Notes: The 2001 Civic has transmission problems, transmission problems & more transmission problems. Did we mention transmission problems? And a dangerous defect with the front airbag that didn't get recalled for 10 years.

Although eventually the defective 2001 Civic airbag inflators were fixed under recalls in 2011 & 2013, that meant for 10 to 12 years airbags were activating with excessive force where metal fragments went shooting into passengers when the airbag deployed.

As for the 2001 Civic's transmission woes? Honda conducted a major transmission recall in 2004 & settled a class action lawsuit for defective transmissions in 2006. But, neither the recall or the lawsuit included the 2001 Civic.

Last thing to consider - the 2001 Civic is the most-recalled car ever, closely followed by the 2002 Civic & the 2001 Accord. The 2001 Civic is the 4th most-recalled vehicle overall, only a Ford truck & two Ford vans have more.


really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
104,172 miles
Total Complaints:
675 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replaced transmission (257 reports)
  2. rebuilt whole transmission (153 reports)
  3. not sure (141 reports)
  4. get Honda to cover the cost (54 reports)
  5. buy a different car...can't afford the repair (23 reports)
  6. break down the transmission and fix (15 reports)
2001 Honda Civic transmission problems

transmission problem

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2001 Honda Civic Owner Comments (Page 8 of 34)

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problem #535

Feb 162011

Civic EX 1.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,809 miles


Our '97 Civic has 170,000 miles on it and it still runs like new. With the tranny going out at 85,000 we're very disappointed with this '01 Civic. Honda should stand behind their products especially when they know there is a problem. We wont waste money on another Honda, lesson learned!

- , Blue Springs, MO, US

problem #534

Feb 082011

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,727 miles

This is another complaint about the 2001 Honda Civic (automatic). I bought this car brand new off the lot under the impression that Honda is the car to get for quality and longevity. In fact i remember the salesman saying that. Today i was driving down the road and and got to a stop light. When the light turned green i hit the gas but the car didn't move, the engine would rev up with the pressing of the gas pedal but the car was motionless. I knew it had to be the transmission. But i only have 89,000 miles on this vehicle, isn't it way to premature for a transmission failure? Well, I had to push it off the road and called Triple AAA. They towed it to a local repair shop. They hooked it up to the computer and found no error codes. They end up telling me the tranny is done..and start quoting all these prices for used, rebuilt, or new transmission installation. i couldn't believe it! only 79000 ml. and the transmission burns out. I had the car towed to my house so i can research prices. On the internet i stumbled on pages about Honda having MAJOR problems with the transmissions on the 2001 Civic. There were pages of entries of unhappy people all with the same story of their tranny failing on them with low milage. This is unbelievable, apparently Honda hasn't issued a recall and refuses to admit a problem. There was no warning light so i didn't no anything was wrong. I have always took care of this car and took it in for regular maintenance service. the majority of Honda owners with transmission problems are saying the torque converter is failing and essentially burning up the transmission fluid, rendering the entire transmission useless. Honda must stand behind their products better than this.

- , Buena Park, CA, USA

problem #533

Feb 052011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 184,000 miles

I cannot believe how prone 2001s are to transmission failures. I haven't fixed it yet as this has happened over the weekend and no one is open. Thanks for leaving me stranded Honda

- , Monterey Park, CA, USA

problem #532

Feb 082011

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles


ADD ME TO THE LIST! Just bought the car 9 months ago and had it checked out by a mechanic..... It was fine..... fast forward 9 months,,,,,, tranny out!!!!!! Really upset. College student with 1000 to my name and no way to get to work or school. i thought honda was the way to go....WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now off to the car dealership (not Honda) to try and get a clunker!

