

They need to investigate to make sure that there isn't more that is having the same problem. I am a huge Dodge fan, but this Durango has had 3 recalls so far. I may need to start looking at different makers. We have 3 Dodges and this really makes me mad!

- William S., Bristol, VA, US

problem #6

Mar 102014

Durango ES 3.2L V6

  • CVT transmission
  • 64,000 miles

Although we have mildly high mileage of 64,000 or so, I have never owned a vehicle that had an alternator give out before 100,000. The vehicle was in good condition. At first we could smell as if wires were burning. Just as we were 45 miles away from home, the vehicle almost stalled on the road. Thank goodness no vehicle accidents resulted from this. The burning smell go worse. We took it to the nearest Auto Zone and they said it was the alternator. This was the first incident and it is disturbing because the vehicle is fairly new, in good condition, and should be a dependable SUV that accommodates my family of 5.

- Fanaye B., Fort Defiance, AZ, US

problem #5

Oct 112014

Durango Express V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 31,000 miles

Within 2 days of replacing water pump check engine light came on. Then the battery light would come on and go off while driving. My wife and daughter were in the car and power went out and they had no control over the vehicle at all. Jump started and was able to move off roadway but had to tow to dealership. Was told by the dealer needed new battery and alternator. This is under standard warranty not drive train warranty so you would need to pay $300 for the battery and $985 for the alternator. Informed them they just replaced the battery two months ago. Now the battery could hold a charge. Now I see recall for 2011 to 2014 Durango for Alternators. Called Dodge but of course my vehicle is not part of the recall they say.

I have never had a car with 31,000 miles have to replace battery twice, alternator, and a water pump. Not to mention recall on the braking system.

- Ted H., Miami, FL, US

problem #4

Aug 162014

Durango Crew V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,900 miles

Battery light came on while driving on highway, followed by a whining noise coming fro the engine. Made it to my destination. Upon leaving car started up normally, with no battery light on. After about 10 minutes driving, battery light came on. I was fairly far from home, so I had no way of just parking car, all I hoped for was to get it to the nearest dealer, which was about 10 miles always. About 5 minutes later my a/c shutoff, followed by my electrical going wild (all maintenance lights, air bag sensors, seat belt sensors flickered on and off), then my wipers came on, followed by my power steering and abs going off. This was all in a matter of 30 seconds. I was able to pull the car off the freeway, as soon as I was off the freeway the car completely shut off. My key was stuck in the ignition until jumper cables were placed to give the car a slight charge. I was towed to the nearest dealer. They diagnosed the problem as a faulty alternator, which caused the battery to completely drain to the point where it could not hold a charge. Repairs were $1100, took about a day to fix.

- Danny C., Palmdale, CA, US

problem #3

Jul 072014

Durango V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 53,000 miles

2011 Durango with 52000 miles on it. Alternator was making a whining noise. On the way to the dealer it died. Wipers cam on, fan came on, etc. cost 1000.00 to replace. Now the tranny slips from first to second. Happened as soon as I left the dealer. Now I have to bring it back.

Update from Nov 1, 2014: Dealer had the car for 5 weeks replacing the transmission. They said it wasn't related to the alternator problem. At least it was covered under warranty. 2 months later the cat converter error code came up. I reset it and traded it in.

- Tom D., Linden Hurst, NY, US

problem #2

May 242014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,000 miles

On 5/24/14 (Memorial day weekend) the battery light came on while I was driving to work. Battery light continued to come on all day every time I went somewhere, then while sitting parked in a friends driveway the service rear assist system light came on, then while backing out of the driveway the seat belt light, then the brake light, and finally the wipers went off and then nothing, completely dead while I was sideways in the middle of a road.

First instinct was to put the car in park and try to restart. There was nothing not even the 4 ways would work. Oh, and the car was now locked in park. Couldn't even push the car off the road. With my twins and a friend of theirs in the car I was not in a good place. I was in the middle of the road for over 40 minutes until I could locate the emergency release to get it out of park to be able to put in neutral to push off the road. I had to have the car towed home until Tuesday (holiday weekend) when I had to have it towed again to the dealership for a total of $95.00. My windows are down and can't be put up and the battery which is located under the passenger seat was so hot we couldn't touch it to get the terminals off (we were hoping it would re-rest if we pulled the terminals and then reconnected them) but afraid it was going to catch the vehicle on fire we left the terminals off.

