2009 Mazda MAZDA6 electrical problems: ongoing electrical and computer problems

Ongoing Electrical And Computer Problems

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CarComplaints.com Notes: The MAZDA6 was redesigned for the 2009 model year. Like any first-year product, it has a few growing pains – most notably a shiny, melting dashboard that can blind the driver.


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Average Mileage:
73,150 miles
Total Complaints:
2 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (1 reports)
  2. still not fixed after 3years and another 3 weeks in shop (1 reports)
2009 Mazda MAZDA6 electrical problems

electrical problem

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2009 Mazda MAZDA6 Owner Comments

problem #2

Jun 032019

MAZDA6 I Sport 2.5L

  • Manual transmission
  • 146,240 miles


Horn goes off at random times during day or night, doors locked or unlocked...had new battery put in & had Mazda reset codes....did nothing to resolve the problem...Mazda said it would diagnose the problem for $110.00

this is an on-going problem over 2 years and it is so aggravating because the neighbors get upset about the horn going off at 2 am...I'm concerned that someone will steal the airbags if I let the car open...alarm doesn't shut off once it starts

- Sue P., Pittsburgh, US

problem #1

Feb 282009


  • Automatic transmission
  • 31 miles

These problems have been brought forward to the local Belleville Mazda dealership where I purchased my vehicle on a regular basis, however, to date the service department has not been able to find the root source of the problems and get it fixed. Three years of dealing with the same issues is not acceptable under any terms. The electronic problems I am having are detailed further in this letter. In addition of having brought this matter to the attention of the Belleville Mazda dealership, these issues had been brought to the attention of Mazda Canada via reply to a survey, to which, I never received a call, letter or acknowledgement in any way, shape or form. It appears my concerns were simply just disregarded. If you are not going to acknowledge this, why send out a survey?? The last straw was pulled on Monday of this week when once again the matter was brought forward to Belleville Mazda dealership’s service department. Once again after being assured the problems were repaired, however, the car broke down not more than 2 blocks from the service department. The following day, my husband made a phone call to Mazda Canada in complaint. Once again, I have heard nothing further from Mazda Canada regarding this complaint. Is it even being addressed this time? Complaints of problems and service have been provided to: • Belleville Mazda service department Manager and Dealership Branch/Sales Manager on an on-going basis over the course of three (3) years (since the week the vehicle was purchased). • Several phone calls and emails regarding problems to Belleville Mazda Service Dept. • Reported to Mazda Canada, in reply to survey. • Reported by phone call to Assad, at Mazda Canada by my husband, John Sproul, January 31, 2012. Again to Brian by myself today, February 2nd, 2012.

I have attached copies of some of the emails that we had not deleted. Had we expected this to become such an ordeal, we would have retained all emails in a file. Also attached is a copy of the letter I gave to Belleville Mazda on January 31st, 2012. Also attached, draft vehicle purchase agreement. The vehicle is currently in the care, custody and control of the Belleville Mazda Dealership, in effort to investigate the matter once again! This is only after it being “apparently” repaired and guaranteed 100% to have had the problem found and fixed by a technician from Mazda Canada, only the day prior!


• Extreme Concern: The Mazda 6 has held me at ransom on several occasions. The vehicle shuts down, won’t start up and automatically locks all doors while I have been locked inside – EVEN when I have had the keys inside! This has occurred on frequent occasions – I was once trapped inside the vehicle out back of my office when working late. I left the building entered my car it started up and as it was in the deep of winter I let it run for a couple of minutes before putting it into drive but it shut down and locked me in. I was trapped for near 1 ½ hours before it would turn on (winter, no heat, trapped 1 ½ hours???) This same situation happened several times and the amount of time it would be “dead” varied from 20 minutes to overnight. Extremely stressful and critical for a person such as myself, being clausterphobic! (Not every time will all the doors lock). CRITICAL SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUE!

