pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
28,300 miles
Total Complaints:
7 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace TIPM module (5 reports)
  2. not sure (2 reports)
2015 Jeep Patriot electrical problems

electrical problem

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2015 Jeep Patriot Owner Comments

problem #7

Jan 012021

Patriot 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 54,000 miles


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TIPM module failure

Can anyone help me with the brackets in the photo? What engine computer do they go with? I have a 2015 Jeep Patriot and they don’t fit.

Mcremy@me.com. Thanks for your help

- Mike R., Granite Bay, CA, US

problem #6

Jun 062019

Patriot High Altitude 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,500 miles

I bought the car brand new in 2015. About a year before the warranty was up I couldn't get any power to the window switches on any of the doors. This means that I cannot roll the widows up or down. The dealership replaced the window switches. About a week later it happened again. The windows were working when I dropped it off. They did nothing. One month later, it happened again. This time time they replaced the integrated module. Great! I thought all was well. Not! Today, is the 6th time that I taking the car in for the same issue. I have also seen two other Jeep Patriots within the city limits in a drive through with their door open. Move over "Jeep Wave" there is a new sign on the horizon.

- mshelbay, Milwaukee, US

problem #5

May 092019

Patriot Sport 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 47,400 miles

The engine overheating indicator went off on my dash, so I brought the car in for inspection. I was notified that the TIPM was defective. The car is fairly new and I maintain it very well. After reading about chronic TIPM problems within the Fiat Chrysler world and pending class action lawsuits, I feel as if this particular repair should be covered by the company.

- jc8993, Stoneham, US

problem #4

Oct 092018

Patriot Sport 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,083 miles


So my biggest mistake was not researching the 2015 Jeep Patriot sport before i purchased this vehicle. My first minor issue fixed under warrenty was a big rusted hole in the foot well of my brand new car (10,000KM or so), which a very rainy day made me aware of this issue as my car was puddling.... but that was minor and fixed under warrenty. Now a couple months after purchasing this vehicle these was something wrong electronically and i realised the night my alarm and lights where going off , i thought it was very random when i went out to turn it off but that was the first of many times and the start of a NIGHTMARE. There would be mornings befor i was suppose to go to work ! My unreliable car which made me unreliable would not respond to the keys unlocking the door and completely locked me out of my car . So no work that day , at this point the car had been back and forth from the dealership . They were able to diagnose error codes but nothing was done about it . (Silly me thought it was the rust converter the dealership sold to me and installed, but little did i know that was not the case)

Then 9 months or so go on and i go out to start my jeep and JUST WILL NOT START .... it keeps on turning and turning and turning but will not kick over !. Very strange , so i organise a tow truck and theyre are busy untill tommorrow . So in the morning i go out to my car to see if it will work and strangley it does . So i cancel the tow truck and drive it straight down to the dealership , they book it in and so to find out they couldn't find an issue with my vehicle at all it works perfectly ....

So i really didnt think much of it at the time , and my car continued to work and then months go on untill..... THE EXZACT SAME ISSUE ALL OVER AGAIN. The out come being the exzact same sequence ! Car turns and turns , order truck , next day car starts, dealership says its fine. I beleive it was the next time the issue persisted and the dealership manger FINALLY recognises the issue and says to me that this part is faulty and its on its way out . NOW WAS THE TIME ID REALISE AS A 23 YEAR OLD, MYSELF HAD HERD A WORD SO DEMORALIZING TO THE JEEP INDUSTRY ! the words ...... TIPM MODULE

So as the dealer ship had suggested i just drive my car untill the module is f $#ked and then they will replace it ? ( Drive what exzacty? A car which wants to work when it feels like it ? A car thats not reliable at all ? WTF IS A TIPM MODULE AND HOW COULD I HAVE POSSIBLE BROKEN THIS OR NEGLECTED IT ? )

My car is barley driven i am talking BARLEY .... I only do 9 or so thousand KM per year ! And service regularly .... ANYWAYS the next time this happend it would fault dramastically at about 22,000 km or so and my car was inoperable . That was the start of 2017 , My car leaves me absolutely stranded somewhere yet again and i get my car into the dealership!

After waiting for 2 weeks the issue was fixed and i get my baby back thinking there is no issues at all now . 5 months later i meen for christs sake on my dads birthday 9th of october , with my family in the car going to see him . My PEICE OF S&#T CAR (ADAM SANDLER) breaks down and doesnt just leave me stranded but me my brothers his girlfriend and my dads car on the side of the effing road melting ! GREAT ..... I RING THE DEALERSHIP apparently after my 3 years of owning this car i have no warranty left and they cant do anything for me haha what a surprise , thats another story .... they sold me 5 years warranty but we wont get onto that one .... another complaint to a bigger committee ... anyways after yelling at the tw*t we come to an agreement after he tells me that they will have a look at the car at my cost , and if it is the TIPM module they will honor there 6 month warranty ( WHAT A JOKE 6 MONTH WARRANTY LIKE YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME MATE)

They get the car in and after 3 day the lady at the desk rings me up and says "hi weve found the problem it was infact the TIPM MODULE and we are putting through a warrenty claim as we speak. So cool ive finally gotten through to them and this issue will be resolved . LITTLE DID I KNOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS AGAIN .... Jeep rejected the claim and i get told after getting angry to ring jeep australia so i did , jeep proceeded to tell me that the regestered jeep dealership doesnt show enough evidence to support the warrenty claim and it was rejected ? So i got pushed out the door with a help line number and nowhere to turn . I don't know much about this industry but i know when i am being shaded or pushed to the side ....

