pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
34,450 miles
Total Complaints:
14 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (10 reports)
  2. replace crankshaft sensor (3 reports)
  3. replaced ABS module (1 reports)
2015 Jeep Patriot engine problems

engine problem

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2015 Jeep Patriot Owner Comments

problem #14

Jan 122021

Patriot Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,700 miles


I bought this Jeep brand new off the showroom floor on December 15, 2015 and immediately had engine misfires driving home from the dealership. I took it in and they stated since the engine light is not on, there was nothing they could do. I drove it with no issues (besides the misfires) until June 2019 when I was driving on the highway and the lightening bolt and check engine came on, then it stalled. I spent $800 to get a new throttle put in.

I was hoping the misfires would be corrected, but it wasn't. They were actually worse, but I continued to drive it since there were no lights on my dash until this month, I was driving home from work and the RPM's dropped going 70mph and the traction light came on. I pulled over, turned it off then back on and was able to drive the rest of the way home. Drove it the following day, same thing, RPM's dropped while driving 70mph and the traction light came on and I had to pull over. It did it one more time, then I took it to the dealer.

$900 later, they replaced my Powertrain computer module. I got it back, the misfires were not occurring and I drove home with what I thought was a new car. It had good pick up, it shifted great, but when I left for work the next morning, same thing. The RPM's dropped, the traction light and check engine light came on. I tried turning it off and back on, but it only lasted about 5 seconds before the RPMs dropped again. I had it towed to the dealership.

They now believed it was my ABS module that needed fixed, but they covered the expense. Drove it home the following day, no issues. Drove it the for half the day running errands, no issues. A day later, I was driving to work, same issues. RPM's dropped, the traction light came on and the check engine. This time when the Jeep's RPM's dropped it totally stalled out on the highway going 70mph. I am now totally frustrated and had to have it towed again to the dealership. They were very kind and apologetic. They agreed to have another team and the higher ups look at it to figure out what was wrong. Now they replaced the crankshaft sensor and they kept it for 3 additional days driving it with no issues stalling, but the misfiring has increased.

Yesterday, I was told I needed all new spark plugs, which was another $100, but they covered the last two parts, so I was fine with it. I go today to pick it up for the third time in a week in a half. I hope it is fixed, if anyone could give me any other suggestions of what to replace next, that would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

- Kristine O., Logan, US

problem #13

Apr 192020

Patriot 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,000 miles

No check engine light came on, just started dropping to 0 RPM while driving but it would pick back up and keep moving. Finally stalled out completely and THEN got a check engine light for crank shaft sensor. Replaced the sensor and now it gets stuck in TIP start and will not actually start. Check engine light is still on and this is the 3rd Crankshaft sensor that has been tried. Throttle body, altenator, both cam sensors and crankshaft sensor are all brand new. I am 8 months pregnant and this is really really messed up seeing how this is a known issue with no recall or fixes thus far. It stalled out on the freeway going 65mph!!! That could of gotten me and my unborn child killed!

- Richard/Star S., North Little Rock, AR, US

problem #12

Jun 202018

Patriot Latitude 2.4L

  • Manual transmission
  • 12,000 miles

I took the car into the dealer and they were unable to do anything because there were no codes that came up on the diagnostics. There only solution was for me to leave the car and let them drive it for a few days to see if they can replicate the problem. I am unable to leave my car as it is the only transportation I have, I do not have another vehicle and I can't ask anyone to take me to work or run errands.

The car stalls or almost stalls 2 or 3 times on my way to work or home from work. It's not an everyday thing, only happens every couple of days, but its annoying.

I called another dealership and they asked if I checked the oil. That is my next step and if that doesn't work I'm going to have to go back to the dealer again which I can't afford to keep paying them almost $100.00 for each diagnostic run.

