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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
100,750 miles
Total Complaints:
23 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (13 reports)
  2. replace engine (9 reports)
  3. add oil (1 reports)
2009 Toyota Corolla engine problems

engine problem

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2009 Toyota Corolla Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #23

Sep 012019

Corolla XRS 2az-Fe

  • Manual transmission
  • 205,000 miles


While nobody likes excessive oil consumption, please have a look at the owner's guide. For the 2009 Corolla, page 315 says 1 L consumption per 1,000 km is normal. That is 1.1 qt over 600 miles. More oil is consumed under aggressive driving conditions, too. I do drive it like that a little every now and then, one of the reasons I bought the XRS after all. Also, Toyota recommends changing the engine oil every 5,000 miles. So if you're running out of oil after 7,000 miles, it's your own fault for not following directions. The truth hurts sometimes, I know. Granted, compared with other cars I've owned, that is a lot of oil to be considered "normal" but it shouldn't come as a surprise when it's right there in the owner's manual. Maybe this is why I don't participate in social networking all that much. Why are people complaining about a problem when it is their own negligence which is causing it? Lord knows I'm not perfect either, but jeez, my car has over 200k miles on it and now I'm only adding about two quarts between oil changes: not a bad situation! What basis is this "ridiculous"? Neither deserving of getting offended that money is not being paid to me by the manufacturer! Chill out already.

- Dudley M., Portola, CA, US

problem #22

Apr 032018

Corolla 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

Goes through almost 2 quarts of oil between oil changes

- Lynn L., Gladstone, MI, US

problem #21

Apr 092019


  • Manual transmission
  • 199,555 miles

When I first purchased my car back in early 2015 it had 75,000 miles on it. I did notice it was burning oil but it wasn't much. Fast forward to present day and it's almost at 200,000 miles and is burning about 4 quarts every 2 weeks. WHICH IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. The fact that Toyota hasn't done anything about this is absolutely infuriating. I guarantee I won't be purchasing another Toyota.

- Jamie F., Springville, US

problem #20

Dec 212018

Corolla S 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 171,000 miles


This appears to be a common problem with the Toyota Corolla from what I have read, Toyota only recognizes the problem with the 2AZ-FE Engines. Mine is the 2ZR-FE. Why is Toyota not recognizing the oil consumption issue with this engine? I have read a lot of complaints but they only have tsb on the 2AZ. My vehicle is starting to use more and more oil now. When I first bought the vehicle it had 98,000 miles and it would not use any oil between changes. Now it’s using about 3 quarts between changes and I’ve always maintained regular oil changes with valvoline full synthetic oil. Anybody else going through the same thing? Let me know your experience and if you’ve had any luck with the dealership.

- Manuel C., Mercedes, US

problem #19

Feb 142019

Corolla LE 2zr-Fe

  • Automatic transmission
  • 147,650 miles

How do we get a class action lawsuit going against Toyota for excessive oil consumption which causes catastrophic failure on 2009 Corolla 2ZR-FE engines which are not covered under extended warranty?

Mine with less than 150.000 miles, lost all engine oil after less than 7000 miles from last oil change and killed the engine. Upon contacting Toyota, they stated my VIN was not covered under the extended warranty which exists on the other 2009 Corollas, which have 2AZ-FE engines, and were included in a class action lawsuit to reimburse Toyota owners who had to pay for replacement engines. Estimated costs for replacement used (which could also experience the same problem) or a rebuild run $4000-$7000. There are no new 2009 engines available.

Unbelievable scam on a model with 12 recalls to date (I've had 6 of 12) and loyalty driving Corollas since 1975.

Toyota Customer Service said thanks for letting us know, we learn about the problems from customers calling in .

- Sher S., San Francisco, US

problem #18

Sep 012018

Corolla SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 111,000 miles

I agree with all the others regarding the oil consumption - i am at 111,000 and hoped to pass this car on to someone for another 30,000-40,000 miles or so. My mechanic who is also a very good friend, told me to start looking for a new car, as the problem will only escalate. He did not feel the age of the car would warrant the cost of the needed repairs.

- Diane R., Hatfield, US

problem #17

Jul 022018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles


We have a 2009 Toyota Corolla. We just found out it will be at least $3500 to rebuild the engine due to over oil consumption. Toyota did extend the warranty for these items to be fixed, however they are telling me that we do not under our VIN number qualify. Even though they changed the warranty from six years or 60,000 miles, whichever came 1st, to 10 years or 150,000 miles ever came first. They're saying that my car is not eligible and they refused to fix it.

