Notes: How many transmission complaints can a new vehicle really receive? You'd be surprised. Unless you're a 2015 Cherokee owner, then I bet you're not surprised at all.


really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
36,100 miles
Total Complaints:
47 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (40 reports)
  2. send back to factory (3 reports)
  3. jeep ran out of oil. oil was replaced and it started (2 reports)
  4. replace air handler (1 reports)
  5. replaced the intelligent power distribution unit (1 reports)
2015 Jeep Cherokee engine problems

engine problem

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2015 Jeep Cherokee Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #47

Oct 012021

Cherokee Sport 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles


I have owned this Jeep for 5 years. It has shut off while driving multiple times with no reason given but it burnt the oil and shut off as a fail safe. It could have killed me and my infant on the freeway. I spend a ton in oil because this thing eats oil. I can't afford this hassle and still owe on my loan. Wish I hadn't purchased it, and I'm scared it will kill us if it happens again.

- Cassandra P., Free Soil, US

problem #46

Sep 112019

Cherokee 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 91,000 miles

Same problem as many others have reported on this site. When the oil life on the care gets below 30% the car starts to stall. Also, like many others have noted, when I make a first left turn in the morning (the SAME left turn), the car stalls, and hesitates to restart. When it does restart, it won't accelerate beyond 35 miles per hour.

This is utter bull** - I bought the car used, but I haven't even had it for a year. I'm interested in whether or not anyone else that has had this issue has gotten a REAL response from Chrysler about this.

- Patricia W., Lawrenceville, GA, US

problem #45

Sep 232021

Cherokee Trailhawk 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 108,235 miles

9/23/21 - Car would not start in AM, and by PM it started on its own, ran for a bit and then shut off approximately 10 minutes after running. Replaced spark plugs, checked alternator, battery and common things that would cause car not to start. Something of note was that top end of motor had A LOT of oil sitting on top in and around the spark plugs and coil packs. Assumed it was spillage from the constant need to add a quart every 1000 miles.

9/25/21 - The car ran, but shut off when slowing to turn, at an idol and then would not restart.

9/26/21 - The first check engine light came on and code to replace all 4 coil packs.

9/27/21 - Replaced all 4 coil packs (never knew all 4 to go bad at once).

9/29/21 - Attempted a test drive and failed approximately 15 minutes into the drive, and had to have it towed. Now sitting at a shop with the attempt to soon have the ECU replaced and crankshaft sensor replaced. Currently seems electrical but maybe it is all still related to the motor oil issue.

- Taylor W., Coolville, OH, US

problem #44

Dec 222021

Cherokee V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles


Jeep just stopped while driving. Twice. No warning lights, no electrical power loss. It just stopped. I restarted & it stopped again. I restarted a third time & it ran until got home. Fortunately it was in a residential area, so not much speed needed. It acted like there was no gas but I had a full tank. Does anyone have any ideas for me? What might it be?

- dougbarron, Southlake, US

problem #43

Dec 182019

Cherokee Latitude V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

I have had this POS for 8 months and it shut off while driving yesterday morning! No warnings, no check engine light... NOTHING. It has been kept up and had oil changes when it's due. There is no reason this should have happened! Thank God i wasn't in the middle of an intersection or on the highway like I've read in similar complaints with this jeep. I do not have an extended warranty and am financing this POS, and am hoping this won't affect me from getting a solution with the dealership or whoever... I do NOT want to keep this death trap.

- candice1993, Charlotte, US

problem #42

Nov 252021

Cherokee 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,400 miles

Vehicle stall on numerous occasions while turning in traffic, while coming to a stop. Was turning one day and it stopped while oncoming traffic was heading my direction and had to throw on brakes to prevent from hitting me. Jeep has had a jerking movement almost every since I got it brand new. They said updates were needed but problem never was fixed.

- Amy W., Baton Rouge, US

problem #41

Oct 272021

Cherokee 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,865 miles


Jeep just stalled and stopped in middle of street! Luckily I was one block from home but with no warning lights at all except to put car in Park and select a gear or something like that... I waited about 10 minutes in middle of side street with blinkers and then car started and I drove it home...