It took the garage until Thursday of that week to diagnose what even was wrong. According to them the alternator was all but glowing red hot that the mechanics couldn't even touch it (seems to be a pattern here), what I still can't figure out though is this was days after the car hasn't even been running. They also say the PCM (power train control module) needs replaced. At first they had no idea when they would be able to get an alternator and they couldn't even find an aftermarket one. The next day they called and said they located one at another dealership and it would be here the beginning of the next week. This was going to cost $1,500.00 and of course my warranty ran out the month before and neither is on recall. Fortunately, with a car full of kids I was not on a main highway however, 30 seconds later and I would have been pulling out onto a four lane highway full of holiday traffic.

- shadles5, Montgomery, PA, US

problem #1

Mar 052014

Durango Express 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,800 miles

I own a 2011 Dodge Durango. I had an oil change, inspection (standard 72 point inspection), and my A/C filter replaced on Wednesday March 5, 2014. After I left the Auto Shop I drove the car to the store then home. I drove the Durango for about 15 minutes on Thursday but noticed a new whirling sound that was loud and high pitched, which I would have taken in to be investigated the following day, and then it sat until Friday morning. Friday the Durango would not start, the key FOB would not unlock the doors, no lights, no horn, no internal power and turning the key in the ignition did nothing. The key FOB was then stuck in the ignition. My first thought was battery, so I hooked jumper cables to the Durango and another vehicle. The negative side of the Durango battery is (should be) grounded so there is a grounding rod for the (-) jumper cable in the Durango. I was able to jump start the Durango and let it run for 5 minutes before disconnecting the jumper cables. The very second I disconnected the negative clamp from the negative grounding rod the Durango shut off completely (no lights, horn, etc). I then checked fluids just to be thorough and found that the Power Steering tank was completely empty, but no signs of leak. We had it towed using our roadside assistance program through our insurance company. Unfortunately they only tow to the nearest shop, which is the same one we had the oil change. Once there, the repair shop informed us that our rack and pinion is completely broken and needs to be replaced. They did tell us that there was "some power steering fluid collecting in a reservoir" but they did not elaborate on that. They said that the failure of the power steering rack caused the Alternator to malfunction which caused the battery to lose charge. They alleged that when they charged the battery for 6 hours, the battery failed to hold a charge. The final verdict on that day was that the Power Steering Rack, Alternator, and Battery needed to be replaced. I went in the next day to speak with them again. This time, they said the bellows of the power steering rack were collecting the power steering fluid (as opposed to the broader term of "reservoir"). They identified the leak to the bellows to be from the passenger side seal inside the rack and pinion. They then said that the alternator and battery are separate problems from the power steering rack and just coincidentally went bad on the same day. The alternator is allegedly bad, for whatever reason, and caused the battery to lose all charge (understandable) but could no longer hold a charge at all, which they claimed to have proved from testing the battery before and after charging it. So my Durango has 38,800 miles on it and the mechanics at the shop admitted that they have never seen this problem on such a low mileage vehicle. I have only owned this Durango for 10 months. (bought used with 27,999 miles on it) Is it just a coincidence that these parts all broke on the same day? Is my battery really dead or was something unplugged (like one of the many negative links between the battery in the vehicle and the +/- terminals under the hood)? Is there potential that during an oil change the mechanic could have done something very wrong? From preliminary searching and looking under the hood, there are elements of the rack and pinion that are very close to the location of the oil filter, such as a fluid line, which could have been removed or knocked out during the oil change causing the fluid to leak out. Additionally, if the shop did the "inspection" shouldn't they have caught any problems? The whirling sound was obvious and was evident at the shop after the oil change. They did admit to me several times that they missed or didn't look at all at the power steering fluid. I have checked with the dealer (Dodge certified) I bought the vehicle from, and of course 38,800 is too far outside the 36,000 mile warranty for them to do anything. We bought the car used with 28,000 miles on it last May (10 months ago). The vehicle is "Certified Pre-Owned" which includes an intensive inspection and documentation (which I have no record of). After calling my dealership I contacted Dodge corporate by email and, after waiting 2 days, by phone. I explained everything I wrote above and asked