- , Ogden, UT, USA

problem #531

Dec 032010

Civic EX 1.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,810 miles


- , Birmingham, AL, USA

problem #530

Oct 122010

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles

I purchased the car new in 2001. Shortly after the car wasn't shifting and the torque converter had to be replaced. Granted I did drive a long period of time before it went again. I had to have the whole transmission rebuilt and paid $2229.00 in Oct 2010. I though HONDA was a good car and would last way into 200,000 miles

- , South Hadley, MA, USA

problem #529

Oct 282010

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 144,000 miles


My first car was a '92 Civic. I got it when I was 17 and it finally died last year at 330,000 miles. I loved that thing. I swore I would only ever buy Civics. Naturally, I replaced my car with a newer Civic. I purchased it used, 8 years old, with 118,000 miles on it. Two months ago I was parking my car and, after reversing, it wouldn't go into drive. I had it towed to my mechanic, he did a transmission flush, and he called me to come pick it up. That same night as I was driving, the car suddenly wouldn't go above 10 mph. I turned on my hazards and headed straight back to the mechanic. The car eventually just stopped going forward, on a main road, right before I got to the shop. It was 11pm, and luckily there weren't many cars on the road to almost hit me (although there were a few) as I had to get out of my car and push it, alone, to get it off the main road.

It was a nerve-wracking experience, to say the least. My mechanic has found a used transmission to put in my car that will cost me around $1000. It's better than paying for a new transmission, but after reading all the complaints listed here, I'm nervous about paying even that much for another '01 transmission.

To say that my second experience with a Honda has been disappointing would be a gross understatement. I'm so deeply frustrated with this situation :(

- , Salt Lake City, UT, US

problem #528

Dec 092010

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

The torque converter on my 2001 Honda Civic LX went without warning, taking my entire transmission with it. Honda is refusing to help with repairs because of the age and mileage of the car (even though I have never had a car's transmission fail at 120k). I religiously maintained this car, including transmission/parts and am very disappointed that no recall has been issued for such a serious design flaw.

Ridiculous that it isn't considered a "safety" issue. My car stopped moving during a left turn in a busy intersection. My stopping could've potentially caused an accident and me or someone else could've been seriously injured.

I used to love Honda but after this I won't be buying another car from them and I won't be sinking anymore money into this car (in addition to all the money I've paid to fix its many suspension issues-which is another story. They are obviously unwilling to stand behind their product.

- , Glen Ellyn, IL, USA

problem #527

Jul 012010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 73,000 miles

Same as all the rest of the Civic complaints - transmission dying prematurely. This my daughter's car and she started complaining a few months ago of a "noise". I checked it out and then had a Honda dealer check it out this past November. He said the transmission was going to die in the near future - $3500 to replace!! At 80,000 miles! My wife contacted American Honda and they blew her off. As everyone else has said, there is no excuse for this. Note the Civic is NOT an exception for Honda...My business owned a 2001 Odyssey which had to have its transmission replaced 5 TIMES, all under warranty, luckily, because so many Odysseys were bad that Honda had been sued and had to extend the warranty to 100,000 miles. The point is, Honda has and still acts dishonestly with regard to its past poor design and engineering. Manufacturers who abuse their customers don't deserve business. I will never buy another Honda, and I recommend staying away from them.

- , Los Angeles, CA, USA

problem #526

Nov 162010

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

2001 Honda civic LX, tranny failed two months ago, when trying to accelerate RPMs would go up but it would not shift into gear, can move the car under 20mph. Had a rebuilt transmission placed by a guy in NYC. Two months later, I moved down to TN, and tranny failed again! This time guy in NYC refused to cover me under warranty because it is not a "nationwide" warranty. Cost for another transmission in TN is $3000. Guy in TN said it was a "linear accelerator" issue, which was replaced, but the transmission also needs to be replaced. I am putting the car for sale as is. I have owned two Acuras and this Honda in the past and have always loved it except now. I am calling customer service to see if I could get a "goodwill discount" if not I am never buying another Honda product.