Toyota never sent any notices out this could be a potential problem over the years. I just found out there have been class-action lawsuits against Toyota because of this. The oil consumption problem is the reason the car cannot be driven at all and obviously being that the 2009 Corolla is on their list of cars that would be covered under the new warranty, it makes no sense why suddenly they're telling us we aren't covered for the warranty. We've already had two recalls on the car in a number of issues with the key.

Toyota not only should have notified everybody who had those specific models of cars made during those years, but being they were aware of it all along it should've been checked every time we took the car in for service. I do not know what to do.

I'm angry, confused extremely pissed off and need some real advice on what I can do to fight them in order to get them to make this repair.

- kadolove, Pleasent Hill, US

problem #16

May 312018

Corolla XRS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 166,000 miles

Toyota knowing put in defected piston and piston rings that doesn’t fit properly which caused oil to leak out. These Toyota models maybe affected by the defect:

Toyota Camry 2007-2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007-20011 Toyota Corolla 2009 Toyota Matrix 2009 Toyota RAV4 Toyota Solara 2007, 2008 Scion xB 2008 2009 Scion tC 2007-2009

- vjamison, Baltimore, US

problem #15

Oct 012017

Corolla 1.3L

  • Manual transmission
  • 111,847 miles

Currently the consumption is 1.5l/1000 km and fast increasing drastically. The performance is still just OK and it does not smoke. This engine cannot be overhauled and seems that it must be replaced. Searching the internet I noticed that this a common problem with this particular car. Can Toyota please assist with the correction of this problem since it seems to be a Toyota design fault? This is a very costly exercise and I was intending to drive this vehicle much longer.

- Herman E.,

problem #14

Dec 012017

Corolla XRS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 113,000 miles

My 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS, was one of the oil consumption recalls and they had to replace parts BECAUSE it was burning excessive oil. Then it breaks down and I take it in and they tell me some 'rod' broke off and got chewed up in the engine because I was running the car without oil. How is this not related to the oil consumption problem that they knew about since 2011??? I was never notified of any of this until 2016!! If the car had never had this problem, the 'rod' would never have broken off because it would never have been running without oil!! Now they tell me it's my problem and I have to pay for it. WHAT?? AND, the check oil/emergency maintenance/low oil lights NEVER ever came on ever in the 10 years I've owned this car. How is this NOT Toyota's fault?? Toyota needs to make this right by fixing/replacing my engine at THEIR expense.

Update from May 30, 2019: As of today, almost 1-1/2 years later, I am being told the oil consumption repair was completed per Toyota's Customer Care and the parts listed in the system were the ONLY PARTS that were covered under that warranty. The fact that the engine FAILED less than a year later, they are STILL CLAIMING is the owner's fault, not Toyota. I don't understand how they won't pay for this $6000 repair as it clearly is related to the fact that I drove this car from 2009 until 2016 with this engine oil consumption problem BEFORE the engine finally failed. This is definitely connected to lack of oil in the engine. I would really, really like Toyota to stand behind their product and refund my $6000 (or like they said, $4000 for the parts...). I will continue telling everyone and anyone I know about the horrible service I have received from Toyota. So far, one person I told turned around and bought a Honda for cash! But hey, you want to keep losing what used to be loyal customers, go ahead.

- shamus_1, Madison, US

problem #13

Dec 232015

Corolla LE 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,700 miles


My 2009 toyota corolla has an oil consumption problem. This is a known problem but Toyota refuses to fix the problem. They installed different pistons in the affected cars and the pistons are the issue. I would not recommend buying a Corolla and perhaps not a Toyota as they do not stand behind their product.

- kknappers, West Allis, US

problem #12

May 182017

Corolla XRS 2.4L

  • Manual transmission
  • 136,600 miles

In September of 2016, I had Toyota do an oil consumption test. I informed Toyota I would rather wait until I came back from a 1300 mile round trip to have test done, but the representative said that my scenario was perfect to have the test done. When I came back from the trip, they informed me that there had been no consumption of oil whatsoever. When I refuted that the test was done outside normal conditions, Toyota representatives told me that there should be no change in consumption regardless of the car being driven in the city or on the highway. They were very wrong.

In February, 2017, I attempted to have Toyota retest my oil consumption, this time under normal conditions during a scheduled oil change. Unfortunately, by this time, Toyota informed me that there was a loud rod knock presence. They told me that the cause was either due to low oil levels, excessive rpm's, or improper maintenance. Valley-Hi Toyota then informed me that I would need to fix the rod-knock before another oil consumption test could be done.

I waited around and kept driving, checking the oil level periodically every 300-500 miles. Hitting the 125,000 mark the engine began consuming close to a quart every 500 miles... Little did I know that the engine would begin consuming even more soon after the 130,000 mile mark. The one time I was in a rush, I drove the vehicle for 600 miles. I let the vehicle go unchecked for two fuel ups, was the time my vehicle began guzzling through nearly 2 quarts of oil every 300 miles.

