2016 Ford F-150 electrical problems: multiple electrical issues

Multiple Electrical Issues

2016 Ford F-150

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Ford dealer.


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2016 Ford F-150 electrical problems

electrical problem

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2016 Ford F-150 Owner Comments

problem #8

Sep 282017

F-150 XLT 5.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,000 miles


In September 2017 I experienced a severe Electrical issue. The Warning Indicator I received was for the Auto Trac Control, Immediately after I received the Wrench Indicator (Service Engine) then the dash went blank (black). Next the Sync system and Radio turned off and went blank, Then the AC system turned off. Finally the front hubs on the 4x4 system began trying to engage all while coasting down from HWY speeds. (Basically I was still traveling 40-50 MPH when the Hubs began trying to engage) the Hubs made a ratcheting sounds like a ratchet wrench going backwards. I pulled to the side of the road and turned the Truck off. I tried restarting the truck and the dash came back on with the wrench light still lite. Took the truck in the next morning and the dealership could not pull any codes. The same issue has happened multiple time since that day. I have had the truck into 2 different dealership. 2 times the truck was in Fault mode and the dealerships pulled 30+ codes both times. No fix has yet been found. Filed Lemon Law paperwork 10 days ago, Ford is sending a senior engineer out to take a look. Currently the truck has been in service since 7/9/2018, All they can tell me is they are trying to make the truck go back in fault mode, of course it is not cooperating. It was in Fault mode when it arrived at the dealership, but they reset it and it sometimes take a month or more before it happens again. Real hazard is I have no idea if Turn signals work, No idea if my lights are working (thankfully it has always happened during the day), and if the Hubs do engage at a speed greater than 10 miles an hour I'm sure parts will break and teh truck may loose control.

- Dennis H., Bellville, US

problem #7

Nov 112018

F-150 FX 4x4 V6 Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 29,129 miles

This started in November 2018... at this point in time, we have driven our own truck maybe a week over the past 2 months.

FRI 11/9/18: Hauled 360miles, no issues (tow haul mode). Engaged 4WD 4L to park in muddy field. Loaded trailer weight not more than 6,000lbs (Gooseneck trailer) SAT 11/10 – Did not use SUN 11/11: Warmed up, then moved thru field in 4L. Disengaged 4WD and began haul back. ~4.5hrs into trip (over 250miles and after a gas stop) while driving received several errors on the dash & Sync 911 Assist and heard metal grinding noise (for just 30sec to minute). Stopped at Truck Travel center to consult books – no helpful info. Shifted from P to D and got same errors plus Vehicle Descent, Vehicle assist, and an Integrated Brake Controller error. Place back in park and shut off for a few minutes. Restart showed See Service Manual, Integrated Brake Controller and 911 assist error still active. Tow haul mode for remainder of trip with no additional issues. Upon restart after unhooking trailer, no errors noted. MON 11/12 – no issues (drive to and from work is 15miles total) TUES 11/13- A bit more around town driving, 30min less per trip. 20min into evening drive home, same errors and grinding noise. Then Powering Steering and ABS Failure errors. Power steering did in fact go out and difficult to turn. Stopped for 5 min (off) and then restarted for 2mile trip from school to home. Restarted without errors, but they returned at our driveway and power steering went out again. WED 11/14 – OK (drive to and from work is 15miles total) THURS 11/15 – did not use FRI 11/16 - OK (drive to and from work is 15miles total) SAT 11/17 – did not use SUN 11/18 – used in afternoon, within 3 miles of trip errors returned (except power steering and ABS) and heard grinding noise for longer. Restarted clear and drove home fine (about 8miles each way) MON 11/19 – OK (drive to and from work is 15miles total) TUES 11/20 - drove to dealer that I purchased from for service 60miles away (earliest they could get us in after reporting the issue). 20 min in/10miles or so, errors and grinding returned and were intermittent the rest of the drive there. Dealer found ABS module failure. Replaced part, did IWE TSB and returned to us a week later unable to duplicate further errors. WED 11/28 - picked up from dealer, drove the 65 miles back to work, placed in park and all errors returned. Took it to a closer dealer that afternoon (notified other dealer of errors returning) FRI 11/30 - dealer unable to duplicate, returned truck to us. Drove around town for errands, errors returned again. SAT 12/1 - Dropped back at dealer nearby. TUES 12/4 - Dealer duplicated errors...50+ trouble codes being sent to Technician's device. They contacted Ford Technical services to troubleshoot. WED 12/19 - Dealer found very loose wiring harness at the fuse box. Tightened and errors stopped. Test drove for the next 2 days with no further issues. FRI 12/20 - Picked up from dealer. Drove around that weekend, no issues. TUES 12/25 - Drove around town looking at lights...Errors returned as well as consistent grinding noise. WED 12/26 - Warmed up using Remote Start. Found truck had turned it self off after 5min. Returned truck to dealer, errors still present. Grinding for half of the trip. THURS 1/3/19 - Update from dealer is that errors were at every start up, then intermittent, now have stopped. They are back to working with Detroit to troubleshoot.