I checked the battery which was okay, checked engine bay (okay), checked the oil and it was below low mark so I put in few liters. I started car and drove it for about 15 minutes and drove it home with no issues. Checked web and - what do you know - this is a common problem and I'm just mystified how the damn Jeep just gave me a warning that my rear license plate was out BUT NOTHING ABOUT LOW OIL ???!!!???

C'mon, seriously Jeep.

- G S., Toronto, ON, Canada

problem #40

Feb 162021


  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,745 miles

Engine burns an extraordinary amount of oil and the oil warning system does not work. When vehicle is low on oil it stalls and dies constantly. Mine burned 5.5 quarts of oil in 2 months.

- Brian S., Las Vegas, NV, US

problem #39

Oct 022019

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,607 miles

Jeep stalled in middle of busy intersection, almost killed me, my 2 kids and family dog. Jeep was towed to mechanic and found no oil in it. I only had the Jeep for 3 months, and was bought from a dealer.

- Ashleigh J., Fallbrook, CA, US

problem #38

Oct 172020

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles

Jeep stalled at 11:00pm on a Saturday night on a dark twisty road with no lights or pull off shoulder in a dark secluded mountain side. Was almost hit from behind and killed!! Had to get Jeep towed. I'm a widowed mother of 2 daughters and it was a terrifying experience!! Turns out it had no oil in it again!! I have the oil changed at every 5K - 6K miles, and always have to put a few quarts in in between each oil change service. This was the second time it happened! Now I looked at others with this same problem.

- Ashleigh J., Fallbrook, CA, US

problem #37

Aug 122020

Cherokee Latitude 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,000 miles


Driving down the interstate and the car just shuts off. Only warning was a the Auto Start/Stop warning light (yellow circle around an A) on the instrument panel. Was able to coast to the side of the road with no power steering or power brakes. Before coming to a complete stop the car started up again on its own. Decided to turn around and head back home to get another car so I went up to the next exit and turned around. It was about 5 miles. I didn't get 1 mile from that exit when the car died again. Same warning light. This time however, it did not start back up again. I called Roadside assistance and had the car towed to the dealer. They of course could not read any DTC's so they decided that the PowerTrain Control Unit was bad so they replaced it at the tune of $500. We picked the car up and drove it about 15 miles and the car died again pulling into a parking space at the grocery store. We decided to take it straight back to the dealer right then. It died while driving back to the dealer once but came back on as before but the warning light stayed on this time.

When we pulled in the tech came out and saw the light and said he'd look at it. We left it there 3 weeks. They drove it several times, actually putting about 50 miles on the car and could not duplicate the issue. So, I picked it up and brought it home. I needed to stop at the parts store on the way home for something and my wife waited in the car. It died in the parking lot of the parts store but I was able to start it back up. I bought a scan tool so I could capture any DTC's that it might throw and could help me troubleshoot this issue. I took the car out today. Ran fine until I pulled into my driveway. About 30 seconds after stopping the car just died again. This time it will not restart. Only code it had was P0688 (Auto Shutdown Relay Control Circuit open). I've ordered a new Intelligent Power Distribution Unit and it should be here in a week or so. Hopefully Chrysler FCA will see all the complaints on this forum and other sites and do the right thing.

This is a dangerous situation and has been reported many many times since 2014. I can't believe they haven't been sued yet and I for one would join any class action against them for this issue. I plan on fixing the car myself and then trading it in. Luckily I only owe just a little but I sure was looking forward to no car payments in the near future. Last Chrysler we had (Sebring) started having transmission issues just before paying it off as well. Thats why we got the Jeep. Very frustrating and DANGEROUS!!

