pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
125,711 miles
Total Complaints:
58 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replaced transmission (20 reports)
  2. not sure (14 reports)
  3. replace transmission (9 reports)
  4. must replace but honda won't pay (7 reports)
  5. destroy car (3 reports)
  6. Honda replaced transmission at no cost (2 reports)
1999 Honda Odyssey transmission problems

transmission problem

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1999 Honda Odyssey Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #58

Oct 012015

Odyssey EX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 208,000 miles


Though We love the Odyssey we are not thrilled by major failures over the years. Original transmission replaced under warranty/recall at 95,000 Miles (we had a transmission oil cooler). Now at 208,000 miles it is slipping again. Can't afford to fix it. also all Hondas have ignition failure due to switch problems--very dangerous as the car would just quit running leaving you with heavy steering and squirrely brakes to get off the road.. Dealer claimed no recall --paid $350 to have it fixed--Later on I found out that there appeared to be a recall. Also broken motor mounts are a common problem --too expensive to fix also.

I will have to junk this car even though I am sure that the engine would have made it to 300,000 miles.

This is my 4th Honda and will be my last.

- , Brentwood, TN, USA

problem #57

Jul 062013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 230,000 miles

Halfway home on nine hour trip, midday, full van, busy highway, smelled 'rubber burning?' and 1/2 hour later, loss of drive, trail of smoke, pulled over and waited for AAA tow. No warning lights, ever. No symptoms, either, which would have been nice, as we may not have pushed her so hard.


Holiday weekend, nothing open, abandoned van in parking lot of hotel, rented vehicle, and continued home. Glad for AAA as they covered all our inconvenient expenses. Junkyard towed away, which made us sorry, as this van had served us well, and she was such a smooth ride. $3000-5000 fix just not worth it. We miss van a lot, moving kids into dorms, transporting mowers, and bikes.

This was second transmission, first replaced at 130,xxx. Seems like such a known problem. Considering a replacement van, but with this history......

- , Niskayuna, NY, USA

problem #56

Jun 152012

Odyssey EX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 95,000 miles

The transmission was replaced under the recall at around 53000 miles in 2007. It has failed again recently at 95000 miles, which is only around 42000 miles on the new/rebuild transmission.

I just bought this car from its first owner and drove it a few thousand miles. My child was in the car when it failed. This could have been potentially life threatening.

I called Honda, and found out that they do NOT have any record of the service performed in their database. No claims submitted by the dealership. I confirmed with the dealership, and have the receipt in hand for the service done.

- , Cerritos, CA, USA

problem #55

Nov 222012

Odyssey LX 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 101,357 miles


This is the second transmission in this '99 Odyssey van. The first one was a bearing at about 37,000 miles (conveniently RIGHT after warranty ran out!.) This one either won't go into a forward gear when stopped, or won't shift out of low gear once moving.

I've found on the internet this is a common problem, among others, with many Honda model automatic transmissions. Clearly Honda has a problem over a long time and broad range of vehicles, and are very reluctant admit an issue or to help. It pretty much GUARANTEES I'll never buy or own another Honda automobile again, EVER! (their motorcycles are a different story, and my local dealer takes good care of me). On the other hand the local Honda auto dealer is the worst dealer in town!

- , Bakersfield, CA, USA

problem #54

Dec 012009

Odyssey EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

Honda replaced the transmission at no cost after 20,000, but they were vague about why, and I was just happy that they did. They had to replace it again at 60,000 and this time they told me that the original transmission was not designed for a mini-van of this size nor was the one that they put in at 20K. When the transmission failed at 160,000 they would not replace it so I donated it and got a Pilot.

- , Wilton, CT, USA

problem #53

Jul 212012

Odyssey EX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 146,135 miles

It's gone bad 3 times. I have replaced the transmission 2 times rebuilt the last time and it went bad again. I mean really never again will I buy a Honda.