- Griffin K., Charlottesville, VA, US

problem #6

Jan 012019

F-150 XLT 2.6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles

Back in November 2018 i had my first fault. My Brake Fluid Low Sensor came on. It was intermittent at for about 10 miles and than went away.

Did not another issue until mid December. The light came back on and over the course of the day, it did not go off. I then disconnected the the sensor so that I did not have to continuously have to listen to the dinging all the time. I also made an appointment with a dealership to fix the problem. They checked the codes and found nothing. Returned it saying they can not find a problem and to bring it back when the problem come back.

Yesterday, the light came back on intermittent and I got some video of it this time. It only acted up for a short time before going away again.

This morning I went to use the truck and used the remote start to start it. It ran for about 5 mins or so and I got in and turned the key on and put it on reverse. Then all hell broke lose. Had all kinds of errors come on. Had parking brake not released, service engine, check service manual, dim lights, brake fluid low, parking brake on. The gas pedal does not seem to work. The engine revved to 3000 RPM by itself and only moved like it was in idle.

- Kyle B., Richmond, MI, US

problem #5

Aug 012016

F-150 Lariat

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,485 miles


I bought my F150 in may of 2016. Love the truck but around August I hated the truck. My truck would just up and stall no warning no codes nothin. This would happen when I am sitting at a traffic light or stop sign. So I reported it to the dealer I bought truck from and they said they would look at it but couldn't do nothin because no codes.

Well needless to say, this problem has been going on for the 27 months. I have had it to the dealer a number of times and and still cant fix. I even suggested starting from the fuel pump and work your way forward. Nope cant do that. So at 94000 kms they decided that they would try switching throttle bodies out. Problem is still there.

So last night 08/22/2018 my truck up and quit at a traffic light again. This time truck went into limp mode. Took truck to dealership next day told them the problem and that also my transmission seemed to be sluggish. So the dealership just informed me that there's a problem with the electrical for tyranny if not there's another can of warms to look at. But the electrical wrench that come on last night has nothing to do with the truck stalling. I have on the truck now 120000kms. So for 80000 kms I have nothin but headaches and now I'm being told that I have to pay for the transmission issues. Like what the hell. This isn't right. What should I do.

- Bradley W., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

problem #4

Mar 012018

F-150 Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,000 miles

I have a 2016 Ford F150 Limited with 23,000 miles on it. I have had repeated electrical problems with it. Apparently the gateway module gets shorted out and causes the running boards to stop working, the HVAC to stop, the power windows to stop, the air bag lights to come on and tire pressure sensors to freak out. Those are the items that I know don't work.