Driving back from school on May 18, my engine gave out in the highway as I was coasting around 4k rpm's on an uphill. Suddenly, my oil level light came on, and no more than 2 seconds later, before I had time to evaluate the scenario, every light on the dash began flashing followed by a sudden loss of power.

I am now being quoted over $6,000 for a USED engine on my vehicle due to Toyota's negligence.

- Luis M., Victorville, CA, US

problem #11

Jan 232009

Corolla XLE 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,588 miles

I bought my 2009 Toyota Corolla XLE spring of 2008 from Lipton Toyota in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Thought I was getting a great deal. In January of 2009 I started smelling burning from the engine. They said no big deal. My dad started regularly checking my oil and noticed I had NO oil in the car and I had just had a service.

I took the car back, they blew me off because my dad had put oil in the car, they couldn't tell if there was a problem. I must wait for it to happen again. Well my dad was checking, I would take it in each time over the years when there was no oil. They said sometimes the machine misses and doesn't put the oil in. Then I cried LEMON. and suddenly they ordered the oil consumption test. That took forever to do and then they said that I was only losing a quart and that was normal. But they did some minor repair to it due to a TSB and said it was fixed. That was around 2013. I was still going in and still seeing oil running out and they said it was big deal so I let it go.

I move to Georgia mountains and suddenly my engine light is coming on and the car is won't move. Very quickly I go to a local mechanic and he puts oil in the car - all is well. I tell the local dealer here and they say well it's fixed..have to wait for it to happen again and then bring in. So I did. I brought in almost a year later. They began ANOTHER consumption test but of course now - no warranty. My engine light comes on two days later and they replace coils and spark plugs. I tell them the two things are related, they say no. I come back as part of the test when my car engine light comes on again, a month later the oil change. They say AGAIN that it's within the normal parameters and it would have to be 1.1 quarts to be a problem..and I am only losing 1 quart.

They want me to pay out for engine repairs for a problem I have had since the car was bought. I talk to a mechanic who told me to check online and sure enough, this is a common problem and they are trying to screw me! I am devastated. I have always thought Toyota to be a trustworthy company. I am looking into any class action law suits and will be getting rid of the car.

- Tania S., Helen, GA, US

problem #10

Sep 042015

Corolla LE 1.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 102,000 miles

I just recently noticed my 09 Corolla was burning oil, like crazy. I thought Toyota is a good name? What's wrong Toyota? There are other owners have the same issue, why Toyota doesn't issue a recall for this issue? This will make me think twice next time I buy a new car.

- anh2neem, Lawrenceville, GA, US

problem #9

Aug 192013

Corolla XRS 2.4L

  • Manual transmission
  • 52,195 miles

This is unfortunate from a Toyota Corolla, Specially a Corolla XRS 2.4L. I have to add Oil about two time between services.

- jacksf, Ottawa, ON, Canada

problem #8

Feb 152012

Corolla LE 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 54,500 miles

Excessive oil consumption. Need to top off with oil in between oil changes.

- Nate C., Los Angeles, CA, US

problem #7

Apr 172015

Corolla LE 1.8L 4 cyls

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,536 miles

I traded in the 2005 Corolla on 2008 and bought another Corolla 2009 Le model for my wife. It runs smoothly and is very good on gas. We were very happy about it and thinking to keep the car for a long time (thinking Toyota's reliable reputation and quality). I was shock to find out it was low on oil on April 17, 2015. I had to put 2 full quarts of oil to just reach the minimum mark in the dip stick. I checked the ground on the driveway the next day. I couldn't find any oil stain on it. The engine light on the dash did not light up to warn us. I was just about to bring the car in the dealer to change oil and the timing belt. I checked the internet and couldn't find any recall by Toyota regarding to this problem.

What should I do? The car is almost 7 years old and out of the 5 year warranty time frame. This is going to be my last Toyota.

- Wei H., Surrey, BC, Canada

problem #6

Sep 032013

Corolla S 1.8L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,729 miles

Discovered that my 2009 Corolla S (purchased new) was using excessive oil in 2013. Reported issue to service department at local Toyota dealership, but no fixes were available. At that time, my car was still under warranty. I had the service department make a note of this on my service record of 09/03/2013. Since we have all our service done there, and I always get service long before the next oil change due, we rarely check oil levels ourselves.

Sunday, 03/08/2015 my husband decided to check while washing the car and he had to put 1-1/2 quarts in it. Since this has occurred before, I wondered if Toyota might have a recall on it and began surfing the web to see. No recalls, only a TSB issued to dealerships.