- , Passaic, NJ, USA

problem #52

Jul 192012

Odyssey LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 146,000 miles


sooooooooooooooo here is a WARNING for our fellow HONDA zealots....1999-2004 odysseys have a badly designed transmission. Honda KNOWS this and will NOT pay anything to help. if you buy THEIR transmission, it will continue to fail (some people are on their 3rd tranny at 145k). there is another company that knows the flaw is in where the transmission is located and requires you to buy an additional cooler unit to keep the transmission from overheating. i don't know what their record is on that. bottom line is the car is worth 2 1/2 k and the transmission is 5k. Honda will NOT assist even tho they KNOW that it is THEIR FAULT r/t to a design flaw. this is my 3rd Honda in 25 years (i still have the accord from 88 and she is still functioning) but i am really saddened by their lack of responsibility on this matter. our van is going to the graveyard...i think that is a sad thing for a Honda to have to be doing at 13 years old...esp when i know that they can do better than that!!!

the kids are stuck in az on their honeymoon with a broken down (aka dead as a doornail and too expensive to fix) van and an unwilling to assist honda company.....thank goodness we have family down there that are helping them out because my company has failed me miserably!!!!!

First they lost d4 then d3 and gimped into flagstaff at 40 mph in d2.

i have contacted corp and they say they will not do anything even tho they knew just by me saying i have a 99 odyssey, what the problem is! i never received notification of the recall when it originally occurred and i thought they were legally obligated to send it to me in writing! needless to say, with myself unemployed and my husband underpaid, this is AWFUL timing to say the least!

- , Shelley, ID, USA

problem #51

Feb 122012

Odyssey EX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 156,425 miles

Hello every one, I bought my honda odessy 1999 as they were very first model of these days honda. It was my second car and very comfortable family car. As family of 6 we really enjoyed having this car. At the very first days we had aoutomatic doors problems and many days i spent in the car dealer just them fixing it. It took them around 4 times to get it right. Than we were fine untill 62000 miles when our first transmission failiur happened. I wasnt worrie about it because i had 10 years extanded warranty. When i went to dealer they told us that factory extended the warranty on this cars transmissions which they replaced it. After two months again transmission failed again same they replaced it. And after we were fine. But couple recalls we had to go such as ignition, which will fail again down on the road. When i hit the 90000 miles i started to have door problems again, when car was over 100000 miles car started give me all sort of problems. Slighting doors, coast me a fortune. After radiator blow i had to change it, cooling fan failed i had to change it, alternator failed i had to change it twice, i changed timeing belts twice, and made it to 156000 miles. That s when ignition and transmission died on me. Locks were not working any more properly. Windows were not going up or down properly and I wasn't gonna pay any more another 3000 to 4000 dollars for all the repairs and i end up selling the car for the junk yard company for a few hundered dollars. All my life I only had hondas, but whoever is looking for these cars please check the history of the car. do not burn yourself. I know the fact that transmission will fail on you. I called honda all they said was they were sorry. I have 4 children as my call was not even return by the honda, not only me but my next generations will drive any other cars but honda. It s so sad but fact.

- , Weston, FL, USA

problem #50

Nov 122008

Odyssey EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

the transmission failed at about 120,000 and Honda paid for about half of a rebuild transmission from a Honda Dealer. That transmission then filed less than 30K later and I sold the Odyssey for scrap at that point.

- , Haymarket, VA, USA

problem #49

Jun 092011

Odyssey LX-C 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 104,800 miles

Single owner vehicle, maticulously maintained, with 104,800 primarily highway miles. Torque converter is failing and vehicle has been completely out of the factory-extended warranty (part of a class action settlement) for 5 years although mileage limitation has not been reached. Dealer told me that new transmission would cost $5,400... for a vehicle valued at about $3,000. Was also told that Honda won't be expected to defray the cost. The interior and exterior are in good condition and, knowing that the mechanical aspects of the vehicle had been extremely well maintained, I fully expected to drive this vehicle for another 150,000 miles. I would not have been surprised about this from an American manufacturer, but am shocked that Honda will not make it right. Including the Odyssey, I have owned five Honda vehicles, but cannot see myself buying another.