This TIPM Module has been my worst enemy every-time taking the car into the dealership and they cant produce a fault and everybody looks at you like your the problem ..... At this point i was furious as hell and my car still persists to have this issue with no warrenty to cover it because the dealer ship cant find the fault to produce enough evidence !

So i go online and have a look to see if similar problems are persisting throughout jeep and it turns out from Cherokee to Wrangler to Patriot have ALL had the EXACT SAME ISSUE TIPM MODULE from vehicles produced on or after 2007 .

I have been reading also that there is major and life threatening issies with these jeeps such as vehicle stalling and locking up, also airbags not deploying or deploying randomly ... IVE LOST ALL TRUST IN THESE VEHICLES AS MY JEEP IS SHOWING EVERY SINGLE SIGN EXCEPT FOR THE FATAL SIGNS OR AIRBAG AND STALLING .

I have had so many sleepless nights lately unsure and unaware of what to do about this situation . Should jeep RECOGNISE theyre faulty vehicles and recall all vehicles since 2007 that have TIPM MODULE FAILURES ?

Is my dealership not capable of producing this issue and lodging the correct evidence to support a claim so my vehicle is actuall working and reliable again ( why is this my issue )? Or am i going to get pushed out the door and forgotten about untill i have to fork out the thousands and thousands of dollars to repair this thing over and over and over again ? I AM YOUNG AND PLEASE ANYBODY WITH ANY ADVICE KNOWLEDGE OR ANY HELP PLEASE CONTACT ME THIS IS MY FIRST NEW CAR AND MY LAST NEW CAR

Update from Nov 9, 2018: * my brothers , his girlfriends and my dads CAKE on the side of the road effing melting. (typing this from my phone sorry for mistakes)



- Keagan F., Cairns, Australia

problem #3

Mar 202017

Patriot High Altitude 4x4 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,546 miles

Monday March 20th, 2017

Today my dad was in town visiting me, while we were driving around I noticed that my rear windshield wiper had stopped working. I decided to ignore the issue and investigate further when I had a chance to get out and check it. A few minutes later, the windshield wipers all started working on their own. The dash lights started flickering, and my radio turned itself on and off a few times. As all of this started happening, I was about to turn into the parking lot of a convenience store. Before even having the chance to even make my turn, my Jeep stalled. I somehow managed to maneuver the vehicle to the right side of the road, despite my steering wheel almost locking into place. I sat there parked on the side of the road in an absolute daze, confused as to why my Jeep had just broken down. While doing so, my speedometer started going crazy and the dash was lit up everywhere and flashing like a Christmas tree. All electronics in the vehicle were working and freaking out constantly even after removing the key and opening my door. I immediately contacted Chrysler Road Side Assistance, to have a tow truck dispatched to my location. While I was standing outside on the phone with Chrysler Canada, I started to notice a smell of burning plastic coming from under my hood. I quickly finished my phone call and opened my hood to investigate. As I opened the hood, I could tell right away that the smell was coming from my TIPM module. I took the cover off the TIPM to check inside and found that the plastic inside was brown in color and melting from the amount of heat. I left the cover off to let it cool down while I waited for the tow truck. Eventually my vehicle was towed away and I followed it to the dealership in my dads vehicle. The next day, my local Chrysler dealership informed me that the TIPM system had fried itself and it all needed to be replaced. Luckily it is all covered under my warranty and I will have my vehicle back tomorrow or the next day.

- smithab, Edmonton, AB, Canada

problem #2

Jun 132015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 2 miles

When we test drove the vehicle, the battery was dead. The salesman said this was a common problem, because people leave the lights in the car on, etc. Alright... whatever. Gave us a new battery and we bought the car.

One day later, get in the car to go to work and nothing.... battery was dead.... ok.

Took it to a closer dealership and they said the battery must have been low and they checked out the alternator, which turned out to be fine.

So... did the originally change the battery like they said they did... we have no idea.

Get the car back and the next day it starts up! WooHoo! Work is over and get in the car to come home and... battery is dead. WTF!

This time we sent the car back to the dealership and tried to get out money back. They claimed the problem was the manufacturers problem. When I called the manufacturer, they claimed it was the dealerships problem... around and around we go. No one is taking responsibility for the problem and the car has been in the shop longer than the vehicle has been in our possession.

Just called to get an update and they said the problem was with the TIPM and they are waiting on the part to replace it.

Now I'm really worried about future problems with the electrical system.

- bnavo2, Houston, TX, US

problem #1

May 132015

Patriot Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 300 miles

I purchased my brand new jeep May 9th 2015. I went out to leave for work may 13th and my key FOB wouldn't work. I manually unlock my door and turn the jeep on. My clock was reset and my defrost button was flashing. When I got to work, my electric door locks wouldn't work. Called the dealer and they got it right in and "fixed" it. It was back in the shop on May 19th with the same damn problems. Now ive been told the part (tipm thing) will take a week to receive and instill. I called corporate who told me they can't find the parts any faster and offered me a few free oil changes to smooth things over. Bottom line, I paid over $25k for a brand new jeep that I can't even drive. I'm still making payments of a car I will have not had for 15 days out of the first month. The holiday is "holding up the delivery" of this "rather expensive" part. If I could sell the jeep back to the dealer right now, I would.

- Emily P., Middletown, OH, US

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