• Extreme Concern: The Mazda 6 has shut down and locked doors while I was out of the car, again – EVEN with the keys inside the car, which I was assured this car could not and would not do. The most recent example of this (but not only time it occurred) was only a couple weeks ago when I started up the car in the morning to warm up, put my brief case and purse inside with the keys and my cell phone in my purse, while I went to clear the snow off the car and scrape the ice on the windows. Before I could finish, the car stopped running and immediately locked all doors. Both sets of keys were in the car at the time because the Mazda service department told me days before that the problem I was having was due to low batteries and I was taking them both with me that day to replace the batteries. I was locked out of my car and out of my house. Keys and cell being in my locked up purse, I could not get into the house or use my phone to call for help. Remember this is on a very cold day! On this day, I was leaving the house early to attend an out of town meeting which was fortunate because my husband was still home and was able to let me in the house – usually he is gone before me. Roadside Assist had to be called to open the door (once again). CRITICAL SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUE

• Extreme Concern: The Mazda 6 has shut down while I was driving. Recently, I was leaving the office and when I started up my car, the nav system and instrument bar was flashing. As previously directed by the Belleville Mazda Service Department, I disregarded it as a safety issue and only as an annoyance. Once half way out onto the highway from the driveway, the vehicle instrument panel went completely black and the car halted. Seconds later, it flashed back on and the car resumed to drive. Oncoming traffic slammed on breaks to avoid an accident. Another incident like this happened in a parking lot, safer albeit but still a concern. • CRITICAL SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUE!

• Extreme Concern: While Driving the Mazda 6 at night, lights started flashing then the entire Instrumental panel when out. I was in traffic where I could not easily pull over but could see nothing inside. Within about 2-3 minutes it came back on but continued to flash and go out this way until I was home and shut the car off, about 30 minutes. Later…..… Horrifying!!! CRITICAL SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUE!

• Extreme Concern: In fear of this happening, I have taken taxis to meetings, inconvenienced both myself and others by getting a ride as I either didn’t trust my vehicle or it was in for repairs. All too often I would fear taking it out of town and took a train to a meeting. All this for an unnecessary cost and inconvenience.

• Remote Starter: Vehicle will often not start with the remote starter • Remote Starter: Vehicle will often not stop/shutdown with the remote starter • Remote Starter: Vehicle will often not sound alarm with the remote starter • Remote Starter: Module has been changed 4 times!!! Belleville Mazda service department installed a new “after-market” starter, which I was told was received approval by Mazda Canada for installation and warranty. I never received any paperwork or written confirmation of this from Mazda. • Remote Starter: Blamed as the cause for most of the problems, but told the problem was due to the batteries being low. I have changed them now about 4 times this year - calculate 2 for each of the Mazda fobs and 4 for each of the remote starters (two in each) at about $10.00 a battery – that’s about $200.00 out of pocket for batteries this year and obviously not source of the problem!

• Nav System: Screen flashes intermittently and goes black. Frequently, the welcome screen repeats and continues to give the “dinging” sound. • Nav System: Instrument bar above nav screen flashes and goes black. Frequently, resets to the welcome or Bose image. • Nav System: Radio station flips stations independently. • Nav System: Bluetooth – connection to my Blackberry 9700. Sometimes works fine, other times NOT! When not working the “Audio music icon” flashes. When this happens, I can still use the phone through the blue tooth, but no one in the car can use the phone for anything else, whether to make a call on their own, read messages, calendar, etc. as it cause s the phone to flash and lock up. Mazda has checked this frequently and insists it is the phone not the car. However, when the had a Technician come in from Mazda Canada to look at it, initially it worked for his phone, then it started acting up and he confirmed there was a problem with the Bluetooth or nav system. He was also un able to add a new phone or delete a phone at that time and when trying to place a call, it just could not get the number to dial anywhere close to what was being asked. • Nav System: Bluetooth – on-going problems with it understanding commands. Will work one week, and then will not the next. • Nav System: Map commands not always understood. Directions are often way out off track.