Update from Aug 31, 2020: I changed the power distribution unit with a new one (OEM Mopar part number 68235118AD). I've driven about 200 miles and it seems to have fixed this issue. When ordering the part I noticed that the replacement part had been updated 3 times as the replacement part number kept changing so they know there was something wrong!! The actual replacing of the PDU couldn't have been easier. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, take the cover off, remove 4 power cables on the left side, Unplug a small connector at the top, loosen 3 screw that hold the connectors on the bottom (push the screw down to "unplug" the bulkhead connectors). Since the replacement came with all the fuses and relays already installed there's no need to swap anything out. Reverse the process above to install the new one. I really hope this helps someone else as this is a very scary thing to happen. I'm not sure I totally trust the car yet but I think I'll hang onto it until I at least get it paid off. If you have a Cherokee with a factory installed tow package the part number is different so pay attention when ordering.

Update from Feb 26, 2021: It's now Feb 26th 2021 and we've put several thousand miles on it since the PDU swap. We've had no issues at all.

- William W., Toney, US

problem #36

May 292020

Cherokee Limited 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

So this started on Memorial Day weekend, my Jeep did not want to turn on after I came home from work in the afternoon. I called the dealership and they told me that I may be the batter. So I took it off and got it tested and it was fine. I put it back and clean it a bit and started working. Then the later in the week my car will not turn on in the morning before I went to work so I got it tow to the dealership and was told the battery needed replacement. I went out of my way to buy one and get it to them, walking may I add. Worked fine and was able to drive it for about 3 days and then in the afternoon I went to get food and it turn off while I was driving. Got it towed and the dealership told me that they didn't know what was wrong with it. They just clean the ground and said it was good to go. So I again drove it for about 3 days again and it turn off while I was driving again. Took it to the dealership (this is the 3rd time) and they still don't know what's wrong. I am so fed up with JEEP and this car and the dealership!!! Any help would be much appreciated!

- Martin L., Healdsburg, CA, US

problem #35

Nov 192019

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles

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engine stalls/shuts down while driving engine stalls/shuts down while driving

This has happened more times than I can count. It typically happens on the first start of the day. The car will run and then start running really rough for no reason and usually stalls out. Today it ran fine and stalled out a mile down the road. I attached some P Codes to the complaint as well as they consistently come up with the issue. I've changed the spark plugs, the 2nd cylinder coil ignition start pack as that was one of the issues from the P Codes. This is very dangerous and needs to be addressed. I'm taking this into a Jeep dealer on 11/22. If anyone else has the issue please let me know so I can find a solution.

- Stephen H., Noblesville, IN, US

problem #34

May 012019

Cherokee Limited 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles

Hello everyone..My wife's Cherokee has been for some time shutting down on her unexpectedly without any check engine lights or any warnings. At our dealer they informed her that the oil level was very low, close to 2 quarts of oil in the engine when it is supposed to maintain 6 quarts. The part that they couldn't answer was why was the truck not alerting us of low oil levels. I normally keep an eye on the mileage and she never goes over 5,000 miles without an oil change. Back in January 2019 she complained to me that the truck shut down on her again, instead of taking the truck to the dealer for her oil change i decided to do it myself. 6 quarts of full synthetic oil, synthetic oil filter, the whole works. She had driven 4,100 miles when the same thing happened again...Car shutting down on the road and very laggy. I checked the oil level and it was the same issue...2 quarts on the reservoir. I will begin to change oil now every 3,000 just to make sure everything is ok but i have never seen anything like this. The truck is not leaking oil at all it is just burning through it as if it was water. Please let me know if anyone else has had this similar issue. Even the dealer has no idea what the issue might be. They recommended more frequent oil changes but of course taking the truck to them for $60 oil changes when i can do it for a fraction of that. At the end of the day I hate the fact that the vehicle does not alert you of this low oil level issue.

- Esteban O., Carol Stream, IL, US

problem #33

Mar 142019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,000 miles

I'm having the same problem with my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude as everyone else. Driving along, car shuts down. Ignition doesn't want to start it up again. The more I have to restart my engine, the sooner the ignition will go as well. I am NOT HAPPY! Service Manager said it needs oil checked every time I get in the car. Synthetic oil. Very expensive. I'm about to blow my lid....I'll be paying for this car for years and getting stuck or even knowing that this problem exists, it isn't going to fix itself. It's only going to get worse.