- Stacey L., Barre, VT, US

problem #11

Dec 162018

Patriot LX 302

  • Manual transmission
  • 34,900 miles


I bought this new three years ago. Took it to a shop. They said it needs to be checked out but they knew it was a Chrysler product. They have seen it many times. Going to call dealer. I bought a new car because I got tired of taking my Ranger in every three months. I don't expect to be dumping $$$ into a three year old car. There's a flashing red lighting bolt in the upper left dash when it occurs. I looked up the problem as a quick fix. Turn key to start, wait for any dash lights to go off, depress gas pedal slow, let it up slow, turn key to off, then start car. It works for a while but light comes on once in awhile. If I have to have this fixed at my expense I will never buy a Jeep again.

- Ric M., Kent, WA, US

problem #10

Oct 012018

Patriot Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

When my car hit 50k miles it started to start stalling while I was driving. the more I drove the more it stalled. I was so scared of having an accident. My local garage found no codes. Took it to the dealership where I bought it and had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. They repaired it yesterday and said the code for the ABS Module came up so they replaced it. And of course my car is 3 years old this month so the regular warranty is up and this was not covered under the powertrain warranty so meant no loaner vehicle either. The repair cost $775 and I drove it today to work and so far so good. I have seen so many other Jeep complaints with the same thing and they did recall 2016 Jeeps with the exact same problem.

- Debra W., Eighty-four, US

problem #9

Sep 262018

Patriot 4D Sport Utility 4 cyl/2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

This vehicle at around 25,000 miles begins to stall and then shuts down. After about the fifth incident, it will not restart immediately. After 50 mins. it will start, but I had to immediately drive home or it will stall out again. Every place I have taken it will not attempt repairs unless the check engine light is on. I am still under the factory warranty of 3yrs/ 36,000 miles, but they will not touch the vehicle. The run around is very frustrating. I am currently continuing to resolve the problem. At the present time I do not fell safe in the vehicle.

- Darryl W., Reynoldsburg, OH, US

problem #8

Jul 162018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles


On going issue with Jeep Patriot stalling out while driving or while pulling away from a stop light/stop sign.

Stalling out first occurred a year and a half ago. The issue is so intermittent and the only pre warning is the vehicle starts to shake or act as if the accelerator is pressed then released repeatedly. Engine light comes on and the ETC light comes on, the car stalls out completely and I have to coast to the side of the road. Restart the engine and as soon as I try to pull away from the shoulder of the road, it stalls again.

This vehicle is a death trap! Every time I get behind the wheel I don't feel safe driving it. How could I feel safe driving it when I'm trying to exit my place of business onto a road with a 55 mph speed limit, stall out and almost get hit by another vehicle. I have reported this issue multiple times to the dealer and they act as if they have never heard of the issue or when I take the vehicle in, the issue isn't occurring and they can't find anything?

I call BS!! I've read multiple posts on complaint websites and in Jeep forums about this issue. Jeep needs to step up and admit there's a serious problem and correct it before I or someone else gets seriously injured or killed. Sad thing is I'd love to get rid of it but no dealer is going to give me decent trade in value for this POS so I'm stuck with a car I'm terrified to drive.

- Kristie C., Crosby, US

problem #7

Jun 252018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles

June 25,2018 I notice that my vehicle would lose RPMs while driving, but it had only been a few times that week. The next week it progressed to everyday once in the morning to twice a day and then stalled in the middle of a road by the end of that week. Currently it's at the dealership (12Jluy 2018) where I bought it, nothing shows up on diagnostic check, but the vehicle still stalls/ loss rpms while driving. Service department has been unable to fix it.

Update from Aug 15, 2018: Well had the crank shaft sensor changed about 10 days ago, the truck appeared to be driving better with just a slight semi jerk. Then 13 August its stalled again at a traffic light, put it in park, started it and the engine light came on...(that was the first time the engine light illuminated). Stopped by auto zone and it coded crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction.

Now the dealership tells me that only one of the crankshaft sensors was changed... It has two ??? Maybe I misunderstood them, don't know... but we are now going to repair it again... Wish Me Luck !!!