• Instrument Icons: Several but not all of the icons light up, usually when other problems such as the starter or nav system is acting up. The most commonly lit up icons are the: red key, AB breaks, Emerg Breaks, DSC off, sometimes others. • Instrument Icons: Frequently I get the “red Key” icon to light up. Belleville Mazda has told me on several occasions to just disregard it and to change the battery in my remote. I advised them that the Mazda manual indicates that if it is “yellow and flashing” then it is likely the battery, but if it is red and stays on then it should not be driven and taken to a Mazda dealer for service immediately. When this was pointed out to the service department, I was told that manual was wrong and not to worry. So, if this false, then why am I being given this information? If it is correct, then why, is the manual wrong, and how should anyone know which icons to be cautious of and which not. These are supposed to be warning signs to make the owner aware of any critical problems, engine problems and those of safety! CRITICAL SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUE!

• Driver Seat, Heater & Positioning Buttons: The driver seat would get so hot that I had to shut it off before it burned my legs. Then, it the seat began to not heat up at all (burned out?). Belleville Mazda service department changed a part to correct this. The seat does heat up now, but it is not close to being as warm as it first started , before experiencing the hot or no heat problems. • Driver Seat, Heater & Positioning Buttons: Following apparent repairs to the heat warmer, the seat was never re-positioned correctly and bares the hinges. • Driver Seat, Heater & Positioning Buttons: The drivers seat used to re-position itself with one touch of the pre-set button. Now it often hesitates to re-position, refuses to re-position or will re-position but the button must be held in, you can no longer simply push it and have it re-position by itself.

• Wiper Blades: On occasions, swipe on a random and intermittent basis. Clear dry day, nothing overhead.

• ABSOLUTLEY FRIGHTENING: On several occasions, my Mazda 6 has done just about everything above in one evening, randomly jumping from one problem to another every time the car was turned on and off. I had everything flash and go black. Doors locked and unlocked, the car shut down and started. Wipers, radio, everything went wonky. I was terrified to drive the car, not knowing what it would do next while driving. When taken to the Mazda service to be checked, I was again told that they “Can’t find anything wrong, and that I probably just need to change the remote batteries!” CRITICAL SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUE!

I believe the items listed above will give you a clear picture of the serious situation I am facing with my 2009 Mazda 6. Surely, there are other electronic incidents that I could bring to your attention, if need be. All of these occurrences, as I indicated earlier have been going on since the day I purchased the car “new” in 2009, all are random, intermittent, inconsistent and should have been resolved long before today.

My vehicle is nearing the end of the warranty period. I have inquired how these unresolved problems will affect my warranty when they occur past the expiration date and have not been able to get a definite answer. This question was asked of the Service Manager, Branch Sales Manager and Financial Officer. All will acknowledge that they have history on my car, and that Mazda Canada will take it into consideration and that they will support me on resolving conflicts but they cannot give me a blanket or confirmation of exactly how Mazda Canada will respond. Sorry, but this is NOT good enough!

I have been let down! I am treated as if I am over-reacting to these problems and they are not taken seriously. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I AM TAKING THIS MATTER VERY SERIOUSLY!! It is myself and passengers in my car that are at risk of life threatening injuries, should the car shut down again on a highway and cause an accident, or hold me ransom and stranded somewhere un noticed for a more extended period of time in below freezing temperatures, etc. It is my money that has had to cover needless replacements of batteries, taxies, trains and my money that will be at stake for the future mystery electronic problems that have gone unsolved, my money that will have to cover the calls for roadside assistance. Apparently, this is of no concern to either my local Mazda dealership or to Mazda Canada.

I had a Mazda 6 previous to the one I own now. The prior Mazda 6 was a dream to drive and had very few problems – all of which were repaired. I enjoyed it so much that when I decided to purchase a new vehicle I didn’t even go to look at any other cars, my mind was made up on Mazda. I can only say now that this is one decision I sincerely regret having made.

I am an Insurance Broker/ Office Manager. Insurance is a highly customer service oriented industry, as you well know. We are dealing with customers who are purchasing and in need of vehicle repairs on a daily basis. We are dedicated to see that they are sold the correct coverage and get the service and attention they deserve when they have a claim. I have referred a great number of people to Mazda for cars and many after seeing mine, and having my referral have purchased a Mazda. I regret to advise that I have lost my respect and confidence in Mazda and can no longer recommend or refer customers.

If I purchase an item from a store and it is faulty, it is promptly repaired or replaced to my satisfaction. In many cases, such as Future Shop, even if the item breaks down years later, if cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a “new” item of equal or better value! In reading the “LEMON LAWS for Automobiles”, the same is to hold true. Obviously, Mazda is the exception to this rule.