- , philadelphia, PA, USA

problem #525

Jan 252011

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,125 miles


We purchased this 2001 Honda Civic EX because of the Honda brand supposedly being so synonymous with quality and longevity. If I would have researched on the internet for prevalent problems with the 2001 Honda Civic, I would have come across the "transmission failure" issue and never would have purchased this vehicle. AND I would advise anyone who is thinking about purchasing a 2001 - 2005 Honda Civic, BEWARE, the transmission WILL prematurely fail. So, on with the story. We are the second owners of this car and it had 37,000 miles on it when we purchased it from a private party. At around 80,000 miles, the transmission started slipping going into 2nd gear. We took it in to a local transmission company who serviced (changed fluid) and tested it telling us that they could not get it to "slip." So now, my lovely bride tells me yesterday that it was getting really bad and she was having a hard time getting back from work. I drove it to work myself and made an appointment at our local Honda dealership. They were so not interested in our dilemma but said that we could bring it in and they would check it out. Not getting the warm fuzzies from them, we made another appointment with our local AAMCO service center. Everyone at AAMCO was polite, understanding and aware of the "Infamous Crappy Honda Transmission" issue. Unfortunately, on the drive there, the transmission completely failed ON THE FREEWAY and we managed to get it off the road and called AAMCO. They immediately called a tow truck and it is now at AAMCO. Approximate rebuilt cost is $3,100.00. This is pricey, but it includes a nationwide 3 year/100,000 mile warranty. We also called the North American Honda customer service line and spoke to Yvonne. She is located at an office in Torrance, CA. Yvonne was so disinterested in our problem and explained that we could take it into our local dealership and it would be at their discretion to take it up with the Honda Field Rep, but that her office, which was warranty, could not assist us in any way.

SO......all of this being said, I would NEVER purchase another Honda product. They know that these transmissions WILL prematurely fail but only decided to recall later models. This is a DANGEROUS problem that Honda refuses to acknowledge.

- , Reno, NV, USA

problem #524

Aug 042010

Civic LX 1.7L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,400 miles

I'm 23 years old and just now starting college so I figured I need a decent car. You can't go wrong with a Civic, they run forever. NOT. I bought 2 2001 Honda Civic LX's. I had the college money so I bought both for a decent deal on the price. One of them was for me, one of them was for my 21 year old sister. Both of them had 122000 miles on them. One was white one was green. I chose the nicer white one. I had it for 33 days and 1500 miles and the transmission went out. I was sitting at a stoplight, and I accelerated up to 5mph and that's when it slipped and revved up. I knew that this was a total transmission failure based on my past experience. I was 200 miles away from home when this happened. I towed it back up here with a Uhaul trailer. I have done some research and here is what I am going to do instead of paying 1600-2500$ to fix. I am going to buy a 700$ (2003-2005) transmission from a junkyard that specializes in Honda. The 01 and 02 are the ones with the older torque converter. I will probably get it for 4-500 since I know people (lol). I will then take it to a shop that I trust and offer the guy 300$ to put it in during spare time. The costs if you don't know anyone to hook you up should be 800-1000$... If it fails again, spend the other 1500$ you saved to do the same thing again... ... This is the solution for the guy who doesn't have 2500$ laying around ... Just make sure you know the shop you are dealing with and you should be okay. We are still in a recession, and people need work, since there is no cost to them for parts, they should be extremely satisfied getting paid 60$ an hour to put it in....

- , Hickory, NC, USA

problem #523

Jan 012011

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,000 miles

My mother has had this car for 9 years. She's taken immaculate care of this car, has never driven highway or long distance in it and her job is only 15 minutes away. Every one of her destinations is 15 minutes away, maximum. This is a very gently used car. There is no reason for the transmission on this car to fail. Honda and Toyotas are supposed to be good cars. My poor mother took such good care of this care (I am witness) with servicing and was hoping to pass it on to me to help with my family. I was a stay at home mother and this car was supposed to help my family and myself. The transmission went bad the day I got it. I had no problem with the vehicle, it just stopped moving. My mother told me she noticed the car losing drive power but it was never anything to worry her since she always took care of the car. This is frustrating and this has not only screwed me over but it's unfortunate that my mother paid this much money for a car that would fail less than 10 years after she bought it. She just finished paying for it 4 years ago. This is ridiculous. I wish we could sue Honda because they should have came up with a solution to help the owners of the 2001 and 2002 Honda Civics. After the problems with the 01 and 02 Civics, the problems went on to the Accord and that's negligence on their part. They are probably just playing their customers to continue buying transmissions for a lemon car.

- , Railroad, PA, USA

problem #522

Nov 102010

Civic Ex/sedan 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 134,000 miles

I want a transmission..As many Honda civic/2001 transmission have went out..Honda needs to do something about it..Will Honda not stand behind their cars..