- Trina M., Upper Marlboro, MD, US

problem #6

Nov 182017

Patriot High Altitude 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,061 miles

The car stalled on two occasions, each while pulling out into traffic. We were very lucky to not be involved in an accident!

- Kimberly T., Fort Myers, US

problem #5

Feb 152016

Patriot Sport 2.Ol 4 cyl

  • Manual transmission
  • 12,000 miles

Honestly my car stall this happened in Aug last year i was driving on the hwy. and my car start slowing down and i had to pull over due to noise and car did not move. i park it and put back in drive. Well I was able to drive on.

I drive my car almost daily. Then a few months later it happen again only this time i was leaving the airport with a customer in the car i press the gas it stall i had to stop and place back in park and then place back in drive. This problem have occur a couple more times there after. Also when going up hills and turning the corner the car jerks and like it kicking off or just something is stuck Even times when you start the car to driving it jerks

and not sure where the noise is coming from when on the expressway I have to play my music up a little more to the being on the street. When first searching for problems with my car there was no issues but now it see I am not along with this problem. My car is very costly with issues. And funny thing is my cousin have the same car and she have issue too.

- belchaney51, College Park, GA, US

problem #4

Nov 162015

Patriot ES 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 11,000 miles


The service department at the dealership called and told me that the crankshaft sensor is bad and needs replaced. I told him i was a little alarmed that the part had gone bad so quickly and asked if he had seen other jeeps with this problem. The service guy told me he has replaced many of them and they fail frequently. I asked if there was a recall or if the part would be replaced with the exact same part which would likely fail again based on his information. He said there is not a recall and that the replacement part has the same part # but had been updated to solve this issue. I think I was smelling a little BS at this point. The next day, today, he called to inform me that the replacement crankshaft sensor they received is faulty and that they had to order another one. Being that it is friday they did give me a loaner car. Thank God. I am fearful that this piece will continue to fail and may fail once the car is out of warranty. In my opinion, Jeep needs to address this. I am not finding much online about others having this problem but based on the service guy's reaction when I asked if he had seen this before I am guessing there are many issues with this part.

- Ryan J., Bellevue, ID, US

problem #3

Oct 212015

Patriot ES 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,300 miles

Same problem that happened on Oct. 13th. While driving at highway speed the car just died then came back on. I'm really getting worried about this. It is so intermittent that I don't think the dealer will be able to reproduce the issue. Hoping it fails for more than a split second so I can get it fixed.

- Ryan J., Bellevue, ID, US

problem #2

Oct 132015

Patriot ES 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,000 miles

While driving on the freeway the car just died for a moment. All the gauges went to zero, radio shut off, and engine died. It was like the key was not in the ignition at all. Only lasted a second and the car came back on while still in motion. MAKES ME SCARED TO TAKE ON A TRIP WHERE I CAN GET STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE IN GOD KNOWS WHAT WEATHER CONDITION.

- Ryan J., Bellevue, ID, US

problem #1

Aug 062015

Patriot Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,077 miles

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engine stalls/dies while driving

I was driving and my jeep just shut off. this happened about 4 times in the matter of about 1hr. I was so afraid to drive I don't know what is going on. try ed looking it up on the net and nothing I'm hoping it gets fixed or they can tell me what happened

Update from Aug 8, 2015: so I'm driving back home from the Espanola dealership who could not replicate the issue after only driving my Jeep 4 miles I'm just barely making it into Taos and my Jeep is stalling out again I'm going to make an appointment to take my Jeep in to the original dealership in where I bought it for now I guess I have to just keep hearing off the road with my Jeep I'm wondering if it is not an issue with a heat sensor I don't know what's going on it's just a bummer I have to pay so much money to get this Jeep for a reliable vehicle and now I have a brand new not reliable vehicle

- ona_montoya, santa fe, NM, US

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