about the 36,000 mile warranty as well as the 3 month/3,000 mile warranty issued to vehicles under the "Certified Pre-Owned" category as an extension to the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. We are 100%, for certain, within the range of that extension but Dodge corporate said no, no warranties can replace these issues that are intact for us. My point of calling them was to check to see if any known problems with the 2011 Durango existed so that I could begin to narrow down the causes of these random sudden failures. They specifically said that NO known problems exist and that I should speak with the dealership to have everything repaired, paid for by me and only me. So with little trust in any Auto Shops or dealerships I began investigating the issue myself. I removed the alternator and battery for testing at Autozone. Once there, they told me Chrysler has not sent them the appropriate piece to test the alternator because it was too new. They did test the battery and the results showed that the battery was fine but needed a charge. They charged it for 1 hour and tested it again, resulting in a 100% fully operational battery according to the test. I then went home and put the alternator and battery back into the Durango and drove the Durango to Autozone (battery light flashing, wipers going crazy on their own, climate control turning on and off, and a range of other weird issues). They tested the alternator which was putting out 12v. Too little for this alternator and it would need to be replaced. So with a good battery and bad alternator I headed home and replaced the alternator with a new one. Driving the Durango the next day, battery light came on, things went crazy, and then the vehicle stalled out and died. We were able to push the Durango to a different auto store who tested the battery, tested great but needed to be charged. Goodness gracious, my battery is not getting charged, could it be the alternator? They charged the battery and came out to test the alternator but the machine would not test the battery or alternator while in the Durango because the machine claimed that there could be a "grounding issue" or "could not test because engine was running". The engine was not running and we could not do a bench test because again, the store did not have the piece needed to test that alternator. Then we had a diagnostics check and were given the result, a bad camshaft sensor placement. Oh good Lord! Feeling defeated and angry at Dodge, my dealership, and the oil change place who lied to me about the battery and possibly the alternator, I did one last google search to find out why in the name of all that is sacred these issues keep piling up. I found through car that many people who drive 2011 Durangos are having issues with their TIPM that causes very similar problems to mine. Could this be the cause? I have no idea. What I do know is that this Durango cannot by any means be considered "Certified Pre-Owned" because either the alternator, battery, power steering rack, and camshaft sensor position are all bad (and probably would have shown signs of that) or the TIPM is faulty. If the TIPM is faulty, there should have been a replacement done before the vehicle was "Certified Pre-Owned". The only thing I have been able to certify about this "Certified Pre-Owned" vehicle is that it was, in fact, pre-owned. The known issues with the TIPM started to appear in 2012, and a class action suit was filed in November of 2013. So, even if they did not know about the issues when the car was "certified", they should have mentioned it on the phone when I asked if there are any known issues with 2011 Durangos that would cause this problem. There is still a chance that the oil change place is at fault here because, after all, they lied about the battery and so far from what I can tell they lied about the power steering rack, and admitted negligence during their inspection. However, there is also clear negligence to both Dodge/Chrysler and the dealership I went through to purchase the Durango. Was my alternator actually bad? Who knows but I likely voided my right to return the new one by installing it on the Durango. I have spent a very significant amount of money and time so far trying to diagnose these issues. I have no rental car and I work 30 minutes from home which I have to load my family (wife and two kids) into the car at 5:00 a.m. to drive to work so that my wife can take the car from me for the day, and then pick me up after work. At some point, there has to be a limit to how much a consumer can be screwed. God help us all if I would have just allowed the Auto Shop to replace those things (at least $3000) and the issues were still not fixed! I will go ahead and create a separate post for every problem I have listed in this complaint by pasting this exact block of information. If you see my username, save yourself some time and be assured that each complaint will have this exact text so there is no need to read all of them, unless you area lawyer looking to get my money back, then by all means read all of them. Sorry for the long post, but there are many details and many unanswered questions here. I appreciate the forum and possibility of getting answers.

- John T., Troy, OH, US

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