- , San Antonio, TX, USA

problem #48

Mar 262009

Odyssey LX 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 101,769 miles



- , North York, Ontario, canada

problem #47

Nov 152010

Odyssey LX 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles

I was original owner and the car was fine otherwise until catastrophic failure of the transmission Despite having had the dealership install a transmission cooler shortly after the vehicle was purchased and maintaining the car according to, or exceeding Honda's service schedule. Honda said they would do NOTHING and the dealership wanted a ridiculous $5500. to replace the transmission. With the history of problems with this transmission and the multiple recalls Honda should stand behind their products even if the vehicle mileage exceeds the court-mandated warranty extension to 109,000 miles.

The problem is a BAD original design. Honda's fault not the careful owners!

- , Williamsburg, VA, USA

problem #46

Apr 212010


  • 152,236 miles

I will update this soon with more detailed numbers and dates but at the moment they are not close by.

Bought 1999 Odyssey in Oct. 2002. One owner, small town, mainly hwy km's.

Drove to the Yukon from Edmonton in summer 2005. In the middle of nowhere, literally, transmission decided to make life miserable.

After a very slow (traveling no more than 60 km / hr) remainder of the trip we arrived in Whitehorse where Honda was extremely reluctant to help. Months later, after talking with Honda customer service, we found out that they (Whitehorse Honda) "didn't think we were serious about getting the repairs done".

I guess i should have gotten down on my knees and begged for help?

We got a rebuild done through another local shop and made it home. Found out months later from our local dealership where we bought and get it serviced that it was under warranty. Whitehorse Honda ran the VIN # which means it would have shown that the transmission was under warranty.

We fought and with the help of the owner of dealership got a cheque back for $1,500.00 from Honda Canada.

Fast forward to 2010. About 240,000 km the transmission is about to give up the ghost again.

After the dealership contacted Honda Canada and got nowhere I did the same.

August 2010 I spoke with a guy named Jean (he was french (?) not sure of the spelling but that is how he pronounced it), who refused ANY help at all as well as refused to let me speak with a manager (his boss etc.); said that there is noone else I can speak with.

After telling him that I was going to write a letter to Honda Canada, all Alberta Honda dealerships and all local newspapers and stations he said he can pass my name along and someone will call me within 48 business hours.

To this date have not heard a peep from Honda. Life happens and some things get put aside but now it is time to get the ball rolling.

Wish me luck, cross your fingers and anything else to help me win this never ending battle with Honda regarding their piece of crap transmissions. It is about time they step up and take responsibility.

- , Namao, AB, Canada

problem #45

Dec 012010

Odyssey EX 3.2L.V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles

After not receiving any satisfaction from Customer Service at American Honda Walter Menjivar I wrote a letter to the President with return signature. My letter was responded by Mr. Menjiva again with the same non committal response. CANNOT get help from AMERICAN HONDA which leads me to believe they do not CARE! Am told my car is 11 years old and they do not think they are responsible any longer. To date I have sent $9,000.00 in Honda repairs. My car is extremely well maintained and serviced by the original dealership NORTH SHORE HONDA as Honda suggests. This car is used locally and do not haul anything heavier than the passengers, groceries and paintings. It is driven locally and occasionally up to a 2 hour drive.

Update from Apr 4, 2011: No satisfaction from American Honda and have been inconvenience since November 2010 with no car. Honda refuses to help and tells me I am expecting too much as my car is 11 years old and has 125,000 miles. There is a definite problem with this year model of Odessey and many other owners of this car will validate., see complaints.

