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Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

RJ2 Or RG2 Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves updating the radio's software. The customer may notice one or more of the following: Unable to change CD tracks with steering wheel controls. Scroll knob may not functioning on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Paired phone list is deleted after ignition cycle. Incorrect Russian translations. Not able to pair phone. Unable to delete paired device from list. Removed the ability to pair phones while the vehicle is in motion. Voice command not able to play new text messages. Screen going very dim. DAB service lost. (EMEA Market Only). Not able to ‘refresh? screen in DAB mode.(EMEA Market Only). Steering wheel control mode advance from FM to AM (LATAM Market Only). Intermittently the wrong selected media is played. Noises (pops and cracks) for AM/FM. Unable to delete paired device from list. Unable to deactivate alternate frequency. Audio controls are locked out after using VR. IPOD will not resume playing after phone call. IPOD ‘Repeat? function is not turned on. IPOD songs not accessible through VR without ‘genre?. IPOD shuffle does not continue after ignition cycle. Not able to restore to default setting. Steering wheel control seek up/down function not working. Steering wheel control press and hold skipping channels. Intermittently the wrong pop-ups or displays is shown. Intermittently the phone or media will freeze. Presets or clock setting are lost after software updates. Climate ON/OFF pop-up will not longer appear. Can?t change media source to Disc. Wrong EQ setting being used. Mute function not working correctly. No audio on phone calls.Improvements VR command, prompts and recognition. Blue Tooth Streaming Audio, connection and playing. Audio during hands free calling. Phone book downloading and display. Retaining/storing all presets and improvements to presets from skipping channels. Text message downloading and playing.

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Date Published
OCT 18, 2014
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