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Affected Component: POWER TRAIN

2018 ALTIMA AND 2018-2019 ROGUE; DTC P17F0, P17F1, P0776, P2813, P1715, AND/OR P0841 STORED IF YOU CONFIRM One or more of the following DTCs are stored: P0776, P2813, P0841, P17F0, P17F1, P1715 HINT: ï?· If DTCs other than those listed above are stored, this bulletin does not apply. ï?· If the customer states the engine stalled while going from 'P' or 'N' range to 'R' or 'D' range, this bulletin does not apply. ï?· If DTC P17F0 and/or P17F1 are the only DTCs stored and there is no customer complaint of judder, this bulletin does not apply. ï?· If DTC P1715 is the only code stored, this bulletin does not apply. ACTION See Repair Flow Chart on page 2 to confirm if this bulletin applies. HINT: The following pages must be printed and attached to the RO: 1. Clutch Total End Play Calculation (Step 97 on page 63) 2. Consult screen shot showing the TCM part numbers (Step 152 on page 89) 3. Current Calibration Data (Step 155 on page 90) 4. New Calibration Data (Step 171 on page 91) 5. Parts Kit Reference Table (Page 99)

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Date Published
OCT 13, 2020
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