On 03/09/2015 I took my car in for an oil change and mentioned this problem again, and that my car IS listed as one that might have this problem. Service tech told me they knew about it but Toyota had not issued a fix yet. She also said that she has been getting a lot of vehicles in with the same problem. She said mine was not involved with this problem, to which I assured her it was happening. She once again made a note of this on my service record.

Now my car is out of warranty and I'm worried sick about my engine! I purchased this vehicle for the great gas mileage and the longevity, but now I'm faced with the potential of having to have my engine replaced! The service dept has advised me to bring it back in for a check at the next 1,100 miles or if any lights come on (they haven't). Toyota says the problem occurs at 1,200 miles, so it sounds to me like it might not show up at 1,100 and I may be getting duped.

In addition, my husband put a quart and a half in it on Sunday. Monday during the oil change, the service tech stated and noted that they had to add a quart and a half of oil!!!! This is ridiculous!!!! If my engine goes out and Toyota does not replace it at no charge (it was noted while still under warranty), I WILL be bringing a lawsuit!!! Shame on you, Toyota!!!

Update from May 8, 2015: My 2009 Corolla S has been having excessive oil issues for over a year and a half. It was still under warranty when we noticed this. I previously reported the issue here after having an oil change in March 9, 2015. At that time I advised the Service Department (Shay Wynn) of the issue and she said she would make a note of it. I was told to do the engine oil usage test by bringing the car back in after I had put 1,100 miles on it. The mileage on March 9 was 59,310, although, again, we had mentioned this problem previously before the warranty expired. She also told me not to check the oil ourselves or even open the hood until we had done this 1,100 miles test. This, then, is an update, then, to my previous post concerning this situation.

On May 5, 2015, I took my car in to the Service Department of Riverside Toyota in Rome, GA (where I purchased the car new and have always had my service done) to have the oil checked. At this time, the mileage on the vehicle was 60,300 miles or another 990 miles since the last oil change (well below the recommended 1,100 miles test). My car was a half a quart low. Shay Wynn said she would make a note of it and they put oil in my car with no cost to me.

May 6, 2015 my husband called the Service Manager, Clyde Sanders, to talk to him about this issue (My husband was a Toyota PROS sales associate, having worked at Riverside Toyota for 8 years, knowing Toyota's well. Clyde asked my husband if he thought the vehicle was using more than one (1) quart of oil per 1,200 miles. My husband said yes it was. Clyde said he would put us down for engine replacement parts and labor, but there was a long list of other vehicles with the same problem and it might be awhile. He said he would call us back on it. Advised us to keep a good check on the oil until that time as it could burn the engine up.

May 8, 2015 Clyde Sanders, Service Manager at Riverside Toyota called my husband and said that the engine of this vehicle did not qualify for the fix because the class action lawsuit was for 2AZ-fe engines and this one is a 2ZR (even though it’s doing the exact same thing as the 2AZ-fe involved in the lawsuit). Because it is not qualified, Clyde cannot put the information into the computer to get the fix for this Corolla. Clyde said that 2ZR engines were not listed as problem engines. My husband says it’s being overlooked because of the lawsuit on the 2AZ-fe engine and is using oil badly and could also be a safety hazard were it to cause the engine to lock up.

May 8, 2015 My husband called Toyota and they were NO HELP AT ALL!!!! Talked to a woman. She said we would have to have the engine oil tested and he told her that had already been done (On 05/08/2015). He thoroughly explained the entire situation to her, how much oil is recommended for this vehicle (4-1/4 quarts) and that it is using 2-1/2 quarts between oil changes. He then asked her what kind of engine this vehicle had. She confirmed it was the 2ZR. He told her about the previous conversations with Clyde and the Service Department and she asked him if he had gotten prices on the parts and labor yet. He said No, because it should be Toyota’s responsibility to fix this problem as they are doing with the 2AZ-fe engines. This is because faulty rings were installed in the engine at the factory and in no way are we to blame for this problem.

This is not only a financial issue of increased maintenance on the vehicle but a safety issue as well, as the engine could possibly lock down and cause an accident.

- Sherry K., ROME, GA, US

problem #5

Oct 012014

Corolla LE 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles


- Steven S., Rosemont, WV, US

problem #4

Jan 102012

Corolla S 1.8l4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

I bought my car in May 2008, after Toyota bought my Tacoma back because of a frame deficit. I had 237,000 miles on the truck with no problems with the engine etc.

Long story short, I hoped to have the same reliable service out of this vehicle as I did with my Tacoma .The Corrolla is burning oil about one quart every 500 miles. Took it to the Toyota dealer and they made an adjustment to the computer. Didn't correct the problem. I am really disappointed with Toyota .This one is my LAST.

- Gerald H., Bradley, WV, US

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