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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

CAMPAIGN BULLETIN Engine Control Module (ECM) Reprogram Regional (NV & AZ) Voluntary Service Campaign ***** Campaign Summary***** Nissan is conducting a Regional Voluntary Service Campaign to reprogram the Engine Control Module (ECM) on affected vehicles currently registered in Nevada and Arizona. The current programming may cause the air/fuel ratio to become excessively rich resulting in engine stop under certain high temperature and high altitude conditions. In addition, Nissan is asking dealers to inspect and, if necessary, replace the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve on certain 2013-14 Nissan Sentra vehicles. ***** What Dealers Should Do ***** 1. Verify if vehicles are affected by this Voluntary Service Campaign using Service Comm or DBS National Service History - Open Campaign I.D. Due to the various models involved and the associated responsible manufacturing location of origin, there are three (3) separate campaign IDs with unique Campaign Bulletins for each model: - PC633 - PM827 - P8325 New vehicles in dealer inventory can be also be identified using DCS (Sales-> Vehicle Inventory, and filter by Open Campaign). - Refer to NPSB 15-460 for additional information NOTE: These campaigns are state-specific and limited to vehicles that are currently registered, or previously registered, in the state of Nevada or Arizona only. 2. Nissan requests dealers repair any affected vehicles in retailer new or pre-owned inventory to ensure customer satisfaction. 3. Dealers should use the appropriate repair bulletin for the applicable model as listed below to correct any vehicles subject to this campaign. 4. Once repaired, dealer should submit a warranty claim and release the vehicle.

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Date Published
JUL 20, 2018
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