- , Maryville, TN, USA

problem #521

Sep 252009

Civic EX 1.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

Just another one to add to the already long list,however car did have 160,000 miles on it when it went out

- , Independence, KY, US

problem #520

Dec 152010

Civic Coupe

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,000 miles

man o man.... i had a Honda civic 1977 when civics weren't kewl...was my 1st car...loved it and always wanted another. Bought my daughter the 2001 and she drove it for 16k and bam.... freaking tranny... wished i would of seen this website b4 i bought it. she depended on me to buy her a good car and look what i did.... shame Honda won't stand up... i just bought a 2007 civic manual tranny this year b4 this happened and it makes me wanna sell now... I thought i would always be a Honda fan but now am seriously thinking about switching... Open your eyes Honda... your losing customers. It is and will always be about the glory dollar.. well, checking into the Jasper replacement someone on here said they actually redesigned for a fix... No sense in replacing a faulty product with the same faulty product cuz it will happen again. If i cant get a Jasper repl then i will tell her to sell it for whatever she can get out of it and buy American.....

But even then, American really means assembled in Mexico or some other freaken country....again...always the glory dollar...

Good luck people!

- , Colleyville, TX, USA

problem #519

Feb 152008

Civic LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 95,000 miles

Well I have finally had it with this car, I was hoping to keep it for my daughter and pass it on but it looks like we will not be doing that, We bought the car used with 65,000 miles and no problems, we figured it was a great car, about 3 years ago after a transmission service the check engine light came on. We took it to our mechanic who is a certified honda mechanic. He ran a diagnostic for us and it came back as a Torque converter control failure, he said that the only way to fix the problem was a new transmission at $1800-2300! We have barley drove the car in 2 years just trying to keep it going until we have the money for the repair. I have spoken directly with Honda USA and it is like talking to a brick wall. I have never in my entire life seen such a case of "we don't know about that". I have contacted every news outlet in my city including the newspaper. I have submitted a formal complaint with the BBB and i am looking for any other places i can go. My next attempts will be at the state AG and if need be i will submit complaints with the IIHS. I do believe this is a safety issue and a design defect no matter what Honda says, If you have serviced your vehicle regularly and drove it normally, only time and high mileage should be creating these issues, And by high mileage i mean 200K and above, All this garbage about 75k being high mileage is a mechanics and car saleman's scam to grab more money. Everyone should start submitting complaints to the BBB and there State AG office until Honda finally cracks, there has to be tens of thousands of these cars out there!!

- , Clackamas, OR, US

problem #518

Oct 152010

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 137,000 miles

Car slipped out of gear once the day before, thought it was a user error due to the weather. Next day I was at work, bringing a mentally handicapped person to the doctor when the car seemed to suddenly go into neutral, would rev and show the gears but wouldn't move. Had to push it to the side of the road, wait for a tow, wait for my boss to pick up client, real hassle. I wasn't able to pay for the repair, searching for a new car.

- , Torrington, CT, USA

problem #517

Aug 202010

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

My Transmission failed out of no where on a drive to New York from my home in Virginia. It happened TWO hours away from my home and I had no choice but to have it towed to the nearest Transmission shop. As soon as I googled "honda transmission problems" I found hundreds and hundreds of complaints for the 2001 Civic. I wish I had known this BEFORE the incident and perhaps it could have been avoided. I have read that the problems stems from a faulty torque converter. WHY HAS HONDA NOT RECALLED THIS EQUIPMENT?! UNBELIEVABLE. I certainly will never buy another Honda without googling the problems for that model/year EVER AGAIN.


Honda you owe me $2,500.00. Thanks. :P

- , Sterling, VA, US

problem #516

Dec 172010

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

Transmission blew just 2 weeks after buying my Honda Civic 2001. Unfortunately, I did not read the numerous complaints about the Honda Civic. The mileage was typical burn out point-just over 100,000 mi. I am stuck on weather to fix, junk or sell. Seems like it will cost me over 2 thousand. I am so upset but thank God I did not get HURT! What a dangerous car. I will never buy a Honda again!

- , New Britain, CT, USA

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