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PITSTOP: ANTI-CONDENSATION LOGIC ? NORMAL OPERATION, DISABLING, AND ENABLING - Some Kia vehicles starting with 2016MY and all Kia vehicles, after and including 2017MY, incorporate an anti-condensation logic to prevent the interior windows from becoming excessively fogged. The HVAC control head in these vehicles monitors ambient temperature to determine which settings will best prevent the windows from fogging. If the system detects lower ambient temperature (about 60°F or below), the anti-condensation logic may automatically set the air intake mode to FRESH, depending on the other HVAC settings. The anti-condensation logic is also designed to ensure that air intake mode is set to FRESH, as long as all conditions are met. If the user changes the air intake to RECIRCULATION, the anti-condensation logic will take control again after 5 minutes, and change the air intake mode back to FRESH. If this results in an undesired operation, the logic may be enabled or disabled by following the procedure below.

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Date Published
MAY 01, 2017
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