This has happened 7 times. The first time it happened was at 8000 miles and now it has happened 4 times in the last 4 months. At first the dealers kept telling me it was a problem with the plug on the Gateway Module, but all they were doing was resetting it and sending me on my way. Telling me I was luck they didn't charge me because plugging in the module is not covered by warranty. Finally the 3rd dealer replaced the Gateway Module and 3 weeks later the electronics go out again. This time I opened a 4th ticket with Ford Dispute Resolution and they sent out an Engineer from Deerborn, MI. The engineer worked on it for 2 days and replaced the Gateway module again. 2 weeks later the electrical went out again.

I finally started the Lemon Law proceeding with the State of Texas and now Ford is treating me like a criminal and have not contacted me in 2 weeks. My truck has been sitting at the dealer broken.

I just want them to trade me into a new one or buy it back. Ford refused to do so and said we have to wait for Lemon Law hearing, as if they are going to fight it.

- Stephen K., Katy, TX, US

problem #3

Apr 062017

F-150 XLT 2.7L Eco

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,214 miles

All display dashboard went off, no sync, no media, no backup camera, etc...... This issue happened around 15k mile after 1year of purchase of my vehicle. I turned off engine and restart a few times, problem still existed. However the problem corrected itself next day and I did not bother to call Ford dealership for repair. A few weeks later, it rained pretty bad as I recalled and the same electrical problem occurred again. All dashboard display complete off. A few hours later it corrected itself again. I had this issue 3-4 times when it rained or humility was high then this issue happened. this is just my observation and not sure it is the root cause of my problem cuz I can't replicate the issues. I definitely need to take my F150 for check up and get this fix soon.

- Sam L., Katy, TX, US

problem #2

May 272017

F-150 Lariat 3.5L Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 8,500 miles

Purchased a new 2016 Lariat 3.5L Ecoboost in November of 2016. I'm writing this in June of 2017 and the truck has 8500 miles on it. I have experienced several catastrophic failures while towing a trailer with this truck above 45mph. Out of nowhere, what feels like the transmission slipping out of gear and a loud BOOM occurs.The entire power band drops out with no throttle response. All sorts of indicators illuminate on the dash indicating a serious problem. The RPMs begin dropping erratically and the truck begins to shudder very badly while attempting to stay alive. I have to safely maneuver the truck (and trailer) out of traffic without causing an accident and off to the shoulder to shut it down. The "wrench light" is illuminated, the "hill descent is unavailable" screen pops up, & "See manual" indicators pops up.

Once I shut down the truck and restart it, all the problem indicators disappear except for the "hill descent is unavailable" and I don't even have the hill descent option on my truck!

The wrench icon and the other notifications disappear after restarting the truck, so there's no code to show that there is any problem. The issue seems to resolve itself for a short time period before it occurs again. It's happened four times within the past 3 weeks. When it occurs, it becomes a very dangerous situation especially while towing a trailer.

Ford needs to issue a recall ASAP to fix this problem. I'm going to have to now record a video of the problem when it occurs because the codes clear out after restarting the truck. Otherwise, it's my word against the dealership's.


- Mike S., Augusta, US

problem #1

Jan 192017

F-150 XL 2.7L Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,345 miles

Went out to vehicle, started it up and the infotainment screen was blank.....no sync, radio, back up camera functions at all. powere button and restarting vehicle repeatedly did nothing. After 8 hours (work) went out and started vehicle and it worked again.

Next week, remote started vehicle, went out and rear drivers side door auto lock didnt work. Did not work after re-starting car several times. Once I got to work, I let the car sit. Aftyer an hour and a half, I went out to the car and the power lock on the drivers rear door worked again.

Update from Jun 5, 2017: Still having electrical issues even after going to ford service. In addition to a blank infotainment screen which has happened on 4 occasions now, the other day, I had no sync or media functions for my trip. All these issues seem to correct (temporarily) themselves after vehicle has bee. Off for a while. Currently have a little over 10k on odometer

- Nathan R., Pittsburgh, PA, US

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