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14725 - Service Update. Tie strap the ?Main? and ?BCM? branches of the body harness (near the front of dash pass-through inside the vehicle) together to prevent them from coming in contact with park brake bracket on certain 2014 and 2015 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra vehicles. These vehicles may have exposed body harness wires in close proximity to the parking brake bracket at the front dash pass-through inside the vehicle. The exposed body harness wires can rub against or be pinched by the brake bracket. While there is no evidence of this happening in customer vehicles, if the wires were to be sufficiently damaged from rubbing against or being pinched by the brake bracket, certain electrical systems could be affected. For example, sufficient damage to the wires could result in the loss of various exterior lights, wipers, the driver?s airbag telltale light, throttle control, defog controls, or trailer brake controls. In addition, while there is no evidence of any stalls resulting from this condition, it is possible that if the run/crank wire was sufficiently damaged, it could result in an engine stall. Depending on which circuit is damaged, a telltale or DIC message may be displayed alerting the customer that an issue exists.

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Date Published
FEB 24, 2015
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