To bring you current with the most recent incident with my vehicle and what drove me to put this together. On Friday, January 27th, 2012, I was experiencing electronic issues – car shut down, doors locked, keys inside, had to call Roadside Assistance who arrived 1.5 hours later and as a result I was unable to attend an important meeting. My husband called the Belleville Mazda service dept and advised them of the problem (again).

On the Monday, January 30th, 2012, I brought my car to Mazda in attempt to fix it again. I was called two hours later, told the car displayed all the problems I spoke of and that I could pick it up and bring it back the following day when the have a Technician from Mazda down to work on it. I did just that.

On Tuesday January 31st, 2012, I returned to Belleville Mazda with my car. Later that day I was called and advised that I should be happy and can relax as they have finally found the problem. I asked how they can be sure, when they haven’t been able to fix it , going on 3 years. Reply was that the Technican figured it out and replaced the starter module. I replied that this had been done 3 times before, why should I believe it is solved now. The Maintenance Manager assured me it was 100% guaranteed fixed and that I would not have any more problems as this was the root of all that was happening. He also advised that they changed the setting that stopped the car from locking when the keys were inside. I told him that I still had no confidence in it and that this was the last straw!

I picked up the car that evening, shortly after 5:00pm. I was given my keys but no paperwork – again! I asked for it and was told that I didn’t need it, there was none. I demanded it as new parts were put in and I wanted this for my records. I was told it would be emailed to me, but has still not been done.

I approached my car and surely, it unlocked when my hand touched the keyless handle entry. I wanted to test the lock and touched the button – It did lock, but I noticed the beep to be extremely weak – not off to a good start! Inside the car, I started up and all appeared fine. I sat a couple moments to let it warm up and the audio-music note for the blue tooth started to blink and my cell phone locked up. Immediately , I thought “Right, fixed – I don’t think so!” The service department was now closed as I they were waiting for me and left immediately after. I put the car in gear and only got as far as 2 blocks down the road when the nav system and instrumental bar above it began to flash on and off, dinging, and then blacking out completely. Seconds later all the emergency icons lit up. I was furious, 100% guaranteed no fixed and no further problems?????? Immediately, I turned the car around and drove it back to Mazda, got out at the door and left the vehicle running. I had a salesman and the financial office come outside as a witness to see what was happening. They both acknowledged the car having seizures and told me to leave it with them. They would set me up with a vehicle for the night and advise the service department of it in the morning.

At that point, I was to move the car off to the side and turn it off. The car was in park and refused to change gears, it could not be driven. I attempted to turn the car off, but the start button would not shut off, I tried inserting the key but still it continued to run. I was told to leave it and they would take care of it. Later I was advised they got it to move and shut down once the car stopped flashing seizures, fortunately, this time it was only minutes later and not hours.

THIS CAR IS NOT SAFE. IT IS A CRITICAL LIABILITY HAZARD. I HAVE LOST ALL CONFIDENCE WITH THE VEHICLE AND MAZDA, AND I AM TERRIFIED TO DRIVE IT AGAIN. I HAVE SUFFERED MORE THAN WHAT IS REASONABLE. I AM VERY STRESSED OUT OVER THE ENTIRE SITUATION AND UNABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT OR CONCENTRATE DURING THE DAY! I HAVE BEEN MORE THAN PATIENT WITH THE CAR AND MAZDA OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS The car sits at the Mazda dealership now for 3 weeks, they have changed the radio wire harness, that did not work now they are waiting for another wire harness from the USA, that will be in within a week. This is not a new problem, I have found other on line, but Mazda refuses to acknowledge until someone is hurt. The problems were fixed on the 2010 model.

Update from Feb 23, 2012: Electrical, computer, fob, starting, car starting and shutting off while driving, the car has been having these problems for 3 years since it was new and now Mazda Canada is involved since the dealer has brushed it off, so far the car is sitting in the dealership waiting for it,so 3 rd wiring system and still no fix, I can see a law suit coming

- John S., Plainfield, Ontario, canada

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