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Service bulletin - There is a problem with the audio/audio-navigation unit software, which may lead to one or more of the following symptoms: ? Audio unit does not connect to last known phone ? Home screen background color changes after factory reset ? Home screen defaults to standard setting after factory data reset ? Unknown Host Exception message appears ? Phone function screen crashes ? Private mode is shown on the meter when making phone calls ? Check Tuner message appears on Sirius XM screen ? Unable to switch music source ? Bluetooth® Audio still playing when receiving calls ? Navigation guidance does not stop when voice recognition activated ? Apple CarPlay? disconnects by itself ? Apple CarPlay does not start ? Music does not resume after phone call in Apple CarPlay ? Bluetooth Audio does not resume after handsfree call has ended ? USB devices not recognized ? Voice recognition does not start ? Unable to cancel TA announcements using SW back button ? Navigation Satellite icon flashing although satellites information is being received ? SIRI icon on display does not disappear ? AM radio stations have a lot of static and much louder at volume level 5

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Date Published
JUN 09, 2018
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