First, rebuilt transmission replaced no charge under Honda warranty at 61, 876 miles...October 24, 2003

Second at 97,556 miles, transmission replaced March 21, 2007 I paid 25% of transmission costs $481.78

September 2010 another transmission is needed at 125,00 miles.

As of November 2010 I have spent $9,000.00 on repairs!

- , Glen Head, NY, USA

problem #44

Feb 112011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 169,000 miles

At 169000 miles the TCS and the engine light came on.Dealer told me there is nothing but to buy a new transmission for about $5000 or a rebuilt one for $4000.The van isn't worth it.Now I am going to the street transmission repair market.Do not have much hope

to get this car to ride it to 200000.I am totally disappointed since my Accord has 190000


- , Gulf Breeze, FL, USA

problem #43

Dec 282010

Odyssey LX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 176,652 miles

Bought it in 2003! In 2006 with 99700 miles, the reverse in the transmission broke. The dealer replaced the transmission with a rebuilt one, no charge, under warranty! In 2008 with 154600 miles the transmission gave up on the highway, the car just stopped!!! Got it towed to a repair shop and then to a transmission shop! Got the transmission rebuilt and installed for $1700. Last Month, Dec. 2010, lost the transmission again, same problem, just stopped on the highway. Oh, the mileage is 176450. Called the transmission shop that did the work before and got it towed to the shop, he wants to rebuild it again and charge me again!!!!! Is that insane or what? He said the warranty is for one year. I can't believe that a rebuilt transmission lasts only 2 yrs and 22000 miles!!!! Any way, I'm filing a claim with BBB and the Attorney General. But most important is that you stay away from HONDA ODYSSEY!!!!! I took good care of a car that HONDA CO. put a JUNK TRANSMISSION in these cars.

- , Tampa, FL, USA

problem #42

Dec 102010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 185,169 miles

Bought vehicle at 259,000. Mint condition. What a buy. 40,000 km later, the tranny just went haywire and thunk... that was it. I have had two Honda preludes and an Acura Legend before. Great cars. No issues except rust. I bought the van because I thought it would be a great investment with very few repairs. What a fool... I wish I had read about Honda Odysseys earlier. I would never have bought one. So let's see how long this tranny lasts. I have loved Hondas.. now... not so sure any more. BTW.. I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental and a 1999 Buick Regal. Both cars I bought one owner used. Fantastic. No issues. Driving like mint. Disturbing to know that Honda didn't really help out their clientele. Shocking really.

- , Mississauga, Ontario, canada

problem #41

Apr 092010

Odyssey EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,560 miles

The 1999 Odyssey has a defective, poorly designed Transmission. Yours will fail sooner or later, but it will fail. Hundreds of thousands have had this unfortunate disaster and ALL the other owners will too at some point in ownership. ALL the 1999 Odysseys that were made, that means every single Odyssey Minivan was made with a badly designed transmission.

So, if you are considering buying this year model used, think again. Besides the death trap transmission failures, it also has ignition switch failures, premature brake wear, door latch problems,etc

- , Hendersonville, NC, USA

problem #40

Sep 292010

Odyssey 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 170,000 miles

Will someone pLEASE EXPLAIN to me why this 1999 Honda odyssey lx needs a new transmission..I thought they were the 1 vehicle and the dang price sure isn't..lets just keep replacing this specfic engine issue every 3yrs. I am sooo frustrated I could pull my hair out!!, ya finally get it paid off after donating your childs kidney to pay for it.and the dang thing starts to have issues.at 170miles,not even broken in yet...The manufactor and company needs to lower thier prices to affordablity & issue part of a refund to everyone who owned and owes still this year. I HOPE this helps anyone who has gone crazy because I sure have in replacing it in these recession hard times!!!...Thank you

- , Jefferson, KY, USA

problem #39

May 202010

Odyssey LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 186,000 miles

I bought this car new. It's how she chose to die. Never gave me issues before this except the cheezy plastic handles on the rear doors broke on both sides.

- , Pawcatuck, CT, USA

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