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Ford recalls vans with loose door panels and cars with gas leaks.

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Ford Recalls Mustang Sports Cars and Transit Connect Cargo Vans
Ford recalls vans with loose door panels and cars with gas leaks.

— Ford has announced two recalls that will see over 20,000 cars and vans called back to fix three defects. The largest recall involves the 2014 Ford Transit Connect cargo van.

Ford Transit Connect

Ford says about 20,000 model year 2014 Ford Transit Connect cargo vans in the U.S. have sliding door panels that can fly away from the vans while you're driving.

The automaker says the plastic panel on the sliding door has a problem with sticking to the door. Along with water leaking into the door and noise from the loose panel, the plastic can separate from the door and do serious damage to the van or another vehicle on the road.

However, Ford says it's unaware of any accidents or injuries caused by the defective panels.

Some of the Transit Connect vans have two panels, others have just one panel. Both the two-panel and one-panel cargo vans were built August 9, 2013, to September 20, 2014, at the Valencia assembly plant in Spain.

Ford dealers will reinstall the sliding door plastic panels "using proper materials and procedures."

Ford Mustang

Ford is recalling 728 model year 2015 Ford Mustangs that could explode into flames because gas can leak from a bad fuel pressure sensor. Ford says the sensor might have been installed incorrectly during the manufacturing process and can cause gas to leak forcefully from being under pressure.

Ford says it's unaware of any accidents, injuries or fires due to the defect, but all that would be needed for a blazing fire is a simple spark.

The automaker says the recalled 2015 Ford Mustangs are equipped with 2.3-liter engines and were built from September 25, 2014, to October 9, 2014, at the Flat Rock assembly plant located in Michigan.

Ford dealers will replace the Mustang fuel supply tube assembly when the recall begins.

In a separate Mustang recall, Ford is recalling 50 model year 2015 Ford Mustangs because of airbag problems. The automaker says the passenger-side seat belt tension sensor can classify the front passenger as a child when it's really an adult. Or an adult can be in the seat but the sensor reads that a child is in the seat.

How and if the airbag deploys in a crash is based on the sensor, so the airbag might deploy with such force as to protect an adult and then do real harm to a child occupant.

Ford dealers will replace the passenger seat belt buckle in the 2015 Ford Mustang.

With questions about the 2015 Ford Mustang recall or the 2014 Ford Transit Connect recall, contact Ford customer service at 800-392-3673.


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