HAS ANYONE HAD THEIR CAR FIXED OR ARE WE ALL SINKING IN THE SAME MONEY PIT? I spoke with one service manager and he said the only fix is a new engine. HELP!!!!!

- Katherine C., Clinton, CT, US

problem #32

Sep 182018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

Just adding mine to the list of gripes/voices here so people know NOT to purchase this vehicle. We're so far indebted to it now we cannot even sell it to make up the price we paid. Thanks Carmax! We had two separate problems which are becoming one big problem which is ultimately: the engine shuts itself off while driving.

The first problem happened on day 31, literally the day after the dealership would fix it at no cost. The transmission would shift hard, like a fourteen year old learning to drive stick, and pop us maybe two gears in a single move. Then, it wouldn't go past fourth and the transmission light came on. That's when we took it in. They said "software update" which seems nutty to me but whatever. We paid a fair discount based on the length of time we had the car. The transmission still popped with hard acceleration, but it didn't stick.

Now it's been about five months and this week the car has decided to stop running while in motion. It has happened four times, this happens on turns or while accelerating/decelerating at stops and freeways. 50% of the time the check engine light comes on, only to turn off once back in motion. It's becoming dangerous. The mileage is high, but my last Jeep (a Wrangler) had 170,000 miles and NEVER had issues like this, and it was about 12 years old. This one is 3 years old with 80,000 miles, and I am regretting the purchase even more every day.

- Catie G., Hampton, US

problem #31

Jul 282018

Cherokee Latitude V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

My 2015 Cherokee has this thing about shutting down when you make a sharp turn to the left. Its been in to the stealership 4 times for this. They say 'oh it's a sensor when the oil is low'. Well what 3 year old car that should be good for 5000 miles runs out of oil after 3000. We check it when we fill up and its fine, The stealership wants to do another oil consumption test for the 3rd time. The test takes 5000 miles and the car only made it 3000 before it shut down this time.

- Michael H., Palm Harbor, FL, US

problem #30

Jul 062018

Cherokee Latitude 3.4L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 31,896 miles

This is really dangerous. I have had this car for 3 months now and it has been at the dealer 5 times to get fixed. They have updated the system 2 times replaced the shifter and it has been in 2 times for stalling while driving. They say nothing is wrong or they can't find anything wrong. When it stalls the steering don't work hardly and ran off road both times. It was a good thing I was not going fast or I would of wrecked. Now I am scared to drive it on the highway. Jeep really needs to look at this before someone gets killed and they sue Jeep for wrong full death and that would be my wife.

- smithwallace, Barberton, US

problem #29

Jun 052018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 47,200 miles

I have had the same exact thing happen to my Jeep. Car runs fine, after about 2 minutes of driving it just shuts off completely. Radio is still on, AC is still on, but Jeep is completely dead. Takes about 10 minutes to finally get it started. I have 47% oil left. Going to try to get an oil change first and see if that fixes it. Really scared to drive this vehicle. I paid a lot for this vehicle and I'd rather walk places. Very unhappy and feel that my life is at risk. Something needs to be done about this. What if I am on the highway and this happens? Jeep needs to find answers soon to this problem before someone gets hurt or dies.

- Paige S., Bay City, MI, US

problem #28

Aug 282017

Cherokee 82300

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,300 miles

I bought this jeep at don franklin in july 2017, it is now February 2018. I have had a total of 7 loaner cars since I bought this car. I bought it used unknowingly that it had engine issues. I was driving down the road on several occasions and the car turned itself off as a "fail safe", however I've been lucky it was slow mornings, if this would've been rush hour, it would've been a "kill safe" as me or my children could've been seriously hurt or killed, so after numerous conversations with don franklin ford the service manager informs me this is "under normal classification from Chrysler warranty" I have never had such issues in my life with a car. this needs looked in to and resolved thru Chrysler.

- Bridgette G., London, US

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